Chapter 0264

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0264: Getting Rid Of Ning Cheng

“That man left his booth, and besides that Ao Yangjing also went out. I have to be here to buy something you go out and see. If the other party is a Sea Opening Cultivator, then for the time being just take a note of his aura. If that cultivator is below Sea Opening Realm, then call the others to tie down that Ao Yangjing, and then rush out to grab him before he is captured by that Ao Yangjing.” The quiet looking middle aged cultivator did not continue to increase the bid, but rather looked at the communication pearl in hands, as he passed down orders to another male cultivator at his side.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Wen, you can be rest assured that I will definitely take care of such a trivial matter.” Another man besides the male cultivator spoke up.


“Want to grab things belonging to me, Ao Yangjing, and also wanting to get away?” Ao Yanjing on seeing Ning Cheng was the first to come out of the auction immediately realized his intention and as such did not hesitate to leave his own booth.

“That man?” Ao Yangjing on coming out of the auction house immediately asked.

“Senior, I was not able to get a hold of that youngster……” A timid voice transmitted that sentence over; the person talking was a thin looking male cultivator who was standing not far from where Ao Yangjing was standing.

Ao Yangjing was simply furious, “From the time that cultivator came out, till this point, only a few breaths have passed, how can you even say that you could not even get a look at him? Tell me the truth; didn’t you earn quite a good amount of spirit stones from this father?”

“It was not like that, Senior, as soon as that person came out; he used an escape talisman and had already left the makeshift market.” The thin looking male cultivator quickly explained.

Finished saying that, he also took out a crystal ball and spoke, “This contains the image of that person’s appearance……”

After listening to this, Ao Yangjing frowned, if it was an advanced level escaping talisman that he used then just the market price to obtain it would definitely be more than a million spirit stones.

However, even if the others could not bear to use this kind of escape talisman, for that person who purchased the Taintless Silver Wing Feather, it would not be of much matter to him.

“Humph.” Ao Yangjing gave a cold snort, as he brought out his spiritual consciousness to feel his surroundings a bit, suddenly grabbing the crystal ball; he twisted his body before he completely disappeared from view.


The escaping talisman that Ning Cheng used was something that he had obtained from Gui Yuhai, moreover it’s grade was also not low. Moreover, since this escaping talisman was not something that he had purchased with spirit stones, as such he was not reluctant to use up such an escaping talisman. Therefore, as Ning Cheng prepared to come out of the auction booth, it didn’t matter whether or not there was someone trying to chase him; he immediately stimulated the escape talisman that he had already prepared in his hand.

After the effect from the escaping talisman disappeared, Ning Cheng knew that he would not be near to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. He first found a place then removed all traces of his changed appearance, before bringing out a flight type magical weapon, and quickly leaving the area.


Ning Cheng did not return to the rest stop for a full day and night, Liang Kexin had already come to the conclusion that Ning Cheng had certainly met with some kind of trouble. Not knowing what kind of trouble Ning Cheng met with, however she was certain that if Ning Cheng met with trouble in this kind of place, then even she would not be able to provide any help to him.

Even after waiting for a day, Ning Cheng still hadn’t made it back. Liang Kexin finally decided to not wait anymore, as she made her way to the Rainbow Fall Sword Stone alone. With all her preparations complete, as long as she joined the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect it would be equivalent to completing her first step.

“Aren’t you Junior Apprentice Sister Liang Kexin?” A slightly pleasant sounding voice arrived from the area just behind of Liang Kexin.

Liang Kexin quickly turned back, and when she saw that it was Xun Hanrui, she gave a bow with proper etiquette and spoke, “So it was originally Senior Apprentice Sister Xun. Many thanks for your help Senior Apprentice Sister Xun; otherwise I would not have even be eligible to come to this Sword Stone.”

There were two more people on Xun Hanrui’s side, a young looking male cultivator, and a woman wearing a red coloured female cultivator robes. Liang Kexin had already seen that male cultivator before, that is, he was none other than the young man who had been walking together with Xun Hanrui a few days ago.

“Who is she?” The red robed female cultivator asked Xun Hanrui is a puzzling manner, she was aware that Xun Hanrui did not have many friends, as for her being friends with people having Profound Congealing Cultivation, it was even more rare. So why was she talking to someone with a Profound Congealing Cultivation as a friend?

Xun Hanrui quickly spoke up, “This is Junior Apprentice Sister Liang Kexin, and is a friend of Ning Cheng. Right, didn’t Ning Cheng and Senior Apprentice Brother Xiaomei go together to the Fu Ling Villa. Junior Apprentice Sister Liang, this is Fu Shengnan, her older brother is a close friend of Ning Cheng….”

“Greetings Senior Apprentice Sister Fu.” Liang Kexin was obviously not aware of the inside story, she was only aware that Xun Hanrui had helped her and Ning Cheng, moreover Ning Cheng also had some sort of a relationship with Fu Shengnan’s elder brother. So, on hearing that this female cultivator in front of her was Ning Cheng’s close friend’s younger sister, she hurriedly moved to give her a bow maintaining proper etiquettes.

“Is it him?” Fu Shengnan’s face immediately turned ugly to look at, before she replied in cold manner, “Don’t come near me, the kind of people you are, I have seen many.”

The young man, who had initially ridiculed Fu Xiaomei as being effeminate, on looking at the expression on Fu Shengnan’s face, immediately realized that there seemed to be some deep rooted hatred between Fu Shengnan and Ning Cheng, as he immediately moved to add fuel to the fire, “So Ning Cheng relied on Younger Brother Xiaomei’s grace huh. A few days ago, he even stopped me and Junior Apprentice Sister Hanrui, and even went to the extent to ask for Junior Apprentice Sister Hanrui’s help, to get two spots for the disciple selection of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.”

“I knew it; people like them really are not concerned about faces and are simply extremely shameless.” Fu Shengnan spat out those ridiculing words as she stared at Liang Kexin.

Liang Kexin’s face immediately turned red. Even her hands were trembling in rage, but even so, she did not hesitate to take out a jade card to give it to Xun Hanrui before saying, “Many thanks to Senior Apprentice Sister Xun to help me out during such busy times, but I think that it’s time to return this jade card to Senior Apprentice Sister Xun.”

Xun Hanrui’s complexion, although was expected to change, but did not change at all and was still smiling, as she pushed the jade card back to Liang Kexin and spoke, “Junior Apprentice Sister Liang, not only Ning Cheng is a good man, but is also someone whom I consider as my friend. Similarly, at this moment, you are also a friend of mine; I only helped my two friends get their registration jade cards. Junior Apprentice Sister Liang, by trying to return this to me, are you not looking down on my friendship?”

Liang Kexin had been adventuring in the outside world for almost a year now, allowing her to clearly understand the underlying meaning behind the words spoken by Xun Hanrui. The red color on her face also gradually faded, as she quickly spoke up, “Many thanks to Senior Apprentice Sister Xun, to give this humble me a chance to become friends with Senior Apprentice Xun, it really is me being honoured. It really was an error on my part, and I had originally assumed that Senior Apprentice Sister Xun had helped me out for someone else, hearing your words, I immediately realized how wrong was I and am really relieved.”

Xun Hanrui once again gave a calm laugh and spoke, “Don’t worry about it, it was out of my own free will that I help you. If you feel that someone owes something to someone, then it is actually Ning Cheng who owes me a favour…”

“Uh….” Fu Shengnan on seeing that Xun Hanrui not even giving her some face, caused her face to sink, and couldn’t help but turn away, it was obvious that she really was feeling quite uncomfortable in her heart.

Xun Hanrui did not seem to care about it, as she once again spoke to Liang Kexin, “Come, oh right, how come I do not see Ning Cheng with you?”

“Oh, Ning Cheng went out for a few things, he should be on his way back.” Liang Kexin quickly replied.

“Good, you need to work hard if you want to join the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect; I will be taking my leave first.” Having finished speaking, Xun Hanrui beckoned Fu Shengnan before picking a direction and left.

The young man who was at the Soul Essence 5th Level, who was still with Xun Hanrui, suddenly spoke up, “This time Junior Apprentice Sister Shengnan seems to have become truly angry.”

Xun Hanrui just gave a smile and spoke, “That’s not it, Shengnan’s temper is simply too volatile, moreover it is not the first time she’s behaving like this.”

“Junior Apprentice Sister Hanrui, the fact is that those two Profound Congealing Cultivators are something not even worth mentioning, why you would want to have your sisterly relations impacted for just a minor disagreement……”

Xun Hanrui showed a faint smile but did not answer the young man’s question. She and Fu Shengnan were only friends and absolutely did not have a sister like relationship, if she took into consideration everything the other party wanted, including even their moods, then how could she even find any time for her own cultivation practice. Although she looked soft and delicate on the outside but she had a very firm nature on the inside, and there was hardly anything from the outside that would affect her actions.

“So, you want me to go along with Shengnan’s persuasion.” Saying that to the young male cultivator on her side, Xun Hanrui just gave another smile and increased her own pace.


“Junior Apprentice Sister Shengnan, Hanrui did not do this intentionally, you should really not take it to heart.” The young male cultivator quickly caught up with Fu Shengnan in a fast yet not so fast manner.

Fu Shengnan’s face betrayed her, showing that she still was somewhat uncomfortable, “That Hanrui really! She obviously knows that I hate that guy, and yet she still went ahead and helped him……”

Speaking till here Fu Shengnan suddenly remembered something as she turned towards this young male cultivator who had just caught up to her and spoke, “Senior Apprentice Brother Wen, that Ning Cheng will be coming to participate in the disciple selection, can you find someone who can help me get rid of him. In any case, he would have to enter the arena for the battles, if he ends up dying there, nobody would be able to say anything.”

“You want to kill him that much?” The young looking male cultivator was also quite surprised as he looked at Fu Shengnan, although he himself was quite unhappy with Ning Cheng, but he only wanted to teach Ning Cheng a lesson, and really did not have any intentions to kill Ning Cheng.

“That’s right; I HAVE to kill this guy. Just seeing this person makes me unhappy in my heart, I really cannot figure out why Hanrui would even want to help such people, it really makes me irritated just thinking about it.” Fu Shengnan spoke up with a non-reconcilable tone.

The young male cultivator suddenly gave a laugh and spoke, “An intermediate stage Profound Congealing Cultivator, in my eyes is just an ant. Since Junior Apprentice Sister Shengnan wishes to get rid of this guy, I can definitely arrange it for you; I will also guarantee that he would disappear from this world forever.”

“Many thanks Senior Apprentice Brother Wen.” Fu Shengnan immediately cast a gentle look towards him.


As Ning Cheng rushed towards the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Sword Stone, the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s disciple selection had already began. The huge Sword Stone was crowded with cultivators. Thirty battle arenas were erected on the Sword Stone, and there were countless cultivators standing around them as curious spectators.

“Sure enough, there are more people here on the Sword Stone than the public square.” Ning Cheng spoke to himself in his heart; he really had never seen such a huge stone till now.

At this moment, there were many people who were crowding about on the Sword Stone; moreover, they were all so closely packed to such an extent that there hardly seemed to be any gaps. Several huge array formation displays were erected in the most obvious positions, and these array formations displayed the numerous contestants participating in each of the arenas.

Ning Cheng did not dare to use his spiritual consciousness to sweep out at the people standing on the sword stone; moreover, he was well aware that Liang Kexin would definitely make it here at all costs. He just directed his spiritual consciousness to descend on the huge array formations display, and soon found his own name. No. 3000 Ning Cheng poised for battle against No. 631 Wu Zhuo in the 9th battle arena.

Ning Cheng quickly rushed towards the 9th battle arena, he was well aware that he cannot delay for time. On the display array formation, it was clearly mentioned that if he did not show up before the time it took for a kettle of tea to boil, the score he would obtain would actually go into negative. If both the people did not arrive within the stipulated time, then both of them would get a negative score.

On the 9th stage, there were already two people battling it out, both of them were intermediate stage Profound Congealing Cultivators, one was at Profound Congealing 4th Level, while the other was at Profound Congealing 6th Level.

Just as Ning Cheng somehow made his way towards the edge of the arena marked as no. 9, the Profound Congealing 4th Level Cultivator suddenly brought out a talisman and hurled it towards the Profound Congealing 6th Level Cultivator. Till that point of time, the Profound Congealing 6th Level Cultivator was the one having the upper hand, but when he say the Profound Congealing 4th Level Cultivator bring out a talisman, he also did not hesitate to bring out a talisman of his own.

The two talismans exploded on contact with each other; however, the Profound Congealing 6th Level Cultivator used the cover of the explosion to bring a flying needle.

Ning Cheng already had a formidable spiritual consciousness, as such he could make out all the things happening clearly, that Profound Congealing 4th Level Cultivator was not able to react to the flying needle, causing him to be sent flying out of the arena in an instant, before dying shortly afterwards.

Ning Cheng was somewhat surprised in his heart, the skill that this cultivator used was somewhat similar to the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle that he used.

“No. 913 Yin Yongsheng wins, next No. 3000 Ning Cheng and No. 631 Wu Zhuo…… ” The cultivator presiding over the arena shouted out immediately.

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