Chapter 0261

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0261: Taintless Silver Wing Feather

This object exuded a soft milky white lustre, as extremely dense spiritual qi fluctuation came from it, just as a person’s spiritual consciousness swept over it, they would immediately feel an extremely comforting feeling.

Ning Cheng was simply too familiar with this object, moreover he had even obtained seven of such objects in the past, however he had used them all up, this object was none other the Best Quality Spirit Stone. Generally, in a spirit stone mine, the number of best quality spirit stones would be extremely limited. No one would even try to exchange it with its theoretical value, which was to exchange a best quality spirit stone into equivalent high grade spirit stones, this kind of object simply couldn’t even be referred to as a spirit stone.

“I am sure that this object is something that the influential clans and families have seen a lot, that’s right, this object is none other than a best quality spirit stone from the legends. I have to state it that we have a total of five best quality spirit stones with us, and the reserve price for them is one hundred thousand high grade spirit stones, each increase must not be less than five thousand spirit stones…….”

The pretty looking female cultivator presiding over the auction was still talking when Ning Cheng had already decided to buy these five best quality spirit stones.

Best quality spirit stones were something that were very important to him, moreover in the future he also had to return to the bottom of the Blood River. Ning Cheng decided that, in any case, without first obtaining a few best quality spirit stones, he would absolutely not go to the bottom of the Blood River. With best quality spirit stones in hand, even if that skeleton did not honour his words, he would be able to walk away from there.

“One hundred and ten thousand.”

“One hundred and twenty thousand.”

Ning Cheng had just finished his thoughts, when the price of those best quality spirit stones had already climbed to 230,000. Moreover the price was still rising, before its price quickly reached to 500,000.

At this point Ning Cheng finally understood why the other people only gave the base price of this item as 100,000, the actual price of a best quality spirit stone was simply miles apart.

The price soon approached close to a million mark, and just as the price reached the mark of one million spirit stones, the number of people bidding also dwindled. After all, one had to know that no one would be willing to use a best quality spirit stones for their cultivation practice, although cultivators were the ones buying the best quality spirit stones, it was only for using them for contingency purposes. However to spend such a tremendous amount of high grade spirit stones to purchase it just for emergency purposes was something not possible, as such it was better for them to forget about it.

“One million and hundred thousand.” Ning Cheng directly increased the bid of the previous one million by a full hundred thousand.

Once the price of the best quality spirit stone reached the million mark, there were not many people who would be willing to increase the bid by a full one hundred thousand, although it was not much. It was true that a best quality spirit stone was something precious, but it was something that one could regularly see in any major auctions, as such, it could not be regarded as being rare. Even if they could not buy it at this time, they would still have a chance to purchase it the next time.

With Ning Cheng adding one hundred thousand to the mix, it meant that the buyer was the kind to go all out to get that item even if meant going completely broke in the process. No one was willing to waste their money in fighting with such a cultivator for this kind of stone that would only help with their spiritual growth, unless they had so many spirit stones that they would not be able to spend in their lifetime. Sure enough after Ning Cheng added those hundred thousand into the mix, no one continued to increase the price. Ultimately, those five best quality spirit stones were purchased by Ning Cheng.

“The second item that we are going to bring out for the auction is a piece of refining material, the Cosmic True Devil Metal. Many of our patrons here are already aware of the value of this Cosmic True Devil Metal that is used to craft supreme treasures. You can even extract Cosmic True Gold or even the Extreme Devil True Gold from it, even if it was not used for extracting those materials, it could also be directly used for crafting and is also one of the top quality material for it. This piece of Cosmic True Devil Metal is priced at 500,000 high grade spirit stones. Each increase cannot be less than ten thousand,”

As the pretty female cultivator finished speaking, a fist size lump of refining material appeared above one of her palms in a flash, a faint amount of Devil Qi was spilling out from the material, which could be felt by all the people present there.

Ning Cheng was truly surprised in his heart at this moment as he looked at that lump of Cosmic True Devil Metal that was priced at 500,000 spirit stones, it showed that this lump would definitely sell for a lot higher than its base price. Lan Shu had given him a full big block of this True Devil Metal to refine into the Cosmic True Devil Axe; just how much money did that represent? Wouldn’t it be equivalent to at least a billion spirit stones?

This Cosmin True Devil Metal was clearly more popular than the best quality spirit stones, as in just a few breaths of time, its price soared to three million high grade spirit stones.

Ning Cheng sucked in a mouthful of cold air; he knew that at this moment he owed Lan Shu a huge favour. It looks like he really should not bring out his Cosmic True Devil Axe unless absolutely necessary, in case one realized that the axe in his hands was something refined from a huge chunk of Cosmic True Devil Metal, it would simply be equivalent to him trying to fight a horde of crazy beasts with just a butter knife.

Finally, this piece of the Cosmic True Devil Metal was sold for the price of 4.2 million high grade spirit stones, at this moment Ning Cheng could only lament the increasingly high value of the Cosmic True Devil Axe in his possession.

It was followed by Spirit Chasing Illusory Loop, Scarlet Firmament Flying Scorpion Pagoda, Heaven Breaker Needle and other magical weapons; each of them had a base price that exceeded 500,000 high grade spirit stones. The most expensive base price for those items was the base price of the Heaven Breaker Needle, which was priced at 1.3 million high grade spirit stones. On the contrary, there were not many refining materials and spiritual grasses that appeared. It could be seen that the auction house felt that individually auctioning spiritual grasses and other materials would not be cost effective as such they did not bring much of them out. Only those spiritual grasses and materials were brought out that were crucial in refining into pills and magical weapons, thus ensuring that they were sold for high prices.

After Ning Cheng successfully bid for the five best quality spirit stones, he no longer made any other bids.

“Now let’s start the bidding for the surprise item that I had mentioned at the start, this one thing is something that rarely seen.”

The pretty looking female cultivator then raise her hand that held a jade bottle, “This thing is something that I heard only appears in the Le Continent’s Law’s Way, which is a pseudo-Heaven’s Way. It helps people to better sense the laws of the heaven and the earth, along with giving one a chance to try to comprehend their Dao Charm, in other words something truly precious. For those cultivator friends who are stuck in a realm without budging even an inch for over many years, if they can get their hands on this kind of stuff, you just might be able to instantly breakthrough……..”

This pretty looking female cultivator’s words had still not finished, when the entire auction house erupted with a cacophony of noises. Any stuff that helped a cultivator in achieving a breakthrough was definitely a precious thing and can absolutely be considered as a treasure.

“Please calm down, the esteemed guests from such influential clans and families. Many people should have already guessed what the contents are from what I have spoken. Without further ado, your guesses are definitely right, as this bottle contains nothing other than the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar. If you think that your own perception ability is good enough, then you can bid for it. Of course, if you feel that you perceptional ability is just ordinary then trying to buy it would just be a waste, though you can still wait for the next item to come out……”

Although this female cultivator presiding over the auction had just spoke a few simple words, but it had ended up stirring the emotions of all the people from the influential clans and families. Other than a handful of people, no one felt that their perceptional ability was worse than others were. Since they have chosen to come participate in this auction, then it was certain that all of them were here for resources that would aid in their cultivation, if they did not have a certain confidence in their perceptional ability, then how could they continue on to a higher degree in their cultivation practice?

“This bottle of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar has a reserve price of one million spirit stones; the minimum bidding increment shall not be less than fifty thousand…”

Hearing the reserve price from the mouth of the female cultivator, Ning Cheng was somewhat taken aback. He had asked that Soul Essence attendant at the reception, and had already come to know that this bottle’s reserve value was around a hundred thousand spirit stones, but now the reserve price was actually quoted to be one million, as such the final price it would fetch would definitely not be low.

“One million and hundred thousand.”

“One million and two hundred thousand.”


“One million and nine hundred thousand.”

To Ning Cheng’s complete astonishment, this bottle of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar quickly climbed up to 1.9 million, moreover the price was still rising. One had to know that inside his ring contained an entire huge pool filled with Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, just how much wealth would he obtain if he sold all of it?

However, Ning Cheng soon put away this thought, even though this thing was rare, if he suddenly took out such a huge pool, regardless of it being realistically unrealistic, at most he would only be able to sell a bottle of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar for a price of only a hundred thousand spirit stones.

At last, this bottle of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar was sold at a price of 5.2 million, causing Ning Cheng to feel elated, it indicated that there was now four million more spirit stones credited to his account. If you added in the other bottle, he might even get more than eight million spirit stones.

Sure enough, the next bottle of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar once again was sold to a close to 5 million spirit stones, which made Ning Cheng’s heart to speed up a bit, he now had a financial foundation of approximately 20 million spirit stones, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to buy the location information of the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, right?

Ning Cheng had already decided to leave immediately once he bought this thing. If not for the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, he really did not want to participate in this auction, as he really was not qualified to even be here.

“The next item for bidding is not only a refining material, but also a top class material that could be refined into a flight type magical weapon. Fellow members from the influential clans and families, please take a look at these two feathers……”

As the pretty female cultivator spoke, she simultaneously raised two three feet long and half a foot wide silver coloured feathers in front of everyone. The two feathers in her hands were giving off a faint lustre, it felt as completely lightweight and looked as if it was simply one of a kind in this entire world, but at the same time one could not make out if they were really floating in the air above the hand or not.

Waves of heartfelt sighs echoed out, it was obvious that many people here knew what this feather was.

Even Ning Cheng felt amazed, as excitement once again started to fill up his heart. Although he did not know much about crafting, but that did not mean that, he did not know about how to judge the quality of the goods. In the recent years, he had seen a wide variety of materials along with their description from numerous jade strips; moreover, he was still a Talisman Grandmaster. If he wanted to use these two pieces of silver feathers to refine into a Talisman, even then they would be classified as first class refining materials.

However, the reason for Ning Cheng’s excitement was definitely not because this thing could be refined into a top grade Talisman, but because he knew that these feathers were something that came from a one of a kind flying phoenix, this flying phoenix was called the Taintless Flying Phoenix. Moreover these two feathers were none other than the top main feathers of the Taintless Flying Phoenix,  because these two main feathers were silver in color, hence they were called as the Taintless Silver Wing Feather.

What the pretty looking female cultivator on the stage was holding in hands was none other than the Taintless Flying Phoenix’s main feathers, the Taintless Silver Wing Feathers. The Taintless Flying Phoenix had an extremely fast speed, and was really difficult to catch. Because of which the main feathers of the Taintless Flying Phoenix were simply priceless, moreover the Taintless Flying Phoenix’s main feathers from the top can be used to refine high grade true artefact level flight type magical weapons.

Moreover, for Ning Cheng, these two Taintless Silver Wing Feathers had another role, which was, it could allow him to upgrade his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud.

Apart from the introduction of the Twin Leaves of the Radiant Heavenly Clouds, Ning Cheng did not know much about it. He only knew that these two leaves could be transformed into the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud, at the same time could still be upgraded. As to what level could the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud could be upgraded to in the end, even Ning Cheng was not very clear about it. But from what little that Ning Cheng knew about it, he was sure that for the introduction of the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud to contain the information that it was able to cover thousands of miles in a twinkling of an eye was definitely not false. With his current level of Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, for him to cover a distance of a thousand miles in just a twinkling of an eye was something too far off.

If he could get his hands on this pair of Taintless Silver Wing Feathers, then all he had to do was to think of a way to help himself in order to upgrade the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud, just how nice would it be? Before he had come to the auction, he really had no idea that there would be such a feather that would be auctioned, evidently the poster outside had only mentioned a few of the rare things that would be appearing here.

“This is a pair of Taintless Silver Wing Feather; moreover these are even the two main feather from the Taintless Flying Phoenix. As such, the value of this pair of Taintless Silver Wing Feathers must be very clear to the guests sitting here, even if you attach a single of these Taintless Silver Wing Feathers to any flight type magical weapon that flight type magical weapon’s grade as well as its speed would increase exponentially. What’s more, there is actually a pair of them here……” The pretty female cultivator exposed a charming smile before continuing, “I hope that the distinguished guests from the various influential clans and families would calm themselves down first, this pair of Taintless Silver Wing Feathers have a reserve price of five million spirit stones, and each increase in the bid shall not be less than one hundred thousand spirit stones, let’s start the bidding……”

“I’m putting up six million, that Taintless Silver Wing Feathers are something that I have to…..” A strong voice abruptly spread around.

If it was before, then the auction could still be carried out in a calm manner, and there would be nothing to compete for or even using little tricks with their words, but with the appearance of this pair of Taintless Silver Wing Feathers, it immediately changed the situation.

“Six million and five hundred thousand.” Another strong but lazy voice appeared that seemed to not be scared of the others, but only after an extremely short break, someone had once again immediately interrupted this offer.

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