Chapter 0294

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0294: Cooperation

Ning Cheng had the look of disbelief plastered all over his face as he looked at the nine empty boxes in front of him, if he had not known that nobody other than him had touched his ring, he would have definitely thought that they were stolen away.

Although Ning Cheng was stunned with the things in front of him, Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei were also equally stunned, as they thought just who in the world is this man, to be able to procure these many Nine-Coloured Mirage Stones. Both of them were smart women, as such they instantly understood from this that Ning Cheng had not only dug out the Mirage Tree, but had also obtained 18 Nine-Coloured Mirage Stones, only now the 9 unreal Mirage Stones have dissipated.

“It unexpectedly turned out to be real, however wouldn’t it mean that if I gave a person a Nine-Coloured Mirage Stone that Mirage Stone would also automatically disappear?” Ning Cheng immediately asked about what he was thinking.

Xu Yingdei spoke in a slow pace, “A Nine-Coloured Mirage Stone is something extremely rare, even if someone managed to obtain it before, they would never store it, and would generally use it all up. If it was not used, then I’m afraid that the Nine-Coloured Mirage Stone would also disappear just like the Nine-Coloured Mirage Tree disappearing from the Mirage Island.”

Ning Cheng put away the Mirage Stones, while his face was a bit ugly to look at. The two women in front of him already were aware that he possessed the Nine-Coloured Mirage Tree; as such, it was only a matter of time that this news would leak out to the rest of the world. At that time, even the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would not be able to provide an asylum for him, then again, once they get to know that he possessed the Nine-Coloured Mirage Tree, would the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect bother to shelter someone like him?

Fortunately, he was able to meet up these two women here, otherwise, even if he did not put away the Nine-Coloured Mirage Stone that he had taken out in the ancient immortal cave, eventually it would be exposed anyway, at that moment he wouldn’t even know how he ended up dying.

“If you really have the Nine-Coloured Mirage Tree, if such an incident happened after this Great Meet concludes, you certainly would not be able to go back to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. However, since the Great Meet of the Academies is currently underway, as such there will be no one focussing on this. Moreover, because of this, you can also be assured that, the news of the Nine-Coloured Mirage Tree has also not been completely compromised; as such, you still have the chance to get away. Of course, the prerequisite for that is that we should not speak about this matter.” Xu Yingdei finished in a light tone, as she swept her glance towards Yin Kongchan.

Yin Kongchan still spoke in a plain yet tranquil manner, “I at least am not like a person from a certain academy, who wants to use someone to sever their emotions. If I fell in love with a man, then I will definitely not sever my emotions for him. I will not only live for him but also die for him.”

“So to speak, your feelings towards Ning Cheng are true? Because of which you let the Floating Snow Palace ask for Ning Cheng’s hand in marriage?” Although Xu Yingdei did not even have half a shred of sarcasm in her voice, but Yin Kongchan was still able to feel a sarcastic undertone in her words.

Ning Cheng was no longer in the mood to ask Yin Kongchan as to why she wanted to be with him, the only thoughts that he had, was on how to leave the Heavenly Dao Public Square, and then escape as far away as possible.

“If you want to escape, then I can come with you.” As if Yin Kongchan was able to hear Ning Cheng’s thoughts, she suddenly spoke up.

Ning Cheng reeled in his thoughts, as he looked Yin Kongchan with puzzle written all over his face, “You really want to marry me?”

Yin Kongchan simply shook her head and spoke, “I don’t really want to marry you, but of course, if you want me to marry you, then I could marry you. However, I will not enter into Dual Cultivation with you……”

Ning Cheng sneered and spoke, “Raising a hen only for laying eggs, since you won’t enter into Dual Cultivation with me, so what would I come back to after marrying you? Just because you look beautiful, doesn’t mean that my only purpose just to be raised by you?”

Yin Kongchan simply did not care about Ning Cheng’s words, as she still spoke, “I had originally wanted my academy to propose a marriage with you because I had originally wanted you to give me something. Now that I have met with you in person, I know that it is something out of question, so I decided to conduct a business with you.”

“What do you want?” Ning Cheng, currently was in a bad mood, as such even his voice was a bit higher in volume than usual while being completely blunt. He simply did not have the same amount of patience as shown by Xu Yingdei and Yin Kongchan.

“The Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds.” Yin Kongchan stated as she directly looked into Ning Cheng’s eyes. She wanted to see if Ning Cheng would tell the truth or lie.

Ning Cheng, however, spoke with disdain, “One of you want my Mirage Tree, while the other wants my Twin Wings. To tell you the truth, I do have all those things, but unfortunately, I don’t want to take them out anymore. If you want to rob it from me then come straight up, however I definitely am not someone easy.”

“So you really have the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds…..” Yin Kongchan heaved a sigh of relief, as she spoke up in a calm voice once again, “Since I have spoken about it, then I will definitely not rob you.”

“You should have attended the Heavenly Stars Auction……”

Ying Kongchan’s words were immediately interrupted by Ning Cheng, “You don’t have to state something that others already know, especially since I sold a lot of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar to the Heavenly Stars Auction House. Even idiots would be able to figure it out.”

Yin Kongchan seemed to have not heard the ridiculing manner in which Ning Cheng spoke, as she replied, “I’m not talking about the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, but the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence…..”

“So it was originally bought by you…..” Ning Cheng instantly understood that when he was competing for the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence’s jade strip, a female cultivator had suddenly emerged out of nowhere, and purchased the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence’s jade strip.

Although the Heavenly Stars Auction House would not disclose any news of their customers, but with the strength of the Floating Snow Palace, forcing the Heavenly Stars Auction House to reveal the a bit of information of a solitary person without any background was too simple. So for Yin Kongchan to know about him from the Heavenly Stars Auction would not be too farfetched of a thing. Before, Yin Kongchan had not known that he was Ning Cheng, but when he ended up exposing his stash of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, everything was made clear to her.

Ning Cheng had already understood that these two women already had their own plans; as such, he forced himself to calm down. He definitely wanted the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence jade strip, but at the same time, he also wanted to leave the Heavenly Dao Public Square, before escaping to a faraway place. If such a thing were not possible, then he would have to go back to the Le Continent to hide.

“Why do you want it? The Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds are not no longer the Twin Wings that you spoke about just now, but rather is called the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds.” Ning Cheng no longer spoke any more nonsense towards Yin Kongchan. Since these things have already been exposed, it wouldn’t matter anymore. What he cared about currently was which path he should take now.

“We can work together to obtain the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence. However, I will need your Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds for a chance to succeed in obtaining the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, as this thing is very important to me. Moreover, there is no other way to get close to the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, except with using the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds.” Yin Kongchan spoke out in a straightforward manner.

“Ok, just give me a copy of the jade strip, I will directly go to that place and wait for you.” Ning Cheng spoke without hesitation.

Yin Kongchan retorted back in a light voice, “Although I don’t look like I think through things, but that does not mean that I am an idiot. Would you mind not talking to me in this idiotic tone?”

“Well, with your villain’s heart, just state the place and we shall meet at that place.” Ning Cheng already knew that Yin Kongchan didn’t believe in him, and was afraid that once he took that jade strip, he would simply kick her out of the fruits.

“I also want to go.” Xu Yingdei, who had been excluded until now, immediately spoke up.

Yin Kongchan still spoke with a tranquil tone, “I have the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence’s jade strip, Ning Cheng has the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, what do you have? Can it be that you did not have a handle on what could threaten Ning Cheng, so you want to use this as means to threaten him?”

Xu Yingdei spoke in the same tone, “I said that I might possibly be in love with Ning Cheng. I wouldn’t threaten someone I want to be in love with……”

Ning Cheng raised his hands and immediately interrupted Xu Yingdei’s words, “Stop it already, I already told you that we do not have any kind of relationship between us. Moreover, I already have a fiancée, don’t you know about it?”

“Whether or not you have a fiancée, or even if you have a few other Dao Companions, it would not affect my feelings towards you……” Xu Yingdei spoke in a light tone, “However, now is not the time to discuss about this, rather we should be talking about the cooperation. The Geocentric 9 Yin Essence is just as important to me as a branch from the Mirage Tree. Moreover, there is a chance that the locations marked on your jade strip might turn out to me wrong; in that case, I would be able to help you find the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence.”

Yin Kongchan then looked at Ning Cheng and spoke, “Xu Yingdei want to be together with you just to get a feel of love from you, if she cannot even talk about remaining with you, then all this talk about love is simply nonsense. As for the rest of the words, I simply do not believe in them.”

Xu Yingdei also did not refute Yin Kongchan, rather just waved her hand, causing a small snowy white adorable looking Spiritual Fox to jump onto her shoulder.

“This spiritual fox is named Little Xun and can help in our search, if you cannot find the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, then as long as we are in the general vicinity, Little Xun will certainly be able to help us out.” Xu Yingdei finished, but did not care about Yin Kongchan, as she gazed at Ning Cheng.

Yin Kongchan showed a surprised expression for the second time, but it was only for a moment, before she composed herself and spoke, “You not only have this kind of treasure, but also brought it out to let it be seen by people, it seems that you really want to come, doesn’t it?”

Xu Yingdei was still looking at Ning Cheng, and did not answer Yin Kongchan’s words.

Yin Kongchan on seeing Ning Cheng about to speak suddenly grabbed the hem of his robes and spoke, “Ning Cheng, I can agree to go together with Xu Yingdei, but Xu Yingdei seems to truly be in love with you, however you have to be careful. People from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect only pay a lip service to the sentiment of love, but in actuality, there would not even be any friendship, let alone being acknowledged by them as family. As to when she would walk away from you, it would be when you are the deepest in love with her, at that moment, it wouldn’t matter if you lived or died, she would simply not care at all rather she might even take the chance to kill you if you are not dead already.”

Ning Cheng gave an indifferent smile, “Since that is the case, then let’s all go together.”

As for Yin Kongchan’s persuasion, Ning Cheng completely ignored it. Xu Yingdei might be cheap, but Yin Kongchan was also not much better. These two people were not even worthy to carry Luofei’s shoes, so why would they be worthy for himself? He was not the kind of man who liked to associate with people based on just appearances.

“Well, now that we have agreed to this, let’s talk about your situation.”

Xu Yingdei raised her hand before she put away her Spiritual Fox before speaking, “If I am not wrong, once you go back to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, you will end up in representing them in the finals for the Profound Core Realm. Moreover, both of us have assignments to be completed during the Great Meet, as such until before the Great Meet of the Academies ends, we won’t be able to leave anyway.”

Ning Cheng frowned, “I did not participate in the preliminaries for the Profound Core Realm, so I simply won’t be able to represent the academy in the tournament.”

Yin Kongchan spoke up with her own initiative, “Every Academy can substitute one person in the finals, and the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect has two Profound Core Cultivators who managed to break into the finals for the Profound Core Realm. Xu Yingdei’s guess is also quite correct, as the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would definitely ask you to replace one of the Profound Core Cultivators to represent the academy in the tournament for the Profound Core Realm.”

When Yin Kongchan spoke about the matter relating to substituting a person in the finals, Ning Cheng realized that these two women might just be speaking the truth. It seems that he really might have to represent the academy and participate in the tournament.

“Maybe, we can talk about the rest after this Great Meet, by the way, any ideas on how we should get out of here.” Ning Cheng understood this point and immediately spoke up, whether he would represent the academy to participate in a tournament or not, it was not that great of a matter for him.

Yin Kongchan took out three pieces of talismans, “These are three Rank 7 Tagged Escaping Talisman, once activated it would allow you to completely escape the range of a Crucible Transformation Cultivator’s spiritual consciousness. The three of us will take one each, as long as we each leave behind a Spiritual Consciousness Tag on it, then even if we end up drifting off, we would still be able to appear in the same general vicinity.”

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