Chapter 0260

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0260: Auction

“Tonight’s auction is not something small; it should be for those people with a high cultivation. If you want to go there just to buy general things, then it would be better to forget about it, if it for something value, then I’m afraid that we wouldn’t be able to obtain it.” After the two of them found a rest stop, Liang Kexin spoke out to Ning Cheng with some concern.

Ning Cheng rubbed his forehead, “Oh, I already am aware of it, but this thing is really important to me, I intend to go there with my appearance changed.”

Ning Cheng himself was also very clear that even though he would be able to change his appearance, he would only be able to fool some Soul Essence Cultivators, once he met a Soul Sculpting Realm Cultivator then his changed appearance would simply be of no use. Although Lan Shu had also given him a mask, but this mask’s grade was not that high.

Liang Kexin gave a smile, as she took out a pill and passed it to Ning Cheng and spoke, “This is a Form Changing Pill, not only can it temporarily help a person change their appearance, but it can also help in changing that person’s aura. You can have this Form Changing Pill, and use it to change your appearance, even if it was a Crucible Transformation Cultivator, they would not necessarily be able to recognize you.”

Ning Cheng immediately became happy in his heart, as he quickly took the pill, but he suddenly became shocked and blurted out, “Rank 7 Pill? This thing is simply too precious.”

Although Ning Cheng was an Alchemy Grandmaster, but he still wasn’t able to refine Rank 5 pills, not to mention about Rank 7 pills.

“Since the two of us are friends, so of course we should mutually help each other out. I had initially found some ruins of a heritage; this pill was also something that I had found from those ruins. Besides, you even were willing to give me the Level 9 Pure Yang Fire Ginseng, so me giving you a Rank 7 pill is nothing at all. But I have to warn you though, that the effect of this pill will only last for 12 hours, once you exceed this time, the efficacy of this pill would vanish instantly.” Liang Kexin replied in a serious tone.

“Well then, many thanks Junior Apprentice Sister Liang.” Ning Cheng spoke as he put away the pill, he knew that this pill would definitely be useful for him.


The Heavenly Stars Auction was one of the three major auctions in the peripheral makeshift market of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. As such for it to hold large auctions was something that was regular. At the reception of the auction area, there were a variety of things that would arrive every day that would then be sent over for the bidding.

Of course, the value of the things appearing in the Heavenly Stars Auction would definitely not be low. If it was too low then it was simply not qualified to appear in this place. Once the items were sent to the Heavenly Star Auction for the bids, not only would a detailed record of it would be maintained, but even a scryer crystal would also be sent to the sender as a gift. Moreover, once the auction was concluded, if one of the sides ended up breaching the contract, then the seller could just send a copy of the scryer to them at any time to sort out the matter.

As such, the three big auctions that were conducted in the periphery of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect earned a very good reputation, plus there were also innumerable cultivators that went through the Rainbow Fall Makeshift Market every day, causing these three big auctions to get bigger and bigger, allowing those to even open up branches in other cities.

Today’s auction could not be considered to be big for the Heavenly Star Auction House. At best, it could only be compared to the size of a normal auction, these kinds of auctions, the Heavenly Star Auction House conducted at least once or twice a month.

“I have something to sell, and want it to be sold tonight……” Ning Cheng went into the auction house’s reception and directly spoke up. At this point, he had already changed his appearance into a black faced middle aged man complete with a different set of robes, with the help of the Form Changing Pill.

A Soul Essence 2nd Level Cultivator on seeing that Ning Cheng only had the cultivation of Profound Congealing 3rd Level, remained seated and did not move, rather he just frowned and spoke, “Tonight’s auction will start in an hour, if you want to sell then you can only do it during the auction at the end of the month.”

Ning Cheng did not deem to argue with him, rather simply took out two bottles and placed it on the table before saying, “These two bottles contain Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar. If the Heavenly Star Auction House is willing to sell it tonight, then I will leave it here, if you do not agree with my words, then I will go and find another auction house who would.”

After finishing this sentence, the imposing aura coming from Ning Cheng’s entire body erupted by a hundredfold, and he even brought out his powerful spiritual consciousness, causing this Soul Essence 2nd Level Cultivator to be completely surprised in his heart. This person was definitely not a Profound Congealing Cultivator; he has to be at least a Soul Essence Cultivator, and is actually concealing his cultivation.

But the thing that had shocked him the most was not Ning Cheng concealing his cultivation, but rather the thing, that Ning Cheng had taken out to auction off. Even if Ning Cheng were a Crucible Transformation Cultivator, they would never even think about showing such arrogance at the Heavenly Stars Auction House. But if Ning Cheng really came out with the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, then that definitely was something good. Just by the virtue of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar being scarce and precious, it was more than enough for the Heavenly Stars Auction House to agree with Ning Cheng’s request.

“Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar?” The Soul Essence Cultivator quickly grabbed one of the jade bottles and opened it a crack allowing his spiritual consciousness to seep into it to examine it for a bit before he finally spoke, “It truly is Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar.”

“If you are not the one who can make things I want to happen, then you better call someone who can, I’ll be here only for a short time.” Ning Cheng spoke in a plain tone.

Ning Cheng would have really come up with his Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence to sell off, but taking into account that he would need this thing to craft a spear in the future, as such this material was simply too precious.

[TL Note – ‘Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence’ here is actually the ‘Exotic Wild Extreme Essence’ that Ning Cheng had obtained in the Angry Axe Valley. The author had changed the character for ‘Wild ()’ to ‘Desolate ()’ in the term.]

“I can make the call.” This Soul Essence Cultivator put down the jade bottle in his hands and spoke in a very careful manner to Ning Cheng, “The value of your two bottles of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar is very high, moreover even the quantity is also quite a lot. But even so, we still charge a commission fee of 15%.”

“It is also good, however I have a condition, I want to participate in tonight’s auction, and I need a private booth.” Ning Cheng spoke in a calm manner, agreeing to it as for him it was nothing more than tax collection anyway.

“Of course, of course, there is no problem.” The Soul Essence Cultivator on seeing that Ning Cheng was talking in a simple manner also changed his tone to an extremely polite one.

After saying that, he took out an admission jade card and handed it respectfully to Ning Cheng, “Your booth number is No. 178; you can you this admission jade card to enter the booth.”

Ning Cheng took the jade card and gave out thanks, before leaving; he decided to voice a question that he had a few thoughts about, “If I may, what is the general selling price for a bottle of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar?”

The Soul Essence Cultivator spoke up, “At our auction today, for a bottle of Spiritual Essence True Nectar, you would be able to at least obtain 800,000 to 1,000,000 spirit stones for it.”

“So little…..” Ning Cheng repeated in surprise, he currently possessed around 13 million spirit stones with him, the reason he had taken out the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar for the auction was to actually earn back the spirit stones that he would have to spend to find the whereabouts of the Geocentric Nine Yin Essence. He really did not expect that the two bottles would only sell for about two million spirit stones; it was really contrary to what he had expected.

The Soul Essence Cultivator sitting at the reception gave an awkward and embarrassed smile and spoke, “The truth is this price is already a lot for today, the value of the items in tonight’s auction is something beyond its level, as such these two bottles of Spiritual Enhancement Nectar cannot be regarded to be very precious compared to the other items today. However, Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar is something very rare here; I heard that it could only be obtained in the Le Continent’s Law’s Way. So bringing this kind of thing to be sold in an auction, it certain would bring some benefits to us. Of course, if you ended up with cultivators who really need this kind of thing, then its price would simply rise exponentially, even if was sold for several millions of spirit stones, it would not be surprising.”

Ning Cheng was quite surprised in his heart, he originally also wanted to come up with something else to auction off, but on hearing the words from this Soul Essence Cultivator, he dispelled his own thoughts. Not to say that it was already very eye catching for him to take out the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, he had also heard the words that it could only be obtained from the Le Continent’s Law’s Way. If he really took out more good things, then it would be more probable for him to become the focus of everyone’s target.

Besides, he did not have many good things on him anyway, compared to other powerful cultivators, he only had three or four good things. Understanding this point, Ning Cheng immediately chose to leave the area.


Ning Cheng finally entered the Heavenly Stars Auction House, and found the private booth numbered 178, only to find that his booth belonged to the worst one among the others. But Ning Cheng did not care about it, after all, he did not hope for his Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar to be sold for a high price, for these people to be able to come up with a private booth for him was already something that could be considered pretty good. The Tian Continent’s heaven and earth laws were much more complete than that of the Le Continent; as such, it was quite normal to have a decrease in value for the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar.

Moreover, the number of Soul Essence Cultivators in the Le Continent and the number of Soul Essence Cultivators in the Tian Continent simply couldn’t even be compared on the same level, plus the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar was obviously much more important in use to the lower levelled cultivators anyway. But for an ordinary Profound Congealing Cultivator, it really would not be easy for them to come up with a million spirit stones.

As Ning Cheng entered the booth, he once again carefully looked at the restrictions and array formation before placing his own and activating them. Since the auction has not yet begun, Ning Cheng could only sit inside the booth and keep to himself.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, the other cultivators who wished to participate in the auction started to enter the auction house, Ning Cheng saw that even Xun Hanrui had also entered the auction house. Along with her was the Soul Essence 5th Level Cultivator who had ridiculed Fu Xiaomei as a faggot, looking at the expression on the two people’s faces, Ning Cheng knew that they definitely were here to buy something important.

After another half an incense stick’s worth of time passed, a pretty looking female cultivator took to the stage of the auction house. She first cupped her fists towards the audience before speaking up, “Many thanks for the various influential clans and families to come participate in my Heavenly Stars Auction, I promise you that this auction is definitely not the same as those from the past, and would certainly not let the people who came here to leave in disappointment. Moreover, there is also a little surprise for tonight’s auction, it’s a rare thing that seldom appears here, however it will definitely appear in front of you all tonight. Well, let’s not waste our precious time with useless chatter, and let’s start by bidding for our first thing.”

Just as this pretty looking female cultivator finished, she suddenly raised a hand, causing a precious item to appear in her hand that was not larger than a dragon eye fruit.

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