Chapter 0277

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0277: A Spear That Could Scare You to Death

“Let me see how you can still control yourself in front of me, you little bastard.” The flickering shadow from the huge cauldron roared with a touch of disdain in its voice.

Ning Cheng immediately turned towards the source of the sound that was the flickering shadow. He suddenly had a strange feeling as he looked at the body of the flickering shadow; he couldn’t help but feel a sense of familiarity coming from it. When he had gained the acknowledgement of the Thunder Domain City, it had also allowed him to witness the projection of that Great War between those mighty cultivators, and this flickering shadow seemed to have an aura that was similar to them.

Which meant that this shadow was definitely once a terrifying power, and was maybe hiding here in order to restore his cultivation to the previous peak. Looking at it, he could see that it was also in the same condition as that Fang Jiyan.

“Quite a nice sounding name you got there, you old fogey. Karma House huh, only when there is a cause will a result exist. At present you trapped me inside here without a reason, so in the future you will definitely suffer retribution as the result.” Ning Cheng looked at the Karma House for just a short while, before he suddenly smiled and spoke.

“When did I trap you? You came in here by your own violation.” The flickering shadow suddenly retorted.

Ning Cheng just gave a slight smile, “I was looking for some useful fragments of magical weapons on that battlefield. Didn’t you just bring me here to play with without any reason and also without my permission?”

Ning Cheng felt that when he spoke the word ‘Karma’ back then, the flickering shadow seemed to have become particularly tensed, and simply spoke up out of an impulse.

“You’re just speaking nonsense, since you do not even put a high grade true artefact in your eyes, how can you care about some lower levelled magical weapon fragments? Lying is also subjected to retribution from Karma you know.” The flickering shadow retorted back without any hesitation.

“The hell you know about anything.” Ning Cheng scolded it back with disdain as if it truly was something needed, while he simultaneously took out his own Profound Break Spear, “You can take a look at the magical weapon that I use, it’s just a medium grade spiritual artefact. Yes, this spear is cracked a little. And I only have the cultivation of Profound Core 1st Level, for you to bring out magical weapons that I can’t even use; doesn’t it mean that they aren’t any different than garbage for me?”

Just what kind of logic was this? The flickering shadow immediately turned silent and only after quite a long while did it retort back “Even if you cannot use it in presently, you can still use it in the future, besides do you even know how many spiritual artefacts you can exchange for a single true artefact?”

Ning Cheng also spoke up in a tone that sounded extremely despising to the ears, “Can you guarantee that I could use them in the future? What if my cultivation stagnates? What if by any chance I am not able to exchange them in the future?”

The flickering shadow felt that if it continued to talk with him in such manner then its own recently formed body might just end up collapsing in anger, causing it to hastily retreat into the huge cauldron once again, it did not want to continue arguing with Ning Cheng. “You have friends here; I know you just want to ask me one thing, which is to let me let your friends go.”

Ning Cheng was still holding the talisman in his hand; as such, he was simply not afraid of this flickering shadow on the outside. He once again spoke up in a disdain filled voice, “Why do I have to ask you to let go of my friends? You think you are some kind of a god or something. A single spear from me can easily shatter those icicles of yours; you think I am as helpless as you are? If you could have made a move on me, then you would have already made it a long time ago. You old fart.”

Although he had spoken in such a manner, but Ning Cheng was still very afraid in his heart.

“What did you call me?” The flickering shadow roared out with an angry voice from the inside.

“You’re just a clump of farts; don’t tell me that you lived for such a long time, that you even forgot what an ‘old fart’ means?” Ning Cheng spoke with a cheerful smile. Despite the fear of this flickering shadow rampaging in his heart, he did not believe that this flickering shadow had the ability to lay his hands on him. If he indeed had the ability to do so, then it would never be unable to bear this much of ridicule thrown its way.

At this time, Ning Cheng suddenly heard a ‘Katcha’ sound. Followed by a sight of a few flickering shadows coming out of the icicles, before these spilled out flickering shadows fell directly into the huge cauldron. After this bunch of flickering shadows disappeared into it, the cultivators trapped in those icicles also disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“You old fart, so you were relying on devouring the souls of other people to heal yourself, are you even concerned about face?” Ning Cheng furiously cursed out. He had originally thought that Liang Kexin was just trapped frozen in the icicle, but now it seems that if he did not save her, then perhaps Liang Kexin might just turn to scraps.

The flickering shadow’s voice once again resounded out, “Don’t think that I do not dare to make a move on you, these people are all here because they triggered my cause, so I can and I will use their souls for my own effect. This is all Karma. If you dare offend me, then even if it means going against my own Dao of Karma, then even if I have to receive the Karma of the ant like cultivator like you, I will personally kill you.”

“Oh, so doesn’t it also mean that your life will be finished. Since you yourself cultivate and also pay a lot of attention to Karma, do you even know of my origins? You want to kill me; do you think that you can take the responsibility of such a huge amount of Karma? You already have a huge amount of Karma attached to yourself from the ones you devoured, but even then it seems that you would end up with a premature death, doesn’t it mean that your cultivation is simply fart in the end.” Although Ning Cheng was spewing out gibberish nonsense, he had already come to understand a few things.

When this flickering shadow brought the cultivators into this place, he had already planted the cause, but the effect was something too huge for it to handle. Causing it to use up its own soul as compensation.

What Ning Cheng did not notice, was that when he was casually spewing out such bullshit, it ended causing the flickering shadow to turn completely shocked, moreover it even caused it’s just slightly solidified shadow to lose some of its light.

“Regardless of whether I am able to regain my cultivation or not. You can’t see me. Since you can’t see me and I will in no way leave this huge cauldron, so how can you even make a move against me? Let me tell you the truth, every single inch of this huge hall is filled with my power……” The flickering shadow spoke with a laugh.

“Your power? You just rely on Karma……” As Ning Cheng spoke till here, his heart suddenly skipped a beat, he just remembered that at the moment he came in here, this place seemed to be filled with a power that was almost similar to the Power of Hope, was that the Power of Karma?

If the Power of Hope could be manifested as a force, then who can be sure is the Power of Karma can also be manifested as a force?

“I finally understood a few things, you old fart, although you rely on this thing, perhaps you are also afraid of this Power of Karma, am I right? Do I have to really fear your Power of Karma? Truth be told, I can completely destroy it with just a flick of my hand……” Ning Cheng had only spoken what he thought, whether he was right or wrong, he could only determine it from the next words from the flickering shadow.

“Just who are you?” The flickering shadow once again came out, before it once again dived into the huge cauldron, leaving only a small part of it peeking outside the cauldron. From the trembling tone of its voice, it could be seen that it was now truly extremely afraid of Ning Cheng.

No one in this broken Yi Xing Mainland knew about the Power of Karma, and the ones who did know about this were definitely not cultivators from the Yi Xing Mainland. If he also was the same as it, and was someone who was able to escape that disaster all those years ago, then maybe it had been in hiding for too long in this corner that it simply was not able to recognize those powerhouses from the past.

Thinking that Ning Cheng might turn out to be one of those powerhouses from back then; the flickering shadow couldn’t help but shudder in fear as it gave a wave, causing the ice house that Ning Cheng was seeing in front of him to instantly disappear. Moreover, the cultivators trapped inside the ice house were also not able to see Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng was also able to feel that this flickering shadow was harbouring some sort of fear against him, and was increasingly feeling that his old fart might just be a remnant of a person from a very long time ago. But currently he was very worried about Liang Kexin and Xun Hanrui, and knew that he had to seize this opportunity to rescue the two of them. There was also that Xin Hai, that person was also someone good, as such, he had to think of a way to save them.

Thinking about the things until here, Ning Cheng suddenly flicked the Profound Break Spear in his hand and spoke, “Who do you think this young grandpa is? Let me allow you look at this move then you’ll know who this little grandpa is.”

Using the Profound Break Spear to draw out an untraceable arc, he suddenly stabbed out with it. A berserk spear intent burst out, causing the entire huge hall to look like it had suddenly lost all its colours, a one of a kind desolate killing desire seemed to have completely filled the entire huge hall. It felt as if not to mention the huge hall, even if was a huge planet, in the face of this kind of berserk killing intent, it wouldn’t be able to resist it for a single moment before it turned to ashes.

The flickering shadow suddenly started trembling violently, and in just a twinkling of an eye, it’s slightly solidified shadow became incomparably faint.

“You must be him, must be him……” The flickering shadow barely was able to speak up in an extremely trembling tone, with its entire body visibly shaking. If it had teeth, then Ning Cheng would have definitely heard the sound of teeth clanking against each other in fear.

“Talk less nonsense with this young grandpa, because of a lot of things happening, this young grandpa is not able to remember a lot of things, if you want to make a move against me, then I will not hesitate to shred you into bits.” Ning Cheng was also secretly shocked in his heart as he witnessed the power of his own spear, although it was still not even a billionth in power when compared to the original, it still caused that old fart to almost die out of fear.

Seeing that the flickering shadow seemed to be panic stricken, Ning Cheng suddenly gave a laugh and spoke, “You better hurry up and show yourself out of the ice house, and let me save my people. Otherwise, he he……”

This time that flickering shadow did not dare to spout even a single nonsense, and allowed the ice house to once again turn visible. Ning Cheng immediately saw the icicle in which Liang Kexin was trapped frozen, but at this moment Liang Kexin was visibly trembling, it seemed as if at any moment her soul would flow out causing her body to dissolve.

Ning Cheng immediately entered the ice house, and shot his spear just above the icicle trapping Liang Kexin. ‘Katcha’ a sound emerged as the icicle trapping Liang Kexin instantly shattered, allowing Liang Kexin to collapse onto the ground, as she spat out a mouthful of black blood.

Ning Cheng immediately took out a pill and handed it to Liang Kexin and spoke, “Junior Apprentice Sister Kexin, you go ahead and heal up yourself first, I’ll go and save Junior Apprentice Sister Hanrui.”

Finished speaking, Ning Cheng once again shot out his spear just above the icicle that was encasing Xun Hanrui. Xun Hanrui was a lot stronger than Liang Kexin was; as such the moment she came out, she immediately cupped her fists towards Ning Cheng and thanked him, “Many thanks for Senior Apprentice Brother Ning’s help.”

Under the eager eyes of the many, Ning Cheng directly went towards the front of the icicle entombing Xin Han, and once again shot out with his spear……

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, I want to save the rest of the Senior Apprentice Brothers and Senior Apprentice Sisters ……” Xun Hanrui could not bear it as she looked at the longing filled eyes from inside the icicle pillars, as she asked in a whisper.

Ning Cheng also had noticed the numerous longing filled eyes, and suddenly spoke up, “Old fart you better open all these icicles, all the ones inside are friends of mine.”

Finished his sentence, Ning Cheng instantly remembered what had happened inside the Law’s Way. At that time, he also had saved many people, but in the end, the only thing that he received was hatred from the majority of them.

“Hey, wait wait……” Ning Cheng suddenly saw Fu Shengnan and Wen Han; even if he had to save others, he would not save the two of them.

“Katcha… Katcha…..” Burst after burst of ice shattering sounds emerged, causing Ning Cheng to realize that his words were obviously a bit late, as all the icicles ended up shattered.

All the cultivators felt that they were given a new lease of life; there were even several cultivators who excitedly cried out tears of joy.

“… if there is nothing else, then I’ll go…..” The flickering shadow was cowering inside the huge cauldron, and only spoke with its blurry head exposed.

Ning Cheng at this moment was truly angry at this flickering shadow for the fact that he opened all the icicles too fast. He had even ended up rescuing garbage like Fu Shengnan and Wen Han, and could not help but immediately speak out, “Why leave? Why do you want to go? I worked extremely hard to come here, other than saving the people out here, I did not even obtain the slightest advantage, so how can I let you leave? You can casually bring out hundreds of best quality true artefacts and high grade true artefact, aah, even that pill from before can be considered to be quite good, you can also casually……”

The flickering shadow almost cried out bitter tears as it quickly spoke up, “Those were all manifested with the Power of Karma, although they really are real, but at the same time they are also not real. Besides, you can only look at them but not touch them……”

Ning Cheng gave a grunt, as he picked up his own nine-coloured Mirage Stone that he had casually thrown out, and only spoke, “I see, then I also can’t give this away? You got me here that means you planted the cause, but now you don’t have any fruit for me, you can figure out the rest for yourself.”

Speaking until here, Ning Cheng suddenly remembered something, and quickly spoke out with a sound transmission, “You can go if you want, but you’ll have to get me some good stuffs later, you can bury it here… Aah, bury it deep underground. I will come back later to get it. As long as you can get me the good stuff and bury it in here, it would end up resolving the knot of Karma between us.”

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but think that if this flickering shadow gave all the good things to him, and in front of all the cultivators here, wouldn’t it turn out to be troublesome for him? Although he did not believe, even for a moment, that this old fart did not have anything good with it, but he also did not dare to overly persecute this flickering shadow. In case he ended up going too far in messing with it, it might just turn worse for him.

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