Chapter 0295

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0295: Ning Cheng Goes Up

“Disciple Ning Cheng greets the Headmaster.” After Ning Cheng finished with the customary rituals, he took a good look at the middle aged man with a plain face sitting in front of him. At the same time, thinking from the perspective of cultivation, the aura of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Headmaster Rui Baishan was a lot weaker when compared to the Heavenly Dao Academy’s Dao Master.

“Good, looks like your spiritual consciousness and true essence are really strong.” Rui Baishan softly spoke up. The moment he first laid his eyes on Ning Cheng, he was immediately able to discover that Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness was extremely powerful.

At the same time, Elder Bei who was sitting on the side gave a smile before suddenly speaking up, “Ning Cheng, the Headmaster’s temperament is quite gentle, so you can just relax.”

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but feel a bit funny in his heart when he heard those words; he was not even the slightest bit nervous from the start until now, so how could he relax even more?

Rui Baishan gave a small chuckle and spoke, “Ning Cheng is not even half a bit nervous, so how did your talks with the Floating Snow Palace’s Yin Kongchan and Severing Emotions Dao Sect’s Xu Yingdei go?”

Ning Cheng embarrassingly scratched his head before replying, “I think the two of them are quite good, however the two of them don’t get along well with each other.”

“What don’t tell me that you want both of them?” Elder Bei’s expression was completely honest, as he immediately asked in surprise.

Ning Cheng on hearing those words and seeing that reaction simply gave a smile and spoke, “Although there were no negotiations, but all three of us have agreed to meet together once again after the Great Meet ends. With the three of us to keep each other company, we would then go walk around for a bit. So after the Great meet ends, I might come back to the academy a bit later.”

Elder Bei and Tantei Fei looked at each other with bewilderment in their eyes; this Ning Cheng was also so strong in this regard? Just how did he even cultivate his skills?

Rui Baishan once again gave a smile and spoke, “Ning Cheng, there are some things that one must take care of by themselves; I hope that you would not have to suffer a loss. Anyways, the reason I have called you here at this time, is that there is a particular matter that I wish to discuss with you. Because you have been in seclusion, therefore it seems that that you were not able to sign up to participate for the Great Meet of the Academies. This time, my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s performance is quite poor, perhaps it could even be said to be worse than the last time’s. Because of which I want you to temporarily replace Xian Caixue, to enter the finals for the Profound Core Division, what do you say about it?”

Ning Cheng had already guessed that something like this would happen, as such he simply replied without a shred of hesitation or reluctance, “Headmaster, the various elders, I am a disciple of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. For me to contribute towards the academy is something natural, so of course I will not decline it.”

“Good, Ning Cheng, it seems that I really did not read you wrong.” Elder Bei said with a clap.

“Not only will you get rewarded for your contributions, it could be said that entering the top hundred in the Great Meet of the Academies would not only bring you the highest of honours, but would also entail a rich reward.” Headmaster Rui Baishan spoke with a smile.

Ning Cheng had not thought about this point previously, but now that the headmaster had spoken about rewards, he couldn’t help but immediately think about Xian Caixue who had given up her spot to him, because of which he quickly spoke up, “Headmaster, as the matter stands, wouldn’t Senior Apprentice Sister Xian be suffering a loss because of this?”

“No, the academy will appropriately compensate her. Moreover, with her strength, she would also not be able to secure a lot of points.” Another elder whom Ning Cheng did not know spoke up.

Ning Cheng slightly hesitated before speaking, “Either way, I hope that my rewards would be equally distributed with Senior Apprentice Sister Xian. I’ve already been cultivating in the Academy’s Small Spiritual Domain, as such it could be said that I already received many benefits from the academy, because of which I cannot take advantage of Senior Apprentice Sister’s hard work.”

Rui Baishan also nodded, as he thought that Ning Cheng was quite good at heart, at least his actions proved that he was not a greedy person. However, he was also aware that Ning Cheng had a secret that he didn’t want to say, that is Ning Cheng’s attainments in Array Formations was absolutely not something to be looked down upon.


It was at the central most area of the Heavenly Dao Public Square, where the Great Meet of the Academies was being held.

Today, this place was once again packed full of cultivators, however today was different from when the preliminaries were held. Where there were initially ten battle rings, the competition area now held only a single ring. Whether it was the Essence Building Division, Profound Core Division, Soul Essence Division or even the Rank Surpassing Challenges of the Tournament, all of their final rounds would take place in this one battle ring.

As for the disciples in the Profound Congealing Realm, they would not be participating in the Great Meet of the Academies. As such, the measure of the overall strength of an Academy would be taken from the strength displayed by their respective disciples in the Essence Building Realm, the Profound Core Realm and the Soul Essence Realm. Of course, the Rank Surpassing Challenges would bring in the most points and rewards. However, if your strength were far stronger than your peers were, then you would be able to obtain a high enough score in any division.

The finals for the Essence Building Division had already been concluded at this moment, while the finals for the Profound Core Division was just about to start. Properly speaking, there would not be a lot of people spectating the Tournament for the Profound Core Division, as people would many be interested in the Tournament for the Soul Essence Division, and the Rank Surpassing Challenges. The reason why there were so many people gathered here was mainly for Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Ning Cheng.

Going by the speculations of all the academies, Ning Cheng would certainly represent the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect in the finals for the Profound Core Cultivators.

The finals in the Great Meet of the Academies followed the challenge system of the tournaments, which is anyone who passed through the preliminary rounds can issue a challenge to any of the other 99 candidates in the tournament.

One victory would earn you one point. Winning a streak of ten victories would allow you to accumulate ten points. But if you lose one battle, a point would be deducted from your accumulations. Each cultivator, who passed through the preliminary round, would be starting off with a base score of one point. Any cultivator, once their score drops into negatives, would lose the qualifications to issue or take up challenges. In other words, if you have a point, but end up losing twice, meaning you ended up with a negative one point, then you directly be eliminated. Moreover, your negative points would mean that your academy would also have to suffer for it, as the score would be directly added into the overall score of the academy, causing the academy’s overall score to drop.

Of course, if you won a ten round streak, there is also a possibility that you might end up with losing in a 9 round streak. However as long as your score is above or equal to zero, you would still be allowed to continue in the tournament. Moreover, you would also be given some control over the tournament, that is, once you managed to rake up ten points, and if you no longer wanted to participate in the tournament, you can then simply withdraw from the tournament ring with your score. Because the evaluations for the top ten academies would be determined with the final cumulative score, as such whether you decided to stop halfway, or just managed to hold onto you one point, or even not scored anything at all, your score would still be included into the final score of the academy.


“Big Brother Ning, if I knew that you would also be coming here, I would have waited a few more days to come with you.” Liang Kexin was very happy. It could be said that her harvest in the past few days was not small at all. Moreover, after hearing the news that Ning Cheng had come to the Heavenly Dao Public Square she had immediately rushed out and it was only that she was just able to locate Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng spoke with a smile, “Junior Apprentice Sister Kexin, when we parted the last time, we were both Profound Congealing Cultivators, congratulations on you finally advancing to the Soul Essence Realm before me.”

Liang Kexin showed a pout before speaking, “My Soul Essence Cultivation is still not enough to even measure up to Big Brother Ning’s palm, of that I’m very clear in my heart. Big Brother Ning, you must take the first place in the Profound Core Division…..”

Ning Cheng lowered his voice before speaking up, “Even if I did not take the first place, I at least plan on helping the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to get into the top ten academies of the Tian Continent, I guess securing 20 points should be able to do it.”

“20 points will not let you be ranked first; wait doesn’t that mean winning at least 20 battles…..” Liang Kexin almost bit her tongue as she spoke, however thinking back to previous displays of Ning Cheng’s strength, although she was surprised, but at least was not overly surprised with it.

Ning Cheng shook his head, as he did not think much about it and spoke, “You see that guy on the battle ring. He has already won six battles in a row. With his momentum, he definitely is going to win ten consecutive rounds.”

“I know that person, he is Yin Yang Dao Sect’s Shen Buqun, he was ranked 11th in the preliminary round. It looks like he really wants to obtain that flight type magical weapon.” Liang Kexin also gave a nod as she spoke.

Ning Cheng was slightly surprised as he spoke, “Is the award for the first place in the finals for the Profound Core Division a flight type magical weapon?”

Liang Kexin looked at Ning Cheng with a little incredulity as she spoke, “You don’t even know about the rewards?”

Ning Cheng shook his head and spoke, “I really don’t know. I just came here under the orders of the Headmaster. I was also resting for two days, before I came to participate in the tournament.”

Liang Kexin was completely speechless when she heard those words, it was only after a good long while did she speak up, “You really are one of a kind, but whatever, the reward for the champion of the Profound Core Division in the Great Meet is not just a supreme grade Soul Condensing Pill, but also tens of millions of spirit stones.”

“So rich?” When Ning Cheng heard the words supreme grade Soul Condensing Pill, he almost started drooling. He had undertaken many hardships, and had even resorted to cheatings and trickery, but had only obtained a single top quality Soul Condensing Pill. If he had known earlier that there was a supreme grade Soul Condensing Pill here, he would have tried every means possible to come to the tournament earlier.

Seeing this, Liang Kexin couldn’t help but show a slight disdain as she spoke, “How is this rich, this is just the first reward for the first place. Once you manage to rake up 30 points along with your status of champion, then you would be rewarded with a best quality flight type spiritual artefact. Once you push up your score to more than or equal to 50 points along with your champion status, they will add another supreme grade Soul Condensing Pill to the awards. If your score breaks through 80 points or more, then they will also add a bottle of Essence Birthing Bamboo Pith…..”

“Essence Birthing Bamboo Pith?” Ning Cheng stared at Liang Kexin with wide eyes, Essence Birthing Bamboo Pith for him, was countless times more precious than the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar.

If one ingested even a tiny amount of Essence Birthing Bamboo Pith, then it would be able to completely recover their depleted true essence in almost an instant, as such it was better than any other kind of panacea, moreover was also something that did not have any repercussion like pill poisons in consuming it, while being able to help one recover quickly. He had never expected that this tournament would have such a huge award. If they went with the severity of the awards, then wouldn’t it mean that awards for the Soul Essence Division and the Rank Surpassing Challenges would be even better?

Even if Ning Cheng was not aware of the specific conditions for the awards, and even if awards for the Soul Essence Divisions were mostly pills for level advancement, the difficulty would not increase much for him. One has to know that it would be quite difficult for an ordinary person to score more than 30 points in the tournament for the Profound Core Division. Even if one was more powerful, their true essence was still something limited. Moreover, of those qualified to participate in this tournament, which among them did not have formidable strength?

“Junior Apprentice Sister Kexin, I will not talk anymore nonsense with you. I must grab those awards. Also, if I am not able to return back to the academy, then you will have to remember to take care of my immortal cave.” Ning Cheng left behind a few words, while he already jumped towards the battle stage.

At this moment, all the people saw a Profound Core 8th Level Cultivator jumping towards the battle ring, causing them to be confused if that person really was Ning Cheng.

“Ning Cheng finally came up……”

“Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Ning Cheng finally came up…..”

“Yes, he is definitely the Ning Cheng who took out a barrel of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar to sell, provoked the feud between the Great Change Island and Red Star Sword Faction, which even led to the Dao Master to come out……..”

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