Chapter 0252

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0252: Fu Xiaomei

“Hey … Just call me as old chap, don’t call me big brother, it causes my skin to tingle…” Ning Cheng lifted his hands hastily in order to stop this effeminate man from speaking any more words.

TL Note: Here the words ‘old chap’ or 老兄 ’lao xiong’ is not to be taken in literal sense, rather it is a form of address between male friends.

“Big brother…. Oh, sorry old chap, what you mean by causing your skin to tingle?” This flowery robe seemed to have a high curiosity, hearing words that he could not understand, he quickly asked about it.

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but pull at the ends of his hair, before helplessly speaking up, “Whenever I hear someone calling out to me as ‘Big Brother’, it causes me skin allergies. Well that’s that, I do not intend to stay in the Yun Wu City, for the moment I want to go to the Luo Ling City. But the problem is I have never been to the Luo Ling City, if you know how to get to the Luo Ling City……”

Ning Cheng had not yet finished what he was speaking, when this flowery robed youth pat his chest and spoke up, “Old chap, I just happen to be going in that direction, since you want to go to the Luo Ling City, then I can deliver you there. No matter which region you want to go there, you can leave all the arrangements to me.”

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but stand there with a gawking expression on his face as he looked at this flowery robes wearing youth, this kind of attitude was simply too friendly, right? How could the Tian Continent have such a hospitable and welcoming person? Moreover, Ning Cheng really could not feel any kind of maliciousness coming from this man. This chap in front of him should not be one of those back breaking lovers, right? He just wanted to ask about the route to the Luo Ling City, how did it turn into him delivering him?

[TL Note – ‘Back breaking lovers’ here is a reference to one being gay, in other words ‘someone with homosexual tendencies’.]

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng could not help but feel even more that he had to get away from this person as soon as possible.

“Haha, didn’t I say before that we were destined to be friends, and even you want to go to the Luo Ling City as me aah. My name is Fu Xiaomei, with Xiao () meaning ‘sky’, this Xiao is from the phrase ‘to soar into the sky (直上云霄)’ and Mei as in the Mei () from ‘demon’. This describes me as someone with a very fast speed, in any case once I decide to run then it really would not be possible for anyone to catch up to me.” The tone of this flowery robed youth became increasingly happier as he continued on.

Speaking till here, he seemed to have remembered something, and spoke up with a bit of righteous indignation, “There is one group of bored people who just like to call me Fu Xiaomei (Xiaomei 小妹 = Little sister/girl), me and them absolutely know that the words spoken by them are wrong, as my name is obviously Fu Xiaomei (Xiaomei 霄魅 = Sky Demon).”

Ning Cheng looked at this Fu Xiaomei from top to bottom, and could not help but darkly sigh in his heart. With the way he dressed up, combined with such a soft feminine voice, along with a body smeared with heavy perfume, it was really no wonder that the others called him out as Xiaomei (Xiaomei 小妹 = Little sister/girl).

“By the way, I really have not asked old chap’s name?”

Fu Xiaomei grew more and more enthusiastic, and once again began talking as if he and Ning Cheng have been friends from many years.

Ning Cheng was really speechless at this moment, it was completely out of courtesy that he had spoken to Fu Xiaomei, but he had never thought that in such a short moment the situation would develop into him and Fu Xiaomei going to the Luo Ling City together.

“Uh, I am called Ning Xiaocheng…..”

Ning Cheng had just said his name, when Fu Xiaomei spoke up once again with a pleasantly surprised tone, “Oh, this really is good, you are named Xiaocheng and my name is also Xiaomei, it really was fate that brought us together.”

Ning Cheng helplessly scratched his head, while in his heart he was screaming ‘just what kind of joke was this’. Just a while ago, he was upset and even against people calling him Xiaomei, and yet he himself unintentionally referred to himself as Xiaomei (Xiaomei 小妹 = Little sister/girl). How was he even able to cultivate to the Profound Core 6th Level. Moreover, he even kept repeating the words like ‘predestined friends’ over and over again.

“Elder Brother Xiaocheng aah, why don’t you take a seat on my wind chariot. You see with my wind chariot, we can reach the Luo Ling City in just two or three days from here. Moreover, after arriving at the Luo Ling City, I can assure Elder Brother Xiaocheng that I will definitely bring you to the best places there to play. Any place that you want to go, as long as you will it, I can easily take you there.” Fu Xiaomei’s tone was very warm, and even had an expression full of hope as he looked at Ning Cheng, as if he was afraid that Ning Cheng would not agree.

“Many thanks, Elder Brother Fu for your generous offer. However I have a tendency to go into seclusion for a few days over any airship type magical weapon, and might not be able to gossip with Elder Brother Fu.” Ning Cheng not only was not familiar with the Luo Ling City, but he did not even know the general direction in which it was located. But seeing that Fu Xiaomei was speaking with a warm tone, he might just take a seat along with him on the Wind Chariot.

Fu Xiaomei on hearing Ning Cheng agree to it, began to excitedly speak up, “Good, Elder Brother Xiaocheng can just call me as Xiaomei, Since Elder Brother Xiaocheng intends to go into seclusion then you can go into seclusion without any worries, I am the one responsible for controlling the Wind Chariot, and I also will make a promise that I would bring Elder Brother Xiaocheng safe and sound to the Luo Ling City.”

The way Fu Xiaomei was talking did not imply that Ning Cheng must sit down alongside him over the Wind Chariot. But just that he wished to bring Ning Cheng aboard his Wind Chariot.

“This Yun Wu City simply does not have anything fun, unlike the Luo Ling City which has lots of fun things around. Elder Brother Xiaocheng, we will first have to leave the city. This broken city actually also has a flight ban over it, in other words no one is allowed to fly. It is simply too much. We will have to walk on the road for a little bit to get out of the city, if you feel tired, then I can immediately call for a beast carriage……”

“No, walking is also good.” Ning Cheng did not wait for Fu Xiaomei to lift his hand to call a beast carriage, and immediately stopped him from completing his words. The enthusiasm that Fu Xiaomei was showing at this moment was really something that he was unable to bear.

Fu Xiaomei immediately spoke up, “Yes, I also feel that beast carriages can be quite bumpy, no matter what, I will absolutely not sit on a beast carriage from now on.”

“Elder Brother Fu… Xiaomei, which Academy are you from?” Ning Cheng at this moment became somewhat curious, this Fu Xiaomei had a completely leisure appearance with his casual clothing, and by the looks of it, had even spent a million spirit stones without any hesitation to teleport from the Mirage Gazing Island to the Yun Wu City, it showed that he was very rich.

This Fu Xiaomei finally showed an embarrassed expression, before speaking, “I am actually from the Luo Ling City’s Fu Clan; however my mother is extremely difficult to deal with…”

“Since you also are coming from the Mirage Gazing Island, does it mean that you also went there to search for the Mirage Stones and sell it?” Ning Cheng asked once again, this Fu Xiaomei’s tone and expression felt really exaggerated, in addition to a few effeminate things, his way of doing things were also somewhat careless, giving him a sort of naive feeling, causing Ning Cheng to form a bit of goodwill towards him. What was even more surprising for Ning Cheng was the warm and naturally flowing words from Fu Xiaomei, from which he felt a trace of loneliness.

“No, I just go there to play, and would even make a few friends every now and then. Although it was my mother who gave me the spirit stones, but I simply am not able to use it all up, Elder Brother Xiaocheng, did you go to the Mirage Gazing Island because you lacked spirit stones? If you lack spirit stones, then I still have a few hundred million spirit stones with me, you can take it if you want to. It does not matter much to me anyways……” As he spoke Fu Xiaomei actually took off his own ring and was about to pass it up.

Ning Cheng quickly stopped Fu Xiaomei’s actions, while in his heart he was extremely shocked, does this person lack a few screws in his brain? How could just readily give away millions of spirits stones as if it was nothing?

“Xiaomei, do you often lend out spirit stones to others every day?” Ning Cheng couldn’t help but ask.

Fu Xiaomei laughed, and laughed so hard that tears started appearing in his eyes, after finally controlling himself he spoke up, “How is that even possible, I only lend them out to my friends, for someone whom I don’t know to ask me for lending them spirit stones, it is simply impossible.”

“Then is today your first time to give out spirit stones to others?” Ning Cheng once again asked.

“Of course not, the last time was when I met a friend in Shi Fang City, and I had lent him my ring. And then once again, when I met another friend at the Thousand Treasure House, he wanted to purchase a magical weapon but did not have enough spirit stones, so when he and I met, I also let him borrow a million spirit stones…” Fu Xiaomei spoke up without a care.

“Did the two friends pay back the spirit stones borrowed from you?”

“Nope not yet, since it was my friends who borrowed the spirit stones how could I ask them back, isn’t that what friends are for…” Fu Xiaomei waved his hands, and spoke out neatly as if it was just the natural order of things. But after saying that, his eyes showed a hint of being upset, “I had once lent a few spirit stones to a friend of mine, but my younger sister caught up to my friend, and not only injured him, but even snatched the spirit stones that I had lent him. Because my family treats my friends like this, my heart always is filled with sadness, and simply wishes to not stay at home…….”

Fu Xiaomei’s depressive tone did not last for long, when he once again waved his hands and spoke, “Elder Brother Xiaocheng you can rest assured that I will let you borrow spirit stones from me, and will absolutely not tell them. You can take it and use them for whatever you want, if you run out of spirit stones, my mother will give me more, my mother is also an Elder of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, as such has a lot of spirit stones………”

Ning Cheng already was able to understand a few things from this, he was sure that the person who had asked Fu Xiaomei for borrowing spirit stones was definitely a swindler. It seems that this Fu Xiaomei’s sister already was aware that the other party was a swindler, and hence took the initiative to catch him and take the spirit stones back. Fu Xiaomei also had the word ‘mother’ overflowing from his lips, showing that deep in his heart he was heavily dependent on his mother. For him to bring so many spirit stones out in a casual manner, yet no one daring to rob him, it definitely shows that this Fu Clan was not simple at all, and that his father and mother should be quite ruthless characters.

This Fu Xiaomei is a person who really has no friends, while at the same time longs to even make a single friend. Fortunately, he has quite a strong mother. From Fu Xiaomei’s conversation, Ning Cheng could also make out that Fu Xiaomei definitely has a place where is loved, at least he is definitely a friend worth making.

“Elder Brother Fu, I think that your sister really did not do anything wrong at that time. If that person really treated as your friend, he would not have casually asked about borrowing spirit stones from you even if he could return back the borrowed spirit stones in a short amount of time. And will definitely not ask to borrow your ring, as such whenever you make friends you should always pay attention to this point.” Ning Cheng did not continue to call Fu Xiaomei as Xiaomei, but rather changed his form of address to Elder Brother Fu once more.

Since he was starting to consider Fu Xiaomei as his friend, then he would definitely try to help him get rid of his effeminate problems.

“I knew it; Elder Brother Xiaocheng is a worthy friend to make, well, later when I try to find more friends I will definitely pay attention to this point. Now that we have gotten out of town, I can now bring out the Wind Chariot, Elder Brother Xiaocheng can go into seclusion worry free; I will take the complete responsibility for bringing you to the Luo Ling City.” Fu Xiaomei once again reverted back to his happy mood, and behaved as if his disturbed expression, from a moment ago, had never appeared.

Speaking until here, Fu Xiaomei brought out an extremely beautiful magical weapon that was none other than his wind chariot. This wind chariot not only looked matchlessly beautiful, as Ning Cheng stepped into the Wind Chariot, he couldn’t help but go into confusion if he had actually stepped into a woman’s boudoir. With a tangy aroma, and was decorated in an elegant style.

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but muse in his heart, that this Fu Xiaomei really has some high level feminine tendencies. Nevertheless, looking at this Wind Chariot type magical weapon of Fu Xiaomei, he could easily say that this person’s mother was definitely a rich lord.

This Wind Chariot magical weapon was the top of the line best quality flight type spiritual artefact, and could be driven with the help of high grade spirit stones in addition to controlling it with one’s spiritual consciousness and true essence. One has to know that the price of a best quality flight type spiritual artefact in the Le Continent was simply astronomical, not to mention about a best quality spirit artefact that could also be driven with spirit stones.

Fu Xiaomei was really serious with his words, as after he got on-board the Wind Chariot, he personally escorted Ning Cheng to a room in order for him to go into seclusion, before him personally taking control of the Wind Chariot to quickly rush into the sky, and no longer pestered Ning Cheng with any talks.

As Ning Cheng sat down inside the room on the Wind Chariot, he finally felt relieved; it wasn’t until now that he could feel completely safe. Whether it was the Gui Clan, or that Soul Essence Cultivator, even if they wanted to find him at this moment, it was really unlikely that they would succeed. Even if those people from the Gui Clan can come to the Tian Continent in the future, it would not mean that he would continue to remain at the cultivation of the Profound Congealing Realm until then.

Thinking about his Profound Congealing Cultivation, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but frown. Although his strength was rising continuously, while his true essence and spiritual consciousness had grown stronger several times, but his cultivation was technically stuck at the Profound Congealing 7th Level, without showing even the slightest progress.

Ning Cheng shook his head and once again put that thought aside, and the first thing that he did was to bring out the jade strip titled ‘Ten Uses of Mirage Stones’. He first wanted to find out what were the uses of this Mirage Stone. He had 39 Mirage Stones in his possession, if this thing really had great usefulness, then it could be said that he ended up making a small fortune.

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