Chapter 0256

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0256: Above Crucible Transformation

TL Note – After consulting a few people over a long period of time and combined with what I have read in the coming raws, two important term changes will be in effect from this point on – ‘Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings’ will now be referred to as ‘Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud’ and ‘True Spirit Nectar Wash’ will now be referred to as ‘Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar’ for providing a greater clarity of their respective uses in the coming chapters, I will also be changing the same in all the previous chapters at a slightly later point.

Ning Cheng was also as shocked as she was, just how in the world did this woman come to know that he was in possession of the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds? As he thought back at it, it must have been at the moment when he had just come out of the Mirage Ship Island, when the female cultivator might have laid eyes on him. Thinking of this point, Ning Cheng wrinkled his brow. The Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds was not a simple thing, once exposed; it really would not bode well for him.

Seeing Ning Cheng frown, Liang Kexin immediately realized as to what was more worrying to Ning Cheng, realizing that she slowly sat down and spoke, “Elder Brother Ning need not have to worry about me spreading the news about the matter regarding the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, if I really had any intentions for it, then I would not have come here today. However Elder Brother Ning, you unexpectedly even brought out spiritual tea refined from the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, it really made me unable to believe in such a thing even though it right in front of me.”

Ning Cheng composed himself and waved his hand in a casual manner, it was as if he did not hear the underlying meaning behind Liang Kexin’s words, “It was something that was given to me by a good friend of mine, since Junior Apprentice Sister Liang has bestowed upon me a life saving grace, then I naturally would not be stingy towards you.”

Seeing that Ning Cheng did not want to answer the underlying question about his spiritual tea, Liang Kexin was slightly disappointed in her heart, but quickly adjusting herself, continued with her words, “Shen Yongyi to be injured during the sneak attack was also something arranged by me, but he was not aware of it. Since you ended up saving Shen Yongyi, it made me think of you as a trustworthy person, because of which I took the risk to make this bet on you.”

Ning Cheng had already understood the meaning of Liang Kexin’s words, not to mention about the law of the jungle prevalent in the Yi Xing Mainland, even if it was back in the legally perfect system in the Jiangzhou on Earth, such kind of things like lending a helping hand to a person in need was not something that was common even back in his homeland.

“No wonder that that youth actually fell in front of me with such injuries, moreover his injuries were also not light…” Instead, Ning Cheng was having some doubts in his heart; he and the other party did not know each other personally as such why would the other party play out a sneak attack with such an understanding, all in order to lead him to save that person?

Liang Kexin showed a faint smile, “For Siqi to sneak attack Sheng Yongyi was actually for his own good; otherwise, Shen Yongyi may not even have a life to live at this moment. Did you really think that once you struck gold with Mirage Stones in front of the Mirage Gazing Conglomerate, you would be able to return to the Mirage Gazing Island in a calm and steady manner?”

Seeing Ning Cheng silent, Liang Kexin once again spoke up, “The reason I know that you have the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds is because I had indeed seen them, and seen them at the instance you left the Mirage Ship Island. But you do not have to worry, it is only because I have different eyes compared to the others and am certain that I am the only person to have seen it.”

Ning Cheng had already guessed correctly regarding this matter, but still spoke in a calm matter, “But still why did you think that I had obtained a large amount of Mirage Stones from the Mirage Ship Island?”

Although Liang Kexin did not deny, she still spoke in a roundabout manner , “Well, what I truly wanted was to obtain a nine coloured Mirage Stone, but it really was a pity that I only could obtain just three three-coloured Mirage Stones, and six six-coloured Mirage Stones. But as for the nine coloured Mirage Stone that I needed the most, I could not obtain a single one.”

Ning Cheng started thinking; this woman really was not that simple, just relying on her special eyes this person was able to obtain a total of nine stones. One has to know that he had relied on his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds and his strong and concise spiritual consciousness, in order to have a better harvest than others had.

“However, I know that you have obtained at least nine nine-coloured Mirage Stones, I do not need much, as long as you are willing to trade with me just a single nine coloured Mirage Stone, I would immediately give you four of my six-coloured Mirage Stones. While at the same time, fulfil any conditions from your side as long as it is within my reach.” Liang Kexin finished in a straightforward manner, and stared intently at Ning Cheng. She patiently waited for Ning Cheng’s answer.

“How can you say that I was able to obtain Mirage Stones from a nine-coloured Mirage Tree?” Ning Cheng did not immediately answer Liang Kexin’s words, rather asked what he wanted to first.

“That is because I saw that intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator standing beside a giant pit, while murmuring, ‘Somebody unexpectedly was able to dig up the nine-coloured Mirage Tree, just who in the world could possess such a powerful magical weapon?’” Liang Kexin answered, “Later, when I came out and saw you with the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, I guessed that the person who dug up the nine-coloured Mirage Tree would be none other than you. Especially because the nine-coloured Mirage Trees can only found in the depths of the Mirage Ship Island, even ordinary Profound Core Cultivators would not be able to reach that deep in such a short amount of time, but you could as you possess the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds.”

Ning Cheng finally was able to understand, it looks like Liang Kexin really has spoken the truth, for a cultivator that could successfully poach the nine-coloured Mirage Tree from right under their noses that intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator would do everything in his power to capture him. Moreover, it was exactly as the judgement made by Liang Kexin, if he had continued to stay on board, then he would have only been waiting for a disaster to befall on him.

“Many thanks Junior Apprentice Sister Liang; I finally came to understand only at this moment that Junior Apprentice Sister Liang has truly saved my pitiful life.” Ning Cheng gave out his thanks, and suddenly asked once again, “I do indeed possess the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds because of which I was able to enter the depths of the Mirage Ship Island, but how come Junior Apprentice Sister Liang was able to quickly locate that place with just your sight? In my observation, Junior Apprentice Sister Liang’s cultivation is not much higher than mine own.”

Liang Kexin on hearing Ning Cheng’s words only gave a slight chuckle before speaking up, “The reason I decided to come trade with Elder Brother Ning today, is because I somehow know that Elder Brother Ning is a credible person to work with. Elder Brother Ning has his own secrets; similarly, I also have my own secrets. It’s just that I do not wish to reveal my all my secrets at this time. If Elder Brother Ning is willing to trade a nine-coloured Mirage Stone with me, then I will agree to any conditions within my power. If Elder Brother Ning does not agree for exchanging a nine-coloured Mirage Stone, then you can simply treat it as me not coming here at all, moreover I will also take an oath to never reveal Elder Brother Ning’s secret.”

Ning Cheng gave a slight nod, he knew that Liang Kexin was completely serious about the words that she spoke, even if he said that he wanted to take the other party to bed, the other party would not even hesitate for even the slightest before agreeing to it. It can be seen from this that a Mirage Stone from a nine-coloured Mirage Tree was something extremely important to this Liang Kexin.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Liang, as far as I understand, all the Mirage Stones are to some degree white in color, it’s just that the grade of the whiteness is different. So why do you specifically want a nine-coloured Mirage Stone?” Ning Cheng had not yet agreed to the agreement, and instead asked about a matter that had nothing to do with it.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, you do not even know such a basic thing?” Liang Kexin looked at Ning Cheng with a surprise, after a short pause, she suddenly took out a jade basin, while at the same time poured out a small amount of clear water into the jade basin, then took out a white coloured Mirage Stone to put into the middle of the jade basin.

Ning Cheng was surprised to find that the white coloured Mirage Stone when placed in the basin was emitting six different colours, as if it was an illusion in general, splendid as well as pleasing to the eyes.

Liang Kexin took out the Mirage Stone from the water, the Mirage Stone was still white, and the water in the basin was still clear.

Ning Cheng did not wait for Liang Kexin to speak up, while at the same time took out his own Mirage Stone and put into the basin, this Mirage Stone was completely pure without any trace of impurities and immediately emitted nine different colours the moment it touch the water, compared to the one from a moment before the color projections created a much more beautiful illusion.

“So originally it was because of this.” Ning Cheng muttered to himself.

“You really do have a nine-coloured Mirage Stone…..” Liang Kexin stared at the Mirage Stone sitting in the middle of the jade basin, with a fiery glow in her eyes.

Ning Cheng gave a smile, “I certain do have nine-coloured Mirage Stones with me, as such this piece I will give it to you.”

“Give it to me?” Even though Liang Kexin knew that Ning Cheng possessed more than one nine-coloured Mirage Stones, but for Ning Cheng to give her one so casually made her go into extreme shock. The value of a nine-coloured Mirage Stone was so great that even if one offered a hundred six-coloured Mirage Stones in exchange for it, its value would still be a far cry from that of a nine-coloured Mirage Stone. Although she was eager to get her hands on it, but she did not expect that Ning Cheng would go for such an unequal exchange for a nine-coloured Mirage Stone.

“Of course, I am giving it to you, or do you think that my life is so worthless? You saved my life, so at the very least I could at least provide my benefactor with some of my things, or is it that you are still looking down on me.”

Just as Ning Cheng finished, he took out a jade bottle and spoke up, “This contains a bit of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, it is also something that I am giving to you.”

“You really also have Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar…..” Liang Kexin found it really difficult to suppress the excitement building up in her, as she quickly put away the Mirage Stone and the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar given to her by Ning Cheng, while simultaneously giving an extremely serious bow towards Ning Cheng and speaking in complete sincerity, “Many thanks Big Brother Ning……”

She was unable to conceal the excitement in her heart; she not only managed to obtain the Mirage Stone, but also was able to obtain a bit of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar. It was really obvious that she had not made a mistake in risking it on him, although it involved a considerable risk on her part, but it really had led to an even greater return.

With the Mirage Stone and the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, combined with her joining the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, as long as she was given three years, she would once again be able to climb up to the Soul Essence Realm. With her practicing cultivation with the help of her Spiritual Growth Cultivation Method, once she once again advances to the Soul Essence Realm, the strength of her cultivation would absolutely be able to have a huge spike in ot, it would grow to at least twice of her previous strength. If she could enter the Small Spiritual Domain to practice cultivation in the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, then in less than a decade, she would even have the chance to assail the Soul Sculpting Realm…

Although he was once again called as ‘Big Brother’, Ning Cheng really did not mind it this time, fortunately, Fu Xiaomei was not around, or he would have certainly asked if he felt his skin tingle because of it.

It was only after a good long while that Liang Kexin was able to calm herself down from her excitement, and spoke up with a gentle tone, “Big Brother Ning, what are your plans, is there anything that I could help you with.”

Ning Cheng also decided to not conceal these things and spoke up, “I heard that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect is going to start their disciple recruitment, as such I am preparing to try out my luck at the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. If luck really does not favor me in the selection, then I could still become an Inner Disciple of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect through a back door, and be able to remain in the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect in order to practice cultivation.”

“This is really good; I am also planning to join the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. However I suggest that Big Brother Ning not use the Mirage Stone in order to join, and rather with your ability, presumably securing a spot of the Inner Sect Disciple of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would not be of much problem.” Liang Kexin on hearing that Ning Cheng also wanted to go to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect immediately spoke up.

Ning Cheng gave a puzzled look at Liang Kexin, what a coincidence, he already wanted to go to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, did this woman also wanted to come along? But he still asked, “I have a few three-coloured Mirage Stones, I actually plan to use these three-coloured Mirage Stones to take up a place. Moreover, I also heard that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect had a Small Spiritual Domain, I very much want to go there sometime to practice cultivation.”

Liang Kexin interrupted him, “Although you left the Mirage Gazing Island, but there will surely be a few people keeping an eye on you. Do you even know how much powerful the Mirage Gazing Conglomerate is? Or even the power of the Deputy Island Master Mi’s influence. After you join the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, they certainly won’t be able to make a move on you, and although that could be considered as a good thing, however if you come up with Mirage Stones to join, then there would be even more eyes pointed at you.”

“Many thanks for Junior Apprentice Sister Liang’s concern, but I know what to do.” Ning Cheng in reality did not care much of it, he already knew that all he had to do was to increase his strength, as long as he had sufficient strength, then who would even dare to pursue him?

Liang Kexin had only mentioned it, but on seeing Ning Cheng expressing his disapproval, no longer spoke anymore about it, and just asked, “Is Big Brother Ning willing to go to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to participate in the disciple selection together with me?”

“Of course, but first I really do not understand much about the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, can Junior Apprentice Sister Liang care to explain a thing or two about it to me?” Ning Cheng was already planning to look for someone acquainted with the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect initially, now that Liang Kexin had voluntarily come to his door, so how could he refuse such an opportunity?

Liang Kexin was also happy and spoke up, “Certainly, Rainbow Fall Sword Sect is one of the Tian Continent’s quasi fist class academies, and is also counted amongst the most powerful, moreover there are also several peak Crucible Transformation Cultivators amongst their ranks……..”

Ning Cheng suddenly interrupted Liang Kexin’s words and asked, “Junior Apprentice Sister Liang, I heard that there was another Realm above the Crucible Transformation Realm. Is this really true or are these just rumours?”

Liang Kexin showed a faint smile, “You are a rogue cultivator, so for you to not know about such a thing is quite normal. Of course, this thing really is true. In the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, there indeed is an existence that surpasses the Crucible Transformation Cultivators. However……”

“Really? What Realm is that?” Ning Cheng was really shocked in his heart, just the Crucible Transformation Realm was in itself out of his reach at this moment, now he heard that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect had an existence that was even beyond the Crucible Transformation Cultivators, and yet it was only ranked as quasi-first class heritage.

“It is not a ‘Realm’ per se, rather because the Laws’ of the Yi Xing Mainland are broken, Crucible Transformation Cultivators could practice cultivation to even beyond that of Crucible Transformation, however it would not cause tribulation thunder to fall. Without tribulation thunder, it means that there are no Realm Laws. Without the Realm Laws, it simply can’t be referred to as a ‘Realm’. Therefore, some of the cultivators with that kind of formidable cultivation would take up the chance to leave the Yi Xing Mainland through the Heaven’s Way, looking for opportunities to advance.” Liang Kexin spoke out quietly.

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