Chapter 0265

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0265: Academy Assignments

When Ning Cheng heard his name being called, he hastily made his way onto the arena platform. Although he was already quite fast, but there was another person faster than him, it a yellow robe wearing male cultivator, who was almost like a shadowy blur as he rushed past him and landed on the middle of the ninth platform.

“No. 3000’s luck is really bad; he unexpectedly has to go against that Wu Zhuo.”

“Even if he did not meet Wu Zhuo, by virtue of his intermediate stage Profound Congealing Cultivation, wouldn’t it already be difficult for him to make the cut?”

After Ning Cheng and Wu Zhuo entered the stage, he could hear that the cultivators in the audience seemed to have some understanding towards this Wu Zhuo, as they whispered amongst themselves.

Seeing the two people had already entered the stage, the cultivator presiding over the ninth stage lazily called out, “Let the battle begin.”

That yellow robed cultivator on hearing the words ‘start the battle’, did not even bother to speak a single word, and directly brought out a blue green thunder spade while simultaneously pouncing on Ning Cheng, it was apparent that this was an all-out attack from his part. With his true essence overflowing, the imposing aura emanating from the magical weapon was extremely powerful, even the restrictions on the stage were giving off buzzing like noises, showing that this imposing aura was far beyond that of ordinary Profound Congealing Cultivators.

Seeing this, Ning Cheng was quite perplexed in his heart, the other party was definitely a cultivator at the great circle of the Profound Congealing Realm, according to logic for a cultivator at the great circle of the Profound Congealing Realm to defeat a Profound Congealing 7th Level Cultivator, they would not have to exert themselves in such a desperate manner, right?

Although this thought only flashed for just a moment in Ning Cheng’s mind, but he did not continue to pursue it. He had even successfully killed a Soul Essence Cultivator, although he had achieved that with the help of successfully blowing up his Soul Essence Puppet, but the fact remained that he did kill a Soul Essence Cultivator. A Profound Congealing Cultivator, when compared to a Soul Essence Cultivator, the difference was something akin to that of the heaven and earth; moreover, there was the entire Profound Core Realm in the middle of the two. Even if the other party was twice as powerful as they were at this moment, it was still not enough for him to worry or even pay attention to seriously.

Bringing out his Profound Break Spear, he simply brought out a simple spear pattern, which completely blocked the berserk like imposing aura of the blue green thunder spade.

If Ning Cheng wanted to kill this yellow robed cultivator by the name of Wu Zhuo, all he had to do was to continuously gather and push out slightly with the spear intent of his Profound Break Spear, which currently was more than enough to restrict the other party’s blue green thunder spade. And then follow it up with a casual fist strike from his part, or he could even use his Profound Ice Spear Technique, simply put he had many means to completely and easily eradicate this Wu Zhuo in front of him. In other words, he simply would not even have to make a second move at all.

However, Ning Cheng really did not intend to kill Wu Zhuo, there were many disciples from the many influential clans and families participating in this disciple selection. As such, there was no need for him to display a heavy hand. After using his Profound Break Spear to completely seal up the blue green thunder spade, he immediately stopped.

In Ning Cheng’s view, as long as Wu Zhuo was not a fool, he would definitely take the initiative to throw in the towel.

However, the result was something contrary to what Ning Cheng had thought of, Wu Zhuo not only did not throw in the towel, but also rather crazily stimulated his blue green thunder spade with a monstrous murderous aura, bringing it almost to its breaking point, as he directed it to clash against Ning Cheng’s spear pattern. Turning into a blue green thunder line, it forced its way towards the middle of Ning Cheng’s forehead. However, he also seemed to be aware that just a single blue green thunder line might not be enough to kill Ning Cheng, causing Wu Zhuo to even bring out two talismans, while he simultaneously stimulated the two talismans in his hands.

Ning Cheng himself was just in the initial stages of being able to refine his own Level 5 Talismans, as such when Wu Zhuo took out those two talismans; he was immediately able to make out that those were two Level 5 Talismans. A single Level 5 Talisman was already more than enough to kill a Profound Congealing Cultivator, so wouldn’t it be easily imagined as to what would happen with two?

This person not only wanted to win, however it seems that he was even prepared to kill himself for it. Ning Cheng understood this almost instantaneously. No wonder Wu Zhuo was attacking with all he had, it seems he knew that he would die no matter what.

If it was before, Ning Cheng had really not intended to kill Wu Zhuo, but now that he was aware that Wu Zhuo wanted to kill him at all costs, he no longer held back his hand. Immediately stirring up his powerful true essence, he was aware that the talismans in the hands of Wu Zhuo would still take a bit more time to be completely activated. Taking advantage of this momentary gap, Ning Cheng blasted out with his Profound Break Spear.

That single blue green thunder line, under the suppression of the true essence from the Profound Break Spear, completely collapsed in an instant and could not even provide the slightest resistance to the Profound Break Spear. In just a time it took for a spark to fly off a flint, the spear had already covered the distance between the two, and had directly arrived in front of Wu Zhuo’s glabella.

Wu Zhuo’s eyes betrayed the shock, as he could not believe the sight of the Profound Break Spear right in front of his eyes, even the light from the still activating talisman had also died down. He really could not figure out how could a Profound Congealing Cultivator be powerful to such a level?

“I don’t want to kill you, however I also never let people who want to kill me stay alive. If someone wanted to borrow you to kill me, then now would be the time to tell me who was the one who asked you to kill me. Or you can simply borrow my hand to kill yourself.” Ning Cheng spoke with a satire filled tone. He really could not figure out this part, especially why the other party wanted to kill him despite his precautions. His last sentence was just a test, he did not know if Wu Zhuo wanted to kill him out of his own violation or was there someone behind all this.

Wu Zhuo’s pupils gradually enlarged from fear, Ning Cheng’s last words finally woke him up to reality, as he spoke in a shaky voice, “The one who gave me the talismans, letting me kill you was a core disciple from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect named Wen Han……”

Thump. After saying that one sentence, Wu Zhuo no longer was able to stand on his feet, as he directly fell down from the platform, where he finally took his last breath.

The cultivator who presided over the battle still spoke out in an uninterested voice, “No. 3000 Ning Cheng wins, let the next one……”


“Senior Apprentice Brother Wen, that guy should have been killed right?” In the main hall of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Mission Assignment Hall, Fu Shengnan suddenly asked the young male cultivator standing by her side in a soft voice.

The young male cultivator simply gave a smile and spoke, “Junior Apprentice Sister Shengnan, you can be assured of it, he is just a puny intermediate stage Profound Congealing Ant. Wu Zhuo is famous for his aggressiveness in the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s makeshift market, moreover he is also at the great circle of the Profound Congealing Realm. Moreover I have also given him a few Level 5 Talismans, for him to get rid of a single intermediate stage Profound Congealing Ant, it is something really simple……”

“That’s good then; many thanks Senior Apprentice Brother Wen, if this person is not killed, then I would forever be feeling uncomfortable in my heart.” Fu Shengnan spoke up in a soft tone; however, she knew that even if Ning Cheng was killed, there was already a blotch on her heart because of him. Just a puny Profound Congealing Ant, and yet daring to call her, a venerable Soul Essence Cultivator, to ‘fuck off’. It was really unfortunate that she could not personally kill that person.

“It is but a trivial thing……” The young male cultivator called as Senior Apprentice Brother Wen spoke up, as he truly did not care about such a thing.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Wen….” A somewhat excited voice interrupted this young looking male cultivator’s talks, which was followed by the figure of a male cultivator who was neither too tall nor too short, with an eager, even borderline urgent, look on his face.

This Senior Apprentice Brother Wen on seeing this male cultivator immediately gave a laugh and spoke, “So it was originally Junior Disciple Fu, seeing Junior Disciple Fu giving off such a smile, there must be something good that happened.”

“Senior Apprentice Brother Wen, you must already be aware of the newly released 17th Mission.” This not so tall looking male cultivator pointed out to huge array screen in the front depicting the numerous missions and assignment.

Fu Shengnan was the first to notice it, as she spoke up in surprise, “The Great Liang True Country and the Norther Shang True Country are at war; moreover their war is also so brutal?”

The Junior Disciple Fu who just spoke a moment ago, immediately replied, “That’s right, moreover the casualties from both the true countries are already innumerable, with countless cities from both sides reduced to rubble……”

As the cultivator surnamed Fu spoke until here, he lowered his voice and spoke up, “Taking up this mission will definitely be a huge opportunity, besides…..”

“The Great Liang True Country and the Northern Shang True Country are not under the jurisdiction of our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, how can the sect release this kind of a mission? Besides, is it even necessary for dispatching some Soul Essence Disciples to have a look, moreover they are two huge true countries at war, what kind of huge opportunity could be obtained from this?” Fu Shengnan asked in a puzzling manner.

At this point, that Senior Apprentice Brother Wen had also looked at the Sect Missions, causing himself also to feel puzzled.

That cultivator surnamed Fu quietly spoke up, “Senior Apprentice Sister Ziyan has already signed up for it, along with Senior Apprentice Brother Que. If there were truly no great opportunities, why would the True Inheriting Disciples bother to sign up for it? Moreover, I have also heard that many other True Inheriting Disciples and Core Disciple from the other influential and long standing academies and sects will also be going there. This war between the Great Liang True Country and the Northern Shang True Country, is definitely not so simple……”

“The things you said, are they true?” Senior Apprentice Brother Wen asked in an excited tone, he had been quite busy with things outside, and had only just returned to the academy, as such it was the first time for him to hear this kind of news.

He certainly was well aware as to the status of this Senior Apprentice Sister Ziyan; she was none other than the number one beauty of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, Luo Ziyan. Even if one were to compare her with the rest of beauties in the Tian Continent, there would certainly be no one who could surpass her, at best; they could only be placed on the same level as her. Not only that, Luo Ziyan was already at the great circle of the Soul Essence Realm, just one step further and she would become a Soul Sculpting existence.

As for the Senior Apprentice Brother Que, he was none other than Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s highly pampered one and only Que Hongshui. Not only was he at the great circle of Soul Essence Realm in his cultivation, but even his strength was also something considered to be at the top, even if one compared him with the rest of the Soul Essence Cultivators in the entire Tian Continent, he would still be counted as one of the best that exist.

With the two such insanely famous figures from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect registering for such a thing at the same time, it would really be hard to classify the great war between the Great Liang True Country and the Northern Shang True Country to be simple, and absolutely must be related to some good opportunities.

“Let us go sign ourselves up, and also let’s ask Junior Apprentice Sister Hanrui too, anyways, I was about to make a trip there once.” Senior Apprentice Brother Wen’s eyes betrayed the eagerness he was feeling.

“Let me also come to call her, I also want to go there.” Fu Shengnan also spoke up in equal eagerness, in her heart this Senior Apprentice Brother Qui was an existence that was equivalent to a god, since even Senior Apprentice Brother Que was going, how could she not go.


After Ning Cheng easily killed Wu Zhuo, he breezed through the battles many times, as he did not have to put in much effort to beat his opponents, while at the same time he also did not meet anyone challenging enough. Other than Wu Zhuo, there was no other cultivator who died under him, he only suppressed his opponents to the point that they surrendered voluntarily, and even minor injuries were rare for his opponents.

The cultivator who was presiding over the ninth battle arena was also very satisfied with his performance. After all the matches, he could tell that Ning Cheng’s cultivation was definitely much more powerful than other average Profound Congealing Cultivators. Moreover, this cultivator also knew how to act accordingly and was someone who would forgive those people who were deserving of forgiveness.

As for Ning Cheng’s first kill, Wu Zhuo, since he was already a Soul Essence Cultivator, so of course he was able to make out with a glance as to what had happened. It was Wu Zhuo who first tried to kill Ning Cheng, and Ning Cheng who ended up reversing the situation and counter killing him.

One day soon passed by, and Ning Cheng also quickly rose to the top three hundred ranks. After killing Wu Zhuo, he no longer met any trouble, causing Ning Cheng to be quite puzzled in his heart. Did that Wen Han only send out just a single Wu Zhuo, or did he not receive any messages.

But what he did not know that Wen Han truly did not put him in his eyes, and had not even bothered, to the point of being borderline lazy, to arrange for news regarding the job being completed. In Wen Han’s view, Ning Cheng was certain to die, why would he continue to pay attention to such an ant?

The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was going to recruit only a hundred Inner Sect Disciples, of which 70 of them would be chosen through the qualifications of their spiritual roots and the rest through their cultivations. As such, even though Ning Cheng was ranked within the top 300, he was only eligible to compete for the remaining 30 places.

“Big Brother Ning, I knew it that you would definitely come.” After the battles for the day ended, Liang Kexin finally was able to find Ning Cheng.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Liang, I believe that we would soon become Inner Sect Disciples.” Ning Cheng had long since seen Liang Kexin’s battles, Liang Kexin so far had a much easier time than he did, it can be said that for her to enter the top 30 would not pose much of a problem.

Liang Kexin carefully looked around, and only then used a highly compressed sound transmission as she spoke to Ning Cheng, “Eldest Brother Lin, before the battle matches I met Fu Shengnan…..”

After listening to Liang Kexin, Ning Cheng whose heart was still in a doubt, immediately realized that the person who was sent to deal with him was not truly sent by this Senior Apprentice Brother Wen but rather someone arranged by him on behalf of Fu Shengnan.

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