Chapter 0288

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth
Sponsored By – Илья Макаров and Jatuphat Tangkaravakoon

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Chapter 0288: Who Let Me Be Soft-hearted

“…. Senior Apprentice Brother, get revenge for me……” Ding Liang who had just collapsed on the battle ring, raised his hand and immediately slapped his glabella with all the strength he could muster. With his meridians already completely broken down, and his Golden Core under Ning Cheng’s foot, even if he was left alive, was there any meaning to it?

Only at this moment, did the cultivators in the main hall who were watching from the sidelines finally begin to react, as they sucked in a mouthful of cold air while thinking, from where did this Profound Core 8th Level Cultivator come from? Too ferocious. He had really dared to kill a Profound Core Disciple from the Red Star Sword Faction; moreover, this was one of the disciples that would be participating in the finals of the Profound Core Realm Division representing the Red Star Sword Faction.

Ning Cheng casually walked down from the battle ring as he apologised to the Soul Sculpting Realm Deacon with cupped fists, “Venerable Deacon, I have not killed him; he had took his own life by committing suicide…”

The Deacon also gave a slight nod, before he turned away and left in an instant.

Jiang Jun shot a fierce glare towards Ning Cheng and spoke, “You will definitely pay for the things you did today, even if you regret it then it would be too late.”

“Don’t chirp around like this, hurry up and collect the corpse, before it turns cold. As for threatening this young grandpa? Just wait patiently for your turn, this young grandpa will let you know what a real threat look like.” Ning Cheng swept a disdainful glance at Jiang Jun.

This person really was quite bold, aah, at this time none of the cultivators present in the Exchange Hall dared to look down at Ning Cheng. In the Tian Continent’s Great Meet of the Academies, for a person to be able to kill a cultivator ranked within the thirties of the Profound Core Realm Group with just a flick, how could such a person be simple? This person absolutely did not have the origins of a rogue cultivator. No matter how the Red Star Sword Faction decided to deal with this cultivator, it was a matter of the future; presently it would not be a good idea to provoke or even try to mess with him.

“At what time should we go out to drink this ‘coffee’?” The beautiful looking female cultivator on seeing Ning Cheng killing Ding Liang like a chicken, ended up having more than a touch of surprise in her eyes, but still took the initiative to come forward and ask Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng just gave a wave with his hand and spoke, “I don’t have free time currently, and didn’t you not see that I have a few serious things that needs my attention? So you better scoot to one side first, once I take care of the things on the business end of my side, only then would we be able to talk about the coffee thing again.”

Ning Cheng already had the feeling that this female cultivator seemed to be deliberately haunting him, which was already somewhat weird in itself. If he had known that she would behave in such a manner, he would absolutely not have spoken about inviting this female cultivator out for a coffee. He had thought that when this female cultivator heard his words at that time, she would absolutely throw a tantrum, so why then was she showing such a calm reaction? Moreover, would even take the initiative to come forward and ask him about going out to drink coffee? This made Ning Cheng a bit disappointed, as he did not achieve the purpose that he originally intended.  

To persuade one to go out with words or to sympathise with one’s heart in the middle of creating mischief, Ning Cheng had originally sympathized with Tan Yushan who was killed by Jiang Jun, as such he used that as an excuse to sarcastically hoot at this yellow robed female cultivator with a few words, but he had never expected that even after taking all those words, the opposite party would not feel down, or even become angry.

“This Senior Apprentice Brother, thank you for helping me. I’m Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Inner Sect Disciple Zhang Qian.” This Profound Core 7th Level Cultivator from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect finally was able to react, as he hurriedly came forward to thank Ning Cheng while still feeling shocked in his heart.

As the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s disciple, he still nevertheless had to take a bit of the responsibility for what happened. Someone had stepped out to help him out of consideration, if he could not even express proper thanks in return, then what was the use of him walking on the path of cultivation.

Ning Cheng just gave a light laugh and patted the shoulder of the Profound Core 7th Level Cultivator as he spoke, “It is just a small matter, and you don’t need to be polite about it. I am going to set up a stall, if you still have things you want to trade then you can come to my stall to exhibit your goods.”

Ning Cheng purposefully did not speak out his name, he was aware of the reputation currently attached to his name. Although very few people had seen his face previously, but the number of cultivators who had heard about his name were absolutely not a few. It was not that he was afraid of exposing himself, but because of the current matters, even if he had to reveal his name, he would only permit it after he gets his hands on the Soul Condensing Pill.

Ning Cheng and Zhang Qian moved to the side and took up a stall. However, the talks of the surroundings did not stop. Everyone was trying to guess as to which academy Ning Cheng belonged to in the end. Moreover, with his terrifying strength, why did he not represent his academy to participate in the Great Meet? One has to know that the Great Meet of the Academies was directly related to the major interests of the big academies.

Once one crashes into the top ten academies of the Tian Continent, then the comprehensive benefit that they would be able to enjoy would far exceed that of an average academy. Moreover the stronger the person was, the more attention the academy would place on them. However, this Profound Core 8th Level Cultivator, he simply did not appear in the preliminary round of the academies for the Profound Core Realm Group, which in itself was quite an incredible affair.

“Blood River Red Lotus?” Ning Cheng had just finished arranging his stall, when someone immediately screamed out.

Then someone suddenly spoke out, “I understand now, he is No. 436, the cultivator with the Blood River Red Lotus.”

Knowing that the Blood River Red Lotus actually belonged to Ning Cheng, some of the cultivators who were badly in need of the Blood River Red Lotus couldn’t stop themselves from squeezing to the front, as they cautiously asked Ning Cheng the price for the Blood River Red Lotus.

Ning Cheng seeing that there were still many people who wanted to inquire about it, hurriedly stood up and spoke, “I will only exchange my Blood River Red Lotus for the Soul Condensing Pill or any other pills or objects that would help in advancing to the Soul Essence Realm. As for Junior Apprentice Brother Zhang Qing standing next to me with his Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, he only wants to exchange them for ‘Spiritual Mist Pills’ and spirit stones.”

“Although these things are truly good, but unfortunately there are only ten drops of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, it is just too little. I will use ten medium quality Spiritual Mist Pills plus a hundred thousand spirit stones in exchange for your Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, how about it?”

“I will use two Green Radish Amethyst Fruits in exchange for your Blood River Red Lotus, how about it? If you think it is less, then I will also add some spirit stones…”

All kinds of exchange offers could be heard all around. Although Zhang Qian had easily managed to trade for what he wanted, however Ning Cheng did not have an easy time in searching for the Soul Condensing Pill.

Seeing the mess of offers, Ning Cheng once again helplessly stood up and spoke with his fists cupped, “Fellow friends, I only need things that would help me in advancing to the Soul Essence Realm. Moreover, all of you have just seen what happened a few moments ago. My cultivation is somewhat of a handicap for me, allowing some people to rely on their own high cultivation levels, to easily threaten me. Causing me to be very afraid in my heart. As such, I am very much looking forward to my advancement to the Soul Essence Realm, so that the threat to someone trashy like me would be a lot less.”

Some of the cultivators on hearing Ning Cheng’s words couldn’t help but secretly despise him, as they inwardly cursed at him who are you fooling by saying that you are scared? With that arrogant mouth of yours, who would even cause you to feel afraid?

“This friend, if you are willing to believe in me, then you will put away your Blood River Red Lotus, while I go find you a Soul Condensing Pill. We can then exchange it afterwards?” At this time, that stunning looking female cultivator who was standing not far away from Ning Cheng took the initiative to speak up.

“I’m truly sorry, but I do not believe in you. Since you are roaming around with a stinking insect, it would be best if you could move far away from me……” Ning Cheng spoke in a quiet manner, while also was somewhat admiring that Jiang Jun. Even after all the insults that he had thrown at him, he had still not left, and was still standing on the side of the beautiful looking woman.

Jiang Jun on hearing Ning Cheng’s words, had blue veins pop up on his hands, but because he still had a bit of reason left in himself, as such he was able to keep his impulses in check. If it was any other place than the one they were in, he would have already begun ruthlessly torturing him.

The beautiful looking female cultivator on hearing Ning Cheng’s words immediately shut her mouth. Although it did not make her leave, but it also led to the situation of Jiang Jun not leaving.

At this point, several cultivators once again gathered towards a corner of the Main Hall, although Ning Cheng was doing his best to hawk his Blood River Red Lotus, but he always kept an eye out for the changing situations in the Main Hall.

When he saw that cultivators were coming out from a corner of the Main Hall, he immediately spoke with a startled voice, “Whoa, this Main Hall has other entrances?”

Some of the cultivators wanting to purchase Ning Cheng’s Blood River Red Lotus immediately gave a reply, “That place is where the exchange of magical techniques and cultivation methods is being held, as long as you have a black and white jade card, you can go there to exchange cultivation methods and cultivation pointers.”

Ning Cheng finally understood that the entrance area for the cultivators to exchange magical techniques and cultivation methods was at that corner of the Main Hall.

“Hey, is that the Blood River Red Lotus?” One of the cultivators who had just come out couldn’t help but speak out aloud on seeing Ning Cheng’s Blood River Red Lotus.

Ning Cheng felt a bit surprised as he looked in the direction of the voice. His gaze flicked from one face to another, before it finally rested on the face of an extremely cold looking Daoist Priestess. The Daoist Priestess was also staring back at him at the same time, along with a slight surprise that flashed past the eyes of this Daoist Priestess.

It once again turned out to be another extremely beautiful looking female cultivator, but this one was wearing the robes of a Daoist Priestess. Her beauty was in no way inferior to the yellow robed woman who he had asked out for a coffee a few moments ago, and had peerlessly delicate features. With a pair of eyes that sparkled as bright as clear waters, coupled with her snow white robe, it made people think that this woman would simply fly into the heavens the very next moment.

Not only did her long hair, which was arranged in pleat, not cause the slightest damage to her temperament, but it also served as a contrast to enhance the snowy white skin of her neck. She was unexpectedly wearing a pair of thin yet common cotton bottomed shoes on her feet, causing her to resemble a homely little girl from next door one moment, while transforming into an unattainable fairy in the next moment. Her charm was such that every time a person gazed at her, they would be able to feel different things each time. Perhaps only the words ‘heavenly beauty’ could be used to describe her.

What was even more peculiar was that she was carrying a sword on her back. Ordinary cultivators would simply store their magical weapons inside their rings, and other than a few people, who had a strong enough background, would swagger around with their magical weapons in full display, however this kind of situation was simply rarely seen.

Although this beautiful looking Daoist Priestess was carrying a sword, but it wasn’t even a little bit disharmonious to her image, rather it served to add an unspeakable flavour to her. However, people like this white robed Daoist Priestess, were also quite rare among rarities.

Ning Cheng frowned on seeing her. He felt that he had seen this white robed female cultivator somewhere before. As he raked his mind to think about it, he suddenly thought about the people he had ended up saving from that old fogey’s ice house in the ancient immortal cave. This female cultivator was also among them. No wonder the other party had a trace of surprise flash past their eyes when they looked at each other; it seems that the other party had already recognized him.

However, Ning Cheng did not care about it much, since he was already recognized by the other party there was nothing that he could do about it. He still held up the Blood River Red Lotus in his hand and spoke, “If there is no Soul Condensing Pill, then I would also not be exchanging it……”

“Wait, I have a Soul Condensing Pill……” This white robed Daoist Priestess suddenly took out a jade bottle and immediately handed it to Ning Cheng before speaking.

Ning Cheng also took the jade bottle and took a peek inside it. He found that it not only contained a Soul Condensing Pill, but it was also a top quality Soul Condensing Pill. Although Ning Cheng himself rarely refined anything other than top quality pills, however he was aware that the attainments that he had in the field of pills was a bit lacking. It can only be blamed on his shortcomings that he was unable to refine the Soul Condensing Pill.

“Yes, it really is a Soul Condensing Pill. However, it is just that my qualifications are a bit too poor, as such just a single pill might not work. Since I have a pair of Blood River Red Lotus, then at least I should exchange it for two Soul Condensing Pills.”

As Ning Cheng’s words came out, it immediately caused the cultivators inside the Main Hall to break into a cacophony of discussions. Although the Blood River Red Lotus was something precious, however the pair of Blood River Red Lotuses were not that precious enough to be exchanged for two Soul Condensing Pills. Not to mention two, even if it was exchanged for a single Soul Condensing Pill of that quality, it could be considered as obtaining a sizable profit.

Moreover there were also a lot of people here who seemed to know the identity of this Daoist Priestess, and were also aware that it was the most difficult to bargain with the people from her academy, let alone her who was the Severing Emotions Dao Sect’s True Inheriting Disciple. Wanting to rip off a True Inhering Disciple from this academy was simply akin to not knowing the difference between living and dying…

But the surrounding cultivators soon gave out a sigh, this Profound Core 8th Level Cultivator dared to openly flirt with the disciple of the Floating Snow Palace, while not even taking the disciple from the Red Star Sword Faction seriously, as such why should he act in polite manner towards the disciples of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect? He was simply a lunatic. All of them were somewhat looking forward to how this Severing Emotions Dao Sect’s True Inheriting Disciple would deal with this lunatic.

But what made the surrounding people even more surprised was the following words of the Daoist Priestess, “I only have a single Soul Condensing Pill with me, why don’t you give me just a single stalk of the Blood River Red Lotus?”

Ning Cheng also did not find her request strange, for this female cultivator to speak in such manner, it can only be said that she was somewhat grateful for that time. Whatever the outcome, he had truly ended up saving their small lives, as such even if he asked for a few more pills suitable for cultivation in the Soul Essence Realm; it would not be too excessive, right?

Thinking that Ning Cheng put away the jade bottle that he received from the other party, before he picked up the pair of Blood River Red Lotus only to separate a stalk from it before he handed it to her, “It’s truly a pity, this Blood River Red Lotus is something that is found in a pair, yet had to be abruptly separated at this moment. Well, you can keep it; just compensating me with some pills suitable for cultivation in the Soul Essence Realm is also fine by me. Alas, who let me be so soft-hearted?”

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