Chapter 0255

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0255: Go so far as to destroy your own home

“This bastard…” Fu Shengnan’s face turned completely livid as she stared at the door to Ning Cheng’s room, she did not expect that a puny Profound Congealing ant would dare to be so arrogant in front of her.

It was not the first time she had met people wanting to con spirit stones out of Fu Xiaomei’s hands, moreover such kinds of people always ended up with a miserable fate at her hands. However, today she actually met a person who had actually made her eat her own words.

Fortunately, she had come here just to warn Ning Cheng for what he had spoken in the past and to blow off some steam and had only touched the restriction, if she had really went ahead and dared to destroy the restriction on Ning Cheng’s room, then it would not have been a simple matter. The background of the Precious River Rest Stop was not small at all; moreover, they were also not under the control of her Fu Ling Villa.

“Shengnan, let’s go. This man’s skin is too thick and bones really hard, yet somehow I get the feeling that this guy is not the type of person that attaches himself to Senior Apprentice Brother Xiaomei to obtain spirit stones.” The woman called Han Rui tried to persuade her from the side.

“I will find someone to keep an eye on him, let’s see if he wants to stay inside for his entire life and not come out.” Fu Shengnan could only spat out such bitter words, as she followed the blue robed woman and finally left from the front of Ning Cheng’s room.

After re-activating the restriction, Ning Cheng had already started making preparations to deal with Fu Shengnan bursting inside. If Fu Shengnan really did burst into his room, then he had already decided to get rid of her. Even if he was technically only at the Profound Congealing 7th Level, but with his concise spiritual consciousness and true essence, his cultivation was something far removed from ordinary cultivators. Even if it led to the worst case scenario, he could still try to escape from the Luo Ling City as his last resort.

What Ning Cheng had not thought was that even after waiting for the time it took for an incense stick to burn not only did Fu Shengnan not break into his room during the wait but also when his spiritual consciousness swept out of the room he found that Fu Shengnan had already turned around and was walking away. Presumably, this woman was somewhat fearful of the backer of this Precious River Rest Stop.

Since she had already left, Ning Cheng also stopped caring about it, aside from Alchemy practice; he also wanted to temper his spiritual consciousness. After all Ning Cheng was now finally made aware about the powerful benefits of spiritual consciousness, as such as soon as he found even the slightest bit of free time, he would immediately start tempering his spiritual consciousness. Although he did not have any cultivation methods that would specifically help grow one’s spiritual consciousness, but he was able to research out a way for himself after a lot of study.

More than two months had already passed by in seclusion, and currently it was already two days before the three month deadline. What made Ning Cheng even more puzzled during this time was that not only Fu Shengnan did not come to find trouble with him, but also Fu Xiaomei had not come to see him. Properly speaking Fu Xiaomei was the one whom his mother had asked to accompany him to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to participate in the disciple selection, moreover he was even highly enthusiastic about it, but at this moment he really was puzzled as to why had he not shown up.

Ning Cheng was not worried about something happening to Fu Xiaomei; Fu Xiaomei was an important person from the Fu Ling Villa. Moreover, his mother also was someone extremely powerful and has a strong presence; as such, no one in the Luo Ling City would dare to have any ill intent towards him.

Seeing that the day of the disciple selection of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was fast approaching, Ning Cheng decided to completely dispel his changed appearance. Even if Fu Xiaomei did not come, he would still make his way to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Moreover, for him to participate in the disciple selection of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, he was well aware that he could not do such a thing with his appearance changed.

He had also made an appointment with that black robed female cultivator, to meet at the Precious River Rest Stop, since the other party had not turned up as expected, he also did not want to continue to wait any longer.

Ning Cheng had just come out of his room, when a man wearing the uniform of the Precious River Rest Stop hurried over towards him and spoke in a polite voice, “May I ask if you are Ning Xiaocheng?”

“That’s right.” Ning Cheng gave a nod as he spoke.

“There is a letter for you, sent by the Young Master Fu from the Fu Ling Villa.” The man hastily took out a letter before he respectfully passed it on to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng received the letter, and knew that it contained news about what happened to Fu Xiaomei.

“Elder Brother Xiaocheng, because of few urgent matters, my father came back and asked me to undergo reclusive training in the family’s Spiritual Essence Pool. And stated that unless I advanced to the Soul Essence Realm in my cultivation, I was not allowed to come out. Because of which I would not be able to accompany you to participate in the disciple selection of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. However you do not need to worry about anything, I already had a talk with my mother and she had assured me that even if you failed in the disciple selection, my mother would still help you in entering the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect as an Inner Court Disciple.”

“Also when you participate in the disciple selection, you must not do so with your appearance changed, otherwise, the consequences would be very serious…”

It was followed by a huge pile of genial words. With a few details pertaining to the participation in the disciple selection. As Ning Cheng put away the letter, he really felt very grateful in his heart. He did not think that Fu Xiaomei already knew about him having his appearance changed, and thought that it was definitely Fu Xiaomei’s mother who had told him. With the skills of Fu Xiaomei’s mother, seeing through his Appearance Changing Technique would not be a difficult matter at all.

Since Fu Xiaomei now knew that previously he was not in his original appearance, and yet was still treating him with such sincerity, without even asking as to why he had changed his appearance, one could see that he really was a person who was worth being friends.

It was also no wonder that Fu Shengnan did not bother him, because she originally knew that Fu Xiaomei was going to enter into seclusion. But with Fu Xiaomei’s cultivation currently at the Profound Core 6th Level, wanting to advance to the Soul Essence Realm, even with the help of the Spiritual Essence Pool to aid in his cultivation, it would not be easy at all.

Ning Cheng could only envy him in secret, the disciple and members of the large family clans and sects really enjoyed a far luxurious life to the point that he himself would not be able to put it into words. He was just a rogue cultivator, if he wanted to continue to advance, then he had no choice but to rely on the big academies. If not for that then he would have to suffer countless hardships and sufferings. Even if he was able to obtain a few opportunities, including the opportunity to possess the Mysterious Yellow Bead, without anyone to help in guiding him onto the right path or at least give him a few pointers, it would really be impossible for him to advance.

“I really did not expect that you would come here, it seems that I really did not misread a person like you.” A crisp sound interrupted Ning Cheng’s pondering.

Ning Cheng looked up only to see that black robed female cultivator from back then, only this time that black robed female cultivator had changed her robes, and replaced it with a goose yellow coloured robe. Although this woman was not overly beautiful, her skin was giving off a white lustre, combined with the goose yellow robe it gave off a seductive type of charm and was really pleasing to the eyes.

Even if Ning Cheng did not know the origin of this woman, but he was well aware that this woman was definitely not simple. With just the cultivation of Profound Congealing 9th Level, she could still go to the ocean to seek out the Mirage Ship Island, and even make it back unharmed to the Tian Continent. If such a woman were simple then it really would be a strange event.

“Of course, this Junior Apprentice Sister had helped me once, so I naturally would like to thank you personally.” Ning Cheng gave a bright smile as he cupped his fists as he spoke.

This female cultivator just gave a slight smile in response, even though Ning Cheng’s cultivation was lower than what her own was, she really did not mind it when she was addressed as ‘Junior Apprentice Sister’, and spoke in a carefree manner, “Let us first go in before we have a good chat.”

“Well. I was just about to go into my room, why don’t you accompany me back to my room.” Ning Cheng also gave out a casual reply.


The female cultivator followed Ning Cheng into the room, seeing Ning Cheng once again activate the restriction after they entered, she only gave a smile and spoke, “I am called Liang Kexin, and come from the Great Liang True Country, how may I address you?”

Ning Cheng had already mentioned his name as Ning Xiaocheng to Fu Xiaomei, mainly because both of them were not familiar with each other; moreover, he had also initially thought that he would not have a lot of interaction with Fu Xiaomei at that time. But now that he was going to enter the disciple selection of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, he did not plan to continue with using the name Ning Xiaocheng.

So he simply stated after hesitating for a short while, “My name is Ning Cheng, just a rogue cultivator.”

“I see, so you really are a rogue cultivator, you said that I had helped you out once, but I guess that you should not have known how I helped you. Although I spoke with a bit of lack in grace, it was because I had initially thought that you would look down on me, however this matter at hand is really something important to me.”

Ning Cheng also cupped his fists and spoke up, “I would also like to hear the details.”

Liang Kexin gave an ‘um’ sound and spoke up, “Chang Siqi is a friend of mine, and the reason why she came to your room was also because of me, if it wasn’t for me sending her to your room, then you would have already let in the Soul Essence Cultivator of the Mirage Gazing Conglomerate into your room to drink a cup of spiritual tea. As for whether or not you would have been able to have a drink, that’s completely a different matter……”

“WHAT?” Ning Cheng suddenly stood up, as he stared at Liang Kexin in wonder.

Liang Kexin’s words were simply too surprising, as according to her, if not for her sending Chang Siqi to him, he would have absolutely not been able to leave to the Mirage Gazing Conglomerate’s ship. However, he also did not suspect Liang Kexin’s words, because at that time when he had departed the ship, it was the intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator who had tried to chase him.

Ling Kexin lifted her hands and brought out two cups, seeing this Ning Cheng did not wait for her and took out some of his own spiritual tea, seizing the initiative he brought out a jade pot and poured out a cup of tea for Liang Kexin, “This is something that I had got from a friend of mine, it’s quite good.”

Liang Kexin simply gave a non-committal smile, and did not drink Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Tea, instead spoke up, “For you to be able to make it to this place, you absolutely are not a simple man. I believe that my eyes really have not tricked me, and that I did not choose the wrong person. The Transmission Array of the Mirage Gazing Island has been under heavy monitoring by that old man Peng, and yet you were able to arrive safe and sound to this place.”

Ning Cheng did not care about the compliments given by Liang Kexin, after he helped Liang Kexin pour a cup of spiritual tea, he once again cupped his fists and gave out a casual thanks with the phrase, “If Chang Siqi is really a person arranged by Senior Apprentice Sister Liang, then I really would like to offer my thanks for Senior Apprentice Sister’s life saving grace.”

When Ning Cheng changed the form of address from ‘Junior Apprentice Sister’ to ‘Senior Apprentice Sister’, Liang Kexin covered her mouth and gave a gentle laugh before speaking up, “Elder Brother Ning, please just address me as ‘Junior Apprentice Sister’ will you, women are always conscious of their age and hope to be younger.”

“Ok, I hope I would be able to hear an explanation from Junior Apprentice Sister Liang about this matter.” Ning Cheng spoke up; he simply did not care about the form of address anyway.

Liang Kexin also did not continue to act pretentious, and directly spoke up, “The man who broke the restriction on your cabin is called Lang Mao, Siqi and him were only temporary associates, and their purpose was of course to act as helpers for the Mirage Gazing Conglomerate. As for Siqi’s origins and reasons for doing that, this is something that I am not at a liberty to speak out. But it is true that Siqi had indeed come to your room in order to seduce you; however, this idea was not something that was conceived by Lang Mao, but rather was birthed by Siqi and me together. Simultaneously we also encouraged Lang Mao to rope in a Deacon of the ship, in order to drive you out into the ocean.”

Ning Cheng gave a sigh and spoke, “Fortunately, I was not seduced by her, otherwise how else would you have gotten the shot to save me?”

Liang Kexin gave a slight chuckle, “How can you say that, if you really ended up being seduced by her, then one could only say that you really had quite a good luck with you. Siqi is not someone that others would be able to resist, moreover she only intended to create a scene before leaving, but I really did not expect that you would really pass up such a good opportunity.”

Ning Cheng gave a bitter smile while he gave a slight wave with his hand and spoke up, “I just want to know why you wanted to help me. At the same time I also want to know, why that Soul Essence Cultivator of the Mirage Gazing Conglomerate want to kill me?”

Ning Cheng did not believe that Chang Siqi just wanted to create some drama before leaving, listening to these kinds of words, why would anyone take it seriously.

Liang Kexin also understood Ning Cheng’s doubt, and immediately spoke up, “As to the reason why that that Soul Essence Cultivator wanted to kill you, I think that it is because of the Mirage Stones that you obtained and by the looks of it you seem to have more than just one. Not only that, it seems that the grade of the Mirage Stones in your possession is also quite high.”

Ning Cheng was not excited about this; he knew that since others suspected him, then they must have at least one compelling reason to be suspicious of him. He calmly looked at Liang Kexin and asked, “Are these your judgements, or are these the judgements of that Soul Essence Cultivator?”

“It is only my guess, moreover I also know with a fact that that Soul Essence Cultivator has a few suspicions regarding you. If he really wanted to search for you, then he would have found you in at most 3-5 days. It was just that I am the only person that knows that that Soul Essence Cultivator had to go into seclusion for a short time every day, which allowed you to leave the ship.” Liang Kexin spoke up calmly.

“How did you determine that I have Mirage Stones in my possession, or that they were of high grade?” Ning Cheng calmly stared at Liang Kexin’s eyes.

Ling Kexin did not seem to care about Ning Cheng’s reaction; she really did not carry any guarded feelings against Ning Cheng as she brought the cup filled with Ning Cheng’s spiritual tea to her mouth and spoke up, “Because I know that you possess the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings……”

However Liang Kexin had not completely finished her sentence, when she immediately stood up in shock, as she clutched the spiritual tea cup with both her hands tightly as if it was a precious treasure that would be stolen the moment she loosened her grip, she stood there staring at the cup for a good long while before she managed to say, “This is a spiritual tea that underwent refinement through the True Spirit Nectar Wash, you… you…. Just how can you be so …so…. uselessly wasteful, to the point that you would go so far as to destroy your own house……”

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