Chapter 0282

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0282: Ning Cheng Comes Out

“You came out.” Ning Cheng had just stepped out of the Small Spiritual Domain, when the old man guarding the entrance of the Small Spiritual Domain took the initiative to speak a sentence.

“Yes, senior. This junior still has some time not used on the Jade Talisman, can senior please help me replace it with the equivalent jade cards. I will come here again later to continue cultivating.” Ning Cheng handed over the partially crumbling Jade Talisman to the old man. He couldn’t help but feel somewhat strange as to why this old man had taken the initiative today to strike a conversation with him.

Although he had come here once or twice, the old man had not even once taken the initiative to speak to him, let alone using this kind of somewhat polite tone. Besides, he had spent just over seven months inside, and had only advanced from the Profound Core 1st Level to the Profound Core 6th Level. For a cultivator cultivating in the Small Spiritual Domain, this kind of speed was not very fast, but at the same time, it was also not slow either.

The old man was very skilled, and in a short while provided Ning Cheng with ten cultivation jade cards, and spoke, “Elder Bei came here to find you earlier to give you some things before he went on a trip.”

“Many thanks Senior, this junior acknowledges.” Ning Cheng put away the jade cards, and quickly thanked him with a sentence, especially after he came to know that Elder Bei had come to visit him.

Elder Bei was none other than Bei Youfa. Ning Cheng simply did not have any backing in the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, if one must absolutely say about his backing, then Elder Bei can be regarded as one of his patrons. Moreover, this person Elder Bei was also good natured, and also seems to appreciate Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng also very much respected Elder Bei, if there was no Elder Bei during the last assignment, then he might not have even be able to come back easily, let alone being richly rewarded.

So, once Ning Cheng came out of the Small Spiritual Domain, he directly made his way to the Distant Sword Peak. The Distant Sword Peak was the immortal cave where Elder Bei lived, as such although Ning Cheng had not come here before, he was still aware of the location of the Distant Sword Peak.


The Distant Sword Peak was quite uncommon, in truth it was even inferior to the immortal caves that were provided to some of the True Inheriting Disciples. Ning Cheng could see from this Distant Sword Peak, that Elder Bei was quite fond of a type of ordinary yet flowing environment. If he had to say as to what was different about this place compared to others, then Ning Cheng would definitely say that it had a unique scholarly aura to it. This kind of aura was actually in perfect harmony with Elder Bei’s Confucian Scholarly feel; rather it actually accentuated that point.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng really came out.” Ning Cheng had just arrived outside the Restriction covering the Distant Sword Peak, when the Restriction automatically opened, revealing a teenage boy behind the Restriction who was standing with his fists cupped towards Ning Cheng.

“Yes, I came here to visit Elder Bei.” Ning Cheng quickly replied.

This teenager took out a golden coloured jade strip and handed it Ning Cheng before saying, “This is something Elder Bei left for you, Elder Bei has gone on a trip to the Heavenly Dao Public Square.”

“Many thanks, Junior Apprentice Brother.” Ning Cheng put away the jade strip and immediately left the Distant Sword Peak, since Elder Bei was not here, then he first would have to return back to the Developing Sword Peak.

Once he was back inside his residence, only then did Ning Cheng took out the jade strip left behind by Elder Bei for the first time.

After looking at the contents of the jade strip, Ning Cheng silently shook his head, before he simply threw the jade strip back into his ring. As for the matter in the jade strip, he truly could not take this matter seriously. The Severing Emotions Dao Sect and the Floating Snow Palace’s True Inheriting female disciples have taken a fancy to him? Even to the point of gunning for a marriage alliance between the academies, just whom did they think they were trying to deceive.

Not to mention that Ning Cheng simply did not believe that the two academies finest female disciples would take a fancy to him, even if he did believe it, it was only a clump of farts to him in the end. Ning Cheng was from Earth; as such, a marriage was not a trifling matter to him. He was brought up with different customs compared to the cultivators here, that is, a marriage for him was something equivalent to a life changing majorly serious event. Not to mention that he already had Ji Luofei.

Moreover the feelings between him and Ji Luofei had started to develop after undergoing a lot of adversities, this kind of feeling and mutual understanding, compared to these academies shamelessly proposing a marriage alliance after getting to know that he possessed a lot of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar and Mirage Stones, was something that cannot be compared on the same level.

That’s not right; Ning Cheng suddenly felt that his own thoughts on this matter were quite simple. The Severing Emotions Dao Sect and the Floating Snow Palace were academies much larger than the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, why would these kind of behemoth academies take the initiative to propose a marriage alliance just because he possessed the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar and Mirage Stones? Even if they wanted these things in bulk, didn’t the two of them already possessed the ability and the resources to easily procure them? Why would they stoop so low with other people?

This matter should not be as simple as it looks from the surface. Ning Cheng couldn’t help but scratch his head, even when he thought about it for a long time; he still wasn’t able to come up with a good reason. But he soon put it at the back of his head, it seems that even his academy has not taken this to heart, if the academy had truly taken this seriously, then why would Elder Bei leave after leaving behind just a single jade strip for him?

Since the academy was also not taking this seriously, then why should he let himself get bothered by it? As for the message left behind by Elder Bei, which suggested him to visit the Severing Emotions Dao Sect and the Floating Snow Palace, Ning Cheng simply went ahead and ignored it.

Even if the Floating Snow Palace possessed the Soul Refining Snow and Ice Domain, Ning Cheng still did not bother about it. The reason why the phenomenon of Yang Qi burning his body occurred was that he was cultivating inside the Small Spiritual Domain. Since he was no longer cultivating inside, as such this kind of thing would not be happening again, so why should he go to the Floating Snow Palace? Moreover, even if he went to the Floating Snow Palace, would they even allow him to use their Soul Refining Snow and Ice Domain?

After putting aside the matter relating to the Floating Snow Palace and the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, Ning Cheng instead focussed his attention on the Tian Continent’s Great Meet of the Academies that Elder Bei had gone to attend. This Great Meet of the Academies, was attended by almost all the elites from all over the Tian Continent, as such he wanted to find out if he would be able to purchase the Soul Condensing Pill from there.

The Soul Condensing Pill was a Rank 7 Pill. Refining it required the Essence Soul Fruit as the main spiritual grass along with several other extremely valuable spiritual objects. Currently Ning Cheng did not have any Essence Soul Fruits, let alone the various other things Ning Cheng needed for its spiritual growth. Moreover, he also was not able to refine a Rank 7 Pill. With his current accomplishments in Alchemy, even if he wanted to refine Rank 5 pills for the Profound Core Realm, it still would be very difficult.

Whether or not he could continue cultivating in the Small Spiritual Domain at this moment, it was not something very important to him. What was truly important to him currently was that he had to find a Soul Condensing Pill for himself, while simultaneously preparing himself for the Thunder Tribulation.

After sorting through all these information for a bit, the first place he wanted to visit was the Academy’s Exchange Hall. He had a million contribution points; as such, he wanted to find out if he could exchange these contribution points for a Soul Condensing Pill. If he could use the contribution points to exchange for a Soul Essence Pill, then he would not have to go out in search for it. Besides, if he wanted to purchase a Soul Condensing Pill on the outside, the spirit stones in his possession might just not be enough.


“You want to exchange it for Soul Condensing Pills?” The person responsible for the exchange of contribution points couldn’t help but voice a question in doubt, but also not waiting for Ning Cheng to answer, gave a reply, “200,000 contribution points….”

“You can really exchange it for Soul Condensing Pills? And also for this cheap…..” Ning Cheng was truly surprised as he immediately took out his Contribution Points Jade Card.

The person in charge of the exchange simply did not take Ning Cheng’s jade card, but rather glanced at Ning Cheng before speaking in a light tone, “I have not yet finished 200,000 contribution points, plus an Essence Soul Fruit……”

Hearing the last three words, Ning Cheng almost shouted out a string of curses. If he had an Essence Soul Fruit, why would he exchange it for the Soul Condensing Pill, moreover even come here to the Academy Exchange?

However, Ning Cheng was also aware that there was no point in arguing for this kind of thing. He did not even finish with his request before he put away the contribution points jade card and started walking towards the Method Depository Pavilion.

Ning Cheng was aware that for the most parts, the people in change of these halls, just like the cultivator responsible for the exchange, would not have too high of a cultivation. In general, these people were somewhat older, and are simply unable to make any progress in their cultivation. But when Ning Cheng laid his gaze on the old man with long eyebrows in the Method Depository Pavilion, he couldn’t help but clench his heart. This long eye browed old man, although looked ordinary on the surface, however he was a cultivator beyond the Soul Sculpting Realm.

Moreover, in his heart he also had a vague feeling, that this old man’s cultivation was far stronger than that of Elder Bei. Which meant that he was at least a late stage Crucible Transformation Cultivator, or maybe even higher.

“Senior, I came to the Method Depository Pavilion to look for information jade strips.” Ning Cheng spoke in a very respectful manner.

The old man with the long eyebrows was pondering over something like a tortoise shell that he was holding in his hand when he suddenly looked up, before giving Ning Cheng a glance, followed by a slight frown.

Ning Cheng became bit worried at the sight of this, but before he could speak up the old man suddenly spoke up, “Just look at the display array formation on the side by yourself.”

Hearing the old man, Ning Cheng immediately took a note of something, that just behind this old man this was a display array formation. Followed by all kinds of Jade Strips containing information about the pavilions. Cultivation Method Pavilion 1st Level, using it for a day requires 100 contribution points, Cultivation Method Pavilion 2nd Level, using it for a day requires 1000 contribution points…

Even Artefact Refining Pavilion, Alchemy Pavilion….

Although Ning Cheng only casually looked at it, he could see that these were at least a few dozen different pavilions, moreover each of these pavilions seem to have many levels. It showed that this huge academy actually had a very rich heritage, looking at these many jade strips, he really could not make out as to how long did it take to accumulate this much.

Ning Cheng soon found the Materials Pavilion that he was in need of, and spoken “I want to go to the Materials Pavilion to look for some information…”

“Just press in 10,000 contribution points, you can go in by yourself after it, once you come out the excess would be returned to you.” The old man spoke plainly.

Ning Cheng quickly took out his contribution points jade cars, and immediately deducted 10,000 contribution points out of it.

Seeing Ning Cheng disappearing into the doorway, into the Materials Pavilion, this long eye browed old man simply shook his head and thought, “It seems he is another one of those hedonistic son of rich parents, only at the Profound Core 6th Level and is able to cultivate in the Small Spiritual Domain to the point of inducing the phenomenon of Yang Qi burning the body. He truly can be considered as the first in this regard. He even has one million contribution points, just which bastard elder’s descendant it he? What a complete waste of resources. If one wanted to cultivate in the Small Spiritual Domain then how could the cultivation inside there be that simple, the Small Spiritual Domain is not just the Small Spiritual Domain, rather bluntly put it is something heavenly in nature.”

Since he had already entered the Materials Pavilion, Ning Cheng certainly did not know that he was someone already heavily despised by that senior, as at this time Ning Cheng was completely focussed in searching every scrap of information jade slips pertaining to the Twin Leaves of the Radiant Heavenly Clouds.

He was aware of some of the features about the Twin Leaves of the Radiant Heavenly Clouds, as he even possessed a pair of it, which he had refined into the Heavenly Cloud Wings. But as to upgrading the Heavenly Cloud Wings, Ning Cheng still was completely unaware as to how to proceed with it.

Now that he had procured a pair of Taintless Silver Wing Feathers, he was even more urgent on trying to find ways to upgrade the Heavenly Cloud Wings. In any case, the more powerful his Heavenly Cloud Wings could become, the more advantages it would bring to him.

The Materials Pavilion had all kinds of jade strips containing information on innumerable different materials, as such even with Ning Cheng’s powerful spiritual consciousness; it still took him a full three days to find the information relevant to him. It was actually in the most remote corner of the pavilion, did he find the introduction to the Twin Leaves of the Radiant Heavenly Clouds.

After reading this jade strip, Ning Cheng finally understood as to how rare were these Twin Leaves of the Radiant Heavenly Cloud. Although the introductory jade strip of the Twin Leaves of the Radiant Heavenly Clouds was not very detailed, but it did mention that after the Twin Leaves of the Radiant Heavenly Clouds was refined into the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud and upgraded but one level at a time, then one more pair of glowing lights would emerge on the Twin Wings. When the pair of the glowing lights reaches six, then the Heavenly Cloud Wings would undergo a qualitative change.

As for what kind of qualitative change, there was no further information on it. However, there was also a number of other materials mentioned in it that could help in the upgradation of the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud, along with a detailed description of how these materials could be refined into the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds. After reading through the jade strip, Ning Cheng finally came to understand as to how the pair of Taintless Silver Wing Feathers could be used to upgrade the Heavenly Cloud Wings.

Putting back the jade strip, Ning Cheng quickly left the Method Depository Pavilion. He wanted to go back to his residence to upgrade his Heavenly Cloud Wings. Once his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud were upgraded, he would then immediately go outside and see if he would be able to procure the Soul Condensing Pill.

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  1. Upgradation? Really? Upgrade works just fine there and doesn’t look ridiculous.

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