Chapter 0287

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0287: Go Out On a Date at Night

“Stop, what is going on?” An ice cold voice arrived, which was then immediately followed by an extremely overbearing imposing aura.

The Profound Core 9th Level Cultivator who had brought out his magical weapon suddenly realized where he was at currently. The place he was at was not a casual place, but the Heavenly Dao Exchange Hall.

The Profound Core Cultivator from the Red Star Sword Faction immediately realized the situation he was in, as such although he was feeling an exploding anger building up in him he still was able to reel it in, quickly putting away his magical weapon, he immediately cupped his fists towards a black robed cultivator and spoke with the utmost respect he could gather, “Respected Deacon, this junior is Red Star Sword Faction’s Ding Liang, and was just now attacked by this cultivator with a slap on my face without any reason, causing me to get a bit carried away in anger.”

Ning Cheng had already taken a thorough look at this black robed Deacon that had come over and realized that he was already a Soul Sculpting Master. When he saw that this black robed deacon had turned his gaze towards him after he finished hearing Ding Liang’s words, he also cupped his fists and spoke, “Venerable Deacon, this has already been seen by a lot of people here. This person relied on his own higher cultivation, to strong-arm my Junior Apprentice Brother into selling his stuff. Besides, he was the person who had raised his hand first, but because my strength was a slight bit stronger than him, it ended up giving me a small advantage against him.”

The Profound Core 9th Level Cultivator’s face turned livid, “You think you are stronger than me? I, in this years’ Tian Continent’s Great Meet of the Academies, represent the Red Star Sword Faction and am counted within their top 4 to participate in the Tournament for the Profound Core Realm. Even in the entire list for the Profound Core Realm, I am still ranked at the 37th place. Could it be that you are one of those other 36 people? A sneak attack is a sneak attack, if you have the skill then come fight me in a fair and just manner.”

Ning Cheng just spoke in a light voice, “I did not come here to sightsee, I came here to the Exchange Hall to exchange a few things for the things that I want, not to come and start a fight some stupid and boring people……”

The Soul Sculpting Deacon suddenly spoke up, “In the Heavenly Dao Public Square’s Cultivator Exchange Hall, if people are not able to resolve a matter peacefully, then unless the two parties are not separated by a full realm, then they can chose to settle it with a challenge. As long as the two sides agree, then you can immediately go onto the ring and begin fighting.”

As the Soul Sculpting Cultivator finished speaking, he used his finger to point to an empty space to his right.

It was only at this moment that Ning Cheng came to understand that the open platform on the right side of the hall was originally used to resolve such disputes.

“Very well, let me allow you to spend some top quality time with me in this ring. It looks like you only know to speak words and not fight, if you can even measure up to my crotch, then I as a disciple of the Red Star Sword Faction, will be extremely generous and broadminded enough to spare your dog life.”

Ding Liang had now completely restored his calm, but the killing intent in his words could even be felt by the cultivators nearby.

Ning Cheng simply did not care about Ding Liang or his murderous undertone, but rather simply asked a question, “Venerable Deacon, I want to ask something. Compared to the fights in the tournament arenas, is there any limitations or regulations in here?”

The black robed deacon gave a meaningful look to Ning Cheng before he spoke, “No, compared to the tournament arenas, fights in the ring of the Heavenly Dao Public Square’s Cultivator Exchange Hall only has a single rule that is to not to kill your opponent, however it is up to you if you want to waste the cultivation of the opposite party or vice versa.”

“I understand, since it is so then let me go and have a look if this person from the Red Star Sword Faction who is ranked in the top 40 of the Profound Core Realm, really as good as he claims to be.” Ning Cheng finished speaking and immediately started walking towards the battle arena.

That Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Profound Core 7th Level Cultivator hastily held onto Ning Cheng and spoke up, “This Senior Apprentice Brother, many thanks for all the help that you provided. But this person’s cultivation is simply too terrifying. I’m willing to eat this loss and forget about it.”

“It seems that some people are afraid.” Hearing the words of this Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Profound Core 7th Level Cultivator, someone immediately spoke up with ridicule.

Ning Cheng patted the Profound Core 7th Level Cultivator on his shoulder and spoke, “You might be willing to eat a loss, but I am not willing to suffer.”

Finished saying that, Ning Cheng without any hesitation moved towards the battle ring.

“You truly have some guts.” Ning Cheng once again heard another sarcastic voice, causing him to subconsciously look back.

An extremely handsome looking male cultivator was standing together with quite a mesmerizing and beautiful looking female cultivator. This female cultivator was definitely not even a single point inferior to the Le Continent’s Twin Lotus Flowers on One Stock; moreover, the noble aura emanating from her was simply one of a kind. It seemed as if she had come from somewhere beyond the nine heavens, causing a man to not even dare to have a shred of licentious thoughts towards her. Although she wore a simple goose yellow coloured floral printed robe over her body, but it gave people an elegant yet flowing feeling even though the robe itself was completely still.

This kind of beauty appeared similar to the portrait of a magnificent imperial court. It was simply too beautiful to behold. Even Ning Cheng, who was somewhat used to seeing beautiful woman, couldn’t help but secretly admire her from the bottom of his heart.

It seems that these two people had just come in; as such, the conflict between him and Ding Liang should not have been seen by the two of them.

“You don’t have to look at me like that; I’m also from the Red Star Sword Faction. My name is Jiang Jun; remember the words that I spoke, that I am called as Jiang Jun. Along with the words Red Star Sword Faction.” As this handsome looking male cultivator finished speaking, he suddenly turned towards Ding Liang on the battle ring and spoke, “Ding Liang, tear out all the bones from the body of this man. Also take out his Golden Coe, however let him keep his dog life afterwards.”

Ning Cheng had only seen this handsome looking male cultivator just once in his life before, that was when this Jiang Jun had killed his Dao Companion, Tan Yushan. Looking at him, it was no wonder that this person had killed his Dao Companion, turned out that he had originally taken a fancy to such a beautiful woman. Ning Cheng loathed such kind of scumbags, and allowed his heart to be filled with waves of unbridled killing intent; even towards the beautiful female cultivator standing beside him, Ning Cheng could help but feel secretly despised towards her in his heart. A person should really not look at the appearance, no matter if one had the most beautiful of appearances, dog shit would always be terrible to look at.

Ning Cheng suddenly gave a brilliant smile towards this handsome looking male cultivator before speaking up, “Red Star Sword Faction? I had heard a little bit of this academy, which doesn’t seemed to be bothered about face. However, you spoke a bit incorrectly a moment ago, as I didn’t really see you, you are just a Zhu Bajie, someone not even worthy of me to lay my gaze on, and it’s just that I was a bit distracted on seeing that girl by your side. I couldn’t help but think that this girl is truly good to look at, so I wanted to ask if it would be possible to ask this girl out for a cup of coffee, while we stroll about in the night with each other as we talk about the meaning of life.”

[TL Note – Zhu Bajie is a character from the work ‘Journey to the West’ with pig-like characteristics and armed with a muck-rake. Also, the raws indeed mention coffee.]

Ning Cheng had truly guessed it right, just as Ning Cheng finished with his words, Jiang Jun’s robes immediately started to flutter without any wind, as a terrifying murderous intent rushed out towards Ning Cheng, “You are courting death…..”

Ning Cheng immediately turned to the Soul Sculpting Realm Deacon and spoke with his fists cupped, “Venerable Deacon, I must now begin exchanging some moves with this Ding Liang on the battle ring. Although I am aware that the Red Star Sword Faction likes to play dirty, but I have not even entered the battle ring, when the people from the Red Star Sword Faction are already getting ready to deal with me, is such a thing is in line with the rules?”

The Soul Sculpting Realm Deacon suddenly gave a cold snort before speaking up, “Jiang Jun, restrain your murderous intentions, otherwise you will be personally thrown out of the Cultivator Exchange Hall by me. In the Heavenly Dao’s Cultivator Exchange Hall, anyone who wants to resolve their dispute in the battle ring, has to do it one-on-one, moreover they definitely cannot jump realms to issue challenges.”

Even if Jiang Jun were prodded on with a cattle prod, he still would not dare to ignore the deacon here. Hearing those words, he could only suppress the killing intent towards Ning Cheng, while burying the hatred to the bottom of his heart; he cupped his fists towards the deacon and spoke, “I understand. He anyways would not be able to speak anyway.”

“Senior Apprentice Brother Jiang, you can rest assured that I will let this madman know what regret feels like, I will dig out his Golden Core, and step on it……” Ding Liang who was already standing on the battle ring stared at Ning Cheng as he emphasized each word he spoke.

Ning Cheng simply lifted his middle finger towards Ding Liang and spoke, “I’m not your Senior Apprentice Brother, and it seems that your dog eyes are looking at the wrong place.”

“He just wants to cause more misunderstandings that’s all.” Jiang Jun shook his head and spoke.

Ning Cheng took his sweet time as he walked towards the battle ring, when the beautiful looking female cultivator whom Ning Cheng was despising in his heart suddenly spoke up with a puzzling expression on her face, “You just spoke something about a Zhu Bajie and drinking coffee, what does it mean?”

Ning Cheng had not thought that this beautiful female cultivator would not only not show any expressions, but would rather show a curious desire towards seeking secondary knowledge, and would end up asking him about this sort of trivia.

“What you want to know is something very simple, but for that you will need to go out with me on a date at night, alone.” Ning Cheng said without any care.

“I’m afraid that you might not have the chance to even come out of the ring.” The female cultivator replied in a somewhat quiet and meek manner.

Ning Cheng simply gave a smile and spoke, “It doesn’t matter whether you want to carry me on your back for our date or walk out of here with me.”

“Good, then I will definitely go out with you on a ‘date’ to drink coffee.” The female cultivator replied in a plain tone, as if it was something very ordinary for her.

However, Ning Cheng once again spoke in an exaggerated manner, “You really would go out with me for a coffee aah, are you not afraid that I simply am coveting you for your beauty, and then immediately use an enchanting poison on you to let you fall for me in a crazy manner, and then get on top of you, and then afterwards kill you after I’m done, before I then go look for another new flame for me to use. What would happen if I really turned out to be such a person……”

Some of the female cultivators who had a bit of knowledge towards her background couldn’t help but become even paler in complexion, as they couldn’t help but think that this Profound Core 8th Level Cultivator simply had a bit too much courage, it’s as if he simply did not know how the word ‘death’ was written. For him to actually dare to speak in such a manner towards the True Inheriting Disciple of the Floating Snow Palace, moreover a person who already had the cultivation of the great circle of the Soul Essence Realm, didn’t he realize that all she had to do was to just raise her hand to completely grind this Ning Cheng to dust.

What was even more unexpected to the people present here was that this beautiful female cultivator not only gave a slight nod with her head but also replied with the words, “I’m not afraid.”

“Very well, I just happen to like women like you. By the way, you wouldn’t possibly be looking for an opportunity to climb on top of me, only to kill me later?” Ning Cheng gives a thumbs-up in her direction while combining it with a seemingly bewildering question.

This beautiful female cultivator still replied in a calm manner, “I am not a person from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, also it is unlikely that I would be getting on top of you, let alone kill you.”

“Good, at least you do know what ‘getting on top’ means? Amazing. In other words, once you ‘get on top of me’, you would not kill me, right?” Ning Cheng this time raised both his hands to give a double thumbs-up in her direction.

“Enough. If you want to fight then hurry up and start, otherwise just get the hell out.” Jiang Jun finally couldn’t help but snap out loudly. He suddenly started suspecting that the words Ning Cheng spoke were specifically aimed at him, however when he had killed Tan Yushan, he was one hundred percent certain that there was no one around. So how could this puny Profound Core Cultivator know about it? Even if he did not map all the words spoken to his actions, however how could he not map the part about using poisons to him?

Although he was absolutely believed that he had not missed anything, however at this moment he couldn’t be completely certain about this.

Just a Jiang Jun’s words came out; Ning Cheng finally stepped onto the battle ring. Ding Liang, who had been waiting for a long time, was finally unable to wait any longer as he once again brought out his Cloud Isolating Claws.

Incomparably berserk Cloud Isolating Claw Shadows erupted in just a short instant later, as it shrouded the entire battle ring. At this moment, the entire battle ring was completely covered and enshrouded by Ding Liang’s murderous aura while his killing intent filled the air. The cultivators standing at the side only saw a faint shadow of Ning Cheng standing in the midst of the endless claw shadows, as if he was completely helpless and overwhelmed, as he stared at those claw shadows rushing towards him.

Some of the cultivators began to sigh, although this Profound Core 8th Level Cultivator had an extremely fierce mouth, but his words really were quite unkind. Now that the fight has finally began, it would only end with his death.

At this moment, some of the sharp cultivators saw Ning Cheng swaying around a few times in the seemingly endless Cloud Isolating Claw Shadows. From the looks of it, from the way he was swaying around, he seemed to be looking for a way to get out from the seemingly endless claw shadows that surrounded him.

But then the next moment they saw Ning Cheng take out a black spear. He simply gave the spear a slight flick, before he once again put away the spear.

The entire battle ring was covered with the Cloud Isolating Claw Shadows, but when Ning Cheng put away his spear, all of it disappeared without a trace; even Ding Liang’s murderous aura was also completely gone.

“Thump” A sound emerged, as Ding Liang fell down from the sky above the battle ring, while a broken Golden Core seemed to automatically roll towards the feet of Ning Cheng, while it seemed as if Ning Cheng had unconsciously stepped on it.

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