Chapter 0266

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0266: The Opportunity to enter the Small Spiritual Domain

Although it looked as if the Inner Sect Disciple Selection was bustling with people, Ning Cheng was well aware that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect did not take the Inner Sect Disciple Selection very seriously. Just taking a look at the entire battle competition, one could clearly see that it was not even presided by a single big shot of the sect.

Even if that was the case, it did not affect Ning Cheng’s mood, his purpose of coming here was to join the Inner Sect, and then look for opportunities to enter the sect’s Small Spiritual Domain for his cultivation practice.

The next day Ning Cheng and Liang Kexin arrived early at the Rainbow Fall Sword Stone, and were ready to participate in the selection for the final thirty spots.

This competition did not even pose half a bit of challenge for Ning Cheng, but even still he wanted to know as to how he fared compared to the others.

In the first battle of the day, Ning Cheng went up against a peak Profound Congealing 9th Level male cultivator, this male cultivator obviously was well aware that Ning Cheng was much more powerful than himself, while at the same time he was also aware of Ning Cheng’s disposition. As long as he did not make a move to kill Ning Cheng, he would be able to lose casually in an unharmed manner.

Although in his heart he was feeling very depressed, especially because he ended up meeting Ning Cheng in the first fight of the day, but he still cupped his fists and spoke up, “Chunyu Zhen asks Senior Apprentice Brother Ning to enlighten me, please show mercy Senior Apprentice Brother Ning.”

Even if he had a higher cultivation than Ning Cheng did, he still chose to call Ning Cheng as a Senior Apprentice brother.

Ning Cheng just gave a faint smile, “Well, let us begin……”

Having said this sentence, Ning Cheng suddenly felt that something was wrong. He could clearly feel an obscure gaze filled with killing intent directed at him, but because his spiritual consciousness was extremely powerful, combined with the fact that his Zifu and meridians were all completely remoulded by the Mysterious Yellow Origin, this kind of obscure killing intent simply would not be able to escape his senses.

Ning Cheng carefully swept out with his spiritual consciousness, allowing him to see 8-9 young looking men and women standing near to the main platform watching the following battles. At the same time, he was also able to see a few of his acquaintances, and the one with such a huge amount of killing intent surging in their eyes was none other than Fu Shengnan.

So it really is that woman, Ning Cheng had really not expected that this woman would come to see these battles. In addition to this woman, there were 7-8 other people standing on the main platform watching the battles, moreover all these young looking men and women were all cultivators in the Soul Essence Realm. There were even two people among them who even had the cultivation of the great circle of the Soul Essence Realm.

Ning Cheng directly ignored Fu Shengnan, in his eyes Fu Shengnan was simply a passer-by. What he truly was surprised was that in this group of young looking men and women, the age of the two cultivators with the cultivation of great circle of Soul Essence Realm was not higher than his own. As Ning Cheng observed this, his yearning for entering the Small Spiritual Domain grew to an even higher level. In his view, for the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to have so many young experts, it could be seen that the effect of the Small Spiritual Domain was simply tremendous.

At this point Chunyu Zhen’s attack was already in full swing, Ning Cheng carefully maneuvered himself to cope with it, and however he did not quickly move to defeat this Chunyu Zhen. He could feel that there were a few spiritual consciousnesses that were sweeping up at him from time to time from their direction, plus with him having a feud with Fu Shengnan, it would be better for him to be cautious. Besides, this Chunyu Zhen was not someone who would be able to force him to use his killer moves anyways.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Wen, what’s going on? How come this guy is still alive?” Fu Shengnan asked Senior Apprentice Brother Wen who was standing not far from her. Although she held some dissatisfaction in her heart, but she really did not dare to openly question her Senior Apprentice Brother Wen in this regard.

That cultivator surnamed Wen also gave a frown, “I also do not know about this, I gave Wu Zhuo several Level 5 Talismans, as it stands this guy should not have appeared on today’s battle stage. But looking at the things, it seems that Wu Zhuo was killed by him. But the way he is battling it out is simply ordinary, how could Wu Zhuo lose to him?”

Fu Shengnan did not speak the words that came to her lips, she decided not to ask other people to help her, if she wanted to accomplish the things that she wanted then she had to do it by herself.

That cultivator surnamed Wen also felt Fu Shengnan’s dissatisfaction, as he gave a smile and spoke, “It is just a mere ant, Junior Apprentice Sister Shengnan you can rest assured. Although I am not aware as to what trick he used, but I will make him understand, in the shortest possible time, the consequences of offending Junior Apprentice Sister Shengnan.”

Those words spoken by that cultivator surnamed Wen seemed to have brought some satisfaction, although Fu Shengnan did not say anything, she did nod her head in acknowledgement.

Xun Hanrui, who was standing not much farther away, was able to clearly see the expressions flowing between the cultivators surnamed Wen and Fu Shengnan, as she put on a thoughtful face.

In addition to them there were also several other people observing the situation on the battle stages, it was as if these battles between the Profound Congealing Cultivators were the most attractive things for these Soul Essence Cultivators.

Standing on the right side of the main platform were two female cultivators, one of them was wearing a purple robe, while the other one was wearing a blue green floral printed robe.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Ziyan. You see the brown robed cultivator on the 6th battle arena, the one with the cultivation of the great circle of the Profound Congealing Realm, his attacks are quite severe and ruthless, not to mention decisive, and is definitely far more powerful than other ordinary Profound Congealing Cultivators.” The female cultivator wearing the floral printed robe spoke up.

Senior Apprentice Sister Ziyan also nodded and spoke, “Pretty good, among these battle stages, this person should be regarded as the most powerful one. You had better pay attention to him. If he is willing, then you can take him.”

“How could he not be willing, this kind of opportunity is not something that would appear often.” The female cultivator wearing the blue green floral printed robe spoke out with a giggle, “Not to mention that if he saw how Senior Apprentice Sister looks, then he might just immediately go into a dizzy spell. In his heart he is sure to think, as to where did such a beautiful fairy descended from.”

“Don’t be garrulous, just chose one or two and be done with it.” This Senior Apprentice Ziyan snapped back at her.


As Ning Cheng continued to keep a low profile, it caused the people who were observing him with their spiritual consciousness to lose interest in him, even if there was an occasional spiritual consciousness that swept over him, it was only to observe the situation of his opponent.

30 battle stages to decide the 30 spots, moreover the competition style was not like a round robin, you just had to take the first place on your respective battle stages. After only half a day, the results had already been released.

Ning Cheng, without any surprise, secured the first place on the 9th battle stage, Liang Kexin also was the first name on the 17th battle stage, allowing each of them to enter the top thirty, becoming the Inner Sect Disciples of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.

To obtain the first place in their respective battle stages, it was apparent that their generation was definitely not someone simple; each of those thirty participants had their own tricks to reach that level. Except for Ning Cheng’s 9th battle stage, where although Ning Cheng won every match each time he entered the stage, however every match that he won was in a fair and law abiding manner, it was simply ordinary to even look at. He already had Fu Shengnan as a potential enemy; as such, he would absolutely not let Fu Shengnan see any of his killer moves.

Therefore, except for Ning Cheng’ 9th battle arena, the other people who obtained first positions in their respective battle arena were repeatedly measured up in a very careful manner.

As the rest of the thirty disciple were officially elected, a long bearded old man suddenly flew down onto the main stage of the arena. Even those young looking Soul Essence Cultivators who were standing on the stage, on seeing the old man descend, also parted to the two sides. While the remaining 29 cultivators selected were standing together with Ning Cheng, they could easily guess from such a display that this old man should hold some status in the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.

After the old man descended onto the main stage, he gave a casual glance at the thirty people, and nodded with satisfaction, before speaking out in a loud voice, “First of all, I would like to congratulate the thirty of you young talents for taking up the top thirty places. Congratulations on becoming the Inner Sect Disciples of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, you will be given your own immortal cave, and would also be able to study the Dao Laws of our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.”

“The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect is one of the long standing and influential sects in the Tian Continent, as such each time we recruit disciples it would inadvertently turn out to be a grand affair. Only, at this moment, it was conducted in a bit of a hasty manner, in fact this time is actually not the time when our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect usually recruit disciples, as such this session can be considered to be a temporary Inner Sect Disciple recruitment…..”

Seeing that the surroundings were getting noisy, the old man raised his hand causing a light pressure to descend, “However if during this time you end up as a ‘Chosen’ among the Inner Sect Disciple, then there might be a chance for you to obtain benefits that you might not have even thought of in your dreams. With that out of the way, I now invite all the selected Inner Sect Disciples into the Mission Announcement Hall.”

Ning Cheng suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart; he could vaguely sense that he not showing his power out in full might just prove to not be a good decision.

“Big Brother Ning, we must hurry in.” Liang Kexin was very excited, no matter what the matter was, she was now already a true Inner Sect Disciple of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.


Ning Cheng and Liang Kexin followed the group of people into the Mission Announcements Hall, which was already packed with many people. Ning Cheng simply did not need to ask, but rather could easily guess that these cultivators who had arrived here first, should be the 70 Inner Sect Disciples that were recruited through the first category.

What made Ning Cheng puzzled was that the young looking Soul Essence Cultivators who were watching the battles from the main stage had also come inside the hall.

After all the people came in, a middle-aged cultivator came to the front and spoke, “This time all the one hundred newly recruited Inner Sect Disciples are here, before Elder Hong had spoken about a dream like opportunity in front of the influential clans and families, and now let me be the one to enlighten the influential clans and families about what this opportunity is all about. This opportunity is something extremely huge for you all, as it involves a chance for you to enter the Small Spiritual Domain to cultivate for a full month…..”

This middle aged cultivator was immediately interrupted by a burst of excited voices; there were already many cultivators who were very eager to enter the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, only because the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect had the Small Spiritual Domain. And now that someone had told them that, they might even get a chance to cultivator for a full month in the Small Spiritual Domain, with this kind of opportunity presented in front of them how could they not be excited and behave as if it was nothing.

Ning Cheng’s heart sank; he knew that there might just be something else. Seeing those Soul Essence Cultivators on the side, it seems that they had to get their appraisals to even get a spot to enter the Small Spiritual Domain.

But when Ning Cheng’s eyes swept towards Fu Shengnan who was still staring at him, he suddenly calmed down. Even if he did not get that opportunity at this moment, in the future he would definitely be able to secure the opportunity to enter the Small Spiritual Domain. Besides, it was merely a single month; as such, he also did not take it to heart.

“The people from the other influential clans and families, please be quiet and listen to my words.” The middle aged male cultivator quickly raised his hands and exuded a slight pressure in quieten down the noisy atmosphere, he was already aware of the level of excitement this piece of new would produce.


After everyone finally quieted down, only then did this middle aged cultivator speak up, “The Great Liang True Country and the Northern Shang True Country are in the midst of a great war, resulting in countless casualties, many of the other academies and sects have sent their important disciples to help in mediating the dispute between them, in order to avoid even more damage and casualties……”

Ning Cheng on hearing these words just gave a sneer, he had not been living on the Yi Xing Mainland for just a day or two, a great war between two true countries, even if these two true countries ended up completely destroying each other, it would still not be enough for the academies to ‘kindly’ come forth to act as a mediator. Furthermore, it was simply impossible for them to convince the cultivators present here with these kinds of words. What this middle aged cultivator meant from his words was that this Great War would definitely prove to be a good thing for them, or there would at least be some solid reason worthy enough for academies to set out to help them.

“In order to avoid causing even greater disputes to arise, the various influential and long standing academies have agreed that only Soul Essence Cultivators or below can be dispatched. In fact sending higher levelled cultivators would not simply be of no use, when the time comes you would naturally come to understand as to why.”

The middle aged cultivator once again swept his eyes towards the hundred newly recruited Inner Sect Disciples before he continued to speak, “Our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, this time, are sending a total of four True Inheriting Disciples along with four Core Disciples. But each of these disciple are also permitted to bring one or two Profound Congealing Disciples with them, moreover these Profound Congealing Disciples must not only be powerful, but also must have a flexible and nimble mind…….”

Hearing the words until here, not only Ning Cheng, even the rest of the newly chosen Inner Sect Disciples came to understand as to what was going on. Some of them were selected because of their powerful spiritual roots; as such, the strength of these selected disciples was already quite low, causing it to be obvious that the selection would not be related to them. Since there were only eight True Inheriting Disciples and Core Disciples that were being sent out, as such they could at most take with them a total of 16 people.

Seeing the atmosphere turned somewhat dull, this middle aged cultivator raised his voice as he spoke, “All of you have been chosen to become Inner Sect Disciples, as such all of you have an opportunity to enter the academy’s Small Spiritual Domain for cultivation for a full month, this shows how much importance and serious consideration the academy has attached to you…..”

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