Chapter 0253

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
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Chapter 0253: The Ten Uses of the Mirage Stone

Just as Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness seeped into the jade strip, he was almost left stunned, he had never seen or even heard of any kind of material that could be used in so many ways. Although there were, only ten ways recorded on this ‘Ten Uses of Mirage Stones, but each of them were recorded down in a densely packed manner. Moreover, these were simply written down in a rough manner, and did not have any detailed methods on its application.

“Mirage Stone, one of the weirder things found in the heaven and earth, although can be found throughout the Mirage Island, but is something that is extremely hard to obtain. The tree on which it is found is not only colourful, but it itself is extremely tough as if it was a gem or a precious treasure. It has a round shape, and has a color that ranges from snowy white to a translucent milky white. It has an illusory nature yet firm to touch, it appears similar to an illusionary dream… The Mirage Stones has many versatile uses, one of which……”

After the time it took for half an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng finally put down the jade strip in his hand, he finally understood as to why so many people were crazy for Mirage Stones. The functions of this thing were simply too many, moreover can be used by any cultivator.

If a cultivator already had a high cultivation, then the number one use of the Mirage Stone was to use it to try an obtain a spot to enter the Heaven’s Way. In the Tian Continent, the Heaven’s Way was the most desirable place to be, although Ning Cheng simply did not understand what this Heaven’s Way was, but he was aware that if one wanted to climb to a higher peak in their path of cultivation, then the only way was to enter the Heaven’s Way.

Although one could use the Mirage Stone to directly obtain a spot inside the Heaven’s Way, but the Mirage Stone could not be used directly for it, rather as long as the Mirage Stone was sold to the Tian Continent’s Heaven Alliance, one would be then able to exchange it for an array flag that could be used to enter the Heaven’s Way. If they had no need for this array flag, then they could also trade it for spirit stones, converting it to a simply astronomical price.

This was just one of the usefulness of the Mirage Stones, other than this, Mirage Stones can also be used for cultivating one’s spiritual consciousness, expanding and congealing to even solidification of their Sea of Consciousness. Although the jade strip mentioned that Mirage Stones can have such an effect, but it did not mention or provide a detailed explanation on it.

Mirage Stone’s third use was that it could be used for refining the Pure Mirage Pill, this pill could be used by a cultivator as a prevention towards turning into a devil during their cultivation practice, even if that cultivator had already turned into the devil, if they were to take this pill in time, then they would be able to recover.

The fourth use of the Mirage Stone, was that if the Mirage Stone was given to the top Academies, then not only would they be able to directly get a spot as a top tier inner disciple, but you could also obtain innumerable cultivation practice resources and spirit stones as compensation.

The fifth use of the Mirage Stones was that since the Heaven’s Way was soon to be opened in the Tian Continent, as such there was a heavy need for the Mirage Stones to refine array flags.

Mirage Stone’s sixth use was that it could be refined into the Mirage Heart Pill, this pill was of a great use especially for cultivators preparing to cross their respective tribulations, his pill could help suppress the invasion from Heart Devils. If the rank of the Mirage Stones was higher, then the level of the Mirage Heart Pill would also be higher, and after using it, the effect of restraint on the Heart Devils would also be much more formidable.

The seventh use was about using it for the arrangement of a huge top tier Defensive Array for an academy, if the Mirage Stone was refined into an array flag that was to be used as the array heart then the huge array would directly be enhanced by a full level.

The eighth use was that, if any cultivator under the Sea Opening Realm meets a bottleneck during their cultivation practice, then they could refine it into a Mirage Realm Pill provided that the Mirage Stone was from a Mirage Tree with seven or more colours. The Mirage Realm Pill can imitate the particular realm, and would help you in breaking through into the realm by means of blurring the lines between falsehood and truth, but can only be used just a single time.

The ninth use……


Ning Cheng was secretly surprised in his heart as he thought that this thing had simply too many uses. Even if one disregarded all its other uses, just a single Mirage Stone, even of the worst quality, could be sold for an astronomical price. No wonder there were there many cultivators desperately trying to snatch the Mirage Stones, as long as they could get their hands on just a single Mirage Stone from a nine-coloured Mirage Tree, they would then never have to worry about resources for their cultivation, they even would not need to worry about joining a good academy or a sect.

The funny thing was that there were, at this present moment, a total of 18 Mirage Stones from nine coloured Mirage Trees with him. Just how huge was this kind of wealth? Wasn’t this equivalent to a small fortune?

It was really a pity, that at this moment he could not refine the Mirage Stones into pills, whether it was the Pure Mirage Pill, Mirage Heart Pill or the Mirage Realm Pill, it was something that he would not be able to refine at present.

Ning Cheng took out a Mirage Stone that he had plucked from a three coloured Mirage Tree. As his spiritual consciousness seeped into it, although this Mirage Stone was milky white in color, he could immediately feel a fantastic feeling. But no matter how Ning Cheng analysed it, he simply was not able to find the reason for such a feeling.

Studying this thing for over two full days, Ning Cheng still was not able to gleam anything valuable from it and could only put away the Mirage Stone helplessly to study it later. He planned to see if he could obtain any jade strips containing detailed information on the Mirage Stones once he reached the Luo Ling City.

After putting away the Mirage Stone, Ning Cheng finally came out of the cabin, and discovered that the Wind Chariot was already slowly descending.

“Elder Brother Xiaocheng, you finally came out of seclusion? We have just arrived outside the Luo Ling City.” Fu Xiaomei seeing that Ning Cheng had come out could not help but call out with a content filled voice. It was very apparent that he was very happy with the fact that he was able to bring Ning Cheng to the Luo Ling City quickly.

“Thank you Elder Brother Fu.” Ning Cheng also thanked him with a sentence, since there was someone to help control the flight type magical weapon other than him; as such, he himself was able to do what he wanted to do.


Luo Ling City was not bigger than the Dragon and Phoenix City, at best, it was similar in size to it, and after Ning Cheng entered the Luo Ling City through its gate by following Fu Xiaomei, he discovered that the streets were actually much wider than the streets of the Dragon and Phoenix City.

Evidently knowing a person by his reputation is not as good as meeting him face-to-face, Tian Continent is a place that everyone from the Nine Continents yearn to live in, even the cultivators from the Le Continent are always eager to come to the Tian Continent. Now that Ning Cheng came to the Tian Continent, and seen the things in front of him. The only major difference that he could make out was that the spiritual qi here was slightly richer than that in the Dragon and Phoenix City.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Fu, finally came back……”

“Saint Child Fu…..”

As Fu Xiaomei entered the city, he was immediately showered with many greetings. However, as Ning Cheng heard them, he could easily tell that these greetings really were simply perfunctory, there were even a few that had a trace of disdain in their greetings.

However, Fu Xiaomei still waved towards those cultivators on the streets with a smile on his face, “Yes, yes, I’m back. This is my friend Ning Xiaocheng.”

“Yes, this is my friend Ning Xiaocheng.”


Fu Xiaomei greeted all of them, and every single time made sure to bring out the sentence ‘my friend Ning Xiaocheng’ every time he spoke. Ning Cheng also listened to all of it, and although Fu Xiaomei said it repeatedly that he was his friend, the gaze casted on him from the others was nothing but filled with disdain and even gloating.

However, Ning Cheng simply did not care about it, he had not asked about borrowing spirit stones from Fu Xiaomei, as such Fu Xiaomei’s younger sister would definitely not chase him down for it. Even if she does try to chase him down, he was definitely not afraid of it. Since Fu Xiaomei had the cultivation of Profound Core 6th Level, then his younger sister should at most be only at intermediate stages of Profound Core Realm.

“These people are just nothing but snobs, don’t look at the way they greet me in such a polite manner. The fact is that in their hearts they simply despise and loathe me. If they weren’t afraid of my family’s power, these guys would have immediately rushed forward to snatch away my spirit stones.” Although Fu Xiaomei had greeted all these people with a laugh, but after all the greeting, he quietly explained his understandings to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng looked at Fu Xiaomei with surprise, this Xiaomei really is not stupid aah, and it’s just that his heart is simply like a mirror in general.

“Elder Brother Fu, I will be going to the Precious River Rest Stop to stay…..” Ning Cheng spoke up as he saw the sign for the Precious River Rest Stop. The Precious River Rest Stop was simply gorgeous, and stood tall on the street leading to the City Master’s estate, and was nothing short of a 5 Star Hotels that he saw back in Jiangzhou, were it not for being completely eye-catching, Ning Cheng would have very likely not have noticed it.

“Elder Brother Xiaocheng, why don’t you come stay at my Fu Ling Villa. It is absolutely better than staying at the Precious River Rest Stop.” Fu Xiaomei gave a wave, and spoke out in a very simple manner.

Ning Cheng hesitated for a bit before speaking, “Alright, let me accompany you to the Fu Ling Villa, I’ll go to the Precious River Rest Stop later.”

Ning Cheng also wanted to have a look at the strength of the family clans of the Tian Continent, while at the same time wanted to inquire about the situation about the academies here.

“Elder Brother Ning, you will definitely like the Fu Ling Villa.” Fu Xiaomei was feeling that Ning Cheng was really worth being friends.


Before coming to the Fu Ling Villa, Ning Cheng would have never thought that the Fu Ling Villa would turn out to be so magnificent. This villa was absolutely comparable to the Dragon and Phoenix 9 Star Academy in the Dragon and Phoenix City. The entrance itself was something incomparable, plus was encircled with a Level 8 Huge Defensive Array. Just the imposing manner emanating from it was something that could be compared to the Luo Ling City as a whole.

After entering the villa, Ning Cheng discovered that it was almost similar to a small town in size. With numerous restrictions, and a variety of architectural planning done in an extremely justified manner.

The respected families here were definitely not the same, this Fu Clan itself could be compared to an advanced level academy, not only was it spread out in such a large scale; even its imposing manner was also quite astonishing.

“I live on the east side, Elder Brother Xiaocheng please come with me.” Fu Xiaomei said as he sped up his pace.

Ning Cheng followed Fu Xiaomei across a few artificial lakes, and arrived in front of an even more beautiful looking building. As Ning Cheng compared, this building was actually a lot more beautiful and prettier than any others were that he had seen until now. Moreover, its outward appearance was something that demanded other’s attention; Ning Cheng guessed that this should have been because the position of Fu Xiaomei’s mother should be relatively quite high.

“Young Master Fu came back…..”

“Young Master Fu…..”

Once again a variety of respectful greeting were called out, as Ning Cheng heard these greetings, he could see that Fu Xiaomei’s tone was much better than what he showed when he returned the greeting outside.

“Fu Xiaomei, you going out to fool around is one thing, but who let you bring your pack of rogues back. Immediately instruct your pack of rogues to fuck off.” A flaming sound immediately flooded out towards them, causing Fu Xiaomei’s complexion to immediately change.

Ning Cheng had already seen the speaker; it was a young girl wearing a tight fitting red coloured cultivator’s robe. This girl was also carrying a sword type magical weapon on her back and had almond shaped eyes on an oval face. But this face at this moment was filled with a thirst for blood, as this face stared angrily at Fu Xiaomei. On the side of this scarlet robed girl, there was another woman in a light blue long robe, this blue robed woman also had an oval face, but had an appearance that was much more refined than that of the scarlet robed girl and also gave off an air of demure, while at the same time there was also a trace of smile hanging on her face.

When Ning Cheng saw these two girls, his face changed slightly, he had always thought that his own progress when it came to cultivation was not too slow. But compared to the two girls in front of him, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but lament the fact that his speed of cultivation was simply too slow. The two girls in front of him already possessed the cultivation level of Soul Essence Realm; moreover, the female cultivator in the light blue robe was even at the 2nd Level of the Soul Essence Realm.

It was quite obvious that this scarlet robed girl was Fu Xiaomei’s younger sister, so why her cultivation level was so far removed from Fu Xiaomei?

Fu Xiaomei on hearing this scarlet robed girl snap back at him, immediately caused this face to turn red, and only after a moment of pause did he spoke out in a slightly loud manner, “Fu Shengnan, you are pushing things too far. Elder Brother Xiaocheng is my friend, why can’t I bring my friend to my place to sit down and chat? Are you also not taking your friend to your place? Since you are then why I can’t?”

Hearing that Fu Xiaomei’s younger sister was named Fu Shengnan, he could feel that this name was quite appropriate for her. Especially when he saw, her flaming scarlet coloured robe and hearing the strong tone in her voice, it seems that she should have been an older brother. However Ning Cheng was not actually feeling very happy in heart right now, this Fu Shengnan seems like she never put Fu Xiaomei’s words in her sight, and even directly went ahead to tell them to ‘fuck off’, it seems that this woman really thinks that she is quite infallible.

“Your friend? Bah, why would any decent person would even want to make friends with you? Why wouldn’t I lead a friend of mine here? Can your friend even be compared with Han Rui? Just a piddling Profound Congealing Cultivator, and yet dares to enter the Fu Ling Villa.” Fu Shengnan’s tone was becoming more and more severe; there was even a trace of murderous vibes coming from her.

Ning Cheng was now really angry in his heart, at this time he had already formed a vague judgement from his original suspicions, previously this woman had chased down Fu Xiaomei’s ‘friend’, seems like it was done so in order to deliberately cause problems.

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