Chapter 0276

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0276: Garbage, Garbage

[TL Note – The characters 因果 literally translates to Cause and Effect/Karma in Chinese, but because the author likes to talks about Cause and Effect separately while also referencing to Karma as a whole, I will also be using the two forms intermittently. Please keep that in mind as you read further along the story.]

Ning Cheng guessed that this place was something similar to an immortal mansion, and the entrance to it was controlled by someone or something, as such his mind was constantly thinking about countermeasures, however he did not know that there were actually a huge number of eyes looking at his actions.

“Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar?” Ning Cheng had just taken a few steps forward, when he saw a huge jade barrel, the jade barrel was without a lid as such the contents inside the barrel could be seen clearly. It turned out to be a barrel filled with Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar.

Although the cultivators inside the ice house were frozen alive, but when they saw that much quantity of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, they couldn’t help but show a covetous glint in their eyes.

“Hey, how come there is a big barrel filled with used bath water in here? It looks like the person who stayed here seemed to like living dirty, otherwise why would he even collect used bath water? This is just too perverted.” Ning Cheng was still trying to recall how and why he had come in, while he spoke his words aloud in a disdainful manner.

Ning Cheng even used his spiritual consciousness to repeatedly sweep at this Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, and finally determined that this was not an illusion, but rather the true Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar. However, in his heart, he couldn’t help but have a feeling that this Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar in front of him was not at all real. With this kind of fake stuff in front of him, although he was not able to identify if it was truly fake or not, he couldn’t help but have a feeling that he really should not touch it.

However even if it was truly the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, Ning Cheng would still look at it with disdain. Saying that the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar was something akin to bath water was also not completely wrong, at least he and Yan Ji had used this thing to actually take a bath and on more than one occasion.

But what if he did not have a huge quantity of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar in his possession currently? Wouldn’t he just forget thinking about how he came in once again, and grab the barrel of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar and throw it into his ring?

After Ning Cheng said that this barrel of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar was only fit to be bathwater, he could feel that the place seemed to be filling up with an intense anger. This made Ning Cheng surer that there was definitely someone inside controlling all these things, and because he showed disdain towards all the things inside this place it ended up causing the one controlling to become very angry. Fortunately, he definitely had a few good things on him, and his Zifu was also remoulded by the Mysterious Yellow Origin, as such, it would definitely not be easy for him to fall into that greed inducing realm, not easy at all.

Although Ning Cheng did not know why there were so many good things appearing one after another here, but he was sure that the reason why these good things were continuing to come out was actually to allow him to take them away. He at present unexpectedly did not even touch anything, wasn’t this equivalent to saying ‘What else can you come up with for me?’

Thinking of here, Ning Cheng instead took out a jade wooden scoop. This scoop was actually filled with his own Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar taken from his Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar Pond. He first washed his hands with the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, after which he made an exaggerated show of throwing away the remaining Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar onto the ground before saying, “This father uses this stuff every day to bath, if not for using it for washing my hands and feet, I at least use it daily to wash my ass. Is this place a doghouse or what, how could it be filled with garbage? Coming here really made me excited in my heart initially, but it really let me down, it is just too disappointing aah……”

Although he was spewing out disdain filled words from his mouth, Ning Cheng tightly held the talisman he had received from the skeleton in his hand, if the situation turned south, then he would immediately crush the talisman. Ning Cheng trusted that this talisman given to him by that skeleton would definitely be extraordinary, and would certainly help him in teleporting back to the bottom of the Blood River. If he really could not even hold his own ground, then what use was it to discuss about saving others?

Anyways, he currently also possessed a few best quality spirit stones, as such it would not be that big of a deal to go there once again. Since that skeleton can give him a talisman before, then he certainly could give him a second one.

When Ning Cheng said that the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar was only something trashy that he used to bath with, the cultivators trapped in the ice house could help but stare at Ning Cheng in shock. This was Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar aah, just a dozen drops of it was more than enough for a cultivator to help them in their understandings. Yet there was a barrel full of it in front of him, and the only thing that Ning Cheng said was that it was just a bucket of bathwater.

Some of the trapped cultivators couldn’t help but think that Ning Cheng might somehow be aware that he would not be able to take these things, because of which he was spewing all those words. But Ning Cheng was just a Profound Core 1st Level Cultivator, how could he be aware of such things? If he was not aware of this point, how could he control himself in front of such precious things?

The huge cauldron on top of the ice house could not help but roar out in exasperation. The bouts of shaking immediately attracted the attention of the cultivators trapped in the ice house.

Although all the people knew that they were trapped and encased in the icicles, they were aware that in case they were not able to resist, then their soul would automatically flow out into the huge cauldron. But now that huge cauldron was shaking quite strongly, it caused all the people to be surprised.

However, the people trapped in the ice house once again focussed their attention on resisting the cold coming from the icicles, all of them were aware that even if they panicked it would be of no use. The existence of this ice house seems to be working on a set principle, that is, you must take the initiative to take its things, only then will it be able to trap you in the ice house. And once you were trapped in the ice house, as long as you were able to resist the cold, you would not have to worry too much. As for the existence residing in the huge cauldron, it would also not force you to spill your soul into the huge cauldron.

Ning Cheng at present was constantly cursing about the things here being completely rubbish and junk, and would not even touch the things here let alone grabbing it. As they looked at the seemingly angry existence in the huge cauldron, they couldn’t help but think that maybe there might be a chance for them to be rescued. Thinking of all these things, almost all the people were looking forward to Ning Cheng cursing the things here to be garbage even more. The more badly he could curse the better it might turn out to be.

However all of them were aware that not only the things here were not rubbish but on the contrary all of them were actually good stuff of top quality.

But when Ning Cheng really took out the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, and even used the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar to wash his hands, before throwing away the jade scoop still containing a part of it onto the ground, all the cultivators trapped there were completely shocked. Dear god, this person really was not faking it, it turns out this thing in this person’s eyes truly was garbage aah.

It seems that the cultivators trapped in here were aware that Ning Cheng understood that he couldn’t take the things in here casually; causing them to lift the doubt, they had initially. It seems that the Profound Core Cultivator, in the end, was really aware that he couldn’t touch the things here casually; either that or he really felt that the things here truly were garbage?

Only Liang Kexin knew that Ning Cheng really did possess a lot of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, as to how much, even she was not very clear about it.

At the moment, the existence in the huge cauldron who was simmering in anger also gradually quieted down, it seems that even it was shocked with Ning Cheng really taking out the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, and really using it as bathwater to wash his hands and even throw it onto the ground. If Ning Cheng was not deliberately doing this, then what else could it do?

The huge cauldron was itself an extremely ancient and terrifying existence, moreover it also cultivated in Karma, as such, it was aware that for each cause that existed, there would be a corresponding effect that would come into play. If Ning Cheng really did not covet his immortal cave as a cause, then there was simply no way for it to bring out an effect.

As the huge cauldron gradually stabilized itself, more and more good things continued to appear in front of Ning Cheng.

“Medium grade attack type true artefact? Rubbish.”

“High grade defensive type true artefact? Garbage.”

“Rank 8 Prefecture Levelling Pill? Trash”

“Possible Temporal Transformation’s Killing Intent Pill? Waste”


“Hey, there is a humongous Pill Cauldron here……” As Ning Cheng moved forward, all the while calling out to the things as garbage, he finally stopped in front of the foot of a humongous pill cauldron that was a high grade true artefact.

The existence in the huge cauldron, who was almost on the edge of exploding out of anger, finally let out a long breath. This kid finally stopped. This father will not believe that there is nothing here that would tempt you. Although he did not care about the soul of a Profound Core kid, but seeing all that had happened, he was growing increasingly impatient to try it out, it now wholeheartedly wanted to find what this Profound Core kid’s soul tasted like.

All the people trapped inside the ice house were nervously watching Ning Cheng’s actions, none of them knew if Ning Cheng would finally make a move to grab this pill cauldron.

Ning Cheng circled around the pill cauldron for a long time, before he gave out a sigh and spoke, “Originally, I wanted to take this back to use as my toilet, but just how many edges does this thing even have? Can anyone even sit on it to do his or her business? Although this is not garbage, but it is also not much different from garbage. It is just garbage outdoing garbage. Phooey…..”

After spitting a few times into the pill cauldron, he finally spoke up, “Just looking at it not only make my eyes hurt, but also worsens my mood.”

Even if it did not understand the phrase ‘Garbage outdoing garbage’, it still brought the existence inside the huge cauldron to almost the tipping point, it was enraged to such an extent that it was even thinking of going completely against its own Dao of Karma, to bring Ning Cheng directly into the ice house and then forcibly entombing him in the icicles.

However, that existence still had its own intelligence, with its current cultivation, just trying to maintain this immortal cave was proving to be difficult, once it violated its Dao of Karma then it would once again have to sink into slumber for countless years.

Ning Cheng’s had already gotten control of his sanity, and was now much clearer on what was going on, he knew that everything happening was to get him to fall into someone’s control, and these continuously emerging magical weapons and pills were the biggest clue to him.

But he also knew that the only thing that he could do was to repeatedly call out to the person secretly keeping a watch over him, and then immediately start face to face negotiations.

Ning Cheng’s grip on the talisman in his hand tightened, before he suddenly said to himself, “Don’t know why there is not a single Mirage Stone here, but with this kind of garbage piled up in the immortal cave, I guess it’s difficult for such a good thing to appear here.”

Ning Cheng had just finished his words and had not gone far when he saw a jade table appear in front of him with two white objects placed over it; these were exactly the Mirage Stones that Ning Cheng had just voiced.

Ning Cheng gave a sneer in his heart, it seems that this fellow really thinks that as long as one could enter the inside of this place, they would completely forget about the cause and effect, and would completely lose themselves in here, regardless of their origins. Unfortunately, he happened to have become aware of this cause and effect. Just as he had spoken about Mirage Stones, the Mirage Stones appeared right in front of him. If these things were not fake, then he would truly have to refuse to believe in anything.

“Hey, it really is a Mirage Stone, Hahaha… Lucky, I guess I’m truly lucky.” Ning Cheng showed a surprised expression as he rubbed his hands together, at the same time, he also looked up and gave out a laugh filled with pride.

“Little grasshopper, although this father’s cultivation is not even a billionth of what it was originally, did you really think that I would not be able to concoct such a trivial thing?” The existence inside the huge cauldron triumphantly looked at the spirited Ning Cheng.

But what it never thought was that, Ning Cheng who looked extremely excited would suddenly go into rage, “Look at the quality of these Mirage Stones, not even a single Mirage Stone with more than seven colors. I understood that this place was rubbish, but I truly did not expect it to be so thrash. For this father, even a nine coloured Mirage Stone is just garbage that I can throw around anytime I want. Just a mere seven coloured garbage Mirage Stone and yet it is placed on the jade table as if it’s the most important thing in the world. What is this place, an immortal cave for a beggar? Disappointing, truly disappointing. Better to leave this place, it’s just too boring in here. Pooh pooh!”

As he spit twice, Ning Cheng casually threw out a nine coloured Mirage Stone as he said, “This grandpa already has many ten coloured Mirage Stones, talking about seven coloured Mirage Stones in front of me is just daring me to disgrace you. Don’t worry, this grandpa will give you a nine-coloured Mirage Stone to play with, take it and play with it to your heart’s content, poor sod.”

Ning Cheng’s words suddenly made the cultivators trapped in the ice house to burst out into laughter, despite their situation. Even if they knew that they might not be able to escape this place, but Ning Cheng’s move truly allowed them to hit back at it.

“Asshole, Mirage Stone can only go up to nine colors, how can there be a ten color one?” The existence inside the huge cauldron finally could not help but unleash the anger building up inside it, even if its body was just a faint flickering shadow, it still rushed out of the huge cauldron towards Ning Cheng with a huge roar. It really could not figure out from where such a quirky Profound Core Cultivator came from. Even if it had to regret its actions later, it would be completely fine with it to trap this person, right?

Ning Cheng took a deep breath, before he turned a bit excited. He could see the outline of an ice house slowly appearing a short distance in front of him. The ice house had three words hanging from above, “Karma House”. Moreover, there were also more than a hundred icicles outside on it, with each icicle seemly encasing a cultivator inside.

“Liang Kexin? Xun Hanrui?” Ning Cheng immediately recognized two people trapped inside the icicles. Then Ning Cheng saw the recently disappeared Xin Hai, then Bu Mei, and the remaining several Soul Essence Cultivators from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. All of these cultivators had a common characteristic, that is, all of them were trapped in an icicle.

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