Chapter 0267

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0267: I Choose Ning Cheng

Ning Cheng sighed; it really was as he thought it out to be ah. Although he had won every single fight, but those in the first thirty, who among them had lost before? It looks like these True Inheriting Disciples and Core Disciples would have an open season to fill their spots, and would certainly not pick him.

“Each of your performances on the battle arena were all carefully looked at by the True Inheriting and the Core Disciples. Those Inner Sect Disciples chosen by them shall remain behind, however those who were not selected by them can directly make their way to the Inner Sect Disciple’s Affairs Hall, so that you can be assigned your own immortal caves and also complete the entry and other registration related matters.” As the middle aged man finished talking, he directly moved to the side, apparently waiting for the True Inheriting Disciples and the Core Disciples to start their selection.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Que, you are our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Seniormost Apprentice Brother, you should be the one to make the first pick.” Several of the young looking men and women standing there spoke out in a unanimous manner.

“Many thanks for the love and concern shown by the Junior Apprentice Brothers and Junior Apprentice Sisters, such being the case then please forgive me for being the first to come forward.” A 30 year old young looking male cultivator came forward with a smile on his face.

This was one extremely handsome looking fellow; this fellow would definitely be able to sing like an actor playing the role a pretty woman. Even Ning Cheng was praising this Senior Apprentice Brother Que for his good looks sincerely, wearing a pale blue brocade robe, with his waist area covered with a brocade belt, made of a mysterious coiling black flaming pattern, giving an indication that it might just be a defensive spiritual artefact. Not only was his stature tall, but he even had a gentle look combined with a mild mannered face. Just looking at his robe, one could definitely be able to sell it for many spirit stones.

[TL Note – ‘Sing like an actor playing the role a pretty woman’ not sure what this phrase particularly means, but suffice to say it is one of the highest compliments for a handsome looking man.]

Thinking of spirit stones, the determination in Ning Cheng’s heart grew explosively, that was the determination to enter the Small Spiritual Domain to fill up his Core Lake. Only by filling up his Core Lake, would he have a chance to advance to the Profound Core Realm.

This handsome looking male cultivator came out with cupped fists, and looked really polite, “To all of you Junior Apprentice Brothers and Junior Apprentice Sisters, I am Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s True Inheriting Disciple Que Hongshui, and everyone can just address me as Senior Apprentice Brother Que if you want to. Although in my heart there are no True Inheriting, Core, Inner Sect or Outer Sect Disciples, as long as you are part of my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, then we are all brothers and sisters of the same sect. Not only should we support each other, while improving our own cultivations, all for not only earning face for yourself, but also for the academy…..”

Que Hongshui had a cool eloquence to his words, not only did his words calm everyone down, but it also allowed everyone to feel that this Seniormost Apprentice Brother of their was someone really amiable, while at the same time it also served to increase the image of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to an even higher level in their eyes.

“Because the Great Liang True Country and the Northern Shang True Country are in the midst of a great war, our academy is also one of the few that has released mediation assignments for the same. However, I really dare not say that these assignments are actually for the mediation between the two true countries who are in the midst of a great war, as the fact is that we simply are not qualified to act as mediators, rather we would be using this time for something else. Although once chosen, the disciple might have a higher chance of entering the Small Spiritual Domain for cultivation, but there is also a heavy risk of falling, as such if you are unwilling to go, then you can stand apart by yourself. You can stay back at the academy while you continue with your cultivation. This is only human nature, no one would blame you.”

As Que Hongshui’s words came out, it caused everyone to form a sort of goodwill towards him. That is to say, saying that they would be going to mediate between two true countries in the midst of a great war, even if it was a heavenly actor showing grief, just who would be lying to whom ah. Without any benefits, who would even think of going there?

“Please allow me to pick a disciple, the 13th battle arena’s Feng Zhen.” Que Hongshui stated the Inner Sect Disciple that he wanted to pick.

A male cultivator standing near to Ning Cheng, on hearing Que Hongshui’s words, quickly came forward, and excitedly spoke, “This Feng Zhen offers his sincerest thanks for the love showed by Seniormost Apprentice Brother, greetings to you all Senior Apprentice Brothers and Senior Apprentice Sisters……”

Que Hongshui gave a smile and spoke, “Feng Zhen, you can come stand by at my side. In a while I will arrange a few things for you”

“Yes, Senior Apprentice Brother Que.” Feng Zhen excitedly walked out of the crown, but with many envious eyes staring at him, he went and stood behind Que Hongshui.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Ziyan, I have made my choice, you can come and make your pick now.”

As Que Hongshui finished his words, he took the initiative to move to the side.

Ning Cheng then saw a female cultivator wearing a purple and lavender coloured robe step up as she gave a nod, while slowly walking to the front. As she came forward Ning Cheng could hear many of the cultivators around him sigh with amazement. He knew that what they were amazed was the impeccable beauty of this purple robed female cultivator.

This Junior Apprentice Sister Ziyan really was quite slender and extremely attractive looking, and was in no way inferior to Yan Ji and Nalan Ruxue. Moreover, with the noble temperament that she was exuding, this Junior Apprentice Sister Ziyan was actually much better when compared to Yan Ji and Nalan Ruxue by at least a full level. With clear and deep water like eyes, and a picturesque face, it was simply the epitome of flawlessness.

Even the clothes that she wore or the way she draped her hair was not able to offset the beauty exuding from her face, rather it was her face that was offsetting the way she draped her hair and the clothes she wore. A woman to grow up like this, she could easily put the previous generations to shame. She simply did not even have the need to put on makeup, rather wherever she stopped, it was more than enough to attract innumerable eyes on her.

After Ning Cheng had come to the Yi Xing Mainland, Ning Cheng had seen many beauties, and was not like before when he was assumed to be a perverted elder brother. He was aware that in this place, women who wanted to pursue beauty simply did not need to go under the scalpel. There were many spiritual grasses, pills and even cultivation methods to cultivate in, which can cause a woman to have an unparalleled temperament. Continuing with this kind of temperament for a long time would also slowly remove some of the smaller flaws, so that the women became even more beautiful, as such, this type of thing was nothing remarkable for him.

[TL Note – ‘Perverted elder brother’ here is actually ‘Elder Brother Pig/Swine’ in the raws, used to describe people, especially men, who do nothing but ogle at women. Remember how Ning Cheng was continuously misunderstood in the early chapters for his interactions with women.]

Elder Sister Lan Shu said that she had a cultivation method that she could pass onto his fiancée Luofei. Ning Cheng on thinking to this point suddenly couldn’t help but think of his fiancée Luofei. Once Luofei’s face was restored in the future, then presumably it would not be worse than this Junior Apprentice Sister Ziyan, Yan Ji, or Nalan Ruxue. Besides, even if was something inferior to them, so what? He was looking for a wife and not looking at vases.

Seeing Ning Cheng observe the proceedings as if it was something alien to him, Xun Hanrui who was standing on the side suddenly wanted to laugh. While all the people standing in front of them were concerned about who would be chosen by the respective True Inheriting and Core Disciples, Ning Cheng seemed to be the only person among them who was thinking about other things. Although she only met Ning Cheng for an extremely short time, but she somehow knew, that Ning Cheng was a lot different from the others.

If it were an ordinary cultivator, which one of the Profound Congealing Cultivators in front of them would even dare to stop a Soul Essence Cultivator in the middle of a street to ask for help? Besides, he didn’t even show the tiniest trace of fear or even had a sense of humility. In addition, which one of those Profound Congealing Cultivators in front of them would dare to even say ‘Fuck off’ to a Soul Essence Cultivator? One could guess that only a person with thick nerves would dare to do all these things. Moreover, Ning Cheng’s strength was also quite good, that is, although his performance was ordinary to look at, he still was able to rush into the top 30, other than luck favouring him; the only other thing would be that he had a deep foundation.

[TL Note – ‘A person with thick nerves’ here means ‘A person with nerves of steel’, in other words someone fearless.]

Looking at all his battles, she could see that he went into each battle wholeheartedly and finally relying in his deep foundation ended up winning over his opponent.

The purple robed woman was also smiling, her eyes had already swept past all the Profound Congealing Cultivators in front of them, and had also noticed Ning Cheng’s mind wandering through different things. While all the disciples had a nervous look on their faces, it could be seen that he was the only person among them who was still thinking of something else.

However, although the purple robed woman noticed it, but she soon put it at the back of her head, “All the Junior Apprentice Brothers and Junior Apprentice Sisters, my name is Luo Ziyan, and am also one of the True Inheriting Disciples of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. I won’t be speaking anymore words, as they had all been spoken by Deacon Hong and Senior Apprentice Brother Que, as such it would be meaningless for me to speak anymore. I will also be selecting just a single Inner Sect Disciple, I chose Che Yan of the 6th battle arena.”

A brown robed cultivator on hearing Luo Ziyan picking his name became a bit too excited to the point of even shivering, as he quickly came forward and even bent down to the point of his head touching the ground to give his thanks, before moving and carefully standing behind Luo Ziyan.

By this time, Ning Cheng had also recovered his senses, and had even started to secretly admire the choices. He had also looked through the battles, as he was somewhat concerned about the situations on the rest of the battle arenas. Whether it was Que Hongshui’s choice of Feng Zhen, or Luo Ziyan choosing Che Yan, both of them were someone whom he himself considered powerful.

After Luo Ziyan finished her selection she also moved back, allowing a third person to come forward, it was another young looking man with a very indifferent and cold face.

“Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s True Inheriting Disciple Hu Hong, chooses Yu Tingmeng.” The way this man spoke was similar to his expression, cold and concise.

Ning Cheng had also observed, that the disciples coming out to choose, whether they were True Inheriting or Core Disciples, they all came in a particular order of their cultivations, that is from high to low. Que Hongshui the one who made the first choice and Luo Ziyan were already cultivators at the great circle of the Soul Essence Realm, while this Hu Hong was a Soul Essence 6th Level Cultivator.

He was then followed by the True Inheriting Disciple Zuo Xiangsu, followed by the Core Disciples Wen Han and Fu Huahui who each chose an Inner Sect Disciple with Profound Congealing Cultivation.

It could be guessed that because the True Inheriting Disciples had only selected a single Inner Sect Disciple, as such even though the Core Disciples could still choose more, they only selected a person each.

As expected, Ning Cheng was not chosen by anyone, but what was unexpected for Ning Cheng was that Liang Kexin was still not selected. In his view, Liang Kexin’s performance was absolutely impressive, although it couldn’t be said to be the best, but it could definitely be counted among the top five.

As Ning Cheng mused about it, at the same time the seventh person to come forward was none other than the Core Disciple Xun Hanrui. She first smiled at Ning Cheng first and then held her fists before speaking, “Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Core Disciple Xun Hanrui chooses Liang Kexin from the 17th battle arena.”

“Many thanks Senior Apprentice Sister Xun.” Liang Kexin on hearing Xun Hanrui select her was immediately surprises as she offered her thanks. By contrast, she had already wanted to go back to the Great Liang True Country to have a look at the situation. Not to mention, how could she give up on the opportunity to cultivate in the Small Spiritual Domain for a full month?

“I have already made my choice, Junior Apprentice Sister Shengnan; it’s your turn now.” Xun Hanrui moved to the side before turning to Fu Shengnan and giving her a smile, while at the same time pulling over Liang Kexin to stand at her side.

Xun Hanrui’s attitude towards Liang Kexin, immediately caused a few puzzling glances to be cast at her. Although there were many Inner Sect Disciples chosen by the other True Inheriting and Core Disciples, but all of them chose to display a respectable face. Moreover, these chosen Inner Sect Disciples, all of them stood behind their respective True Inheriting and Core Disciples. As such, Xun Hanrui holding Liang Kexin hand in this manner was definitely a first.

As Fu Shengnan came forward, she glanced at the many people in front of her who were filled with an eager look in their eyes, before her gaze finally fell on Ning Cheng’s body.

“I chose Ning Cheng, the first among the 9th battle arena…..”

Hearing Fu Shengnan’s voice, both Liang Kexin and Ning Cheng’s heart sank at the same time, while at the same time; Xun Hanrui also gave a frown. Xun Hanrui had her doubts when she had seen Fu Shengnan and Wen Han whispering to each other before, and was also not unfamiliar with their and Ning Cheng’s relationship, now that Fu Shengnan chose Ning Cheng, she certainly knew that Fu Shengnan did not choose Ning Cheng out of kindness, but rather made a move on Ning Cheng with an intent to kill.

However, she only sighed in her heart this Junior Apprentice Sister Shengnan of hers was really someone who held too much nervousness in her heart. She felt that if Ning Cheng and Fu Shengnan became friends, then there would not be any more such thoughts, but unfortunately, Fu Shengnan was a person who simply thought too much.

At the same time, the rest of the disciples with the Soul Essence Cultivation looked at Fu Shengnan in a puzzling manner; Fu Shengnan was a Core Disciple as such how could her vision be so bad aah. Although Ning Cheng from the 9th battle arena had won every single match, but seeing the overall situation, how could he even enter the eyes of the experts watching all along. At most, he could be considered as a mediocre Inner Sect Disciple, with Fu Shengnan coming from the Fu Clan, it makes sense that she wouldn’t have such bad eyes right?

Ning Cheng on hearing Fu Shengnan chose him, how could he not know that the other party wanted him dead. Sure enough, she really turned out to be a cheap woman on the inside, although Ning Cheng was cursing at her in anger inside his heart, but he was also quite helpless. Moreover, he now did not have any more Rank 6 Soul Essence Puppets, as such at this moment he was 100% not a match against Fu Shengnan.

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