Chapter 0311

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
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Chapter 0311: She Does Not Know You Yet

At this time, the day was still full of light, so Ning Cheng was able to see pieces of broken rough porcelain on the ground, with bright red splashed around, allowing him to instantly understand what had transpired.

Just as the things from her hand fell, Xu Yingdei’s body also followed, but Ning Cheng quickly hurried forward and caught her.

This time Xu Yingdei was not only pale, even her lips had gone completely white. Although there was no scar on her wrist, but he could guess from where the blood that was splashed upon the broken porcelain came from.

“She just fainted, and should wake up in a little while.” Yin Kongchan looked at Xu Yingdei, who was held up by Ning Cheng.

With that, she sighed once again, “Xu Yingdei really loves you; however she simply does not know you yet. If it were I, I wouldn’t have done such a thing. Because I’m sure you would not have drunk it…..”

Xu Yingdei also managed to wake up at this moment; she had heard Yin Kongchan’s words, while her eyes also held some fear in them, “Ning Cheng, I guess I won’t be able to make it back. I heard you say that those people wanted to drink my blood, I saw a porcelain bowl inside, so, so….”

Ning Cheng also gave a sigh, he knew that Xu Yingdei was scared because she heard Yin Kongchan say that she did not understand him yet, so he gave a reply, “You will not do such a thing in the future.”

“I may not even have a future…..” Xu Yingdei’s eyes dimmed, while even her voice was slowly fading, “This time I wanted to help you, not because of love, you have to believe me. Those close to me are already too far away from me……before, you asked me……”

Ning Cheng stopped Xu Yingdei from talking anymore, as he took out a pill and put it in Xu Yingdei’s mouth and spoke, “Don’t swallow it, just suck on it.”

Xu Yingdei did not know how Ning Cheng took out the pill, but she subconsciously sucked on it. The next moment, a mouthful of clear and sweet water instantly moistened her throat. She looked at Ning Cheng in shock, before she subconsciously started sucking on it a few times. No one could describe her feelings at this moment. A person, nothing more than smoke and dust at this moment, let go of a bowl of blood, before finally having a taste of pure and clear water. Although the water did not have a taste of its own, but at this moment, nothing could match the blissful flavour of water for her.

Ning Cheng saw that Yin Kongchan was also staring at him in shock, so he took out another Fresh Water Pill and handed it to Yin Kongchan and said, “You can suck on it too.”

With that, he took out another Fresh Water Pill, and sucked in a big gulp. Cold yet pure water slid down his throat, this kind of feeling was simply the best in the world that one could enjoy.

Water. Sure enough was the best thing.

Yin Kongchan also sucked a mouthful, as she looked at Ning Cheng as if she herself couldn’t believe what she saw and felt, but she simply had no time to speak at all, after gulping down a few mouthfuls, the Fresh Water Pill that was equivalent to a large bowl of water, was completely consumed.

Gulping down a large bowl of water, also immediately turned Yin Kongchan’s pale face a bit ruddier.

Before Yin Kongchan spoke, Ning Cheng took out another pill and handed it to her, “Swallow this.”

“I’ve had enough, don’t waste it…..” Yin Kongchan took a while to calm herself down from her shock. She really was not able to figure out how Ning Cheng was able to take out the Fresh Water Pill.

“This is not a Fresh Water Pill; this is a Hunger Suppressing Pill. With one pill you can hold on for three days.”

“You can use your spiritual consciousness here?” Yin Kongchan asked in surprise.

Ning Cheng shook his head, “I cannot use it. I had put them in my pocket before. You can eat it first.”

Finished, Ning Cheng took out another Fresh Water Pill before placing it into the mouth of Xu Yingdei, who was still staring at him in shock, “You have lost a lot of blood, just suck on a Fresh Water Pill for now, than eat the Hunger Suppressing Pill later.”

After a few dozen breaths, Xu Yingdei was finally able to sit up by herself on one side. The three of them were completely silent.

She and Yin Kongchan simply were not able to figure out as to why in such a desperate time, Ning Cheng still had something like the Fresh Water Pill on him, was this all a dreamy illusion?

“The healing pill that you gave me before, as well as the healing pill that you gave to Yin Kongchan, did you also take them out from your pocket?” Xu Yingdei finally asked the question that she was puzzled over. Ning Cheng’s ring was lost, yet he still had pills on him.

If Xu Yingdei had not asked this question, then Ning Cheng really would not have bothered to even think about this detail. But now that Xu Yingdei had asked about it, he finally realized that he obviously mentioned that he had lost his ring, but he still was able to take out the pills, was this not garnering suspicion towards him?

However, now that Xu Yingdei asked about it, he simply nodded and spoke, “Yes, I’m used to keeping some simple pills in my pocket all the time, just in case it was needed. I didn’t expect that this kind of situation would truly happen. Fortunately, I had some Fresh Water Pills and Hunger Suppressing Pills in my pocket.”

“Is that why you strapped a dagger to your calf?” Xu Yingdei asked again.

“Yes, I often had to skip meals as a child, so you can say that I have a stronger sense of urgency compared to others.” Ning Cheng spoke in a slightly embarrassed tone, directly disregarding Old Rui’s advises.

Yin Kongchan, who was staring at Ning Cheng, spoke out slowly, “Ning Cheng, sometimes I really can’t fathom where your bottom line for survival is? Inside the Hidden Mist Cemetery, only you were able to avoid the Yin Spirits. We encountered so many Yin Spirits in the Yin Spirit Groove, yet you were still able to take us away. Even when there was not even a single clue at all, you not only were able to find the location of the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, but were also able to break open a Rank 7 Natural Array Formation.”

“When you were on your way to collect the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, I saw a glimmer of white frost wrapping around your feet, yet you were still able to get rid of it… Sometimes I can’t help but think that when you were on your way to collect the Underworld Soul Flower, if Xu Yingdei did not eat the Burning Life Pill to save you, wouldn’t you still have the means to escape? And once you obtained the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, would you still be safe if I hadn’t broken your fall?”

Ning Cheng was a little stunned at all these questions, he really had not thought in such a detailed manner. When he was picking up the Underworld Soul Flower, if Xu Yingdei had not lent a hand back then, then he really did have a method at his disposal, however whether he could use it or not, he was not sure about it. As for the cold poison from that hill, he really had no tangible way to deal with it. The moment he was caught by Yin Kongchan, it was already impossible for him to enter his miniature world. So, at that time, Yin Kongchan had truly helped him.

While Yin Kongchan spoke, Xu Yingdei kept looking at Ning Cheng, besides a gentle limpidity in her eyes, she did not have anything else.

“Ning Cheng, thank you for saving me again, but I cannot give the ring back to you. I’m sorry.” This was the first time Yin Kongchan had expressed her apology since the time Ning Cheng and Yin Kongchan met.

Xu Yingdei frowned, before she stared at Yin Kongchan and spoke, “Yin Kongchan, although I already know that you took Ning Cheng’s ring, but I also am aware that once you restore your soul, you will definitely return it to Ning Cheng. Moreover I also aware of the poisonous oath that you took for yourself.”

Yin Kongchan’s eyes darkened before she spoke, “I simply was not able to open the ring at all because my attainments in the field of Restrictions is simply too low, while the restrictions on the ring were just too high. I accidentally ended up destroying the ring, causing the contents inside to disappear without a trace.”

Xu Yingdei on hearing Yin Kongchan’s words, felt her body trembling, she could not even dare to look Ning Cheng in his eyes, before she spoke up in a somewhat frightened voice, “I should not have let her take the ring, but I really did not discuss it with her. She took the ring and also took an oath, of that I know. These were all things tacitly approved after she mounted a sneak attack on me. It was her own doing. I had thought that I would be able to help you out even if you did not have the ring. If I knew that Yin Kongchan would end up destroying your ring, then even if it had resulted in my death, I wouldn’t have let her take it. I just want to be with you, and I did not want anyone else…”

Yin Kongchan also lowered her head, while her expression was downcast before she spoke up, “Although we really did not discuss it, but I knew what Xu Yingdei thought and she also knew what I was thinking. Moreover, I knew that she wouldn’t make a move on you before I returned the ring, so I felt relieved when I left. If I knew that I would end up destroying the ring, I would definitely have not done that……”

Ning Cheng stood up and stopped the two from talking anymore, “Let’s just stop this matter here, even if the ring was not lost, at this moment it cannot be opened anyway. I’m going to sleep; you can also go and rest up, before we start thinking of ways out.” Ning Cheng really did not want anything to do with either Xu Yingdei or with Yin Kongchan. As long as they were able to get out of this place, he would never again cross paths with the two of them.

Xu Yingdei and Yin Kongchan saw that Ning Cheng was not very keen on playing nice with them; Yin Kongchan actually took the opportunity to stand up and withdraw. Xu Yingdei’s eyes were somewhat dim; she hesitated for a short while, before she also decided to follow Yin Kongchan out.

Ning Cheng was also waiting for the two of them to withdraw, before he immediately choose a flat spot, and immediately slept. To get out of this dessert, just food and water was not enough, he had to recharge himself. Only if he were full of energy, would he have the strength to seize the opportunity.


Ning Cheng was also terribly fatigued, as he immediately fell asleep under the murky sky and over the dark earth. Even he did not know when the last time he fell asleep this easily was.

When he once again dreamt of Tian Muwan, he immediately woke up and suddenly sat up. During the time he cultivated in the Yi Xing Mainland, he had forced himself to forget this name, and in fact, he rarely ever remembered this name. But now that his cultivation was currently lost, he unexpectedly ended up seeing this woman in his dream again.

“Did you have a nightmare?” Yin Kongchan’s voice rang in Ning Cheng’s ear.

“Oh, it’s dark again?” Ning Cheng felt the moonlight trickling into the cave through the crevices of the surrounding rocks and subconsciously spoke out. Only then did he immediately realize that Yin Kongchan was here.

“What are you doing here? Didn’t I say that I was going to sleep?” Ning Cheng had just dreamt of a name that he was unwilling to remember, as such his tone and expression was also not very comfortable.

Yin Kongchan however did not care about Ning Cheng’s attitude, and still spoke like before, “You slept from morning till night……”

“I see.” Ning Cheng waved his hand, interrupting Yin Kongchan and spoke, “Xu Yingdei, you can come in too.”

When Xu Yingdei came in, Ning Cheng took out forty pills, and gave twenty to each on before speaking, “Each one of you now has 10 Fresh Water Pills and 10 Hunger Supressing Pills. I don’t have many such pills, if my pills are finished, and we are not out of the desert by then, then we deserve to die a premature death and enter reincarnation.”

This time, Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei clearly saw that Ning Cheng took out the pills from his belt. After Ning Cheng saw Xu Yingdei come in, he knew that these two women were standing guard over him; it looks like he was wrong about Yin Kongchan.

The two of them only took a single Fresh Water Pill and did not take any other pills. Ning Cheng understood that these two women although looked pretty, and were wearing women’s robes, however they simply had no pocket to store the pills. Thinking about it, he put the pill away and spoke, “Forget it, you can come to me every day to take it.”

Yin Kongchan sucked on the Fresh Water Pill and spoke, “I and Xu Yingdei have one thing that we want to discuss with you.”

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