Chapter 0259

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0259: Registration

The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was one of the influential and long standing academies of the Tian Continent, although it might not be regarded as a first rate power among the rest of the influential and long standing powers, but is none the less equally famous to them. Especially the Small Spiritual Domain of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, it is actually even more famous than the sect itself, in the Tian Continent.

A few of the influential families and clan would even go so far as to specifically send their promising disciples to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, all because the fame of the Small Spiritual Domain was simply too huge.

The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect had countless mountain peaks, with the academy situated in its depths on the main highest peak, in addition to housing several Grand Elders, Core Disciples, and True Inheriting Disciples, each of those huge peaks also housed the Immortal Caves of their respective masters. The Inner Sect Disciples also were provided with their own Immortal Caves, but the immortal caves of the Inner Sect Disciples were located at the periphery, moreover it was quite common to have many Inner Sect Disciples living together on a single mountain peak. As for the Outer Sect Disciples, they could only eke out a living at the outermost periphery.

However, the most prosperous place in the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was actually the outermost area of the periphery. At this place not only the cultivators from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would visit often, there would even be people from a few family clans and smaller academies and sects that would willing come to this place to trade.

After a long time of operation, this place had turned into a huge makeshift market, one could even go to the extent of saying that it had even transformed into a small city in itself. The degree of liveliness of the makeshift market was simply unimaginable, and was not worse compared to the Luo Ling City.

However, the biggest attraction of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was actually the Rainbow Fall Sword Stone, that’s right; it was a piece of stone. However, this piece of stone was actually larger than even the Grand Plazas.

All the combat method tests of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, to the gathering of all the cultivators, to the activities related to the disciple recruitment, all of them were held on this piece of stone. As such even though this stone was called as the Rainbow Fall Sword Stone, but it was also the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s public square.


“There is actually such a big stone here?” Having reached the periphery of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, Ning Cheng heard the explanation given by Liang Kexin, and couldn’t help but ask in doubt.

“That’s right, so this time the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Disciple Selection, would certainly also be held on top of the Rainbow Fall Sword Stone.” Liang Kexin had already come to terms with it. She and Ning Cheng had been talking to each other throughout their journey, and was completely convinced that Ning Cheng’s origins were truly that of a person coming from the grassroots. A lot of basic things that he did not understand, she saw him pay heavy attention to the explanations that she gave. Allowing her to come to such a conjecture.

“So, this Rainbow Fall Sword Stone should be the hallmark of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.” Ning Cheng spoke. In his view, for the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to have such a huge Rainbow Fall Sword Stone, then the hallmark of the academy would definitely be the stone.

Liang Kexin directly went ahead and denied it, “No, the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s real hallmark is not this stone, but rather the Rainbow Fall Sword Peak. At the highest point of the Rainbow Fall Sword Peak, there is a long sword embedded, this sword is called as the Rainbow Fall Sword, I heard that this sword is the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s real defining treasure. The pressure exuding from this sword suppresses any kind of air transport around it in the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, resulting in nobody being able to even reach it let alone touch it.”


Outside of the periphery of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s huge makeshift market. The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s External Affairs Disciples were managing the sea of people in front of the Deacon House. Once Ning Cheng and Liang Kexin arrived here, they tried to squeeze in for almost an entire day but were simply not able to get in.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Liang, if it goes on like this, then we would miss the disciple selection that is going to happen in the coming three days, we have not even registered our names, we really have to think of something.” Ning Cheng finally managed to pull away himself and Liang Kexin from the crowd.

Liang Kexin also spoke up helplessly, “We can only squeeze ourselves here for three days, which is the only way I know of registering our names.”

Ning Cheng shook his head, “The others might be able to endure it, but we can’t. Don’t forget what we did, we absolutely cannot stay here for long… Hey, wait; I saw an acquaintance…..”

Ning Cheng, once spoke out, quickly accelerated his pace to catch up with a girl wearing a light blue robe, “Senior Apprentice Sister Hanrui, it truly is a stroke of luck that I would even be able to meet with you in this place.”

The blue robed woman was stunned for a moment, but she was able to quickly compose herself. Just as she was about to reply to Ning Cheng’s words, a young man standing beside her took the initiative and asked, “Junior Apprentice Sister Hanrui, who is this? How come I have never seen him?”

The blue robed woman gave a smile and spoke, “He is Fu Xiaomei’s friend, and we met each other at the Fu Ling Villa.”

She then turned towards Ning Cheng and asked, “How come you are here? Are you not together with Senior Apprentice Brother Xiaomei? Right, I also do not know as to how to address you.”

“So it was originally that effeminate……” The young man’s mouth showed a trace of disdain, as he quietly spoke to himself. Although Junior Apprentice Sister Hanrui really was quite polite and easy to talk to, but she did not even know the name of the other party, it was obvious from this that they were just casual acquaintances.

Ning Cheng also glanced at this young man, and found that he had the cultivation of Soul Essence 5th Level. No wonder he was so arrogant. At the same time, it could also be seen that all these influential and long standing academies were all fat cows, just look at how many Soul Essence Cultivators one could find here, why would they even deem to mix with rogue cultivators and people from other small academies?

“Oh, I am called Ning Cheng, and came to participate in the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s disciple selection. This is my friend Liang Kexin, who also came here with me to participate in the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s disciple selection; hopefully we would be able to become formal fellow disciples.” Ning Cheng replied, there was simply no reason for him to speak to the young man beside her, let alone even taking the initiative greet him.

“Hello, I am called Xun Hanrui, and am one of the disciples of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, welcome to both of you.” Xun Hanrui’s words were very polite as she greeted both him and Liang Kexin in a formal yet gentle manner.

Although she did not have much understanding towards Ning Cheng, but she was very clear as to what kind of a person was Ning Cheng. One must not look at the other party only having the cultivation of Profound Congealing Realm, even if it was Fu Shengnan, no one would have the guts to tell her to ‘Fuck off’ and even slam the gate on her face.

Hearing that Ning Cheng and Liang Kexin had come here to participate in the academy’s disciple selection, the young man suddenly laughed, “You are friends with that faggot Xiaomei, but also want to ask for help from others even when you clearly see them to be busy, how can you still have the face to come here and participate in the disciple selection?”

Ning Cheng’s eyebrows pricked up, this young man obviously did not know him, so why would he flap his useless mouth at this place.

Xun Hanrui was aware that Ning Cheng’s temper was rising, as she hurried to stop the young man from speaking anymore words, and spoke up, “What help does Elder Brother Ning want from this humble me?”

She knew that since Ning Cheng stopped her, then it was definitely was not for something as simple as giving her a greeting, she was sure that there was something that he needed help with; otherwise he would have never stopped her.

It seems that this Xun Hanrui was really understandable, and knew that she was stopped for something that he needed help with, as such Ning Cheng quickly cupped his fists and spoke out in a blunt manner, “I and Junior Apprentice Sister Liang unfortunately have arrived late to this place, causing us to have some difficulties in the registration, as such…..”

“I see, of course, there is no problem in me helping you out in this matter.” Xun Hanrui finished, and then turned to the male cultivator at her side and immediately spoke up, “Senior Apprentice Brother Wen, I have a trivial matter to attend to, you can go ahead first, I will catch up with you in a while.”

The young man gave a frown, then spoke up, “Junior Apprentice Sister Hanrui, it’s just the registration of two Profound Congealing Cultivators, let them take my identity medallion and go, why must you take a trip with them?”

Having said that, that young man also took out a finely crafted jade card and spoke up, “Just take my jade card to complete the registration, and also just report my name, let the Deacon there return this to my immortal cave.”

Seeing that Ning Cheng and Xun Hanrui’s relationship did not seem to be just a perfunctory one, that young man also did not continue to spew out harsh words, and had even taken the initiative to hand over his own card.

However Ning Cheng did not even take a look at that jade card, if Xun Hanrui did not want to help them, then he had already made up his mind to forget about it.

Xun Hanrui obviously was a bit wary of Ning Cheng’s temper, and quickly spoke up, “Shengnan is my friend, and Elder Brother Ning is Shengnan’s Elder Brother Xiaomei’s close friend, I should be the one to really help them finish those trivial matters, as such I really should be the one to make the trip. Many thanks to the help offered by Senior Apprentice Brother Wen though.”

Finished speaking Xun Hanrui gave the young man a smile and took the initiative to take Ning Cheng and Liang Kexin to the already overcrowded Deacon House managed by the external affairs disciples.

This Senior Apprentice Brother Wen’s face, on seeing this, immediately turned ugly, but fortunately he did not know that Ning Cheng and Fu Shengnan had almost come to blows, if he had heard those words from back then, then no one would be able to predict what expression would he have shown right now.


Sure enough, having to rely on a few people from time to time was a good thing, this Xun Hanrui’s reputation apparently was not low, she did not even need to stand in the line and was led directly to the inside room. As soon as she went in, the Deacon sitting inside, as if he had nothing else to do, immediately jumped up and even gave a deep bow and a greeting filled with respect and veneration.

In just a few minutes, Ning Cheng and Liang Kexin were able to secure a spot each to participate in the selection and received their number plates, along with a copy of the rules for the disciple selection.

This time, the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s disciple selection was divided into two categories, the first category was a selection through one spiritual root qualifications, this category did not test for one’s cultivation. As long as one was under the age of 30, with a good spiritual root then they would have a good chance to become the Inner Sect Disciples of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, they even had a chance to directly become Core Disciple or even True Inheriting Disciples.

The second category was for those people with poor spiritual root qualifications, but having powerful strength, these kinds of disciples had to compulsorily participate in the struggle with all of their abilities. However, they had to have a cultivation of Profound Core Realm or lower, while being less than fifty years of age.

If these cultivators joined the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, their treatment would obviously be worse than those cultivators who joined through the first category, the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect mainly took these disciples in, mostly in order to cultivate cannon fodder, with a few people in charge of their other establishments. At the same time, those who were rejected from the first category, they could still participate in the second category of the selection.

Ning Cheng and Liang Kexin both reported to the area where the second category of the selection was to take place, Ning Cheng was already aware that his spiritual roots were not good; moreover, his spiritual roots were something that would change anytime and anywhere without any control. The second category of the recruitment for the Inner Sect Disciples did not require testing one’s spiritual roots, which was the best thing for Ning Cheng.

“Thanks to Senior Sister Apprentice Xun’s help, although my skill is low, but later if there is anything that Senior Apprentice Sister Xun needs help with, I will certainly not refuse it.” Following Xun Hanrui out of the registration building, Ning Cheng spoke out with gratefulness in his heart.

Xun Hanrui obviously did not put Ning Cheng’s words to heart, she just gave a bright smile and spoke, “It is me who needs to thank you Elder Brother Ning, I have a few things that need to be addressed, and as such I will be taking my leave first. I live in the core area of the Auspicious Cloud Peak; if Elder Brother Ning needs any help then you can come to me at any time.”

Ning Cheng was already clear that he would not go search for Xun Hanrui, if he met Fu Shengnan there, then maybe at that time it would truly turn into a fight.

“This Senior Apprentice Sister Xun seems to be a good person, she definitely in a Core Disciple of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, I really did not expect you to actually know a Core Disciple.” After Xun Hanrui left, Liang Kexin spoke out with a lament filled voice. Since she had already experienced Ning Cheng’s ability, she did not think that it was unworthy of Ning Cheng and Xun Hanrui to become friends. With Ning Cheng’s ability, becoming friends with Xun Hanrui would not be a strange thing; it was just a matter of time.

Ning Cheng was simply noncommittal about it, the only reason he asked Xun Hanrui to help them out was because there was simply no other way, one has to know that he and Xun Hanrui were on the opposite sides of a blade, coupled with his stiff relationship with Fu Shengnan, it was simply impossible for him to take the initiative to ask any other known people for help.

“Let’s go find a place to rest for the coming two days; it would be better if we did not show ourselves to the public during these two days.” Liang Kexin already was aware that for the time being it would be safer for them to not stay outside.

“Hmm hmm….” Ning Cheng’s eyes suddenly snapped to a huge poster stuck at a place not far from them, as the expressions on his face went through a myriad of changes.

“What is it?” Liang Kexin quickly asked.

Ning Cheng pointed towards the poster and spoke, “Tonight there will be an auction hosted in the makeshift market of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, which has something that I want.”

Saying this, Ning Cheng could actually feel his heartbeat increase, from the poster he became aware that it would also contain a jade strip that had information about where the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence could appear. Although it was not directly selling the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, but he really could not control himself on reading the words ‘Geocentric 9 Yin Essence’, as it was related to whether he could return to Earth or not, it was one of the two things that he needed apart from the spiritual grass.

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