Chapter 0249

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
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Chapter 0249: Catching an adulterous couple in the act

“Many thanks big brother…..” This youth tremblingly cupped his fists towards Ning Cheng and spoke out his heartfelt thanks. Not waiting for Ning Cheng to speak up, he quickly walked into a shop not much farther than them.

Ning Cheng on seeing the name of the shop immediately realized as to what kind of trouble that youth had gotten himself into. This shop was none other than the Mirage Gazing Merchant Shop that Soul Essence Cultivator had initially spoken about. This youth’s injury had obviously not fully healed and yet he still hurried over to this shop, it was apparent from this that he wanted to get rid of the Mirage Stones in his possession.

Looking at the wounds on the youth’s back, he could deduce that he was sneak attacked because of his Mirage Stones. This youth obviously realized that someone like him would not be able to preserve his Mirage Stones; as such, he had no choice but to hasten out and sell off the Mirage Stones.

But at the same time looking at the wounds on the youth’s back, he realized that since the attacker was not able to successfully kill him with the sneak attack, as such their cultivation would also not be much higher than the youth. Moreover, since the opposite party was able to sneak attack this youth, it also showed that it was definitely done by an acquaintance of the youth. In case that youth ended up meeting with a situation that was similar to an accident, then of course it would end up being a benefit to his acquaintance, but now that he ended up getting involved in it, he regretfully realized that trouble would most likely fall on him.

Ning Cheng shook his head, and put the so called trouble at the back of his mind. He had already realized from the words spoken by that Soul Essence Cultivator that although he did not allow anyone to fight amongst each other, but that did not mean that it included assassinations. As long as the number of people dying did not reach a high number, the ship would still be able to suppress it.

However, since the cultivation of the attacking cultivator was almost similar to that of the youth, then even if they wanted to find trouble with him, it would still not be enough.

Although it had been a few years since he had come to this world, and had seen people change a lot over the years that he had lived, but there were certain moralities and habits that one still would not be able to change. Seeing that someone was in need of help, it was a completely habitual thing to always stretch out a hand especially if it was such a trivial thing.

“You seem to have realized that you got yourself into trouble, it would be better if you quickly go find a place to hole up and not come out.” A crisp sound transmission entered Ning Cheng’s ears. Although Ning Cheng had his senses spread out in all four directions, he was not even able to find the shadow of the person who sent him the sound transmission.

Ning Cheng had originally thought that the cultivation of the one who sneak attacked the youth would be around the same as that of the youth’s cultivation. But now it felt that his thought seemed to be wrong. He immediately sped up and returned back to his cabin as soon as possible. Deciding to endure it inside for the next three months.

Ning Cheng had only returned back to his cabin for just half a day, when the Restrictions that he placed on the room were activated. Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness quietly emerged from behind the Restrictions only to find an extremely dignified and elegant looking woman standing in the front.

“What kind of a matter is it that you are looking for me?” Ning Cheng knew that on this ship, the opposite party would absolutely not dare to barge into other’s room. What’s more, the cultivation of the beauty standing in front of his room was merely at the Profound Congealing 9th Level and as such, he basically did not care much about it.

This beautiful looking woman seemed as if she was not accustomed to meeting a male cultivator alone, as such with her face slight flushed, could only speak up with a polite yet not very loud voice, “Because of my younger cousin Yong Yi, who ended up getting injured today. I have come to convey my thanks to the person who extended a helping hand towards him, and especially wanted to give my profound and heartfelt thanks to him.”

“Oh, it was just a small matter; you don’t have to be so polite about it.” Ning Cheng simply waved his hand, and spoke in a very carefree manner.

The beautiful woman seeing that Ning Cheng had still not invited her into the cabin, gave a slight pause, and then took the initiative to speak up, “Because you were able to take a look at Yong Yi’s injuries, plus with Yong Yi being able to completely heal with your help, I actually wanted to inquire as to what kind of injury did he have at that time. I am afraid of such a thing happening again. So, is it possible for me to come in and have a seat?.”

Ning Cheng had a slight smile on his face as he spoke, “Please enter.”

After waiting for this beautiful woman to come in, Ning Cheng offhandedly activated the Restriction once again.

Seeing Ning Cheng once again activate the Restriction, this beautiful woman just gave a slight smile. Not to mention that she did not feel surprised, but rather she even took off her outer robe.

This beautiful woman had originally wrapped herself up in a loose outer robe; as such, no one would be able to visualize her. But now that her outer robe fell off, it revealed a pure white neck, which was immediately followed by an exquisite body. The peaks and crevices exposed on her exquisite body could only be defined as being incomparably graceful.

“I heard that you had get on the ship midway, which ship were you on board before aah?” The beautiful woman after looking in all four directions in a curious manner finally spoke up.

As she looked around, Ning Cheng stood up, lifted his hand and quickly performed several hand gestures in secret, then once again sat down, before starting an incessant chat.

The beautiful woman seemed to have been attracted to the nonsense being spouted from Ning Cheng’s mouth, and ended up unexpectedly forgetting about the goal she had originally come for. It was not until the time it took for an incense stick to burn was almost finished, that she finally realised as to what she had come here to do.

“What do you think of me…” The beautiful woman finally interrupted Ning Cheng’s nonsense, and spoke those words to Ning Cheng with a soft feminine chuckle, even her expression had long lost the dignity from before.

Ning Cheng nodded and spoke, “Beautiful, simply beautiful.”

“En, even I think that you are very heroic, I really do want to thank you, can you come over….” The beautiful woman’s tone turned into a slight whisper, as she stood up, while her eyes seemed to flash with a hint of lust.

“Why don’t you tell me your name?” Ning Cheng also stood up.

“Chang Siqi….”

“Oh” Ning Cheng simply gave an offhanded reply, and unexpectedly took off his own outer robe, as he moved towards the beautiful woman. The beautiful woman also seemed to be somewhat surprised; she had not thought that this matter would be so simple. This cultivator’s cultivation was simply too poor, she had not even started, yet he had already taken up the bait?

It was not until Ning Cheng had gently parted her hair with his hand, completely exposing her beautiful face and elegant neck, did she finally wake up, and immediately began screaming. She was already at the Profound Congealing 9th Level, which meant that technically her cultivation was higher than Ning Cheng’s but unexpectedly she did not even use her hands to fight back, but instead only screamed.

But at this moment, Ning Cheng just calmly sat down once again, and let the beautiful woman continue with her screaming for a few more moments, before speaking up, “Your screaming is simply useless, and your voice will also not pass out of this cabin. I am the only person on this ship that can hear you scream at this moment.”

Saying that, Ning Cheng picked up the outer robe of the beautiful woman from the side, and suddenly spoke up with an abrupt change in his tone, “Qiqi, if there comes a time when you have no more Spirit Stones once again, you can always come find me here. You should go back first, otherwise, some people will start suspecting……”

“Bang” A sound rang out, as the Restriction on Ning Cheng’s cabin was suddenly broken with a huge force. A tall and extremely strong looking male cultivator was standing at the entrance with a face full of anger.

This strong looking cultivator already had the cultivation of Profound Core 7th Level, and when he saw Ning Cheng gently drape the robes over the beautiful woman’s exposed shoulders, he raise his trembling hands as he pointed at the beautiful woman and spoke, “You, you actually truly fooled ……..”

“You are courting death; you dare to lay your hands on my Dao Companion…..” The strong looking male cultivator did not wait for the beautiful woman to speak, as he pointed his fingers at Ning Cheng, while he overflowed with murderous anger.

At this point, there were already many cultivators crowding around the now-broken entrance to his cabin, and were staring at the scene with heavy interest.

Ning Cheng unhurriedly wore his own clothes, and spoke up loudly, “This place is the Mirage Gazing Conglomerate’s ship and you actually dare to barge into my cabin? Besides, Qiqi and I were both willing; moreover, I also paid her a lot of Spirit Stones. You blind or what, can’t you see the bag filled with Spirit Stone that I gave her?”

Even if Ning Cheng had not said it, there were already many people who noticed the storage bag hanging from the beautiful woman’s waist. This beautiful woman already had a storage ring, and now a storage bag could be seen hung on her waist, it obviously was not her own.

“Senior Apprentice Brother, I, I….” Being stared at by these many people, the beautiful woman could not help but shiver in fright to the point that her hands were even visibly shaking. At present, her hair and clothes were already in complete disarray, even a fool would know as to what had happened.

“I did not even hear a thing from the beginning to the end, you slut……” That male cultivator was really extremely angry in his heart and mind, and the tone in which he spoke was also quite out of tune. Realizing that he had almost spoken out half of the plan, knowing that he could not speak out the rest of it, he quickly shut himself up.

But the crowd seemed to have already come to the conclusion as to what had happened, they knew that this male cultivator wanted to use his own woman to seduce the cultivator in the cabin, but unexpectedly it ended up in having an opposite effect.

But Ning Cheng furrowed his brows, he could feel that something was wrong but he could not put his finger on it. Going by common sense, with what he had ‘done’, it was certain that the opposite party was disgusted with each other, and yet why did he feel that something was wrong? That beautiful woman also seemed to have been coordinating with them previously to this point.

“Deacon Rong, since this is the Mirage Gazing Conglomerate’s ship, there is the matter of this cultivator seducing my Dao Companion, how should this matter be dealt with?” The male cultivator suddenly acted as if he was not angry at all and seemed to have returned to being calm. Instead, he turned towards a white faced late stage Profound Core Cultivator and cupped his fists to offer his greetings.

This white faced late stage Profound Core cultivator gave an ‘En’ sound and spoke up in a moderate pace, “The Mirage Gazing Conglomerate does not interfere with personal matters, but the Mirage Gazing Conglomerate has always been fair and equitable, and now that such a scandal had happened, we definitely cannot sit by idly.”

“No. 219. You had already paid for the passage for a year, but your actions really bring harm to my Mirage Gazing Conglomerate’s honour. This is half of what you had already paid for, please take this and proceed to disembark from the ship.” The white faced Deacon took out a storage bag and threw it toward Ning Cheng, while speaking without any expression.

Ning Cheng also did not refuse, sending the spirit stones from the storage bag back into his ring; he turned around and left the cabin. Since a Deacon of this ship and the opposite party were colluding with each other, as such he wanting to stay on this ship was already impossible. Moreover, he had already confirmed that the Mirage Gazing Island was not far from here, so might as well head over there by himself.

Moreover, Ning Cheng was also sure that once he stepped off the ship, the strong looking cultivator behind him would definitely come to kill him. Nevertheless, it was not something that he was worried about.

“Splendid, I appreciate your type of men that causes other men’s women to voluntarily come to your room. I’ll gift you a bit of spirit stones for it as an appreciation, hope that you do not end up as a snack for the monstrous beasts.” A storage bag fell into his hands, while at this time Ning Cheng finally was able to track down the cultivator. It was a black robed female cultivator, with an exceedingly common appearance.

“Thank you.” Ning Cheng cupped his fists and thanked her once. He realized that the she was also the owner of the voice who had warned him back in the makeshift market.

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