Chapter 0281

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0281: Golden Core Catching Fire

Ning Cheng, who was still cultivating in the Small Spiritual Domain, was completely oblivious to all the things going on outside. At this moment, he had once again entered into that process of crazily absorbing the spiritual qi in the Small Spiritual Domain.

The Golden Core hovering over his Core Lake was continuously spinning, while at the same time the Golden Core was also gradually growing in size, there was even a touch of golden coloured radiance hovering just above the surface of core.

If not for Ning Cheng possessing tenacious and flexible meridians along with a powerful cultivation method, then for him to absorb such a crazy amount of spiritual qi, if he was replaced by any other cultivator, then even if they were able to absorb this much spiritual qi, the only outcome for them would be exploding from oversaturation. Not to mention utilizing this spiritual qi for their own cultivation, to grow their Golden Core.

But such a situation simply did not exist in Ning Cheng, it seemed as if no matter what quantity of spiritual qi was present, he could easily consume it all, and then transmute this spiritual qi into true essence that he could use.

It allowed him to cross from the Profound Core 1st Level to the Profound Core 2nd Level without any ripples. With Ning Cheng immersed in such a crazy method of cultivation, he simply stopped paying any attention to the flow of time.


“Junior Apprentice Sister Kexin, congratulations to your advancement to the Soul Essence Realm, and also becoming a Core Disciple. I did not expect that you would only take a measly seven months, from being a Profound Congealing 9th Level Cultivator to becoming a Soul Essence 1st Level Cultivator. I estimate that you would soon leave me behind in dust.” On a peak that seemed to shoot straight into the sky, Xun Hanrui congratulated Liang Kexin in a heartfelt and delightful manner.

This mountain peak was the new immortal cave that Liang Kexin was bestowed once she advanced to the Soul Essence Realm and became a Core Disciple.

Liang Kexin also had a happy expression on her face, and listening to Xun Hanrui’s congratulations; she simply shook her head and spoke, “Senior Apprentice Sister Hanrui, I am aware of my own limits. Please don’t look at me advancing from the Profound Congealing 9th Level to the Soul Essence 1st Level in only seven months. It was only because of all the good fortune and preparations that I had accumulated over a long period of time. But for me to advance from the Soul Essence 1st Level to the Soul Essence 2nd Level, it would take me a lot more time than this. Moreover Senior Apprentice Sister Hanrui, you already are at the Soul Essence 3rd Level, I definitely would not be able to catch up to you in a short time.”

Liang Kexin was extremely clear on this point, the others might say that she cultivated to the Soul Essence Realm, but it would be more accurate to say that she re-trained herself to the Soul Essence Realm. Moreover, it also took her many years of preparation, along with Ning Cheng’s Mirage Stone and his Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, coupled with cultivating for two months inside the Small Spiritual Domain, only then was she able to restore her cultivation to what it was previously. Now that all that she had accumulated had been completely consumed by her, her cultivation was bound to lag behind the others. She could only slowly accumulate more opportunities for the next breakthrough.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning is still in seclusion inside the Small Spiritual Domain, and has still not yet come out, I really don’t know up to what extent has he cultivated to?” Xun Hanrui couldn’t help but think back to the point that Ning Cheng and Liang Kexin had both entered the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect together. At that time, Xun Hanrui was still at the Soul Essence 1st Level, but even then, she had a vague feeling that Ning Cheng was not far behind her in strength.

Liang Kexin gave a laugh, “Senior Apprentice Brother has nearly 20 months of cultivation time still left on him, it can easily be said that he would not be coming out for a long time. Senior Apprentice Sister Hanrui, let’s go back to the Academy Assignment Hall and pick up some assignments, what do you say?”

Xun Hanrui quickly replied, “I wanted to tell you about this, the Tian Continent’s Great Meet of the Academies is about to begin. We have to participate in the Great Meet as representatives of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, and many of the disciples have already made their way to the venue. This time there will be many elite disciples from the various academies who would be participating in the tournament. I came here to ask if you would want to go there, if so then let’s go together.”

“Tournament at the Great Meet of the ten major academies?” Although Liang Kexin apparently was not aware of a few things, but when she heard of the Tian Continent’s Great Meet of the Academies, she was immediately able to understand a few things.

Xun Hanrui nodded, “That’s right, over the many years our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was squeezed out of the top ten academies. At present, it only exists as a quasi-first class academy, and can no longer squeeze into the rankings of the top ten academies. This time, my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect has managed to raise a few excellent disciples, as such has gained the qualifications to compete once again. This year, even the Academy Head has come out, and has accompanied most of them from the sect.”

“Senior Apprentice Sister Hanrui, then why did you not go with them?” Liang Kexin quickly spoke up.

Xun Hanrui couldn’t help but give a wry smile, “With my cultivation of Soul Essence 3rd Level, combined with my strength being very ordinary among the others in the academy, why would the academy let me participate in this tournament? However, we can go to observe the magical techniques of other people to help in our understandings, it certainly would have great benefits. Besides, the Tian Continent’s Great Meet of the Academies would also be bustling with a huge amount of people each time it is held. As such, there will always be various kinds of auctions and materials that could be purchased and exchanged. Maybe we would be able to purchase a few good things.”

“Of course, I would want to go there, where is this Great Meet of the Academies being held?” Liang Kexin quickly spoke up.

“In the Heavenly Dao Sect’s Heavenly Dao Public Square, there is a huge airship in the Rainbow Fall Makeshift Market that would directly take us to the Heavenly Dao Public Square. If we use our own flight type magical weapons to go over there, then we would not be able to reach there even if we were given a few days’ time.” Xun Hanrui replied.

Liang Kexin immediately replied, “I certainly would want to go there. Unfortunately, Senior Apprentice Brother Ning has still not come out of seclusion, with his temperament; he would certainly be shooting off towards the venue at the first instance.”

“You understand Senior Apprentice Brother Ning that much?” Xun Hanrui asked.

Liang Kexin spoke with a smile, “The truth is I really do not know that much about him. I only know the same amount about him as you know; moreover, our relationship is also purely transactional. However, what I have realized about him is that he is a very emotional person, and is not someone who would let his friends suffer in the least, I feel that he is very trustworthy in this regard.”

“Do you think that such a person like Ning Cheng would already have taken a Dao Companion?” Xun Hanrui suddenly asked something that was completely irrelevant.

Liang Kexin was surprised for a moment, she really had never thought about such things before, she had only viewed Ning Cheng as a friend until now, and really had not paid any attention to the matter of Ning Cheng having a Dao Companion. Now that Xun Hanrui had suddenly asked about such a thing, she couldn’t help but freeze for a moment, before he immediately asked in a puzzling manner, “Senior Apprentice Sister Hanrui, you don’t have a crush on Ning Cheng do you, and want to become Dao Companions with him?”

Xun Hanrui’s face immediately turned red, before she quickly explained, “Just what are you thinking of in that head of yours, I just think of Senior Apprentice Brother Ning as a good friend of mine. The reason I asked this is because Senior Apprentice Brother Ning is still in seclusion, and there are talks about other academies coming our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to discuss a marriage alliance with him.”

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning only has the cultivation of Profound Core 1st Level, who would specifically come here wanting to speak about a marriage alliance between academies involving him? Even such a thing is mentioned, would the academy really go through with it?” Liang Kexin spoke as if she simply did not believe such a thing was possible.

Xun Hanrui’s face once again returned to normal, but she also did not understand this point, “Yeah, the Severing Emotions Dao Sect and the Floating Snow Palace are both counted in the top ten academies of the Tian Continent, as such even if Senior Apprentice Brother Ning gave an even more impressive performance in the immortal cave, it would still not be enough for the two academies to take the initiative to propose a marriage alliance with their True Inheriting Disciples?”

Although she had only spoken a few words, but even she was aware that not to mention the academies, even if it was an ordinary Core Disciple of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, they would unlikely choose Ning Cheng, not to mention being chosen by a True Inheriting Disciple.

“Severing Emotions Dao Sect and Floating Snow Palace?” Liang Kexin repeated the words in shock, before she suddenly spoke, “I know, it must be because these two academies have taken a fancy to the things on Senior Apprentice Brother Ning’s body, they really are shameless.”

Xun Hanrui shook her head and said, “Not necessarily, Ning Cheng just might have many more things on him, if it was just because of the Mirage Stones and Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, with the strength of these two academies, they could easily procure such things from outside. There is simply no need for them to propose a marriage; there must definitely be a different reason.”

Liang Kexin suddenly giggled, “Well these things can only be worked on when Senior Apprentice Brother Ning comes out, only then can any decisions can be made about it. Besides, the True Inheriting Disciples of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect and the Floating Snow Palace are also quite attractive, as such they barely qualify to be worthy of Senior Apprentice Brother Ning.”

Hearing Liang Kexin’s words and the light tone in which she spoke, coupled with her suddenly giggling in a girly manner, even Xun Hanrui could not help but burst out in laughter. Severing Emotions Dao Sect and Floating Snow Palace’s True Inheriting Female Disciples, how can they be barely worthy of Ning Cheng?


Ning Cheng who was still in the Small Spiritual Domain, was crazily circulating his true essence as he finally broke through the barrier and advanced to the Profound Core 7th Level, however his Golden Core which was still crazily spinning over his Core Lake suddenly burst into golden flames making it resemble as a big fire seedling, causing a kind of horror inducing pain to flow into Ning Cheng’s consciousness.

“Puff….” Ning Cheng directly vomited out a mouthful of blood. At this moment, Ning Cheng could feel his entire body weakening at an alarming pace; at this moment, he basically would not be able to muster enough strength to even defend himself against a chicken. Moreover, no matter what he did, he simply was not able to even suppress, let alone extinguish the golden flames that covered his Golden Core; it was as if he had completely lost control of his Golden Core.

Not good, it seems he has finally gone over the threshold of absorbing spiritual qi in the Small Spiritual Domain; the Yang Qi was trying to incinerate his body. Fortunately, Ning Cheng had also heard the advices provided by the several Senior Apprentice Brothers and Senior Apprentice Sisters, he knew that the Yang Qi would burn one from inside to outside. If the accumulation of Yang Qi were light then at most you would lose your cultivation, but if it was too much then there, was even a possibility that even your corporeal body would turn into ashes and disappear.

At this time, Ning Cheng was aware that he should not dare to continue absorbing more of the spiritual qi here for his cultivation. He was even afraid of trying to mobilize the Mysterious Yellow Origin to heal himself. He was aware that the Mysterious Yellow Origin was comprised of Pure Yang Qi, if he mobilized it, then it would be equivalent to adding burning fuel to a volcano.

Looking at his Golden Core, even if one looked with their naked eyes, they would be able to see a thin layer of golden coloured fire that covered his entire Golden Core. Ning Cheng on observing this knew that there was simply no other way. He could only reluctantly try to control the Star River Seed to try to absorb these flames. He did not know if the Star River Seed would be able to absorb these flames or not, but at this moment he truly could not think of any other way.

But what made Ning Cheng completely shocked was that once he tried stimulating the Star River Seed, it was as if a fierce hurricane had swept over, completely swallowing the golden flames that had covered the entirety of Ning Cheng’s Golden Core.

Although his Golden Core turned a bit duller, but Ning Cheng who had just advanced to the Profound Core 7th Level in his cultivation fell back down to the Profound Core 6th Level. Although his cultivation did not rise and instead fell, it actually made Ning Cheng feel relieved, why would he still dare to continue cultivating inside at this moment?

Feeling his true essence and strength slowly recovering, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but be secretly scared in his heart. He was aware that there was a limit on how much one could cultivate inside the Small Spiritual Domain, and was also aware that once the phenomenon of Yang Qi trying to burn one’s body occurred, then it would be extremely hard to turn it back.

However, from what he had heard, the phenomenon of Yang Qi trying to burn one’s body would mostly occur when one was at the Great Circle of the Soul Essence Realm, even between the Soul Sculpting and above realm cultivators, such kind of phenomenon would rarely occur. Even among the Soul Essence Cultivators, such a scenario was still quite rare. Then why did the phenomenon of Yang Qi burning one’s body occur in him who had just advanced to the Profound Core 7th Level?

Forget about the time remaining, he had only cultivated inside this place for just seven months and a few days into the eight month. He had originally intended to only come out after he cultivated to the Great Circle of the Profound Core Realm. Looking at the situating it seems that this was simply impossible. If he wanted to continue cultivating in here, then he would have to find something that would help him curb this kind of phenomenon of Yang Qi burning one’s body.

It was fortunate that he was in possession of the Star River Seed, otherwise, he really had no idea as to how could he resolve the situation of his Golden Core spontaneously bursting into flames?

“There is never such a thing as a perfect existence.” Ning Cheng stood up, and couldn’t help but mutter helplessly to himself, “Fortunately, I have the Star River Seed.”

“Huh….” As Ning Cheng thought about the Star River, he couldn’t help but glance at the Star River Seed in his Zifu. Because of the absorption of the Golden Core Flame, faint golden traces unexpectedly appeared on the outside, as if something was about to break off from the inside of a shell.

Suddenly a crazy idea began to take shape in Ning Cheng’s heart; there might be a chance for him to continue cultivating. If his Golden Core once again burst into flames, then couldn’t he let the Star River Seed once again absorb the flames covering his Golden Core?

Insane? Ning Cheng immediately killed this idea before he could even act upon it. Even if he could make the Star River to break out of the shell with this approach, there was a huge chance that he might just end up ruining his Golden Core. Besides, who could say if he would be able to endure that kind of inhumane pain?

It seems that I really cannot continue cultivating in the Small Spiritual Domain, Ning Cheng thought as he gave a long sigh. It was really unfortunate, as he still had almost a years’ time left.

Well, everything ultimately has a limit on it. Moreover, even if the phenomenon of Yang Qi burning one’s body did not occur, he would still have to leave the Small Spiritual Domain prematurely anyway.

As to trying to face the Soul Essence Thunder Tribulation to advance to the Soul Essence Realm, Ning Cheng was well aware that with his qualifications, if he truly wanted to advance to the Soul Essence Realm, then he would absolutely have to rely on the Soul Condensing Pill. Only after he went out and got hold of the Soul Condensing Pill, could he prepare himself for the Thunder Tribulation.

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