Chapter 0257

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0257: Battling Against Soul Essence

Luo Ling City was not close to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, but of course, this distance was only relative to ordinary cultivators, for people with a high enough cultivation level, they could easily reach at it in just a short amount of time.

To Ning Cheng and Liang Kexin, using a medium grade flight type spiritual artefact, would probably take about half a day with its speed.

After leaving Luo Ling City, Liang Kexin did not take out her own flight type magical weapon, rather sat together with Ning Cheng on his medium grade airship.

“Big Brother Ning, I really am quite curious as to how you were able to slip out of the Mirage Gazing Island, one has to know that old man Peng is absolutely not simple at all. I heard that he was searching each and every person, no one can leave the island before they were all personally searched by him, even if one was a Soul Essence Cultivator, they had to go along with him……” On the airship type magical weapon, Liang Kexin asked with curiosity.

Although she knew it was Ning Cheng’s secret, and she should really not inquire about it, but she really could not contain her curiosity. She was well aware that to reach the Tian Continent from the Mirage Gazing Island, Ning Cheng would definitely have to go through the Transmission Array, even if Ning Cheng was in possession of the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud, it was simply impossible to fly to the Tian Continent considering the vast distance.

Not to mention about the extremely vast distance between the Mirage Gazing Island and the Tian Continent, even if one possessed the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud, one would at least need a few years to cover it. Moreover, there would also be countless monstrous beasts in the middle of it, who could easily tear apart a single Ning Cheng. Even if these were not taken into consideration, how could anyone be able to keep powering their Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud for even a year, let alone the entire time?

The Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud, to put it bluntly, were foreign objects. They would thus require at least a small amount of a person’s true essence and spiritual consciousness in order to operate.

Ning Cheng gave a slight chuckle, and was just about to speak, when he saw a shadow of a fiery red line rushing towards them through his spiritual consciousness. Moreover, this shadow was accompanied with a strong spiritual qi fluctuation, as his spiritual consciousness just brushed past it, he could also feel a faint trace of his spiritual consciousness loosening up.

“Pure Yang Fire Ginseng… furthermore a Spirit Ginseng?” Liang Kexin almost screamed, as she anxiously spoke out, “Ning Cheng quickly chased after it, aah, this is a Pure Yang Fire Ginseng with spiritual wisdom, and its value is even higher than that of the Mirage Stones. Its value is fundamentally incalculable…..”

Liang Kexin was simply too excited, even forgoing the form of address of ‘Big Brother Ning’.

Ning Cheng also controlled the airship as he quickly gave it a chase; he had also seen the Pure Yang Fire Ginseng. But to say that it was a Spirit Ginseng, it was something absolutely impossible.

“Big Brother Ning, you should really use your Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud to give it a chase, aah, this airship really would not be able to catch ……” Liang Kexin seeing that Ning Cheng only sped up the airship in the direction of the Pure Yang Fire Ginseng in order to catch it, could not help but speak out in an even more anxious manner.

Rather Ning Cheng simply calmed himself down, and spoke up with a faint smile, “Junior Apprentice Sister Liang, I already believed you to be not a simple person, how could you be so naive. Did you really believe that a Pure Yang Fire Ginseng would appear here? This route is the main path that leads to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect from the Luo Ling City; do you know how many people traverse this path every day? Did you seriously think that a Pure Yang Fire Ginseng with spiritual wisdom would appear in this kind of place?”

“What you mean is that it is a fake?” Liang Kexin muttered, “If that is the case, then why would a Pure Yang Fire Ginseng possibly appear here? Moreover, the Pure Yang Fire Ginseng is one of the treasured spiritual objects of the Heaven and Earth; moreover, they are something that generally appear deep in the mountains with rivers or huge ponds… that’s right. Big Brother Ning, since it is clearly a fake, then why are you chasing it.”

Liang Kexin had originally not thought that her idea was not wrong, but because the level of her spiritual consciousness was far below that of Ning Cheng, in addition to her not having a heterodoxical knowledge like Ning Cheng’s, it was only after Ning Cheng’s reminder, did she finally come to realize this point.

Ning Cheng gave a smile, “If this Pure Yang Fire Ginseng is fake, then it shows that there are a few people who want to use this ‘fake’ Pure Yang Fire Ginseng to lure us into a secluded place in order to finish us off. Since that seems to be the case, then why don’t we help them out? Of course, if Junior Apprentice Sister Liang feels insecure about it, then you can just head to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect and wait for me there, it would not be a first for me to travel alone.”

“How can I be afraid of death, but for the other party to be daring enough to intercept us on this path, it is highly likely that the other party would be at least a Soul Essence Cultivator, I am just afraid that……” Liang Kexin had guessed correctly, this cultivator was very likely to be a Soul Essence Cultivator.

Ning Cheng also gave an appreciative nod, “That’s right, in all the likelihood, it should be that fellow, initially when I was in the ocean I had indeed dreaded him a bit, because of which I really did not dare to start a fight with him. But now that we are here, I do not see any reason as to why I should not go ahead on with it. Besides, it is not as if Junior Apprentice Sister Liang would be helping me out would it?”

Ning Cheng did not speak out those words because he was looking down on her, but rather he was increasingly feeling that Liang Kexin was someone absolutely not simple at all. At least she was definitely not an ordinary Profound Congealing Cultivator.

“Big Brother Ning, if it really is that cultivator, although I am not confident in beating him, but I would be able to escape from him in a short while, however I would not be able to carry you with me.” Liang Kexin hesitated a bit before she finally spoke out a bit of truth.

“You already know that I possess the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud, since you say that you would be able to manage your own escape, so how could I not manage on my own? I only expect a single thing from you, when the time truly comes to entangle with that person, just help me tie him down, I don’t ask for much, just help me tie him down for a few breaths of time.” Even though Ning Cheng was asking such a thing, he still spoke without a care in this world.

“What if it was a cultivator in the Soul Sculpting Realm?” Liang Kexin once again asked, with a worried tone.

Ning Cheng replied with confidence, “There would absolutely be no cultivators in the Soul Sculpting Realm, of that you can be assured.”

If there really were a Soul Sculpting Realm Cultivator, then why would they even use such a method to lure them to such a quiet place? That person could simply raise his hand and completely destroy them from a distance without even doing anything.

The opposite party should already be aware that he and Liang Kexin are not to be taken lightly, at least they were aware that they would not be able to kill them in a short time, because of which they could only think of using such a trick to lead the two of them to a secluded place, after all, they were actually on the main path that led to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. As such, this person at most could only be a Soul Essence Cultivator; maybe it might even turn out to be a Profound Core Cultivator.

“This person wants to lead us to this location; moreover that Pure Yang Fire Ginseng is also a fake. If it turns out to be that Soul Essence Cultivator, how confident are you in dealing with him?” Liang Kexin was already aware that Ning Cheng’s guess might just turn out to be correct; it was because her spiritual consciousness would occasionally be able to track the escaping trajectory of the Fire Ginseng, which made her realize that it was definitely abnormal as if it was being controlled.

Ning Cheng gave a smile, “Since I dared to go after it, then I certainly have some measure of confidence regarding it. Though I have to point it out, that Pure Yang Fire Ginseng is really not a fake, it’s just that it doesn’t possess spiritual wisdom. The reason why that Fire Ginseng is able to run away is that that Fire Ginseng has a Talisman attached to it. Using such a Talisman to show off in front of a Talisman Grand Master like me, this kid is simply courting death. Besides, this asshole wanted to set me up back then because of which I already don’t feel happy about it. If I don’t kill him, then it would only be me being unfair towards him.”

“You are a Talisman Grandmaster?” Liang Kexin even forgot about the matter of chasing the Pure Yang Fire Ginseng as she doubtfully looked at Ning Cheng and asked.

“We can talk about this later, hold on tight, I’m about to speed up.” Just as Ning Cheng finished, he immediately increased the speed of the airship sharply, allowing the shadow of that Pure Yang Fire Ginseng to once again appear in the range of the two people’s spiritual consciousness.

Almost after an hour later, the Fire Ginseng escaped into a large swath of a remote mountain range, before it vanished completely.

“It’s time to start.” Ning Cheng made a gesture to Liang Kexin, before they dropped down from the airship type magical weapon.

“Although I did plan it all out, and knew that it would lead you to me, but in the end you still actually dared to come here.” An indifferent yet cold voice sounded up, which was then followed by a male cultivator appearing in front of Ning Cheng and Liang Kexin, it was none other than the intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator that had addressed everyone on top of the Mirage Gazing Conglomerate’s ship.

As the intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator finished speaking, he waved his hand causing a red shadow to silently appear on his hand before it disappeared. This red shadow was none other than the Pure Yang Fire Ginseng that Ning Cheng and Liang Kexin were just chasing.

Liang Kexin had already gather enough true essence in her hands, causing a small ordinary and mediocre looking lantern to appear on top of the palm of her hand.

“Yi, Heaven’s Mandate Neon Cloud Lantern? I really did not guess wrong, your origins really are not simple.” The intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator on seeing the lantern in the hands of Liang Kexin could not help but cry out in surprise.

Liang Kexin frowned, and suddenly spoke to Ning Cheng, “Big Brother Ning, it seems that this time it was me who ended up implicating you, this person seems to have come here in order to track me, and ended up also finding you.”

Ning Cheng already knew that this was not an accident, as he nodded and spoke, “I had already guessed it, let’s begin…..”

Ning Cheng did not waste any more time with words, as he immediately brought out his True Cosmic Devil Axe, while simultaneously stimulated it to bring out countless vortexes formed from the axe shadows, these vortexes were brimming with a deep and thick Angry Axe Killing Intent, which almost in an instant surrounded the intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator.

“Devil Cultivator?” Seeing Ning Cheng start, Liang Kexin and that middle aged Soul Essence Cultivator immediately perceived it. However, Liang Kexin did not care about it, as the Heaven’s Mandate Neon Cloud Lantern in her hands transformed into countless multi-coloured glowing lights that immediately swept out.

“You really are not like the other Profound Congealing Cultivators, but using this kind of tricks, in front of me, is simply not enough to even look at……” This middle aged Soul Essence Cultivator simply gave a sneer, while at the same time brought out a claw shadow that had an evil look with dark green in color.

The claw shadow that was brought out was just a palm sized shadow, but just when this claw shadow was about to collide with Ning Cheng’s vortex filled with his Axe Intent, it transformed into innumerable claw shadows with wry faces.

“These are Explosive Flame Ghost Claws, Ning Cheng you better be careful……”

Liang Kexin’s voice had just fell, when the countless Explosive Flame Ghost Claw’s wry faces exploded loudly, those innumerable wry faces carried such a dense amount of Yin Qi that it could simply terrify a person to death, as they devoured Ning Cheng’s Angry Axe Killing Shadows without leaving even the slightest of traces. Even the endless glowing lights from Liang Kexin were also being wiped out by the explosion produced by the claw shadows.

Liang Kexin was directly thrown hundreds of meters away, as she spewed out a long trail of blood from her mouth.

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness and true essence was far stronger than Liang Kexin’s was, as even after his Axe Shadows were devoured, he only took a few steps back because of the explosions, before he stabilized himself. Once again wielding the True Cosmic Devil Axe, he simultaneously waved his hand, causing a ten feet tall Rank 6 puppet to appear and frantically charge against that intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator. Although that intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator’s Explosive Flame Ghost Claws landed on the puppet, it only managed to blast open a small hole on the body of the puppet, but was unable to stop the momentum of the puppet.

“So you originally wanted to rely on your strong spiritual consciousness and also a Soul Essence Puppet…..” The intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator simply gave a sneer, as the imposing manner emanating from his body suddenly skyrocketed.

Liang Kexin was shocked to find that Ning Cheng actually also possessed a Rank 6 puppet, her thoughts were immediately interrupted as a sound transmission from Ning Cheng immediately reached her, “Junior Apprentice Sister Liang, Take out your most formidable move and tie down this intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator for a short duration…..”

Just as Ning Cheng finished his words, he used the True Cosmic Devil Axe in his hands to once again stimulate innumerable amounts of Angry Axe Vortexes, but these Axe Shadow Vortexes at this moment were also mixed with Axe Traces with crisscrossing paths.

“Piddling tricks of insects……” Although Ning Cheng was able to explode out with extremely formidable killing intent in the form of Axe Traces, but to the eyes of this intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator, it merely amounted to a few superficial things.

Liang Kexin on seeing Ning Cheng’s crazy actions, also finally understood that Ning Cheng must have a killing move, success or failure would be determined in this one fell swoop. Otherwise, she could only escape from this place. The Heaven’s Mandate Neon Cloud Lantern also charged up. Surrounded by a dense cluster of innumerable flashing lights; it was giving off a type of deep yet obscure destiny call in general, as it rushed out towards the Soul Essence Cultivator.

The Soul Essence Cultivator was already tied down by the Rank 6 puppet, and as long as he was given a few more breaths of time, he would have been able to break apart this Rank 6 puppet, but because of Ning Cheng’s Angry Axe Killing Intent, he had no choice to divert a part of his attention in order to deal with it. Although these Angry Axe Killing Intent Vortexes were not something of a threat to him, but they were simply very annoying. But at the same time, Liang Kexin broke out with the complete power of her Heaven’s Mandate Neon Cloud Lantern, combined with the powerful destiny call from the Heaven’s Mandate Neon Cloud Lantern; it caused the Soul Essence Cultivator to momentarily go absentminded.

During this moment of his absentmindedness, a huge black net immediately covered him.

Covered with this huge net, this Soul Essence Cultivator felt as if his own soul was locked in place.

“You want to use a few magical weapon to trap me, let me show you how I break them all apart…” The Soul Essence Cultivator gave an angry shout, the Explosive Flame Ghost Claws once again exploded out with innumerable wry faced claw shadows, under the influence of this crazily spreading claw shadows, Ning Cheng’s Angry Axe Killing Lights also completely disappeared. However, those sinister looking dark green claw shadows unexpectedly were not able to tear through the huge net; rather they turned sluggish before finally stopping in place.

It was also at this moment that those innumerable lights from Liang Kexin dimmed down, as she was once again sent flying out, this time she spouted out several mouthfuls of blood, and although it was only for a moment that she was able to assist, it caused her to be seriously injured. Fortunately, her innumerable lights were able to block the explosions from those wry faced claw shadows from the Explosive Flame Ghost Claw, if not for that then it was highly likely that she would have died, she was certain that she would not be able to block the third volley if this chance failed.

“I’m no good….”

Liang Kexin miserably spoke out a few words before she heard Ning Cheng’s loud shout, “Die for me……”

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