Chapter 0250

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0250: What was the reason for the help

Although Ning Cheng was driven out into the ocean, but he did not immediately leave the area. He knew that the Profound Core Cultivator would definitely come and find trouble with him; as such, he did not mind in first killing the Profound Core Cultivator and then walking away. Moreover he could also take this opportunity to ask that Profound Core Cultivator about the route to the Mirage Gazing Island.

Taking out the storage bag that was conveniently given to him by that black robed female cultivator, Ning Cheng could not understand as to why would that black robed female cultivator come forward to help him. He was more than sure that he had never seen this female cultivator before.

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness swept into the storage bag and found that there were a thousand high grade spirit stones in the storage bag along with two jade strips. Ning Cheng picked up one of the jade strips, which only had three words above it, ‘run away immediately’.

What was the meaning of this? Ning Cheng, despite looking at those words, had already decided on what he wanted to do regardless of what meaning the opposite party had, he decided to walk away temporarily. He casually threw out a few Concealment Array Flags, while simultaneously leaving behind a Monitoring Array Disc, after which he stimulated his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings and vanished from his original position.

After retreating to about two thousand miles from his original place, Ning Cheng finally stopped. If he went any further, then he would lose control over his Monitoring Array Formation. Even if in the end he had to escape, he wanted to know as to who were the people who were ready to leave the ship to get their hands on him.

Ning Cheng did not need to wait for too long, when a vague shadow appeared above the Crystal Array Disc in his hands; Ning Cheng knew that this was because he was too far away from the Monitoring Array Disc. However for just a single person to come out to deal with him, didn’t it show that they really looked down on him too much.

Ning Cheng was just thinking on whether or not to go back there, when that shadow suddenly turned its head and looked straight at him. Simultaneously lifting his hand, that shadow threw a punch aiming at the spot where Ning Cheng had left the Monitoring Array Disc concealed. The Crystal Array Disc in his hand immediately shattered, and the image hovering above it also disappeared without a trace.

However at this moment Ning Cheng was no longer in the mood to go back, rather he went all out in stimulating the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, and instantaneously shot away, without even stopping for a single moment to look back.

In the moment when his Monitoring Array Disc was destroyed, Ning Cheng had already recognized the cultivator who chased him out of the ship. It was none other than the intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator.

But in his mind, he really was not able to understand, as to why would that intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator wanted to chase him down, as he had never exposed the things he possessed. Moreover, why would an intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator use such an excuse to expel a Profound Congealing Cultivator from his ship just to kill him? He could just casually enter his cabin, and exterminate him without anyone being wiser of such an act.

After several hours, Ning Cheng finally stopped. He believed that even it was the intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator; he would not be able to catch up to him at this moment.

Ning Cheng found a small reef island, and descended directly on top of it. This place was also quite good; at least on the way here he had not encountered any advanced level monstrous beasts.

On the island, Ning Cheng immediately took out the other jade strip. He did not understand as why that black robed female cultivator knew that the Soul Essence Cultivator wanted to chase him?

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness swept into the jade strip. He discovered that this jade strip was a simple Directional Pointing Array Disc, above which was clearly marked with the location of the Mirage Gazing Island.

Seeing the jade strip, Ning Cheng’s heart finally felt slightly relieved. Regardless of whatever the goal did this female cultivator had in helping him, at least this jade strip was very useful to him.

Immediately Ning Cheng was also able to read the message left behind by the female cultivator in this Directional Pointing Jade Strip, “If you want to know as to why I helped you, then come to the Tian Continent’s Luo Ling City’s Precious River Rest Stop and wait for me, Since you were able to help Shen Yongyi, it shows that you did not disappoint me. What you are looking at is the location of the Teleportation Array in the Mirage Gazing City. But in order to leave, you will have to at least change your appearance. Of course, if you do not want to believe me, then you also have the choice of not waiting for me at the Tian Continent, and treat it as if I never existed.”

Ning Cheng ended up with even more doubts as he finally put away the jade strip. He definitely did not believe that the female cultivator had helped him merely because he displayed a bit of his goodwill. For the black robed female cultivator to help him, she certainly has some goal in her mind. But no matter what, Ning Cheng knew that at least a few of the words spoken by her were definitely not wrong, that is, if he wanted to go to the Mirage Gazing City then he would definitely have to change his appearance.


In a luxurious room at the top of the Mirage Gazing Conglomerate’s ship, a man with an expressionless face sat with his head resting on his hands. This man was none other than the intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator that Ning Cheng had seen on the Monitoring Array Formation not too long ago. Although he was showing a calm face, but the blue veins pulsing dangerously on his arms betrayed his burning rage.

There were two other people in the room, one of them was the strong looking middle aged cultivator who had broken open the restriction on Ning Cheng’s room before entering. The one with the cultivation of Profound Core 7th Level. While the other person was the Deacon of the ship that had expelled Ning Cheng from the ship.

“Lang Mao, didn’t you say that this idea was something that you came up with?” The intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator stared at the strong looking male cultivator as he spoke.

“Yes, yes, I knew that Shen Yongyi had obtained a Mirage Stone, so I wanted to get my hands on that Mirage Stone. Although this kind of approach was something that I had thought up on the spot, but I never thought that that foreign cultivator from 219th cabin would interfere, as such because he was so nosy…….” That male cultivator called Lang Mao quickly replied while bowing.

“That Chang Siqi is Shen Yongyi’s older cousin, so why would she help you in plotting against her cousin?” The Soul Essence Cultivator continued.

“Siqi and I are lovers, she had asked her cousin to surrender the Mirage Stone to her before, but her cousin did not want to listen to her. As such she herself wanted to plot against Shen Yongyi, so that after she obtained the Mirage Stone from him she would then give it to me…..” As Lang Mao spoke until here, his tone also became slightly agitated.

Suddenly he knelt to the ground, and spoke with sincerity, “I request senior to show me the Monitoring Images of Siqi from the 219th cabin, I really want to, really want to……”

The Soul Essence Cultivator sneered, as he lifted his hand bringing out a crystal, which immediately started playing an image, “Look at it yourself.”

In the image crystal, after Chang Siqi took off her clothes, Ning Cheng stood up and walked towards Chang Siqi, then immediately made several hand signs, causing the image to blur. Nothing to be made out behind it, and could only hear many orgasmic sounds.

Lang Mao clenched his fists, and had already forgotten that he was in the presence of a Soul Essence Cultivator, as he immediately started cursing loudly in rage, “That slut, no wonder she was the one who proposed such a thing, originally she had already set her sights on wanting to go down on this man…..”

“Oh, so this proposition was actually raised by Chang Siqi herself?” The Soul Essence Cultivator unexpectedly asked.

Lang Mao finally came to his senses; he once again reminded himself that he was in the presence of a Soul Essence Cultivator, if he dared to say anything presumptuous then he immediately would be blasted into nothing more than flying ash.

“Yes, it really was she who had proposed doing such a thing. Chang Siqi and I met each other on the ship, but because my Cultivation Method was not complete, as such I did not have enough time to connect with her. But, but……” Although he had said two buts, but Lang Mao himself did not know as to how to explain this situation. In his impression, Chang Siqi was definitely not a casual person, no not only was she not casual in this regard, but also was very dignified. But then why did it turn out like this?

“Well, you can go down.” The Soul Essence Cultivator impatiently waved.

“Yes.” Lan Mao, in front of this Soul Essence Cultivator, did not dare to speak back even half an extra word, and quickly backed out.

“You are a Deacon of the Mirage Gazing Conglomerate. I do not mind you trying to make some extra income, but without my permission, you drove away an important person, so you will have to be punished for it.” After Lang Mao exited this Soul Essence Cultivator coldly stared at the Deacon as to see what he had to say.

The Deacon was already frightened and was shivering all over, so when he heard the Soul Essence Cultivator speak to him, he immediately bowed even lower as he backed away.

“Just a small Profound Congealing Cultivator, and yet not only was he able to find the Monitoring Array Formation in the room, but he even went so far as to put a momentary shield over it, making me really underestimate this person.” An unexpected voice sounded out from behind the Soul Essence Cultivator, which was immediately followed by a woman wearing a black robe.

The Soul Essence Cultivator did not move from where he was sitting, and spoke after a short while with a sinking voice, “This person was able to escape from the range of my Spiritual Consciousness in such a short time, from this it can be seen that he definitely possess an extremely powerful flight type magical weapon. There are still a few cultivators on board that we did not investigate. As for whether or not the Mirage Tree poached from the Mirage Island is on him or not, I cannot affirm it at this moment. After all with his cultivation at present, even if had a special type of magical weapon, he would not be able to control it.”

The black robed woman snorted and spoke, “In any case, send out a letter to the Mirage Gazing Island immediately. If this person got to the Mirage Gazing Island before us, then he has to be taken away. If he really is in possession of a Mirage Tree, then we certainly cannot let this person off.”

A fiery light shone in the eyes of the Soul Essence Cultivator as he spoke, “If this person really has a Mirage Tree on him, then the number of Mirage Stones on him definitely would be huge.”

The black robed woman raised her hand and spoke, “No matter whether he has possession of a Mirage Tree or not, but the number of Mirage Stones on his body will definitely not be less, of that I am sure about. Originally I wanted to investigate this matter slowly, but a few ants ended up destroying my plans.”

The Soul Essence Cultivator suddenly once again raise his hand to wield a piece of crystal with an Array Formation Screen, this Array Formation Screen showed the two people Chang Siqi and Lang Mao clearly.

“Chang Siqi, in the end just what made you do it with that kid?” Lang Mao asked with a hideous face.

Chang Siqi sneered and spoke, “Why don’t you clearly say as to what did I do? Lang Mao, who are you to me?”

“You, you…..” Lang Mao’s hands were trembling.

Chang Siqi’s tone and expression was ice-cold, “I have known you for several years, and Spirit Stones are needed for every single thing on this ship. How many Spirit Stones have you even given me? So I just went to bed with that other person for ten thousand Spirit Stones, and even earned a low grade Spiritual Artefact. I really was blind, to take a fancy to a miser like you.”

“The Spirit Stones needed for my cultivation are already insufficient; didn’t you already know that I need a lot of Spirit Stones? Furthermore, that suggestion was something that you yourself came up with.”

“Although I was the one who mentioned it, I really could not believe that you would end up agreeing to it. Luckily, I am not anything like you, if I was then wouldn’t there be a need for me to go out to sell myself just to be able to feed you in the future? Lang Mao, from now on we are not connected to each other.”


The Soul Essence Cultivator finally put away the piece of crystal with the Array Formation Screen, and spoke with a cold voice, “This little Profound Congealing Cultivator is somewhat skilled, it didn’t even take him the time it took for an incense stick to burn to seduce Chang Siqi.”

The black robed woman frowned, but did not speak.


Ning Cheng, at this time, had once again brought out his True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel. Although he could not figure out why the black robed female cultivator had helped him, but he knew that he had to leave the Mirage Gazing Island as early as possible.

The speed of the True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel was not something an ordinary flight type magical weapon could even be compared to, even if some monstrous beasts were able to sense him, but they were not able to catch up to him. Many times even before the monstrous beast were able to react; Ning Cheng’s True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel would have long since disappeared.

Even if Ning Cheng repeatedly controlled the speed of the True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel, in just less than half a day’s time, many ships appeared in the range of his Spiritual Consciousness. Ning Cheng knew from this that he should be near to the periphery of the Mirage Gazing Island.

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