Chapter 0262

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0262: To make an exhibition of oneself

“Six million and seven hundred thousand.”

“Seven million spirit stones.”


Ning Cheng could hear every bid loud and clear, as such he was able to make out that the person who made the bid of seven million spirit stones was none other than Xun Hanrui. Causing him to let out a dark sigh in his heart, for the people from the influential clans, families and sects, there was simply no need to hide their heads, and could just simply directly go ahead and quote their bids. Moreover, even if they were taken notice of, there would be no one who would dare to come find trouble with them because of their backers.

However these Taintless Silver Wing Feathers were something really important to him, if he could purchase these two pieces of Taintless Silver Wing Feathers, then he would be able to have even more lifesaving options in the future.

At the same time, Ning Cheng was also clear on his own net worth, if he wanted to buy the Taintless Silver Wing Feathers, then it was simply impossible. Going by the biddings, this pair of Taintless Silver Wing Feathers would soon be breaking through the 10 million spirit stone mark.

Looking for riches and honour will always involves a certain risk; if he did not take that risk then he absolutely would not be able to get his hands on this pair of Taintless Silver Wing Feathers. Thinking of this, Ning Cheng pressed the call button placed inside the booth.

In all the Heavenly Stars Auction Booths, a temporary call button was installed. If a cultivator got interested in a particular precious thing, but their own spirit stones were not enough to buy it, then they could press that button. Once this button was pressed, a person from the auction house would make their way to come and contact you.

At that time, you could use your own stuff to be exchanged for spirit stones, in other words you would be selling your things to the auction house rather than to other cultivators, in exchange for spirit stones. Because of this button, every year it would help the auction house to rope in hundreds of millions of spirit stones as income.

Ning Cheng had just pressed this button, when in a few moments; a charming looking woman arrived at Ning Cheng’s booth.

The young woman gave a graceful bow to Ning Cheng and spoke up softly, “How can my Heavenly Stars Auction House be of service to you?”

Ning Cheng bit his lips before directly taking out ten bottles of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar before speaking up, “These are ten bottles of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, how many spirit stone will you be able to give me for it?”

The young woman on seeing the ten bottles filled with Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, was immediately stunned, but she soon was able to compose herself and spoke, “Please wait a moment.”

After standing there for a moment in silence, she once again spoke to Ning Cheng, “30 million spirit stones.” It was obvious that it was her superiors who had sent her the reply.

“Quite ruthless aah.” Ning Cheng was really cursing himself for such a backdoor deal, this stuff was worth at least 50 million spirit stones, and they ended up cutting the price by a full 20 million spirit stones. Even with that condition, Ning Cheng did not hesitate for long, before he nodded and spoke, “Deal.”

Ning Cheng did not come up with Mirage Stones, this thing was simply too sensitive of an object at this moment, once he took it out, then maybe the auction house would run an investigation on him.

After the young woman left, the Taintless Silver Wing Feather’s price had already risen to 17 million spirit stones. And the price was still rising, without any signs of stopping. Such obvious materials that could be refined into high level flight type magical weapons, were something very important to all the cultivators present here.

The bids continued to rise, as Ning Cheng waited for a while, the price had already reached 24 million. Ning Cheng also did not hear the voice of Xun Hanrui anymore, indicating that she had already stopped her bidding. Even though she was one of the Core Disciples belonging to a top influential and long standing academy, the spirit stones on her would only be limited. As such for Xun Hanrui for not continuing to bid, indicated that she did not have enough spirit stones for it.

“25 million.” Ning Cheng made his first bid.

Because of the now sky high price of the Taintless Silver Wing Feather, at this time, there were only a handful of people who could still compete in bidding for it. For Ning Cheng to abruptly join the competition, it immediately caught the attention of everyone in the auction house. Numerous spiritual consciousness swept towards his direction, but all these spiritual consciousnesses were completely blocked by Ning Cheng’s restriction. As for trying to forcibly break, the restriction, just to observe who Ning Cheng was, was not something that anybody dared to do.

This was the Heavenly Stars Auction House, whether it was the restrictions placed down by the auction house itself, or the restrictions placed down by the guests, if someone forcibly tried to break the restrictions on the booth, then it would rouse the ire of the entire auction house. At that moment, you would only have the choice to face the anger of the Heavenly Stars Auction House; this kind of responsibility was not something that ordinary cultivators would be able to bear.

“Humph.” A cold snort spread out, followed by a voice, “I’ll bid 26 million spirit stones, I’d like to see who can bid a higher price than me Ao Yangjing.”

Although it was obviously not a threat, but the words definitely contained an undertone of a threatening intent.

Inside the Heavenly Stars Auction House, as long as there were no obvious threats in one’s words, there would be no one from the administration that would come to trouble you. Although the words spoken by that cultivator were not a naked threat, but his words also implied that anyone trying to increase the price would just be risking their life with those words. It was also something that the auction house would not be able to control.

Ning Cheng had already identified this voice belonging to the person who had offered the first bid of 6 million. It already indicated that the Taintless Silver Wing Feathers were something that this person wanted have, and this person was originally called as Ao Yangjing. Ning Cheng had no idea who this Ao Yangjing was, but since this person dared to speak out these words, it meant that he definitely had some confidence in himself.

“27 million.” A lazy voice spread out as if the owner of that voice simply did not care about the threat from Ao Yangjing, moreover what was important was that the voice did not have any hesitation in it. At this moment, the bid had not been increased by the normal one hundred thousand, but rather a full million.

“28 million.” Ning Cheng also followed this increase. Now that he had enough spirit stones, wanting to threaten him away from purchasing the Taintless Silver Wing Feather was absolutely impossible.

However, Ning Cheng had also set a bottom line in his heart, if the price exceeded 40 million, then he would simply stop his bidding. He had already exposed the fact that he had a lot of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, if he continued to expose his other things, it definitely not be a good thing for him.

“Haha, this is interesting.” That person with the lazy voice once again spoke out; however, he did not continue to increase the price any further.

“30 million.” The person named Ao Yangjing once again spoke out, this time his words did not contain a threatening tone, but rather it was filled with intense anger. It was obvious that regardless of whether Ning Cheng brought this Taintless Silver Wing Feathers or not, he had managed to successfully offend this person.

Ning Cheng had already thought it through, as to how to make his way out once he successfully got his hands on the Taintless Silver Wing Feather, why would he pay any attention to the treat from Ao Yangjing. He had even dared to kill Gui Yuhai from the Gui Yuan City, which was presided over by at least one Crucible Transformation Cultivator. This Ao Yangjing was simply nothing more than a cattle prod, and might not even be a Crucible Transformation Cultivator. In order to enhance his own strength, what else would he not dare to do?

“Thirty million and five hundred thousand.” Ning Cheng simply ignored the angry voice from the Ao Yang Province, and once again increased the bid.

“32 million, if these friends are only going to increase the bids with just a five hundred thousand increase, then it would really be boring. If you cannot afford to buy, then you had better not try to buy it, if you want to buy then you better use higher increments than the others do, otherwise it would not be different from disgracing yourself! Might as well go back home and gossip like a newly married bride for a few spirit stones, before coming here to bid again.” The price was once again increased by that person with the lazy voice, he not only directly went ahead and increased the price by 1.5 million, but at the same time reprimanded, Ning Cheng and that person named Ao Yangjing. Those words really were quite harsh to hear.

Everybody understood what he meant, it was meant to provoke the person who was most concerned about his face manipulating him or her into using up his or her funds. This Ao Yangjing was someone who loved face, as such even though the price rose to such a level, it had already arrived close to the bottom line that he had. If he wanted to increase the price, then he must increase it by at least 1.5 million spirit stones, bringing the total price to 33.5 million, otherwise he would only be disgracing himself.

The anger in the heart of Ao Yangjing was rising to an incredible level, the reason he had chosen to threaten Ning Cheng was because of his own little popularity. If in front of all these people, if the increase in bid from his side was less, then his reputation in the eyes of others would certainly drop.

During the moment that Ao Yangjing hesitated, Ning Cheng placed his own bid, “What this ol’ chap said is quite correct, just adding a little bit of spirit stones every time for bidding really is a disgrace to one’s self, I bid 40 million. Alas, since I have decided to come to this auction, so why would I want to disgrace myself at this moment.”

As Ning Cheng’s bid came out, it immediately caused a huge disturbance in the entire auction house. This was directly increasing the price by approximately 8 million spirit stones, if one really did not want to disgrace themselves, then the next bid should at least be of 48 million. If you wanted to still be complacent, then the offer must exceed 50 million at the very least..

The person from the Ao Yang Proving nearly choked on hearing the price, and clenched his fists hard. He really could not wait to rush towards Ning Cheng and that person with the lazy voice and break into their booths, before he picked them up and tore them into tiny pieces. But even if he had ten thousand times the courage he had now, he did not dare to do anything in the Heavenly Stars Action House.

“Good, good, you really are one of a kind.” That person with a lazy voice no longer continued with that lazy voice. After he uttered that sentence, all the people finally became aware that the auction of the Taintless Silver Wing Feather had now come to an end, and was ultimately purchased by the person from booth number 178.

“How many spirit stones do we have?” in the same corridor of Ning Cheng’s booth, in an advanced grade booth that was countless times much better than Ning Cheng’s, sat a fair skinned, quite looking middle aged cultivator, who asked in a cold voice.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Wen, we have around 42 million spirit stones, do you want to continue and increase the price?” A male cultivator sitting next to this quite looking middle aged male cultivator quickly spoke up.

This quite looking middle aged cultivator waved his hand and spoke, “No, there is no point in continuing to increase the price, we would only be embarrassing ourselves. In a while there will be someone who would try to investigate him anyway, he is quite unbridled aah, and however that Ao Yangjing is even more unbridled.”

Although he spoke that, that middle aged cultivator had a belly full of fire; he had never thought that he would be picking up a stone only to hit himself in the leg with it. He was sure that even if he raised the price to 42 million spirit stones, he would not be able to buy this pair of Taintless Silver Wing Feathers. Subsequently, if he could not compete, then it would only mean more ridicule coming his way.

Unsurprisingly, this pair of Taintless Silver Wing Feathers were directly sent into the hands of Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng suppressed the excitement in his heart, and did not immediately start examining the pair of Taintless Silver Wing Feathers. At the same time, his heart was also filled with some worry; it was because of the auction of this pair of Taintless Silver Wing Feather, causing him to not have enough spirit stones to buy that piece of jade strip that he wanted.

The pretty looking female cultivator gave a bright smile, just this pair of Taintless Silver Wing Feather were sold for 40 million high grade spirit stones, it definitely could be considered to be a high price.

“The pair of Taintless Silver Wing Feathers were bought by the big brother from booth number 178; the whole process was really exciting, congratulations to the big brother in there. For big brother to bid out 40 million spirit stones, it shows that your spirit is really as vast as the sky, and must also have extremely formidable strength. We also hope that this kind of wonderful show can be continued on with the rest of the auction, the following item that we are going to bring out for auctioning is a jade strip……”

The pretty female cultivator seemed to have no idea that her own words not only angered the two people, but at the same time it causes even more people to feel hatred for Ning Cheng.

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