Chapter 0289

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0289: Underselling the True Spirit Nectar Wash

The surrounding people couldn’t help but gawk at Ning Cheng, although they had seen their share of shameless people, but they had never seen someone as shameless as him. A Soul Condensing Pill for a strand of Blood River Red Lotus, it can already be considered as a huge profit, yet this person even dared to ask for pills suitable for cultivation in the Soul Essence Realm? This was definitely not the problem of having a thick skin, but rather flowing into the rhythm of shamelessness.

Ning Cheng himself felt the temperature of his face rise up by a few notches because of the embarrassment he was feeling, even though he knew that this Daoist Priestess in front of him would definitely give him some pills if he asked, but he also became aware that he should not be so pushing. At the same time, Ning Cheng also knew that since he was pushing hard for the Daoist Priestess to fork out a few more pills, as such he decided to immediately leave this place once he got the pills. He would then immediately go out to look for a suitable place to advance to the Soul Essence Realm. He was aware that he couldn’t be sloppy with this kind of thing.

If he had to rely on just himself to slowly move around in order to purchase the pills that he needed, then the time delay that he would have to experience would simply be too long. As for what would transpire here, he did not care much about it. It was not that he was afraid of how the Red Star Sword Faction would try to deal with him, as he could always go back to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to seek asylum. However, he really did not want to waste time on such a boring and monotonous endeavour. Once his cultivation reached a high point, then all of these things would be akin to floating clouds.

Besides, in this place he had already experienced enough of affairs similar to biting the hand that feeds them, for Ning Cheng it was already more than enough. Although he had asked the Daoist Priestess for a few pills for cultivation in the Soul Essence Realm, he did not feel too much of a psychological burden, it was just that he was not used to this kind of a shameless practice.

“Ok, I have a bottle of Youthful Spirit Pills, and can also give it to you.” This one sentence almost made the people staring to become slack jawed while not believing the words they were hearing. This white robed Daoist Priestess actually agreed to Ning Cheng, they thought as they looked at her taking out a jade bottle and handing it to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng also was a bit sceptic as to how this thing turned out to be so simple, he was originally trying to hold an attitude, if it really did not turn in his favour, then he would simply forget about it. However, he still accepted and put away the goods, before he immediately turned around to walk away.

At this moment, even the rest of the cultivators present in the Exchange Hall felt that there was something wrong, whether it was the True Inheriting Disciple of the Floating Snow Palace, or the True Inheriting Disciple of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, both of them were showing an extreme amount of patience over this small Profound Core 8th Level Cultivator.

“This Senior Apprentice Sister, thank you. I hope that you remain young forever and live till the age of a hundred. I will be taking my leave now, if there is a chance in the future then we will definitely meet up.” Ning Cheng had already put away the pills, turned away, and immediately started walking away with a polite goodbye without being too wordy about it.

The white robed Daoist Priestess suddenly gave a smile and spoke, “I am a cultivator at the Great Circle of the Soul Essence Realm, and just a step further would allow me to enter the Soul Sculpting Realm, as such I would definitely have more than a hundred years to live, so when you wished for me to live till the age of hundred, were you really expressing your good wishes for me or were you speaking sarcastically to me?”

Ning Cheng suddenly found himself to be at a loss for words, he did not expect that the Daoist Priestess would cause him to choke on his own words. He had come from the Earth, and it was something of a habitual ritual, to wish others to remain young forever and live to the age of a hundred, it was actually a customary form of praise back there. However, in this place, staying young forever was too simple, and as for living to the age of hundred before falling was something considered to be as dying young.

“Well, then I wish that you live long till a million years, good bye……” Ning Cheng simply could not wait to get out of this place.

“Do you think that we can go out to drink coffee now?” Waiting for Ning Cheng, that beautiful looking yellow robed female cultivator spoke in a serious manner, as she unexpectedly once again appeared in front of Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but scratch his head as he spoke, “Young lady, there are a few urgent things that require my attention today. Why don’t we go out to drink coffee at a later time? I’ll treat you to everything at that time, white spirits, wine, rice vinegar, soy sauce, cola, sprite, whatever you want, but not today, I will be taking my leave now…….”

“You are afraid that the people from the Red Star Sword Faction would come to find you, so you want to find a suitable place to advance to the Soul Essence Realm, don’t you?” This yellow robed female cultivator suddenly spoke out.

“Hey, how did you realize all that? It turns out that you are also quite smart. I have just been mortally threatened, and it indeed has caused me to be somewhat worried, so I want to find a place to improve my own cultivation.” Ning Cheng gave out a helpless sort of cry, and spilled out a few words.

He truly wanted to find a suitable place to advance to the Soul Essence Realm, but with the Red Star Sword Faction openly declaring their intentions to deal with him, it would be quite a difficult feat to accomplish. However if he used his Twin Wings and True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel, even Crucible Transformation Cultivators might not necessarily be able to catch up with him.

The yellow robed female cultivator simply spoke in an indifferent manner, “It would simply be a useless endeavour for you, especially since there are a lot of people here that are eyeing you. Unless you have some good means, trying to escape from this place would be very difficult. However if you go out with me for a coffee, these things would not matter anymore.”

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but feel a bit disdainful in regards to her words, no matter how good the tools there are, it would also be very difficult to escape? He did not believe that Crucible Transformation Cultivators could enter the Chaotic Star Space.

“If it was not because of a woman like you, wouldn’t I have been able to exit peacefully? Today, I just want to go out, unfortunately I do not want to go out to drink coffee with you, so what are you going to do about it?” Ning Cheng once again replied in a disdainful voice.

This woman was together with that Jiang Jun who he had already classified as nothing short of being a societal dreg, combined with how she always spoke as if nothing had happened, it caused Ning Cheng to feel very unhappy.

“She is the Floating Snow Palace’s Yin Kongchan, moreover the premier disciple of the Floating Snow Palace, who has not yet advanced to the Soul Sculpting Realm. Although she does indeed have all the qualifications to advance, however she herself is not willing to advance.” At the moment, that white robed Daoist Priestess suddenly supplemented with a sentence.

“Xu Yingdei, you are not bad yourself. You have also not advanced to the Soul Sculpting Realm, I estimate that it is because you were not able to grasp the chance to completely sever your emotions, which would end up bringing harm to others, anyways, isn’t this the usual means of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect.” Yin Kongchan also returned a sentence in a cold voice.

Ning Cheng suddenly experienced a hint of clarity in his mind, in the jade strip that Elder Bei had left behind for him, it was mentioned that the Floating Snow Palace and the Severing Emotions Dao Sect had visited the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to propose a marriage. Weren’t the names of the two women mentioned in it, the one’s he heard just now? If these two women indeed were the same, then Ning Cheng completely understood as to why did these two women showed such a huge tolerance towards him.

But in what world would these two women deem him to be worthy in their eyes? Ning Cheng would never believe that these two women had truly taken a fancy to him. The Severing Emotions Dao Sect’s Xu Yingdei wants to use him to sever her emotions, how was it any different from forgetting a lifelong companion? Against all expectation, why did they try to look for him? Looking at her being surrounded with many men and women, didn’t she already have many better choices?

And what about this Yin Kongchan, Ning Cheng did not believe for a single moment that this woman would choose to marry him, let alone go out on a date with him. Did the people become blind to not see that Jiang Jun sticking to her like a dog skin plaster?

“Oh, I remember who he is; he is that Ning Cheng, the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Ning Cheng, who half a year ago had saved more than a hundred elite disciples of the major academies from that ancient immortal cave…”

When Ning Cheng heard those words, he knew that he was finally recognized by the people here. Although Ning Cheng did not have much worry for being recognized by the masses, but now that they had recognized him, he would have to be a lot more careful about his actions. Moreover, he also had no choice to not change appearance when he planned to seek asylum from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect at the time he joined.

“No wonder he is so powerful, I heard that he was not afraid of even the Life Essence of that ancient immortal cave.”

“Don’t you know anything? Didn’t you hear about how he openly cursed at the Red Star Sword Faction’s Crucible Transformation Elder Tang…..”

The person behind the voice only spoke half of what he wanted to say, while he chose not to speak the rest of the words. It could be guessed that the person was somewhat afraid of the Red Star Sword Faction’s disciples that were still present here.

Ning Cheng hearing until here cupped his fists towards the crowd and spoke, “Ladies and gentlemen, yes, I am indeed the Ning Cheng you speak of. Since everyone here already recognizes me, then why don’t we discuss a bit of business here. I still have a small barrel of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar left with me, originally I had used half a scoop of it to wash my hands and feet during a very distressing period for me, as for why I used the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar in such a manner, I guess everybody already knows the answer to it, as such I would not be speaking much about it. In addition to the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, I also have a nine-coloured Mirage Stone, which I was able to obtain through an accident…”

Ning Cheng, after being recognized by the masses here, simply chose to disclose the things that everybody already seemed to know. And after the cultivators heard those words coming directly from the mouth of Ning Cheng in an open manner, they couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air, as they thought to themselves, that the legends regarding him were definitely true, that Ning Cheng not only had the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar but also a nine-coloured Mirage Stone.

“But then again, I am someone timid by nature, along with having a low cultivation. Although I own a few good things, but I am always a bit frightened because of it. Some academies would always try to think of ways and using a variety of means to deceive me out of my things. Although all of us are comparatively more honest, in the case of meeting deception, it would simply be too late to die with regrets… As such, today I will take this opportunity to trade away these two things, whether it is spirit stones, magical weapons, or various other treasures of the heaven and earth, as long as I am satisfied with it, I will conduct the exchange……”

Finished saying that, Ning Cheng directly took out a jade barrel, before carefully placing it on the stall, and then took out another jade box and placing it alongside it on the stall. Now that his identity was found out by the others, eventually he would have to leave this place to search for a safe place to cultivate. As such, it would be better if he could earn a bit of spirit stones before he left. Once he sold out ‘all’ of his stuff, then the Severing Emotions Dao Sect and the Floating Snow Palace would have no reason to place importance on him, right?

“So you originally were Senior Apprentice Brother Ning. This is truly wonderful.” Zhang Qian had surprise plastered all over his face, as he moved to get ready to help Ning Cheng at the same time.

Ning Cheng did not place any restriction on the barrel; moreover, there was also no lid over the barrel. As such, the people had a clear view over the contents, and found that the jade barrel truly contained the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar. Regardless of whether or not Ning Cheng’s Mirage Stone was real or not, seeing so much Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar put on sale, they realized that the price would also not be too high.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, what is the exchange price of your Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar?”

“Elder Brother Ning…..”

The cultivators present here were aware that they would not be able to afford to buy a Mirage Stone, however for the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, as long as it was being exchanged for spirit stones and not for Spiritual Mist Pills, everybody would then be able to afford it.

“Everyone, the price of each drop of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar is set for 20,000 spirit stones, while the price of the Mirage Stone is negotiable. If you want more Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, then you can only exchange for it.”

As soon as Ning Cheng spoke out the price, it immediately caused a huge stir among the masses, as it meant that everyone could have the chance to purchase it. Which cultivator among them present here did not have at least several hundred thousand spirit stones, if not a few million spirit stones?

“I want 50 drops…..”

“I want 30 drops…..”


In just a short time, a crazy amount of people surged towards Ning Cheng’s stall, no matter what origins they had, no matter what kind of background they came from, all of them wanted to purchase the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar. With this item being sold at such a cheap price, if they ended up missing this opportunity, where else would they buy it from then?

Even Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei could not help but buy 50 drops each.

Although Ning Cheng’s barrel was not small, even then, the barrel filled with Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar was almost completely sold out; this large barrel of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar brought him approximately 80 million spirit stones. In fact, Ning Cheng was well aware that this price was actually a lot cheaper that the price at which he had sold to the Heavenly Stars Auction House. Besides, who let him bring out this much of this stuff?

“Elder Brother Ning, I just received a request from my academy, they are willing to shell out 200 million spirit stones, plus four top quality Soul Condensing Pills, to buy half a barrel of your Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar.” An eager voice sounded out, however at this time, most of Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar was sold out.

“Such a high price?” Ning Cheng’s face immediately showed an extreme shock, which was then followed by a regretful expression.

“Alas, I ended up selling it cheaply. It really is a pity, why didn’t you mention this earlier. Currently the amount of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar in my possession is not even equivalent to what is being held in the hands of the cultivators here. What a pity, it really is a shame.”

Ning Cheng sighed to himself, before he cupped his fists and spoke “Friends, just look at how I sold my Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar to you all at the lowest price, and ended up missing the opportunity to rake in a fortune, as such everyone must keep this in your hearts.”

These cultivators had all bought Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, and couldn’t help but give bright smiles towards Ning Cheng. Only the cultivator who proposed the offer of 200 million spirit stones, showed disappointment in his eyes. Ning Cheng was aware that the disappointment in the eyes of that person was not because he was unable to purchase the half a barrel of the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, but rather was disappointed in himself because of his failed probe in finding out if he was hiding more quantities of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar on his body.

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