Chapter 0241

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Chapter 0241: The Rich Cultivator

Ning Cheng suddenly thought of another way, if he placed the Miniature World in the mouth of a rapidly moving fish, and control the fish dash forward without abandon then wouldn’t it be extremely wonderful?

But Ning Cheng soon put the idea aside, let’s not talk about the possibility that the fish might bring him back to the part of the Yi Xing Ocean surrounding the Le Continent, just the gastric juices of the fish might just end up corroding the Miniature World.

Thinking until here, Ning Cheng once again circulated his True Essence as if his life depended on it. He had to escape from this formidable suction.

Ning Cheng had just gotten himself away from this formidable suction, when he felt that the surrounding ocean water started spinning and was once again pulling him along it. He was simply not able to resist it and was similar to a broken dam washed away by the water as he shot towards the source. At this time, Ning Cheng was completely exhausted, and had no ability to resist, and in just a moment, he fell into a dark enclosed space.

It seemed as if he was swallowed by another fish, this was Ning Cheng’s first thought. The powerful gastric juices almost made Ning Cheng vomit. He did not hesitate to bring out the Profound Break Spear, and using the spear immediately stabbed out creating a huge hole, and then instantly rushing out.

A bloody smell immediately hit him, as Ning Cheng swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness, realising that he really had escaped from the stomach of a huge fish. However, it was followed by a violent after shock. Ning Cheng guessed that it should have been because of the effect of the spear stab on the fish, causing the huge fish to dash away in a crazy manner.

Ning Cheng sighed, he would have preferred to not have to escape with the help of a fish, and eventually be swallowed into their stomachs. However, it seems that he must use these fishes to escape.

These fishes were very large, and their speed was also quite fast, as such, they were really suitable for him to escape. Ning Cheng took off the ring and placed it on his hand, securing it to some fish bone spurs, he then entered on his own into the Miniature World. He only hoped that these fishes did not escape into the inner depths of the ocean. If the fish carrying him really escaped into the inner depths of the ocean then he would have no choice but to go back to the bottom of the Blood River.

Back inside the lush green Miniature World, Ning Cheng’s spirits once again lifted, as he finally calmed down. He cleaned up his body thoroughly, and removed the things he used to change his appearance, and only then did he slowly walk towards the edge of the pool containing the True Spirit Nectar Wash and sat down.

Grey Toottoot had already eaten his fill, and with a quite well rounded tummy was happily purring as he peacefully slept in the True Spirit Nectar Wash pool.

Ning Cheng did not go disturb Grey Toottoot’s nap; rather he first brought out Gui Yuhai’s things. Gui Yuhai was the premier genius of the Gui Yuan City. Gui Yuan City also focused on cultivating using objects, and it seems, as it really did not let him down aah. Once must know that he might have to stay cooped up inside the Miniature World for a long time, if Gui Yuhai’s ring really did not have that much, then he really might just cry out in grief.

There was a golden coloured Great Sword, that was giving off a wild yet pure Buddhist Aura, but he was not able to make out its grade. Ning Cheng knew that this Great Sword was definitely a good thing. Although he did not like this sword, but he knew that, it would certainly be useful in the future. There was also a golden chain, with a faint golden Spiritual Nature to it; just a look at it was enough to determine that it was a High Grade Spiritual Artefact.

Ning Cheng then took out a bunch of fist-sized jet black round lumps; these round lumps in his hands felt as if they did not weighted anything, and were quite lithe.

Ning Cheng did not continue to look into the things inside Gui Yuhai’s ring. He started refining the Great Sword, even if he did not cultivate the Buddhist Magical Techniques, once he refined it he could then use it at a later point.

A full day later, Ning Cheng was only able to refine just half of the golden great sword, but he did not have any interest in continuing to refine it. He felt that the giant sword’s aura and his own Mysterious Yellow Origin had some conflicts; this golden great sword was called the True Brahman Sword, and was a quasi-True Artefact. It was a very powerful Buddhist Magical Weapon.

Ning Cheng stowed away the True Brahma Sword, and continued on to refine the large rope like golden chain along with those pitch-black things. In a few more hours, Ning Cheng completely refined these two things. Although the True Brahma Sword was a different case, Ning Cheng was very satisfied with the two things.

This long golden chain was a high quality High Grade Spiritual Artefact, and was called Extreme Earth Gold Binding Cable. Against an enemy, it can be used to not only tie down the opponent’s magical weapon but it would even have some effect on binding their Spiritual Consciousness, it was somewhat similar to his Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin. However, it was that bunch of pitch-black lumps that gave Ning Cheng a surprise; it turned out to be a net type magical weapon. Called the Underworld Lock Soul Net, and was a Best Quality Spiritual Artefact, in battles with others, you can surprise the other with the net in order to capture them, and even capture them alive.

Ning Cheng in his heart was secretly scared, but fortunately, he was in a hurry during his fight; as such, he did not let Gui Yuhai stimulating this Underworld Lock Soul Net, as he thought himself to be lucky in his heart. Otherwise, if this had come out, then victory or defeat would really be quite hard to determine.

This Gui Yuhai really was quite the rich man aah. He had not yet opened his ring, and had already obtained so many good things, as such once he truly opens his ring, he didn’t know what surprises would be in store for him.

Ning Cheng had already finished refining these magical weapons according to his own usage. At the same time, he began working on wearing down the restrictions placed on Gui Yuhai’s ring.

Ning Cheng’s understanding regarding Array Formation and Restrictions had already reached an extremely high point, as such in just the time it took for half an incense stick to burn, he had already completely wore down all the restrictions placed on the ring.

When Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness finally seeped inside the ring, he could help but exclaim out in surprise, this Gui Yuhai really was filthy rich.

Inside the ring, there were few pieces of attack type magical weapons, a large seal type defensive magical weapon, plus not one of these magical weapons were not a whit inferior to the other high quality Spiritual Artefacts.

A pile of Spiritual Stones were placed in the centre of a restriction trap, as Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness glanced past it, he could estimate that the Spirit Stones placed here added up to at least 4 to 5 million.

In addition to these, there were also various dazzling pills, and Artefact Refining materials and even Advanced Level Spiritual Grasses. But what made Ning Cheng puzzled was, that in the corner of the ring, there were a number of agate red jade boxes. Moreover, his Spiritual Consciousness also could not sweep through it.

Ning Cheng grabbed one of the jade boxes, and raising his hand, broke the Restriction placed on the box in one go, before he finally opened the jade box. A light fragrance spread out from the inside, Ning Cheng was afraid that it might be toxic, and quickly held his breath.

However, the next moment Ning Cheng was dumbfounded, the inside of this jade box was filled with a wide variety of women’s under garments. Some were as thin as cicada wings, while some were even exuding raw sexuality.

This Gui Yuhai was the premiere genius of the Gui Yuan City, and was also matchlessly handsome, what couldn’t he not do? Why would he have such a weird fetish? Ning Cheng shook his head; this kind of a person was not someone who could be measured with common sense. Moreover, he also did not know, or rather did not want to know, if these under garments were already used or were brand new.

Looking at the materials of these clothes, the value of some of these materials used in the clothes could even be compared to the rest of the high quality materials inside Gui Yuhai’s ring. Although Ning Cheng did not have such kind of hobby, but that did not mean that he could not go and sell off these clothes. Some of these clothes were even equivalent to a magical weapon and if there were similar clothes in even a few of these boxes then maybe he could exchange them for hundreds of thousands of Spirit Stones.

Ning Cheng then proceeded to completely open the rest of the other jade boxes, and discovered that these jade boxes really were filled to the brim with women’s under garments.

When Ning Cheng’s vision fell on top of a light blue panties, he could not help but suck in a deep breath. This piece of lingerie had an already blackened bloodstained tear, showing that some kind of thing had passed through this cloth.

Ning Cheng took out this piece of lingerie, and found that at the middle of this piece of lingerie there was a faint palm imprint.

This son of a bitch really was not someone good, although he could not make it out from the other under garments, but he could tell that this piece of lingerie was something that Gui Yuhai took down after he had truly killed his partner.

Seeing the blackened blood, Ning Cheng suddenly became uncomfortable in his heart; he took out a jade box and carefully placed this piece of lingerie in and spoke in a soft voice, “I don’t know who you are but that Gui Yuhai has already been killed by me, something that might be equal to helping you get your revenge.”

Finished doing that, Ning Cheng placed this jade box separately on the side, as for the rest of the jade boxes filled with women’s under garments, he packed them up and placed the, back in their original positions. Now that he already had a huge amount of Spirit Stones, he did not need to sell these things for money, perhaps there may come a time later where he would have to use them.

As for the several high grade and medium grade attack type spiritual artefacts, Ning Cheng did not go towards them for now; rather he picked up the giant seal placed on the side and began refining it. After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng finally learned the name of this giant seal type defensive magical weapon, it was a High Grade Spiritual Artefact called Red Top Golden Seal.

“Quite an abundant harvest aah.” After transferring all these things to his own ring, Ning Cheng finally let out a sigh in his heart. He had killed many Profound Core Cultivators in the past, but he had never encountered even a single cultivator that had even one percent of the wealth contained in Gui Yuhai’s ring.

Willing his Spiritual Consciousness to sweep out, Ning Cheng could only vaguely see the water flowing crazily outside; it seems that the fish who took the bait was advancing quite rapidly.

Ning Cheng was simply too lazy to control the big fish and could feel that he had not arrived somewhere where he could plant his feet, as such he simply laid down a Spiritual Gathering Array Formation and once again started cultivating.

He knew that it would be difficult for him to advance, but it was still possible for him to increase the thickness of the True Essence in his Core Lake by absorbing the Spiritual Qi.


Le Continent, the Yan Clan.

Although the Yan Clan could not be compared to an 8 Star Academy, but in the Blue Cloud City, it was second only to the existence of the Blue Cloud 8 Star Academy. Moreover, Clan Head Yan Yueshuang was already at the peak of Soul Sculpting Realm, and with just a single step could advance to the Sea Opening Realm.

At this time the Yan Clan was holding a clan meeting, although Yan Ji was one of the best disciples of the Yan Clan, but just because Yan Ji came back, it cannot be said that the Yan Clan would hold such a huge clan meeting just because of her. Yet the facts proved otherwise.

As to the reason why the Yan Clan placed so much importance of Yan Ji at this time, one of them was that Yan Ji’s elder sister Yan Yue had advanced to the early stages of the Soul Sculpting Realm, and once the clan head Yan Yueshuang successfully advanced to the Sea Opening Realm, she would only be second to the Intermediate Stage Soul Sculpting Elder Yan Youhuan. While the more important reason, was that Yan Ji had undergone tremendous changes.

Yan Ji had been restored to her original appearance, and was now was sitting quietly beside Yan Yue. Ning Cheng had said to follow Yan Yue; as such, she simply became inseparable from Yan Yue.

“This time Yan Ji came out of the Law’s Way, and even allowed her body to be scoured by the True Spirit Nectar Wash, showing that she encountered a huge opportunity inside the Law’s Way.” Sitting directly below the Clan Head Yan Yueshuang, a mountain like man with a sheep like beard and moustache spoke with a deep voice.

He was the person with the second strongest cultivation in the Yan Clan, Yan Youhuan, moreover in the Yan Clan, other than the Clan Head, he was the one who held most of the power among the rest of the elders.

“Can one even scour their body with the True Spirit Nectar Wash, just how much True Spirit Nectar Wash is needed for it aah?” A woman with the cultivation of Soul Essence Realm exclaimed out loudly.

“But the fact is that there is not even a single drop of True Spirit Nectar Wash in Yan Ji’s ring, showing that although Yan Ji was the one who found the True Spirit Nectar Wash, but it was snatched away by that Devil Cultivator named Ning Cheng.” Yan Youhuan spoke in a gloomy tone.

Yan Yue suddenly spoke up, “My younger sister should have met him in the Law’s Way, but with her sanity lost that True Spirit Nectar Wash would not necessarily be found by her.”

“No matter who found it, we can now be sure that that Ning Cheng has in his possession a lot of True Spirit Nectar Wash. I think that we should make a move to grab that Ning Cheng in the shortest possible time. Yan Yue, you let Ning Cheng go in the Dragon and Phoenix City, it really was unwise.” Yan Youhuan glanced at Yan Yue and spoke.

Yan Yueshuang also secretly nodded, if the Yan Clan could get its hands on such a huge quantity of True Spirit Nectar Wash, then it was quite possible that the Yan Clan might just be able to grow be to as powerful as a huge clan like the Gui Clan.

Yan Yue’s eyebrows immediately pricked up, as she spoke in a cold voice, “So what Elder Huan wants to say is that you want to teach me a lesson?”

She had already advanced to the Soul Sculpting Realm and now held the same status as a Yan Clan Elder with real power. She would definitely not let Yan Youhuan to pull this in as he desires.

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