Chapter 0286

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0286: Exchanging Using Force

The Heavenly Dao Public Square’s Cultivator Exchange Hall is what I am looking for, Ning Cheng thought as he followed the Soul Essence Cultivator, passing through the main street before he arrived at a spectacular and luxurious looking Cultivator Exchange Hall. At a place high above, one could see a few golden coloured giant words suspended right in front of the main hall, ‘Heavenly Dao Public Square’s Cultivator Exchange Hall’.

As Ning Cheng arrived outside of this luxurious looking hall, he found that the entrance was guarded by two Soul Essence Cultivators, a man and a woman.

“This friend, do you have any items or magical techniques that you want to exchange here?” Ning Cheng had just walked up to the entrance, when that female cultivator took the initiative to ask him.

Ning Cheng also quickly replied, “I do have a few items that I want to exchange, however magical techniques can really be exchanged here?”

“Of course, in the Heavenly Dao Public Square’s Cultivator Exchange Hall, not only can you exchange magical techniques, but even cultivation methods that you can immediately start cultivating in, to things that could help you breakthrough barriers in your cultivation, to even higher levelled things, all of them could be exchanged in here.” The female cultivator spoke in a very proud manner.

Although Ning Cheng had joined the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, but in truth, he had never gone to its Main Hall to study. Moreover, since he derived his cultivation experience and guidance from his peers, as such he was well aware that it was something insufficient for his own cultivation needs. Now that he heard that he could get his hands on some cultivation methods for his cultivation, Ning Cheng immediately wanted to go inside to take a look.

Making up his mind quickly, Ning Cheng quickly spoke up, “I want to exchange a few items in there, but would also like to take a look at the exchange of magical techniques.”

“You can go in, but you have to deposit 5 million spirit stones as admission fees, alternatively you can show that you have a spiritual object that is 6th Rank or above, or at the very least 50 million spirit stones with you to show that you can conduct an exchange here.” The female cultivator quickly replied, judging from the way she spoke, anyone could guess that she had already repeated these lines many times in the past.

It is really is quite expensive, Ning Cheng thought to himself. If a place similar to this appeared on Earth, then it would be considered in the Elite Club category. Just the entrance fees was five million spirit stones, it was just too much of a rip-off.

Seeing this, Ning Cheng took out a pair of Blood River Red Lotuses and spoke, “I have a pair of red lotuses will it be enough to let me in?”

“Blood River Red Lotus? Of course, you are eligible to enter with it. This is truly quite a rare thing. And is something everyone would come to seek once you enter with it.” This female cultivator showed a surprised smile, before she composed herself and spoke, “If you are in need of anything then you can simply tell us about it, we’ll mark it for you once they appear.”

Ning Cheng pondered for a moment before speaking up, “I need resources suitable for Soul Essence Cultivators for their cultivation, either Soul Condensing Pills, or any other spiritual objects, that could help in advancing to the Soul Essence Realm.”

“Ok.” This female cultivator gave a nod, Ning Cheng, in her eyes, currently had the cultivation of Profound Core 8th Level, as such for him to search for a Soul Condensing Pill was quite normal.

The female cultivator took out a black and white jade card before she handed it to Ning Cheng and said, “You can go in, if you are interested in buying anything then you can just offer your bid on the array formation screen.”

Although Ning Cheng did not have much understanding on this kind of bidding, but he still did not chose to continue asking about it, and directly entered the main hall. This kind of thing he could certainly be able to figure it out after he entered the main hall.

Only after Ning Cheng entered the main hall, did Ning Cheng finally understand as to what was going on.

The main hall was extremely huge, with many seats arranged in an ordered pattern in the middle of the main hall. Varieties of cultivators were sitting on these seats. However, these cultivators either were exchanging whispers with each other, or tasting the spiritual tea and other snacks that were being served to them.

There were also many stalls around inside the main hall, which some of the cultivators had set up to peddle their own stuff in full view, and were patiently waiting for people to come and enquire about them. Ning Cheng also went forward to get a good look at the things being sold, and found that all of them were quite high in quality. Just the lowest grade of spiritual grass being displayed was a Rank 5 spiritual grass that was rarely found. Moreover, just above the stalls, towards the centre of the main hall, there were ten huge display array formations suspended in mid-air.

As Ning Cheng glanced at the array formation screens, he could see a row of line appearing on top of one of those screens with the following words, ‘Cultivator No. 436 is carrying a pair of Blood River Red Lotuses to participate in the exchange, with the demand being Soul Condensing Pills or spiritual objects of the same level that would help in advancing to the Soul Essence Realm from the Profound Core Realm.’

Ning Cheng looked at the jade card in his hands, and found the words 436 carved on it. He simply decided to find a place to sit down, before he began sifting through the information on the display array formation to search for things similar to the Soul Condensing Pill.

“Huh, there is a pair of Blood River Red Lotuses that appeared just now.”

“It really is the Blood River Red Lotus; this thing is something that is rarely seen.”

“Yeah, although this Blood River Red Lotus does not have a high rank, but it is something that is extremely rare.”

With Ning Cheng’s Blood River Red Lotus appearing on the display array formation, a variety of discussions erupted all around. Not long after, line after line of information started to appear below the Blood River Red Lotus, “No. 94 is willing to use spirit stones to purchase the Blood River Red Lotus, the specific price can be negotiable. No. 63 is willing to use a Broken Core Pearl plus a magical weapon to exchange…..”

A short while later, row after row of information emerged below the display of Ning Cheng’s Blood River Red Lotus. As Ning Cheng looked at this information, he couldn’t help feel a bit satisfied in heart. It seems that paying 5 million spirit stones, as an entrance fees, can’t be considered as expensive here. Since everyone could take out things of equivalent value for the exchange, it could be seen that this exchange might just end up being beneficial to everyone.

As Ning Cheng looked at the ever increasing lines of information appearing below the listing of his Blood River Red Lotus, a plan started to form in his heart. The Blood River Red Lotus, although was rare, was not something particularly precious to him, as such he planned to set up a stall to sell the Blood River Red Lotus.

Ning Cheng had just set out to seek out a stall, when two quarrelling voices reached his ears.

“How can you be this unreasonable? I have not agreed to your price, so what can you do about it?” An aggrieved voice could be heard with a hint of anger contained in it.

Another voice replied in a very calm manner, “You have already agreed to sell this to me, and now you say that you do not agree to my price, did you think you could fool me. This place here is the Exchange Hall, not a place where you can play around. Not to mention that your Rainbow Fall Sword Sect is not even placed in the top ten academies, even if it was ranked within the top ten academies, it still would not have the qualifications to play around in this place in front of me.”

Ning Cheng originally did not care about this kind of fight, but when he heard the words ‘Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’, he immediately focussed his attention on them.

The people quarrelling were two Profound Core Cultivators; one of them was at the Profound Core 7th Level, while the other was at the Profound Core 9th Level.

That Profound Core 7th Level Cultivator’s face immediately turned red, “When have I spoken about my academy? Don’t pull my academy into this.”

“So what, your Rainbow Fall Sword Sect is ranked quite far behind in the Tournament for the Profound Core Disciples Group, and is not even as good as some of the other second rate academies. Even if I did not pull your academy into this, it would still be losing quite a bit of face anyway.” This Profound Core 9th Level Cultivator was still speaking calmly, but had instead directed his words towards the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.

The Profound Core 7th Level Cultivator couldn’t help but tremble in anger, before he blustered, “Your Red Star Sword Faction is also not necessarily more powerful than my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, its only similar…..”

The Profound Core 9th Level Cultivator simply gave a smile before speaking, “Indeed it could be said that our academies are almost similar in strength to each other on a whole, but in this Tian Continent’s Great Meet of the Academies, I am already ranked within the top 4 of my academy’s Profound Core Realm Group, with being ranked in the top 40 in the overall ranking of the entire Profound Core Realm Group. As for your Rainbow Fall Sword Sect? If I am not mistaken, among the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Profound Core Realm Group that passed through the preliminaries, wasn’t the best assessment that it could scrape up was somewhere beyond the nineties? I alone am much better than your Rainbow Fall Sword Sect in this regard. Moreover, I am also ranked in the front of the top 100 of the preliminaries.”

This Profound Core 9th Level Cultivator started laughing after he finished speaking, showing that the calm that he put on was just a deliberate act.

As this Profound Core Cultivator laughed loudly, some of the nearby cultivators also started laughing together with him. When the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect arrived this at this meet, it indeed had quite the imposing aura, and seemed as if it was just a matter of time before it once again broke into the top ten academies of the Tian Continent. However, in the most important Profound Core Realm Group’s, and the Soul Essence Realm Group’s preliminary contest between the cultivators, they simply were not able to obtain even a decent result. As to trying to compete in the Level Surpassing Challenges, they ended up suffering a crushing defeat, as almost everyone ended up wiping the floor with them.

It can be said that if the same situation continued through the rest of the tournament, then not only would the final status of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect not rise, rather would actually drop a level.

The Profound Core 7th Level Cultivator truly had nothing to say regarding this, and just wanted to leave, but was stopped by that Profound Core 9th Level Cultivator, “You can leave, but you’ll have to leave that behind.”

“Do you really intend to use coercion to exchange things here?” A cold voice arrived.

As the words fell, Ning Cheng also came forward, causing all the cultivators to curiously stare at Ning Cheng, while they wondered as to who he was. Why would he actually dare and help this Profound Core 7th Level Cultivator from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect?

Hearing that this cultivator was from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, Ning Cheng did not hesitate to come over. Not to mention that he himself was a disciple of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, and had even enjoyed the benefits of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Small Spiritual Domain. Combined with the attitude that Elder Bei had shown towards him, Ning Cheng would definitely stand up help the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect even if he were not asked for it. What’s more, this Profound Core 9th Level Cultivator was from the Red Star Sword Fact, an academy that he did not have a good impression over.

“Who are you? Where did you see that I was using force during the exchange?” The complexion of this Profound Core 9th Level Cultivator sank, as he stared at Ning Cheng and spoke in a cold voice. Especially after seeing that Ning Cheng was just a Profound Core 8th Level Cultivator, and yet still dared to question him. In his opinion, all those who did not have a cultivation higher than him, were all measly ants in his eyes. Even if their cultivation were higher than his were, with his powerful strength he still would not care much about it.

Ning Cheng simply did not pay any attention to this no name Profound Core 9th Level Cultivator, but rather looked at this Profound Core 7th Level Cultivator and asked, “What is the matter here, can you spell it out for me?”

This Profound Core 7th Level Cultivator was almost to the point of being helpless and isolated, but on hearing Ning Cheng’s words, quickly spoke up, “I have ten drops of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, originally I wanted to exchange it for ‘Spiritual Mist Pills’ and some spirit stones. He brought out two inferior quality Spiritual Mist Pills and just 20,000 spirit stones, and wanted to exchange it for my Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, however I did not agree to any of it……”

Hearing this, Ning Cheng fully understood what was going on, he was sure that the Profound Core 7th Level Cultivator intended to use the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar in the same manner as him. If these ten drops of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar was equivalent to a tenth of a bottle of what he had originally sold to the Heavenly Stars Auction House, then two inferior quality Spiritual Mist Pills and 20,000 spirit stones truly were quite pitiful offers to conduct an exchange.

“The Red Star Sword Faction truly wins in having a great reputation, for a Profound Core 9th Level Cultivator to exchange things using force; it indeed goes along with its heritage.” Ning Cheng sarcastically replied.

This Profound Core 9th Level Cultivator on hearing Ning Cheng’s words, immediately started to overflow with a murderous aura. He could not bear such an insult, as he raised a palm with an intent to slap Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng sneered in heart; with his present strength, he did not even fear Soul Essence Cultivators, so why would he care about a Profound Core Cultivator? He did not even bother to bring out his imposing aura, as he also sent out a palm slap with his hand in the same manner.

“Slap” just like slapping a fly, Ning Cheng’s slap immediately shot towards the face, directly breaking the imposing aura of the Profound Core 9th Level Cultivator, before finally connecting with the face of that Profound Core Cultivator. Causing the smooth face of that Profound Core Cultivator to now sport a bright red slap mark.

If not for Ning Cheng being conscious about the fact that he was in the Heavenly Dao Public Square’s Cultivator Exchange Hall, the power contained in his slap would have been more than enough to directly shear off half the face of that cultivator.

After a brief shock, the Profound Core 9th Level Cultivator immediately roared, “I’m gonna kill you, you bastard……”

With a roaring sound, the murderous aura once again erupted from him in an extremely unbridled manner, while he simultaneously brought out a pair of brown coloured Cloud Isolating Claws. At this moment, he had completely forgotten as to where he was standing.

With such a huge disturbance, all the gazes of the cultivators who came for the exchange immediately focussed in their direction. Ning Cheng simply gave a sneer, but did not make a move. He did not believe that the Exchange Hall would allow such an unbridled fight to continue, if they allowed it, then the Exchange Hall would have turned into a mess long ago.

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