Chapter 0309

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Chapter 0309: The Forsaken Land

“What is this place? Have we been sent out?” Xu Yingdei got up in shock, immediately asking the questions that came to her mind. She was wearing a white robe and coupled with her white hair, she looked a bit unreal. But with her stunning face, it actually added a touch of beauty to the illusion.

Ning Cheng and Yin Kongchan woke up at the same time; the three of them were not very far from each other. The dazzling sun shone onto their bodies, which allowed the three people understand that they definitely were not in the Hidden Mist Cemetery or even the independent space from which they harvested the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence.

Ning Cheng stood up, brushed away the sand on his body, as he looked up at the vast expanse of desert in front of him. He knew that they had absolutely not teleported out of that place.

There was not even a shred of spiritual qi in this place not only that, but even his Sea of Consciousness was completely sealed off. Even the true essence in his dantian behaved as if it was sleeping, without even a trace of a movement.

In other words, this was the feeling that Ning Cheng had experienced for more than 20 years, how can he not be clear about it? This was his state when he had lived on Earth. No spiritual consciousness, no true essence, just an ordinary mortal.

Yin Kongchan also got up, the pale yellow dress that she wore reflected the sunlight, giving her an even more refined appearance.

“We did not go out; rather we are sent to a place even more terrible that space. There is no spiritual qi here, while the Sea of Consciousness is sealed, at the same time our true essence also cannot be utilized. In this place, we are just like an ordinary mortal. Moreover…..” Yin Kongchan slowly spoke up.

Yin Kongchan looked at Ning Cheng and Xu Yingdei and spoke, “Inside this place we will have to rely on food like ordinary people, otherwise we will starve to death someday.”

Ning Cheng and Xu Yingdei, who had not yet felt that sensation, on hearing Yin Kongchan’s words, immediately felt a burst of hunger.

Ning Cheng was completely shocked in his heart by this. He once again remembered one of the three advises Rui Baishan had given him. At any time, be sure to able to survive without starving to death. Before, because of being stimulated by Rui Baishan’s advices, he had seemingly done a lot of useless hard work in refining a few Hunger Suppressing Pills, Fresh Water Pills and other things. If they were trapped in here and weren’t able to get out, didn’t it mean that the Hunger Suppressing Pills and the Fresh Water Pills were absolutely precious inside of here? How was it useless hard work?

Thinking of this place, Ning Cheng subconsciously touched his belt, this belt he had especially designed during the journey before entering the Hidden Mist Cemetery, which contained more than 200 pieces of Fresh Water Pills, and more than 200 pieces of Hunger Suppression Pills. There was also a tri edged thorn, strapped to his calf.

In addition, he had also designed a cloth bag, with some basic pills for treatments, along with a few wrist guards, knives, binoculars, compass and other field survival gears. Unfortunately, all these things were inside the cloth bag and because at that time he had felt that he was doing idiotic things, he simply put away the cloth bag into his ring, which could not be taken out now.

That meant that even though he constructed and refined these things to be used in crisis, but these things, he simply had no way to bring them out.

Touching his belt again, Ning Cheng secretly congratulated himself. Fortunately, he did not throw the belt into the ring, otherwise his previous exercises in that sense of crisis would have really turned out to be useless.

Thinking of the so called useless hard work, Ning Cheng then thought of Rui Baishan, causing him to be even more horrified in his heart. It suddenly became apparent that the seemingly meaningless advices given by Rui Baishan were not useless at all for him. When he was in the most helpless state, he chose to believe in Yin Kongchan, and the result was that Yin Kongchan had indeed saved him.

Later, because he suspected the two people, Yin Kongchan’s and Xu Yingdei’s words, he directly ignored them. Wasn’t this the second advice that Rui Baishan gave, ‘When necessary, do not fully trust the friends around you.’

In addition to the proposal of not starving to death, Ning Cheng at this time discovered that Rui Baishan’s three advices were not only useful but also of great importance. Did Rui Baishan come to this place before? Or did Rui Baishan knew that he would be coming to this place? If it was the latter, then this Rui Baishan was really quite scary.

“Yin Kongchan, I would like to ask you a question. In my hometown, there is no spiritual qi, nor can anyone cultivate there, as such people’s life expectancy is also limited there, is this place also similar to that?” As Ning Cheng thought about Earth, he couldn’t help but also think if his spiritual consciousness and true essence would be sealed up once he returned to Earth?

Yin Kongchan shook her head, “No, these are two entirely different places. At places even if you cannot cultivate, you can still circulate your true essence, stretch out your spiritual consciousness, and can even use your magical techniques. It’s just that your cultivation would stagnate. The place in which we are trapped is called the Forsaken Land, it was the Grand Palace Master who had told me about it once before. This Forsaken Land has no spiritual qi, while ones true essence and even their spiritual consciousness is sealed in this place. Plus in this place, no magical techniques can be used. In place, whether it is a cultivator, immortal, or any kind of great power, all of them would turn into ordinary mortals, and would also have to live like them.”

Ning Cheng became silent and did not continue to speak. He was wondering that if he did not have any other way to get out of this place, then could he still use the talisman he obtained from the bottom of the Blood River. However, Ning Cheng immediately threw away this idea, that talisman was inside Ning Cheng’s ring. At this moment he couldn’t bring out anything from his ring, so what was the use of talking about the talisman?

“What are the two of you looking at me for?” Ning Cheng looked up and saw Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei staring at him. Although he had asked this question casually, he quickly understood why these two were looking at him.

Both Xu Yingdei and Yin Kongchan were Core Disciples of major academies, moreover were disciples who grew up inside their respective academies. Even if they came out to gain experiences often, it would never reach to the point of their survivability being questioned. In the situation of them not having access to their powers, so of course, they would want to know as to what to do. Now that their true essence and spiritual consciousness was completely sealed up, they were simply no different from ordinary mortals. As an ordinary mortal, these two women simply did not have any kind of ability to survive; at least they were not as good as him who was regarded as a grassroots figure.

“Let’s first get out of this desert and find something to fill our stomachs with.” Ning Cheng gave a simply reply.

He did not take out his Hunger Suppressing Pills, nor did he take out his Fresh Water Pills. The reason was very simple; Ning Cheng thought that Xu Yingdei and Yin Kongchan were behaving in a weird manner. At least he had the feeling that these two people were hiding something from him. It was also because of this that he did not continue to question Yin Kongchan regarding why she was not with them at that time and had instead walked out alone.

Of course, there was another reason for doing this. He did not have many Hunger Suppressing Pills and Fresh Water Pills on him, if the three of them did not put in joint efforts and only relied on these things for consumption, they absolutely would not be able to last long.

Xu Yingdei and Yin Kongchan simply did not know what to do in this kind of situation, so they obviously did not have any objections to this, causing two of them to consciously follow Ning Cheng’s lead. Without cultivation, the two women were not even remotely as good as Ning Cheng who had still not yet fully recovered. Just after half a day, the two women were panting with breathlessness, while their faces grew even paler. Even their lips were chapped because of the scorching sun. As the sweat from their bodies evaporated, it only resulted in them growing weaker.

Even Ning Cheng felt his strength dropping quickly, if he did not get out of this dessert as soon as possible, then even with his more than 200 Fresh Water Pills, he would not be able to last long.

“I don’t think I can get out of this dessert. I never, even in my dreams, thought that I would yearn this much for just a drop of water.” Yin Kongchan looked at the vast expanse of yellow sands in front of her, with the gradually sauntering of the sun, as she spoke up hoarsely.

Ning Cheng sighed, “Yin Kongchan, you already know something about this Forsaken Land, can you tell me if someone has actually come out of this dessert?”

When he asked that question, he was ready to take out the Fresh Water Pills and Hunger Suppression Pills, so that it would at least infuse each of them with some strength to speak up.

Yin Kongchan stopped and shook her head before saying, “Once someone enters the Forsaken Land, then it means that even the heavens high above and the earth down below have forsaken that person, I have never heard of someone coming out of this place. But I am sure that someone definitely was able to come out of this place, otherwise this Forsaken Land would not have been known to people.”

After saying that, Yin Kongchan looked at Ning Cheng and spoke, “Ning Cheng, why did you not continue questioning me after we entered this place?”

“I think that at present, the three of us should be cooperating with each other, as for the questions, they can always be asked later.” Ning Cheng replied with a shrug.

Neither Yin Kongchan nor Xu Yingdei were fools, Ning Cheng’s words already implied that he knew something, causing the three of them to immediately turn silent once again.

“We will choose a direction, and then keep moving forward constantly; at least we would come of the desert at some point.” Ning Cheng finally broke the silence between the three of them, while he also was somewhat pitying himself in his heart. The reason he pitied himself was that he had constructed a compass, which he had put into the cloth bag, but unfortunately, that cloth bag was inside his ring.

At this time, two black shadows appeared in the distance in the sight of three of them.

“Someone’s here?” Xu Yingdei and Yin Kongchan spoke out simultaneously.

“There are two of them.” Ning Cheng also spoke up with a pleasantly surprised voice.

Since there were people here, it meant that there was definitely some fertile soil around here; as such, the three of them did not have to worry about dying due to starvation or even thirst.

The two shadows grew bigger and bigger, and soon arrived in front of the three. They were two men.

Ning Cheng’s heart sank the moment he saw the two men. The two men’s skin was like bark, dark and dry, with their hair yellowing and their entire body covered in dirt.

Although the two of them arrived not far from Ning Cheng trio, but their eyes were glued to Xu Yingdei and Yin Kongchan, while they licked their lips with their dark brown tongues. Ning Cheng could clearly make out the lustful desire in the eyes of the two men; it was as if they had never seen such beautiful women, no rather such juicy women.

The two of them hesitated for only a moment, but then the next moment, as if they had gone crazy, immediately jumped at Xu Yingdei and Yin Kongchan without any words at all.

Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei did not have access to their true essence, as such were simply not able to muster up any strength. However, they were also Soul Essence Cultivators in the end; as such, they still had their eyesight, while their movements were still agile enough. Almost at the same moment that these two men plunged at them, the two of them moved to dodge.

The two men hit the sand, but the next moment, the two men quickly climbed up again, showing that they unexpectedly had some agile skills. But this time, their eyes were filled with an even stronger desire.

But this time, these two people just exchanged a word amongst each other, but did not continue moving towards Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei, but rather pounced towards Ning Cheng. Obviously, the two people thought that Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei would not be able to run away from them, so they wanted to kill Ning Cheng first.

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  1. I obviously expected him to end up in an area like where he’d need that food eventually but it was too soon. It feels a bit heavy handed.

    Desert is misspelled as Dessert several times in the chapter.


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