Chapter 0263

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0263: Auctioning of the jade strip

Ning Cheng on hearing the words ‘jade strip’, immediately felt his mind and heart tighten up, he guessed that this jade strip was definitely the one he had come here for. As for the provoking words spoken by the pretty looking female cultivator presiding over the auction previously, how could Ning Cheng not understand the underlying meaning behind it? However, he did not mind it at all, even if he took it to heart; he was not in a position to do anything to that female cultivator.

What this female cultivator meant from her words was to tell others to not act cowardly during the bidding, so that her auction house could gain even more benefits. As for the life and death of Ning Cheng, for her, it could be guessed that it was something not even worth mentioning.

“This is the jade strip mentioned on our poster, that’s right; this contains the possible whereabouts of the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence. Geocentric 9 Yin Essence can be considered to be one of the top spiritual objects found in the world, which can help in congealing a person’s dispersed Soul Essence, it can also help in healing the spirit of supreme treasures, and even talking about it bringing the dead back to life would also not be an exaggeration. In the Yi Xing Mainland, there are many things like pills and spiritual grasses that can help heal one’s soul and even repair their Soul Essence, but these pills and spiritual grasses are far from being compared to the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence……”

The pretty female cultivator took her own sweet time to speak till here, causing the audience seated in the venue to turn completely silent, it was obvious that a lot of the people here already knew that the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence was something extremely precious, but as for the extent of the preciousness of the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, except for a few people no one else knew about it.

Seeming to realize that the others were paying rapt attention to her words, the pretty female cultivator’s tone changed to a more slower one, “Although there are many spiritual grasses that can help heal one’s spirit and life essence, however they only work on the condition that the damage to the life essence of the cultivator had not exceeded past a certain point, moreover it is also not an easy thing to turn spiritual grasses into pills. However the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence is not something that falls in this category, no matter how much the damage you suffered, as long as there is even a trace of your Soul Essence existing, the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence can slowly heal you up, it is not constrained by time, nor does the extent of damage pose any impact in the process, this is definitely a treasure that goes against the Heaven’s will……..”

Sure enough, hearing that the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence was a treasure than was something that went against the will of the heavens, the entire place erupted with bouts of chattering voices. Ning Cheng also let out a dark sigh in his heart, it was no wonder that, that skeleton wanted to obtain the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, evidently not only his fleshy body had already dissipated, even his Soul Essence was just a faint trace of what it used to be.

If it were any other person left with just a trace of his Soul Essence, they would not be able to have control over that huge piece of Heaven Opening Talisman.

As he thought of this, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but think of another person, he was Fang Jiyan, who he had met on the Mingot Sea. That Fang Jiyan was also just a wisp of Soul Essence. But this person was using the soul wood to preserve his Soul Essence; it seems that he was definitely not a simple master.

“Of course, we are not here today to actually auction the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, but rather a jade strip. This jade strip records the possible locations in which one could obtain the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, as for whether the locations are something correct or not, my auction house is not responsible for it. Furthermore, it has to be mentioned that even a drop of the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence is something priceless. In case you are able to get a few drops, I think… Well, from what I can see, the various guests from the influential clans and families are already very anxious, as such, I will not speak up anymore useless things and immediately start with the auctioning of the jade strip, whose reserve price is set at 100,000 high grade spirit stones. Each increase must not be less than ten thousand……”

“I bid 110,000 spirit stones.” The pretty looking female cultivator had not yet finished her words, when someone shouted out a bid.

After all, a hundred thousand spirit stones was not something expensive, and anyone coming here to participate in today’s auction would be able to take out without batting an eye.

“150,000 spirit stones.”

“170,000 spirit stones.”


The jade piece that recorded the possible whereabouts of the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence was obviously quite popular, as in just a short period of time its price had already risen to 600,000 spirit stones; however even at this moment Ning Cheng did not place his bid.

Moreover at this moment there was also a bit of concern growing in his heart, as at this moment he only had approximately 12 million spirit stones on him. With the price increasing in such a rapid manner, would really be able to obtain that jade strip.

“1.3 million Spirit stones.”

“1.5 million ….”

The price still was shooting up at a fast pace. Ning Cheng’s worry was also growing, as the price finally exceeded the three million mark.

Ning Cheng finally decided not to remain quiet anymore and spoke up, “5 million spirit stones……”

Ning Cheng had increased the price by a full 2 million spirit stones in just a single bid, causing the auction house to go into a lapse of silence for a short while. All the people there immediately realized that it was the same person from before. Although there were many people among them who could take out five million as a bid on a jade strip, but the price had abruptly risen to this point from its previous bid of three million. Causing the people wanting to bid on it to once again turn their sights on that booth.

“This bid is from the older brother who just won the Taintless Silver Wing Feather, I really had not spoken wrong this big brother really has courage that towers over the heavens. Looks like this piece of jade strip containing the possible whereabouts of the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence is something that is really important to older brother, today my Heavenly Stars Auction House finally was able to broaden its horizons as to what magnanimity is supposed to look like…” The voice belonging to the pretty looking female cultivator hosting the auction boomed throughout the auction house.

Ning Cheng was really cursing at her badly in his heart, did you really think that this father is so forthright as to spend through the skies, you slut!

“Five million and one hundred spirit stones.” A lazy voice once again spread out placing the bid.

Ning Cheng’s heart sank as he heard this voice. He was aware as to who this voice belonged to. Just prior to this, he and that person were competing for the Taintless Silver Wing Feathers; with the result, that cultivator caused him to add a full eight million spirit stones to the bid almost choking him to death. From the manner, this person increased the price by only a hundred thousand spirit stones, the basic bid increase; Ning Cheng knew that he had really ended up offending him. Causing the other side to deliberately mess with him.

It was likely that the other party who had spoken out those words might also have a sort of relationship with the female cultivator presiding over the auction, but Ning Cheng was also feeling quite helpless in his heart, even if that female cultivator spoke out some harsh words, he could only stare at her and do nothing.

Unfortunately, Ning Cheng was aware that he did not have many spirit stones on him, even if he had, this person would really not take it lying down.

“10 million spirit stones.” Ning Cheng decisively added five million to his previous bid without hesitation. This was his last increase in bid from his side, if the other party decided to increase the price once again, then he could only quite. Even if he did not feel good in his heart and could no longer obtain it, he could only lament the fact that he did not have enough spirit stones.

The auction house immediately erupted in a cacophony of noises; however, no one increased the bid anymore. Although the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence was an incomparably precious material, but the thing being auctioned was just a jade strip. In case the information on the jade strip turned out to be false, then spending 10 million spirit stones on it, wouldn’t it not be something that went beyond crazy? Even if the information in the jade strip turned out to be true, the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence was something that would not be easy to obtain. Otherwise, why would the auction house try to only auction the jade strip? They would have long since sent their own people to obtain the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence.

For this jade strip to reach the price of 3 million spirit stones, had already reached its highest price in theory, and now its price had actually increased to more than double of what it was originally to reach the 10 million spirit stone mark.

The pretty looking female cultivator showed a smiling face, as she once again spoke out with an incitement inducing tone, “This eldest brother once again increased the price, increasing the price by four million and nine hundred thousand spirit stones in one go. If one could become eldest brother’s Dao Companions for dual cultivation then it would really turn out to be a happy thing, at least they would not have to worry about spirit stones for their cultivation practice, to tell the truth even my heart is swayed towards eldest brother. At this moment, the price of the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence Jade Strip has reached the 10 million spirit stones mark, 10 MILLION SPIRIT STONES. However, one has to know that this price is necessarily not the highest, because this time my Heavenly Stars Auction House is filled with all sorts of powerful people, maybe there might be a few among them with heroic spirit who could give a shot at it, let’s just wait and see……”

“Ten million and one hundred thousand spirit stones.” The lazy voice once again echoed out its bid.

Ning Cheng on hearing this voice, felt his heart to sink down completely, he already knew that the spirit stones left with him after buying the Taintless Silver Wing Feathers were simply too little, causing him to not be able to compete for the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence Jade Strip.

“My god, there is still a hero among us that bid more than 10 million spirit stones, it’s even more than what eldest brother bid a moment ago. This really is something hard to believe; moreover, these are 10 million high grade spirit stones. I really do not know if the heroic spirit that is the eldest brother who purchased the Taintless Silver Wing Feathers would be able to continue to increase his bid or not, but no matter what I believe in the courage displayed by eldest brother, he will definitely increase the price, let us wait for some hot-blooded passionate price to …….” The pretty looking woman presiding over the auction spoke out in an increasingly exaggerated manner.

Even the people present in the venue who came to participate in the auction were also waiting with baited breaths, waiting for Ning Cheng to once again increase the price. All the people there were also thinking that Ning Cheng would certainly continue to increase the price to an even higher level, even that cultivator with the lazy voice who had quoted the price of 10.1 million also thought that Ning Cheng certainly would increase the price to a higher level.

“Uh….” After waiting for a few breaths, finally a sound emerged from the private booth numbered 178, “I was really going to increase the price, but I kept having a single thought especially when I exposed too many of my spirit stones, I heard a person cry and even shout out to become Dao Companions with me, causing me to be covered in goose bumps. Thinking about it, it would really be better for me to forget about it. Hugging this kind of a disgusting woman, how could I even sleep at night?”

As Ning Cheng’s words came out, the entire venue lapsed in a short silence, but then after a moment burst out in bouts of laughter.

Almost all the people understood as to whom Ning Cheng had directed those words to, in this place there was definitely no fool, and could already come to the conclusion that the pretty female cultivator presiding over the auction had brought this over herself. She wanted to goad Ning Cheng into increasing the fare, and then sit back to watch the show as an angler. Unfortunately, the person sitting in the private booth numbered 178 did not hold back at all, and spoke out with those incomparably harsh words.

Those words obviously were aimed at the female cultivator presiding over the auction, moreover it was also that female cultivator who had mentioned that it would really be a happy thing for her to become Dao Companions with that eldest brother and assist him in dual cultivation, and that even her heart was swayed towards this eldest brother. That person not only did not immediately increase the price, but also even said that holding such a disgusting woman like her to sleep would only give him nothing but goose bumps.

The face of the pretty looking female cultivator presiding over the auction was covered in a layer of frost, and no longer showed the excited face with a smile like the autumn breeze from before. She was also a famous person from the Heavenly Stars Auction House, now that she was openly insulted, how could she tolerate this kind of tone by lying down.

As for the fact that whether or not she was the one to provoke Ning Cheng first, she had already long since ignored it. Rather in her subconscious, it was only her duty to say those kinds of one-liners, in order to joke with others. Unfortunately, she happened to meet Ning Cheng who simply did not buy into her words.

“Son of a bitch.” In another box, a seemingly quite looking middle aged cultivator suddenly stood up, with his face full of overflowing anger. He had never thought that Ning Cheng would not increase the price; he himself was simply not at all interested in that jade strip. The only reason why he had bid at that time and sent a message to the front, was entirely to get revenge for the Taintless Silver Wing Feather, all in order to force Ning Cheng out of more spirit stones.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Wen, I suspect that this guy had deliberately lead us on, making us increase the price to 10.1 million, before him retracting.” Another cultivator sitting beside this quiet looking middle ages cultivator immediately spoke up.

The quiet looking middle aged cultivator managed to restore the calm on his face, as he waved his hand and spoke, “It is but a mere 10 million spirit stones only, it is something that I do not put in eyes. 178, good, good, 178…”

“I bid ten million one hundred and ten thousand spirit stones.” Just when all the people thought that no one would continue increasing the price, someone once again suddenly increased the price.

Ning Cheng was also very puzzled, he had already known that, that lazy voice was deliberately plotting against him, but then who made this new offer? Moreover, didn’t this crisp voice seemed to belong to a female cultivator?

But no matter whom this voice belonged to, Ning Cheng did not intend to stay here, he stood up and without hesitation moved to leave the booth, he was aware that he would not be able to stay here for long. Since there was basically no chance to obtain what he came here for, the only option he was left with was to wait for a later opportunity. As for continuing to look at the other good things being sold in the auction in exchange of spirit stones, Ning Cheng did not have any thoughts about it.

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