Chapter 0284

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0284: Vicious Male Cultivator

“Poof” A spurt of blood shot out like an arrow, as the green robed female cultivator’s arm was directly lopped off by Ning Cheng’s Axe Live, before it started to fall down.

The green robed female cultivator was completely shocked, she did not wait for her arm to land on the ground before she dived, caught it, and then rapidly retreated a moment later. She never thought that in front of her combat methods, she would still find herself at a loss of an arm against a Profound Core 6th Level Cultivator.

Ning Cheng simply did not think much of it, as he once again swept out with his Cosmic True Devil Axe. As he swept out with his axe, the berserk killing intent immediately took the shape of a vortex as he sent it smashing towards the green robed female cultivator. He wanted to take this opportunity to kill her for the last time. He knew that the reason he was able to lop of an arm of that green robed female cultivator, was entirely because this green robed female cultivator had completely underestimated him. If this green robed female cultivator had taken him seriously from the start, then he might have not necessarily succeeded. However, he was also aware that in the end, even if he could not kill this green robed female cultivator immediately, he at least would be able to wear her down to her death with some effort.

The green robed female cultivator was finally able to regain her wits, she at this moment finally understood that Ning Cheng was completely different from the other ordinary Profound Core Cultivators. Not only was he different from them, he was also in no way inferior to her.

At this moment, she was well aware that she could not continue on carelessly, the huge cauldron defending in front of her once again expanded, and in just a blink of an eye transformed into an even larger and huge cauldron that surpassed its previous ten feet size, completely encompassing her body.

That seemingly inexhaustible vortex comprised of axe shadows finally struck the top of the cauldron.

“Boom boom boom……” Bursts of berserk explosions sounded out, even the surrounding sand and gravel were also ground up into dust.

However once the last axe shadow from the vortex finally struck, the green robed female cultivator was once again sent out tumbling continuously, causing the expression on the face of the green robed female cultivator to turn solemn. At this point, she fully understood that even if she did not underestimate Ning Cheng, she was not necessarily Ning Cheng’s opponent. At best, she might be able to end the battle in a draw. From the moment she had set herself on the path of cultivation to this present moment, she had never seen any Profound Core Cultivator as powerful and as fierce as Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng currently had his cultivation in the Profound Core Realm, once Ning Cheng advanced to the Soul Essence Realm, just how terrifying would he be then?

Ning Cheng was also similarly forced back by the true essence shockwaves, causing him to back up a few steps. He couldn’t help but give a dark sigh in his heart; it looks like it would not be easy for him to kill this green robed female cultivator, unless the other party decided to not escape. If not for him lopping one of her arm, then maybe he would have to use a few of his trump cards before he could gain an upper hand in the exchange.

The green robed woman at this moment forcibly calmed herself down, while she swallowed some pills, while simultaneously controlled her green damask to cover the space above her head. It caused an extremely sharp imposing aura to once again gather around her. She had already deduced that she might not be an opponent of Ning Cheng, but because of the arrogance built up in her because of her Soul Essence Cultivation; it made her reluctant to turn face and escape from a Profound Core Cultivator.

Originally, Ning Cheng wanted to continue attacking, but then he suddenly gave a cold snort and said, “Count yourself to be lucky today, next time you bump into me, you might not be so lucky.”

Finished saying that, Ning Cheng immediately moved to his side, before he instantly disappeared.

The green robed female cultivator stared in shock at the spot from when Ning Cheng disappeared from, and even seemed to have forgotten about her severed arm that she had just picked up. No matter what point of view she tried to analyse it, Ning Cheng had occupied the absolute advantage, as such why would he take the initiative to retreat?

As the green robed woman continued to stare in front of her stupidly, a red shadow descended, “Senior Apprentice Sister Xi Xing. Have you already killed……”

The red robed female cultivator had not finished, when she abruptly stopped speaking, as she realized that this green robed female cultivator had actually lost an arm. Seeing that, she couldn’t help but freeze up for a long while, before she finally managed to ask. “What happened?”

The green robed female cultivator was still heavily terrified in her heart, she had not noticed Fu Shengnan’s arrival however it seems that Profound Core 6th Level Cultivator had sensed Fu Shengnan’s arrival even before her. No wonder this Profound Core Cultivator took the initiative to leave. It seems that he originally was aware that he would not be an opponent against two Soul Essence Cultivators.

“I am not his opponent.” The green robed female cultivator called Xi Xing spoke in a trembling voice, as she tremblingly picked up her arm, and then took out a few pills before swallowing them and sitting down on the ground on the same spot to try to contain her injuries.

Hearing those words, Fu Shengnan’s heart immediately went into shock; she had never thought that Xi Xing would not be an opponent for Ning Cheng. Although Ning Cheng’s cultivation progress was not small, but he was still only at the level of Profound Core 6th Level in the end. Moreover, he had advanced to the Profound Core 6th Level inside the Small Spiritual Domain without coming out, as such theoretically he should not have much experience, so how could he contend against a Soul Essence 3rd Level Cultivator? It was something absolutely impossible.

With her heart full of doubts, Fu Shengnan could only wait for Xi Xing to stand up, before she hurriedly asked, “Senior Apprentice Sister Xi Xing, you said that you are not a match for Ning Cheng, it this really true?”

Xi Xing glanced at Fu Shengnan before speaking, “That is true, I am truly not his opponent. If not for you coming, I might have already died at his hands, this person is simply too terrifying. Currently he only has the cultivation of Profound Core 6th Level. Once he advances to the Soul Essence Realm, then all he would have to do is just raise his hand to kill me. Not to mention Wen Han, even it was Senior Apprentice Brother Que; I estimate that even he would not be Ning Cheng’s opponent at that time. This time, I ended up falling to that Wen Han’s schemes, if I had known that the person I was coming to kill would be this powerful, I would have definitely not coveted the point advantage that he offered.”

As Xi Xing finished speaking, she brought out a flight type magical weapon before he turned around and flew away, without even asking Fu Shengnan if she wanted to come together with her.

Fu Shengnan looked at the disappearing back of Xi Xing, she was aware as to what her last words implied and also knew that they were directed at her, in order for her to pass them to Wen Han.

Silently watching the crisscrossing gullies that had formed at the site because of the battle, Fu Shengnan suddenly became somewhat scared in her heart. If she truly had gone after Ning Cheng at that time, then maybe before she could have the chance to leave, Ning Cheng might have already killed her. Compared to Xi Xing, she was well aware that the gap between the two of them was not small at all.


Although Ning Cheng left but he was not joyful about it, with respect to other ordinary cultivators, he was indeed powerful enough to smile and laugh without any worries. However, Ning Cheng was well aware that his strength was far from being enough.

On this trip to the Heavenly Dao Public Square, he might end up meeting Wen Han, or maybe he might even encounter that sickly man from the Red Star Sword Faction. If he ended up meeting that sickly looking man, then there was nothing to say about it, the only thing he could do was to turn around and flee with all his might. But if he met Wen Han, Ning Cheng would not be willing to escape. He and this person were not even acquaintances, yet this person had plotted several times to kill him. How could Ning Cheng forgive Wen Han for it? Although he was a good person at heart but that did not mean that, he was someone who on being slapped on one cheek would immediately show the other cheek.

In case of no or absurd reason, if another person slapped him, if he did not slap them back at least ten times, then he would definitely feel uncomfortable in his heart, let alone Wen Han who plotted to kill him at least twice till now?

Unfortunately, if his Golden Core had not caught fire at that time, then he would currently be at the Profound Core 7th Level, and would have absolutely easily killed that Soul Essence 3rd Level female cultivator. Moreover, once he reached the Profound Core 7th Level, then he estimated that he would no longer have to be afraid of facing Wen Han.

The Profound Core 7th Level was classified as Late Stage Profound Core Realm, while the Profound Core 6th Level was classified as Intermediate Stage Profound Core Realm. Although there was only a gap of a single level, but this one level gap was not simple at all. As such, he had to cultivate to the Profound Core 7th Level before he could go to the Heavenly Dao Public Square, Ning Cheng thought until here and immediately stopped.

However, there was also the case that he did not have any backing in the Tian Continent, although Elder Bei was good to him, it was only because he was a disciple of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. In other words, Elder Bei would also likely to have the same attitude towards Wen Han.

Was it possible to cultivate to the Profound Core 7th Level with just a few tens of thousands of spirit stones? If he could obtain a few ‘Spiritual Mist Pills’ then it would be the best, as the ‘Spiritual Mist Pills’ were one of the best pills for a Profound Core Cultivator to break past a bottleneck. He still had a few Mist Orchids with him, but unfortunately, he did not have the ability to turn the Mist Orchids into ‘Spiritual Mist Pills’.

‘Spiritual Mist Pills’ were also Level 5 Profound Pills; as such he could not yet produce them.

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but scratch his head, strength, it all boiled down to personal strength.

“How can I be so stupid?” Ning Cheng suddenly remembered that he still had approximately a million contribution points on him, although he could not exchange it for ‘Soul Condensing Pills’, but he could still exchange it for ‘Spiritual Mist Pills’.

That’s not right; I should first go and take a look at the location of the last assignment. As Ning Cheng thought about contribution points, he couldn’t help but think back to the last assignment of that ancient immortal cave, causing him to look forward to going there. Prior to his departure, he had warned the old Life Essence in the immortal cave. Forcing the old Life Essence to bury a few good things at the original location. Maybe that Life Essence really was fooled by him.

Thinking about this, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but feel a fiery heat rising up in his heart, he no longer went with the thought of going back to the academy for the ‘Spiritual Mist Pills’. With a flash of his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, he instantly rushed towards the battlefield of the Great Liang True Country and the Northern Shang True Country, where the ancient immortal cave had appeared.

Now that the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds had been upgraded to Level 2, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but try to wield it in an unbridled manner, and in less than a day, Ning Cheng once again arrived at the location.

This place was still as desolate as before, full of potholes, with the background strewn about with broken pieces of weapons and magical weapon fragments, which accentuated its desolate look.

Ning Cheng put away the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, and fully stretched out his spiritual consciousness. He quickly was able to find the original position from where he had disappeared, before he landed on the ground.

With Ning Cheng’s current cultivation, although he had not yet learned any magical techniques that would help him move through the ground. But pushing aside the soil to enter the ground was still not much of a burden for him.

Ning Cheng did not cultivate any kind of earth related cultivation methods, plus since he was looking for things underground, coupled with his spiritual consciousness having a restricted range underground, his speed was also quite slow.

Fortunately, Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness was something that he had tempered in the Chaotic Star Space; as such, it was extremely powerful. Even when he had deployed it under the ground, his search range was much larger than any other ordinary Soul Essence Cultivator.

Searching for a full day, Ning Cheng was finally starting to get tired from continuously using his spiritual consciousness, without obtaining any results to show for the efforts. Just as he was about to curse at the Life Essence from that ancient immortal cave, he suddenly felt a tremble from surroundings.

It looks like there is someone fighting above, Ning Cheng immediately understood. He hurriedly concealed himself even deeper, while simultaneously sent out his spiritual consciousness upwards in a careful manner.

Immediately, Ning Cheng was able to see two Soul Essence 9th Level Cultivators bounce back in a tumbling manner seemingly from a clash. There were two people fighting, a man and a woman, who did not seem to be too old. As he observed for a while, Ning Cheng could feel that there was something wrong. He could see that the female cultivator’s actions were somewhat jerky in nature while at the same time she was also staggering as she moved.

It seems that this female cultivator has been poisoned; Ning Cheng immediately came to understand. Something that could poison a Soul Essence Female Cultivator of this level, it seems that this poison would definitely not be something simple.

Looking at these two cultivators clash, he could also deduce that these two definitely belonged to some major academy. Thinking of this, Ning Cheng had a thought in his mind, as he took out a Scryer Crystal and began to record everything.

“Jiang Jun you bastard, I Tan Yushan was truly blind, that I even took a fancy to a sick son-of-a-bitch like you. I finally understood today, as to how my master died……” The female cultivator seemed to already have realized that she would be dying today without a doubt, as she shouted out abuse after abuse.

That male cultivator called as Jiang Jun was still silent; however, he was quite swift and fierce with his actions, as he even took out a Talisman, activating it in an instant.

Ning Cheng was someone who could be said to be familiar with refining Talismans; as such, he only had to glance at this Talisman, before Ning Cheng understood that the one in the hands of the male cultivator was a Level 6 Flame Explosion Talisman. From his point of view, this male cultivator already occupied the absolute advantage, but now he even took out a Flame Explosion Talisman, it was clear that he wanted to end this battle quickly.

Ning Cheng sighed, he wanted to very much lend a hand, but he also knew that if he did that he definitely would die in the process. Even if he did not die, now that this male cultivator had brought out and activated that Talisman, it was already too late for him to make an attempt.

In the violent explosion that ensued, although that female cultivator somehow managed to escape death, but she was still blown back suffering grievous injuries. However, that male cultivator was also not someone soft hearted, as he threw out a flying sword that immediately pierced through the head of that female cultivator, killing her in an instant.

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