Chapter 0258

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0258: Spiritual Techniques

A berserk to the extreme aura, in just the twinkling of an eye, spread out that seemed capable of encompassing the heaven and the earth in its entirety. Even Liang Kexin, who was thrown back several hundreds of meters, could also feel that destructive aura and was visibly trembling in fear; it was only at this moment that she understood as to what had happened, Ning Cheng had blown up his Soul Essence Puppet.

The value of a Rank 6 Soul Essence Puppet, a puppet that was equivalent to a Soul Essence Cultivator in strength, was simply beyond precious, and yet Ning Cheng had decisively caused it to explode, wasn’t this a testament to his hand being too big!

[TL Note – ‘Hand being too big’ here is a reference to an extremely wealthy and generous person.]

“This is really not good; the other party even blew up their Soul Essence Puppet.” This intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator, for the first time, understood a sliver of Ning Cheng’s thoughts, causing him to go into a sudden shock.

A Profound Congealing Cultivator to be able to control a Soul Essence Puppet was already an extremely great achievement, but the other party was even able to forcibly blow up the Soul Essence Puppet, just how powerful was this person’s spiritual consciousness?

But no matter what, this intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator did not dare to face the explosion from the Soul Essence Puppet directly, he was well aware that the amount of explosive power that was generated from this kind of explosion, even if he did not die he was at least lose a few layers of his skin.

An armour immediately appeared, attached to the body of this intermediate Soul Essence Cultivator, causing him to be simultaneously be surrounded by spacial surges, in an attempt to separate and isolate himself from the explosive range at this moment.

But at this time, the giant black net immediately started descending on top of his head. This was Ning Cheng’s Underworld Lock Soul Net, which he had obtained from Gui Yuhai, a best quality spiritual artefact. For Ning Cheng to dare to come here and even engage in a fight with this intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator, besides having a Soul Essence Puppet, he was also counting on his Underworld Lock Soul Net to help him tie down the opposite party for a few moments, as long as he was able to tie him down for a few moments, it would be more than enough for him.

At least until now, the calculations that he made have not been proven wrong. That Soul Essence Cultivator was simply too anxious to escape from the range of the explosion, causing him to neglect the Underworld Lock Soul Net.

The moment that Underworld Lock Soul Net descended, this Soul Essence Cultivator immediately felt his heart turn cold, he had actually forgotten about the Underworld Lock Soul Net suspended above his head. If not for the moment when that female cultivator’s Heaven’s Mandate Neon Cloud Lantern’s scintillating lights attacked him, then even if the opposite party’s criss-crossing axe intent vortex were twice as powerful, he would absolutely never would have made such a low level error.

“Bang……” An extremely frightening blast that was akin to a clap of thunder erupted, causing everything to be reduced to dust which rose up high into the sky like a mushroom cloud, accompanied with innumerable grits and soil particles as they also were ground into nihility.

Liang Kexin was only barely able to once again bring out the scintillating lights from her Heaven’s Mandate Neon Cloud Lantern. Although she was able to use it to block a part of the explosion, but even with that, she was once again thrown back flying because of the residual power of that explosion.

In the face of this kind of terrifying might, even if it were she, she would not be much different from a duckweed facing a storm.

Ning Cheng had combusted his true essence and spiritual consciousness to barely able to cause the Rank 6 Soul Essence Puppet to detonate, while in the next moment stimulated his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud to rush out and also simultaneously bringing out his Profound Break Spear. He had seen that this intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator had not yet been killed by the terrifying explosion, showing that Soul Essence Cultivators really were quite a headache to deal with.

Fortunately, at this moment he was quite seriously injured, plus was also trapped inside the Underworld Lock Soul Net, even if was able to escape from inside, it would still take him at least a few breaths of time.

“Little animal, see how I catch you and turn each of your bones to dust one by one……” After the explosion, the intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator finally became thoroughly angry for the first time as he started to curse aloud. At this moment his face did not even resemble that of a human’s, his face was scorched to the extreme, covered in red and black with the whites of his skull showing, one could simply not even make out his original appearance from the way he was looking now.


But at this moment, the heavens and earth were instantly swept over by a colourless but extremely berserk killing intent; the aura spreading out was so frightening that it seemed as if it could tear apart the special barriers of this world as if they were tissues. Although it seemed to be coming from the distant horizon, but in the next moment it had appeared in front of his own eyes.

A chill that seemed to emanate from the depths of hell immediately spread out from the innermost recesses of his heart and mind, this intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator at this moment had completely forgotten about even trying to break free from the clutches of the Underworld Lock Soul Net. He even felt an explosion of intense utter despair inside him that was powerful enough to annihilate an entire planet to nothingness, for such a thought to rise in his heart at this moment was absolutely not something that even someone like him could resist.

This was a slaughtering aura that completely filled up the entire heaven and earth, causing one to not be able to even twitch, let alone move. No, that’s not right; it was something that was brought out by just a shadow of a single spear. The other party had completely suppressed him with the help of this one spear shadow.

If it was under normal circumstances, then that intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator could still be able to barely deal with the suppression that he was feeling from the innermost depths of his heart, using some extreme measures but it was a pity that even though he wanted to react to it, he was still trapped under the Underworld Lock Soul Net. By the moment, he came to realize this, that black spear shadow had already covered the distance between them and had already arrived in front of his glabella.

[TL Note – Glabella is the region between the eyebrows, just above the bridge of the nose.]

“Such a terrifying Spear Intent.” The intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator could only mutter those words to himself, this kind of spear intent was something that he had never even heard of before let alone see it, moreover this spear intent has not even reached the major completion stage, yet this spear intent was still this well illuminated as it approached. It was powerful to such an extent that it could even affect his mind.

“Poof…..” Together with a spray of a blood, Ning Cheng’s Profound Break Spear had completely pierced through the glabella of this intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator. Not waiting for his Soul Essence to escape, Ning Cheng immediately used his spiritual consciousness to entwine around it.

“Aah.” A shrill screaming sound immediately emerged, before it turned completely quiet all around.

In that instant, the surrounding space seemed to have turned grey in color, it was as if the surrounding region was completely devoid of even half a shred of vitality. It was as if all the life was wiped out of existence by this one spear from Ning Cheng. But soon, the surroundings once again were restored to the original appearance; the heavens and earth at this moment were still the heavens and earth from before.

Ning Cheng staggered a bit, causing the spear in his hands to shake a bit. “Pata” a sound emerged, as the intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator’s corpse shot down like a piece of garbage in general that was thrown to the ground. He could see that a crack had appeared on his Profound Break Spear, showing that although he did have a powerful skill, but he lacked the support of a powerful spear.

The spear in Ning Cheng’s hands shook a few times as he gasped for breath, before he quickly put away his Underworld Lock Soul Net, while at the same time also put away the magical weapon of the Soul Essence Cultivator along with his ring, then casted a ball of fire turning the corpse into dust floating in the air and only after completing those action did he look back at Liang Kexin and spoke up, “Junior Apprentice Sister Liang, are you alright?”

Liang Kexin was standing there with an open mouth and a glassy look in her eyes as she stared at Ning Cheng, that terrifying skill from just a moment ago had almost made her lose her mind, she never would have thought that someone could display such a terrifying spear skill if she had not seen it with her own eyes. Moreover, the one who used such a spear skill was just a Profound Congealing Cultivator.

Even though the distance between her and the spear was comparatively large, but she was really thankful that spear was not aimed at her, but even then, the terrifying killing intent emanating from that spear had still torn open a few holes on the chest area of her robes.

“I’m fine……” It was only after a good long while that Liang Kexin was able to reply and that too with a trembling voice.

She had always thought that with her cultivating the Spiritual Growth Cultivation Method, she would be invincible among her peers and although she thought a bit highly about Ning Cheng until now, at best she only expected his power to be at the same level as her own. But she had always believed that as long as she successfully cultivated the Spiritual Growth Cultivation Method, she would leave Ning Cheng far behind her. But at this time, she finally came to understand that there would always be a heaven above a heaven, a person above a person.

Not say coming even close to him, if she compared herself to Ning Cheng at this moment, the difference between them was something akin to the heaven and the earth. Even if she cultivated her Spiritual Growth Cultivation Method to the major accomplishment stage, in front of Ning Cheng, it would not have the same order of invincibility.

This was a person that she absolutely must not cross, moreover looking at his actions of putting away the ring to destroying the corpse to cover up their tracks, she really couldn’t comprehend as to how many times had he done such a thing to be so proficient in it, just how many times of repetition was required to become as skilled as him?

“I’m also ok, but we have to hurry and leave this place, I estimate that there will be someone else who would come over.” Ning Cheng immediately spoke up, while simultaneously bringing out his airship type magical weapon.


Half an hour later, Ning Cheng and Liang Kexin had already gone far away from the place of battle.

“Big Brother Ning, I didn’t really think that you could even kill Soul Essence Cultivators, it … it is…..” Even after half an hour, Liang Kexin was having difficulty in coming to terms with it.

Ning Cheng just gave a smile and spoke, “The reason I was able to kill that person was because of the help that you provided, and moreover I also blew up a Soul Essence Puppet. If not for those circumstances, then we would have been the ones who would have ended up dead. If we could not kill him after intentionally letting ourselves being lured by him, then what was the purpose of pursuing?”

Liang Kexin let out a sigh, “I knew that you would have a killer technique, but I still was planning to escape during that time. But what I didn’t know was that your killer technique would be so terrifying, that even at that large of a distance between us, that single spear had almost managed to collapse my mind, that spear is simply too frightening.”

Ning Cheng’s thoughts once again turned to that scene that emerged from the Everlasting Blue Thunder City, that spear truly had been too frightening. It was a pity that spear from that time was not his spear, comparing his spear to that spear; even the distance between heaven and earth could not be used to describe the disparity between them. What about the person who had shot out that spear, just how frighteningly powerful was he?

If that memory shard were shown to an average person, then maybe he would have long lost all the morale for his cultivation. However, Ning Cheng had the support of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, and was hell bent on making his way back to see his sister. He not only did not lose his morale, but also rather constantly and repeatedly replayed the spear trajectory and the killing intent from it in his mind, in order to sharpen and temper himself with its help.

Ning Cheng did not answer Liang Kexin, he simply took out a red thing, handed it to Liang Kexin and spoke “This strain of the Pure Yang Fire Ginseng is not fake, although it did not turn into a Spirit Ginseng, but it is still a Rank 9 spiritual grass. In the battle you also provided the necessary help causing me to owe you a favour, because of which you can have this strain of Pure Yang Fire Ginseng, you can keep it.”

“This, this is too precious, I am well aware that I did not contribute much, I can’t…..” Although Liang Kexin really wanted this strain of Fire Ginseng, as she knew that if she was able to obtain this fire ginseng, then when she was once again planning to assail the Soul Essence Realm, she would be able to have a better grasp, but at the same time she also was well aware that her own strength had a limit to it.

Ning Cheng simply pushed the fire ginseng into Liang Kexin’s hand and spoke, “Since we worked together on this, and you also got injured in the process, this fire ginseng is something that is well deserved for you.”

“Well, then many thanks, I have to say that I really needed this strain of fire ginseng.” Sensing Ning Cheng really did not have any hypocrisy in his words, Liang Kexin also decided to no longer be polite about it.

Ning Cheng was of course not a hypocrite, this time after he killed that intermediate stage Soul Essence Cultivator; he knew that he had hit the jackpot. Once he wiped off the restriction on the Soul Essence Cultivator’s ring, just the number of high quality spirit stones that he found inside amounted to in excess of 10 million. In addition to it, it was also filled with a wide variety of materials obtained from the monstrous beasts of the Yi Xing Ocean, piles and piles of spiritual grasses and other materials, along with even three pieces of eight-coloured Mirage Stones. As for the few pieces of attack and defensive type magical weapons, Ning Cheng did not even give them a glance at this moment.

He did not know if this Soul Essence Cultivator had more Mirage Stones that he had already traded with, but he still had three pieces left over. For Ning Cheng, this was more than sufficient.

“Big Brother Ning, now that we have thoroughly offended the Vice City Master Mi, if we are not able to join the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, then we must leave this place as soon as possible.” Liang Kexin knew that Ning Cheng obtained an enormous harvest, but she was more worried about the people from the Mirage Gazing Island to find their way to their doors.

“Although this might be the case, however if someone wants to make a move on me, then they would have to first ask permission from the axe in my hands.” Ning Cheng calmly finished with a sentence, thinking back to it, his most powerful skill at this moment was not the Axe Line, but rather that single spear that could materialize without even the slightest of a trace.

That one spear was something that he found to be completely breath-taking; it truly felt like a spear that seemed to have come from outside the heavens.

“Big Brother Ning, you should not be a Devil Cultivator, right?” Liang Kexin asked as she remembered Ning Cheng using the Cosmic True Devil Axe that released that terribly violent Devil Qi.

Ning Cheng also nodded and spoke, “I am not a Devil Cultivator; it is just that the axe that I use was crafted from a piece of Cosmic True Devil Metal, moreover because it is still not complete, it results in the Devil Qi to spill out.”

Liang Kexin hesitated for a while before she suddenly spoke up, “I think that Big Brother is the most powerful when he uses that single spear, but although that spear skill is extremely powerful, but the spear you use is unable to match it. That attack even allowed me to see a glimmer of the Spiritual Technique’s Dao Charm.”

“That spear skill was a result of cultivating my spear intent to a certain level, allowing my spear technique to erupt with such power.” Ning Cheng spoke in a disapproving tone, he had never heard of those things known as Spiritual Technique.

Liang Kexin shook her head and spoke, “No, if that Spear Technique was just powerful, then it would simply be classified into the category of ‘Law Techniques’. Even if it were a Heaven Grade Law Techniques, its power would be limited. The truly powerful cultivators do not rely on the Law Techniques much, but rather chose to rely on Spiritual Techniques.”

“Spiritual Technique?” Ning Cheng made sure that he was paying attention at this moment; it was quite evident that he still was not aware of many things.

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