Chapter 0254

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0254: Self-righteous Woman

Fu Xiaomei’s face flushed, and even his hands were trembling. Looking at these Ning Cheng could only give a dark sigh in his heart, although he had not known Fu Xiaomei for a long time, but he had never seen him overflowing with such an intense anger. It was no wonder that he did not want to come back to the Fu Ling Villa, with such a sister here, who would be even willing to come back.

“What’s wrong? Do you want to have a ‘spar’ with me? Is your cultivation even up for it?” Fu Shengnan swept a disdainful glance at Fu Xiaomei as she spoke up.

“Well, Shengnan, your elder brother does not come back home frequently.” The blue robed woman immediately spoke with a consoling tone from the side.

Fu Shengnan glanced at Ning Cheng indifferently, before turning to Fu Xiaomei and said, “In order to give Han Rui some face, I will let you off this one time.”

Saying that she then turned her stare at Ning Cheng and spoke, “I am warning you, you Profound Congealing Ant, if you even dare to even think about having any ideas on the spirit stones belonging to the Fu Ling Villa then you better wash your neck clean and wait for me, you fucking asshole.”

“Why don’t you just go ahead and look at yourself pissing, you think that you are the owner of the Fu Ling Villa, even if there were ten of you it would still not be enough to even lift the sedan chair carrying this Grandpa Ning.” Ning Cheng just let this woman have a taste of her own language in just a single sentence, speaking out a line that showed that even a person with no power could also speak out shamelessly with a heart full of anger. The only reason he had come here, was that he wanted to give Fu Xiaomei some face, just who the hell this woman thought she was.

“You are courting death…” Fu Shengnan at this moment was completely overflowing with a murderous rage, to the point that the long sword strapped to her back had automatically flew out.

“Shengnan, what is wrong with you? Your elder brother has just come back and you already want to start fighting?” A slightly discontented womanly voice immediately sounded out.

After Fu Xiaomei heard this voice, he was immediately infused with huge amounts of happiness as he spoke up, “Mother, I brought a friend back, but Shengnan actually wanted me to ‘fuck off’, she really is taking things too far……”

Ning Cheng immediately saw a middle aged beautiful woman appear before his eyes, he was not even able to see how this middle aged beautiful woman had appeared out of thin air and even directly in front of them.

After this middle aged beautiful woman heard Fu Xiaomei’s words, he gave a warm smile to Ning Cheng and nodded towards his before speaking, “Welcome to our Fu Ling Villa.”

Ning Cheng was really surprised in his heart. Before this, he was convinced that he had seen all kinds of people, but he had never seen a cultivator like the middle aged beautiful woman in front of him whose cultivation was so high that he could not even perceive it. He hastily bowed and spoke with utmost courtesy with cupped fists, “Ning Xiaocheng greets aunt.”

It was no wonder that even though Fu Xiaomei went about roaming and yet no one dared to easily mess with him, that was because this guy’s old lady’s cultivation was simply a little too high.

Seeing this middle aged beautiful woman welcoming Ning Cheng, Fu Shengnan gave a loud yet cold snort, and without even saying any words, pulled on the blue robed woman with her before quickly leaving the area.

The middle aged beautiful woman on seeing this scene, gave a slight frown, however did not say anything.

“Mother, this is my friend Ning Xiaocheng. His cultivation is somewhat low, so I want to take him to the Spiritual Essence Pool so that he could cultivate there for a while…..” Fu Xiaomei seeing Fu Shengnan leave, immediately returned to his previous normal complexion, and quickly spoke up with his pretty yet fawning voice.

The middle aged beautiful woman sighed and spoke up, “Xiaomei, the family’s Spiritual Essence Pool is not something that anyone can casually use for cultivating, even if it were you, you would have to apply for it, I would not be able to help you out in it even if it was me.”

Fu Xiaomei spoke up with some disapproval, “The reason why Shengnan can cultivate to the Soul Essence Realm is because she relied on the family’s Spiritual Essence Pool and the Academy’s Small Spiritual Domain. Otherwise she would at most be only at the late stages of the Profound Core Realm.”

Only at this moment did Ning Cheng was able to understand, as to why that Fu Shengnan and Han Rui’s cultivation was so high, turned out they originally were able to cultivate in a specialized cultivation area. Unfortunately, he was just a rogue cultivator, and could only seek out a few spirit stones and pills for his practice of cultivation. He had even found a spiritual pond back when he was in the Daan Forest, but the quality of the spiritual pond was not high. Moreover, its capacity was also quite low.

If he could have the opportunity to cultivate in this kind of a holy land, then he would have wholeheartedly dedicated himself to the practice of cultivation, as such presumably, his cultivation level was bound to rise up continuously.

“The capacity of the family’s Spiritual Essence Pool is very limited and cannot even be compared to the Small Spiritual Domain of the academy on the same level. Moreover, at this moment the management of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect is also very strict, even if it was I, I would not even be able to help your friend to enter the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect as a core disciple. Let alone becoming a core disciple, even if he managed to enter the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, without any special contributions, he would not be able to enter the Small Spiritual Domain to cultivate.” This middle aged beautiful woman really spoiled Fu Xiaomei; as such, it couldn’t be helped for her to be so busy with him.

But Ning Cheng was actually able to perceive a hint of sadness from the eyes of this middle aged beautiful woman, as such took the initiative to cup his fists and speak up, “Many thanks for such a deep affection shown by auntie, I would like to ask that if one wanted to enter the Small Spiritual Domain of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to cultivate, besides becoming a core disciple, what kinds of contributions are required from the other disciple in order to make the cut?”

It was not wrong to say that Ning Cheng’s heart still had a sliver of desire to enter a big academy’s cultivation holy grounds in order to cultivate. He was already well aware that his cultivation was not able to keep up in the Le Continent, while at present as he was in the Tian Continent; it was lagging behind even more.

“The Academy has undertaken a few things recently, I and Xiaomei’s father were also involved. Let’s go with this, I will arrange for you to enter the inner court of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, and in the future I will try my best if you could enter the Small Spiritual Domain for cultivation.” This middle aged beautiful woman simply did not ask about Ning Cheng’s origins or any other things, rather just because Ning Cheng was his son’s friend, she extended her help without any care.

Ning Cheng finally was able to figure out from where Fu Xiaomei had inherited his character, it turns out that he originally inherited it from his mother.

“Many thanks auntie, but I would like to try my luck on my own, and would really like to see if I could enter the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect through the academy exam. If I really were not able to pass, then I would come to ask auntie’s help. If I did not try out anything by myself first and shamelessly asked auntie’s help all the time then it really would be too outrageous.” Ning Cheng hurriedly thanked her guidance.

He had already perceived the sadness in the eyes and the body posture of Fu Xiaomei’s mother, combined with listening to the tone of the words she spoke, Ning Cheng was able to make a conjecture that this sadness might have some relations to the academy. If he had requested the opposite party to help him at this moment, then perhaps Fu Xiaomei’s mother would be at an even more disadvantageous position.

Sure enough, just as Ning Cheng finished his words, the eyes of this middle aged beautiful woman revealed a trace of surprise. Although she did not care much about the price that she had to pay for her son’s friends, but in her heart she had always hoped that her son made at least a friend who did not think of taking advantage of him or in other words con him.

“Good, good, you should really give it a try, if you don’t succeed, then I will definitely help you join the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Three months later, the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect will start its disciple selection. You can let Xiaomei to lead you there, although you are not young but since you were able to cultivate to the Profound Congealing 7th Level, it is also quite good, I definitely believe that you really have a good chance to enter.” The middle aged beautiful woman spoke up in a very happy tone.

Fu Xiaomei also quickly spoke up, “Mother you can rest assured, Elder Brother Xiaocheng will certainly pass through with flying colours.”

The middle aged beautiful woman also nodded to Ning Cheng, before turning to Fu Xiaomei and speaking in a sympathetic tone, “I had already known that you had come back, and have even specifically come to see you. But now I must return to the academy, do you have sufficient spirit stones with you?”

“I still have a lot of spirit stones, mother you need not have to worry about it.” Fu Xiaomei lifted his hand to show off his ring in a somewhat proud manner.


After the middle aged beautiful woman left, Ning Cheng also stayed behind for a little while before finding an excuse to leave. With Fu Xiaomei having such a sister, he really did not want to stay here.

Ning Cheng soon arrived at the Precious River Rest Stop, and found a medium grade room to settle in. He decided to wait for the black robed woman here, as he felt that black robed woman really did not have any malicious intents towards him. Moreover, he also wanted to know why this black robed woman wanted to look for him.

At the same time Ning Cheng also wanted to join the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, cultivating in the Small Spiritual Domain of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was a very big attraction for him. Since Fu Shengnan could cultivate to the Soul Essence 1st Level within the Small Spiritual Domain, then he believed that he could also accomplish it. Although Ning Cheng had not actually thought of cultivating until the Soul Essence 1st Level, but as long as the Small Spiritual Domain could help him fill up his Core Lake, then he would be more than satisfied.

During the past year, Ning Cheng was really eager to get back to Earth. He was not sure if the passage of time in this place were similar to the passage of time back on Earth, if it was not different, then if he ended up cultivating for a hundred years, Ruolan would have already passed away.

With Ruolan gone, what was the significance of him returning there?

For 99% of the cultivators of the Yi Xing Mainland, the purpose of cultivating was to become more powerful, have a longer life, and explore even more profound mysteries. But for Ning Cheng, he was constantly running around, constantly looking for any kinds of resources that could help in his cultivation, all for just a single purpose. All for the hope that one day, he could go back to Earth.

Originally, he was well aware that such a possibility was something almost non-existent, but after meeting that skeleton at the bottom of the Blood River, he finally was able to set a goal for himself, and become more confident in returning to Earth. As long as he could find the things that that skeleton needed, then there was a good chance that he would be able to return to Earth.

The Precious River Rest Stop was really worthy of being the Luo Ling City premier rest stop. Ning Cheng was only looking for a medium grade room, but this room was not only rich in spiritual qi, even the Restrictions and the Shielding Array Formations placed on it was uncommon. Moreover, the room was also subdivided into two cultivation rooms.

Ning Cheng observed one of the rooms, before deciding to arrange a Shielding Array Formation of his own. Even if he did not plan to bring out his secret things, since he was in a rest stop, he had to be careful; besides being, an extra bit careful wouldn’t be harmful.

Ning Cheng was just about to finish laying down the array formation in the room when the restriction on the door was touched upon. Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness immediately swept out and found Fu Shengnan and the blue robed female cultivator outside; these two women were standing in front of the door to his room at this moment.

“What do you want now?” Ning Cheng opened the restriction and spoke out without any expression.

“I intentionally came to warn you, you better scram out of the Luo Ling City immediately, otherwise this great-aunt will use you as a sacrifice for her sword.” Fu Shengnan had murder written all over her face as she spat out those words one at a time at Ning Cheng, emphasizing on each and every single word.

“Fuck off.” Ning Cheng rebuked her in just a single phrase, and without hesitation once again activated the Restriction on the door. This place was not the Fu Ling Villa; this woman seems to think that she simply is infallible.

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