Chapter 0283

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0283: Hard To Shake Soul Essence Cultivator

Coming back to his immortal cave, Ning Cheng for the first time took out both his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds and the Taintless Silver Wing Feathers together. Ning Cheng had been refining his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds from the moment he obtained it; as such at this moment, his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds already had a pair of faint glowing lights on it.

He did not know if he refined this pair of Taintless Silver Wing Feathers into it, would this pair of faint glowing lights turn into two.

In accordance to the introductory jade slip, regarding the approach on how to integrate the Taintless Silver Wing Feathers, Ning Cheng slowly started to refine the Taintless Silver Wing Feathers, while at the same time carefully started to integrate it into his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds.

Twin Wings (双翅) and Twin Wings (双翼) only had a difference of a single character, however after being refined from the Twin Leaves of the Radiant Heavenly Clouds it would be called as Twin Wings (双翅) of the Heavenly Cloud; however, Ning Cheng felt that it being called as Twin Wings (双翼) of the Heavenly Cloud would be more appropriate. After all, these wings were almost as long as his own body, plus his pair of wings were actually refined from the Twin Leaves of the Radiant Heavenly Clouds, as such it was possible to seize it at any time, meaning it was nothing different from a flight type magical weapon. Furthermore, now that he was now refining and integrating the Taintless Silver Wing Feathers into it, as such giving it the name as Twin Wings (双翅) would be much more appropriate.

[TL Note – For those who are confused, Wings () are used for wings that are actually part of the physical body of living creatures, like the wings of birds. While Wings () are used for those that are artificial and used externally, like the wings of gliders.]

A few days later, when the Taintless Silver Wing Feathers was fully integrated into Ning Cheng’s Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, two pairs of faint glowing lights emerged on the two pieces of the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud. Furthermore, these two pairs of faintly glowing lights were much softer than the glowing lights from before.

Ning Cheng raised his hand causing the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds to instantly disappear; he could feel that this Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds was much different from before. There were a slight flash of light around him, when the next moment he unexpectedly appeared ten feet outside.

So powerful, Ning Cheng thought while being pleasantly surprised in his heart, as he couldn’t help but think that the price he spent on the pair of Taintless Silver Wing Feathers was fully worth it. Even if he wasn’t able to procure the jade slip containing the possible whereabouts of the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, it was still worth its value.


“You want to purchase a Soul Condensing Pill?” In the Rainbow Fall Makeshift Market, a sales representative from the Pill House couldn’t help but stare at Ning Cheng with wide eyes. He felt that he might have heard it wrong initially.

Ning Cheng immediately understood the confusion behind the question and knew that what he had asked seemed to be a bit improper, as he hastily spoke up, “I do want to purchase a Soul Condensing Pill, however I also am aware that something like a Soul Condensing Pill would be rarely appear in the market here, as such I would like to ask if you have any idea on where would I be able to purchase the Soul Condensing Pill?”

The man gave a smile of understanding, but still spoke with a bit of ridicule in his voice, “If it was any time before this, then it really would be quite hard to purchase this pill. However, at present there is indeed a place where you could purchase it. That is the Heavenly Dao Public Square; the Heavenly Dao Public Square is where the Great Meet of the Academies is being held. Moreover, the Great Meet is something held for a full three months, and at present there is less than a month left for it to come to a close. However, during this time, almost all the good things in the Tian Continent would be concentrated on the Heavenly Dao Public Square. If you are able to reach that place, then I can guarantee that you would at least be able to hear some news relating to the sale of the Soul Condensing Pill, he, he….”

The last few of his words were to let Ning Cheng understand, that the Heavenly Dao Public Square would have a high chance relating to the sale of the Soul Condensing Pill, however it was not a thing that a Profound Core 6th Level Cultivator like him could lay his hands on.

Although Ning Cheng also understood the meaning behind the words of this man, but he still did not care about it. If he could have found the Soul Condensing Pill at the Rainbow Fall Makeshift Market, then he intended to find a safe place to continue cultivating to the great circle of the Profound Core Realm, and then get ready to assault the barrier of the Soul Essence Realm.

After buying the map of the Tian Continent, Ning Cheng immediately left the Rainbow Fall Makeshift Market.

The Heavenly Dao Public Square was not very far from the Rainbow Fall Makeshift Market; Ning Cheng estimated that with his upgraded Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud, he would be able to reach there within two days.

However, after Ning Cheng left the Makeshift Market, he did not bring out his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds. Rather he simply brought out a low grade airship type spiritual artefact. With his powerful spiritual consciousness, the moment he left the Rainbow Fall Makeshift Market, he was already aware that there was someone tracking him. Even if Ning Cheng was found by the cultivator tracking him, he still did not have any fear.

Sure enough, an hour later, a pale red shadow suddenly rushed out before stopping in front of Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng also jumped out of the airship before calmly putting it away, while at the same time calmly stared into the eyes of the figure who appeared in front of him, “Fu Shengnan. You are similar to a dog skin plaster in wanting to stick to me, is it even possible for a daughter like you to get married even if you come out to parade yourself. I believe that you should be aware that even the top ten major academies’ True Inheriting Disciples are rushing out in anxiety to marry me, the Mr. Perfect.”

[TL Note – “Mr. Perfect” here is actually an internet slang ‘Gao Fu Shuai’ that literally translates to ‘tall, rich and handsome’ but in a condescending yet prideful way.]

The red clothed female cultivator blocking Ning Cheng’s path was none other than Fu Shengnan, Ning Cheng had already guessed that this woman would definitely never be grateful to him; as such he decided that there was no need for him to be polite with her.

Although Fu Shengnan did not know what ‘Gao Fu Shuai (Mr. Perfect)’ meant, but she was certain that these were definitely some kind of boastful words. As her face alternated between green and red, she reluctantly spoke up, “Ning Cheng, although you had not taken the initiative to save me, but for the sake of you saving me unknowingly once at that time, I will forgive you this one time. As long as you agree to one thing…..”

Ning Cheng suddenly burst into laughter. “You already know that I saved you, but you still want me to agree to something you want, is your self-perception that high? I really have no idea from where you get this sense of superiority from? Why does your mother and father not feel this kind of superiority? It really is a bit too weird.”

Fu Shengnan simply chose to ignore the scolding words of Ning Cheng, and spoke up while trying extremely hard to suppress her anger, “You must not approach that effeminate Xiaomei in the future from now on. It would not bring you any advantages.”

“Whether I choose to be close to Xiaomei or not, it is none of your business.” Ning Cheng spoke with disdain.

This woman had repeatedly plotted against him, if not for Ning Cheng being aware that he should not start a fight with her immediately, and also for the sake of her being Fu Xiaomei’s sister, perhaps he would have already finished her off once for all.

“Good, good, you asked for it…” Fu Shengnan finally couldn’t stop her body from trembling violently, she even said the words ‘good’ twice, before she suddenly brought out a flight type magical weapon, and instantly disappeared without a trace from that spot. Unexpectedly she did not even bother to speak anymore words to Ning Cheng.

With Fu Shengnan gone, Ning Cheng however did not leave, but rather he slowly took out his Profound Break Spear, while simultaneously speaking in a cold voice, “Better get out from your hiding spot. I’m in a hurry right now, so it would be better if you did not hide your head to expose your tail.”

Ning Cheng’s voice had just fell, when another shadow descended in front of him. This was also a female cultivator, wearing a green cultivator’s robe, with her hair tied into a bun. Coupled with her fair face, she was quite beautiful to look at. However this female cultivator was giving off a murderous vibe from her body, apparently she had come here to kill Ning Cheng. With her cultivation of Soul Essence 3rd Level, wanting to kill Ning Cheng, in theory, would not pose any problems.

“I can see that you were already aware that you were being followed by two people, Shengnan and me. It seems I underestimated you a bit. However, even if Shengnan and I do not team up against you, it would still take me only a breath’s time to kill you.” Once this green robe female cultivator finished, she was immediately covered with a dense layer of murderous aura, it felt as if this kind of imposing aura could even control the space around it.

Ning Cheng was behaving as if he simply did not feel this kind of terrifyingly sharp killing force, as he still spoke in a calm manner, “It’s quite strange. I do not know you, so why do you want to kill me? Even if you do want to kill me, then you at least have to give me a reason for it.”

“Since you are already dead, so what would giving you a reason be any good for?” As the green robed female cultivator spoke, she immediately waved the long damask in her hands a few times. The color of the long damask and the green robe that she was wearing, were of the same shade of green, allowing this green robed female cultivator to completely blend into it as she attacked. All Ning Cheng could see in front of him were green coloured sword lights. It seems that with each shake of this green damask, the number of green sword lights would increase by several times.

Ning Cheng just gave a casual flick to his Profound Break Spear, causing 36 Profound Ice Spear Lights to instantly erupt from it, which transformed into a huge spear network. This almost instantly formed ice cold spear network immediately moved to block the countless green sword lights. When the Ice Cold Profound Ice Spear Lights and the Green Damask Sword Lights collided with each other, Ning Cheng immediately realized that the other party’s true essence was not as thick as his own was.

He was already able to vaguely guess as to who this female cultivator was, when he came out of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, there was no one from the outside who knew about it. Moreover, it seems that this female cultivator and Fu Shengnan had come out individually to kill him; as such, he could absolutely be sure that she was also one of the people from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. However, this female cultivator was clearly not someone Fu Shengnan had called for help, if it was Fu Shengnan who called for her help, since Fu Shengnan had already left; there was no need for this female cultivator to stay here.

Because of all this, Ning Cheng simply did not have to guess, before he instinctively knew that this female cultivator was one of Wen Han’s people. From the looks of it, he could guess that Wen Han was already at the Heavenly Dao Public Square, and this female cultivator had received the orders passed down by Wen Han, and as such specifically came here for Ning Cheng.

Moreover, all the cultivators were very clear on this point, that the gap between the Soul Essence Realm and the Profound Core Realm was not something that could be compared to the gap between the Profound Congealing Realm and the Profound Core Realm. At least in the Yi Xing Mainland, it was something extremely rare for a Profound Core Realm cultivator to be able to block an attack from a Soul Essence Realm cultivator. Moreover, even if there were such proficient Profound Core Cultivators around, they would have to be at least at the Great Circle of the Profound Core Realm in order to achieve such a result. Ning Cheng was only an intermediate stage Profound Core 6th Level Cultivator, compared to this green robed female cultivator who was at the Soul Essence 3rd Level, battling against her from any view was akin to showcasing a death wish.

Because of which this green robed female cultivator gave a cold sneer as she softly spoke, “Go die.”

Just a measly Profound Core 6th Level Cultivator, even daring to use a spear technique to block her Green Damask Sword Light, if this was not courting death then what was?

If Ning Cheng were replaced by any other Profound Core 6th Level Cultivator, then it indeed would result in their death. However this kind of reasoning could not be applied to Ning Cheng, not to mention that Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness was already much stronger than the green robed female cultivator’s, even Ning Cheng’s true essence was much more resilient than hers. The only point on which Ning Cheng was inferior to the other party was that he had still not yet condensed the embryonic form of his Soul Essence, which allowed the other party in utilizing far less true essence and spiritual consciousness than him in battle.

However, Ning Cheng’s powerful spiritual consciousness was tempered in the Chaotic Star Space, as such its strength and resilience was on a much higher level than this green robed female cultivator.

“Bang bang bang bang……” The Profound Ice Spear Lights and the others party’s Green Damask Sword Light immediately collided together, causing enormous surges of true essence to burst out in the form of vortexes.

Those countless green damask sword lights were like beans being fried in a pan, as they rapidly shrunk down as they weakened. With the green damask sword lights grounded down, the green robed female cultivator finally was able to experience the terrible might of the spear light network, which immediately forced her to take a step back. An ice cold aura invaded her, while at the same time she also received many minor injuries.

“How is this possible……” The green robed female cultivator was still shocked as to how such a thing was possible, when Ning Cheng rumbled towards her with his Cosmic True Devil Axe. At this moment, how could the green robed female cultivator look down on him, however, she really could not understand as to how Ning Cheng was able to grab this kind of opportunity?

A tearing distortion appeared in the air in front of her as the axe trace directly pierced through the distance between the green robed female cultivator and Ning Cheng. Everything in front of the Axe Trace, even the air itself, was directly torn apart into nothingness. Before the green robed female cultivator, the imposing aura of the Soul Essence Realm that she had release previously, had completely vanished into thin air under this fear inducing Axe Trace.

Seeing the incomparably clear Ace Trace make its way close to the point in between her eyebrows, she was even able to make out the fine Axe Lines around the Axe Trace. Seeing this, the green robed female cultivator was suddenly frightened out of her wits, how could she continue to think that Ning Cheng only had the cultivation of the Profound Core 6th Level? In anxiousness, she even started burning her essence blood, while simultaneously bringing out a small cauldron.

After this small cauldron was brought out, it immediately started to expand and reached the size of a ten feet wide huge cauldron, but not waiting for this cauldron to continue expanding its own imposing aura, Ning Cheng’s axe already struck the top of the cauldron.

“Boom…..” A horrifying sound blasted out, although the green robed female cultivator was not able to clearly see Ning Cheng striking out a moment before, she had instinctively brought out a huge cauldron for her defence, causing her to crazily spray out a mouthful of blood on being struck. The huge cauldron had opened up slightly for a short moment because of being struck by the Cosmic True Devil Axe, causing the Axe Line, with a very fast speed, to pass through the huge cauldron, as it made its way towards the arm of the green robed female cultivator.

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