Chapter 0312

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0312: Embracing Yang God Tactic

Seeing Ning Cheng not replying, rather staring at them, Yin Kongchan had to take the initiative and speak, “This Forsaken Land is not a naturally occurring one rather it is a place that was banished by some ancient powerhouse. In other words, it is equivalent to an array formation, if we are able to restore our true essence and spiritual consciousness, we should be able to come out of this place.”

Ning Cheng gave a smile and spoke, “Are you done talking nonsense? If you could restore your true essence and spiritual consciousness, would the two of you even come to me and discuss about it?”

“We cannot, but there was a person who could.”

“Who?” Ning Cheng immediately interrupted Yin Kongchan’s words and asked.

“Yan Fenghua.” Yin Kongchan replied calmly.

Ning Cheng frowned; he seemed to have heard this name before. It seems that it has something to do with the Heavenly Dao Academy. Even so, what was the connection of him with the ability to restore one’s true essence and spiritual consciousness in this place?

Knowing Ning Cheng’s doubts, Yin Kongchan slowly spoke, “Yan Fenghua was a disciple of the Heavenly Dao Academy, however he was able to obtain an extremely powerful ancient heritage, which is a cultivation method by the name of Embracing Yang God Tactic. This kind of cultivation method does not need any spiritual qi, as long as a place has sunlight, one would be able to cultivate it. Once successfully cultivated, it would give birth to a certain kind of power, called the Power of Myriad Beings. If one is successful in cultivating it to the end, then the Power of Myriad Beings would be much stronger than the power of one’s true essence, moreover the Power of Myriad Beings’ strength actually stems from the practice of cultivation that involves creating something from nothing. However, my master told me that the Power of Myriad Beings was not something that would be generated out of thin air, but rather is a power derived from one’s Dao Charm…”

Ning Cheng on hearing until here suddenly had a sentence that popped into his head, ‘The Dao brings life to one, one brings life to two, two begets three, three gives birth to the myriad beings, while the myriad beings bear yin as well as embrace yang.

As he thought of this sentence, he immediately spoke, “The myriad beings bear yin to embrace yang, is the Embracing Yang God Tactic stem from this?”

Yin Kongchan looked in complete shock at Ning Cheng. It was only after a good long time did she once again spoke up, “Yes. Myriad beings indeed bear yin to embrace yang, the Embracing Yang God Tactic is indeed originating from this phrase. So if you would like to cultivate it, we can continue discussing about it.”

“You mean to say that you have the Embracing Yang God Tactic?” Ning Cheng stared at Yin Kongchan and asked in a somewhat loud voice.

Although Yin Kongchan was still surprised as to how Ning Cheng was aware of such an amazing thing like ‘Bearing yin to embrace yang’, she still was able to restore her previous calm in a short while and spoke, “I don’t have the complete Embracing Yang God Tactic, which is because the Heavenly Dao Academy’s Yan Fenghua had two lovers. One of them was my ancestor, Sang Yan. While the other was Xu Yingdei’s ancestor, Xu Binglan. He had given the Embracing Yang God Tactic to Sang Yan and Xu Binglan for the sake of fairness. However, he only passed over one half to each of them; as such it was not handed down completely.”

“Because Sang Yan and Xu Binglan were like fire and water to each other, as such Yan Fenghua knew it well that the two of them would never cooperate together to complete the cultivation method, so although he was fair on the surface, but the fact was that he did not pass down the other respective halves to the two of them. At this moment, Xu Yingdei and I both know the respective halves of the Embracing Yang God Tactic’s cultivation method. If you are willing to learn it, then we can pass it on to you separately, and you can cultivate it.”

Ning Cheng on hearing these things immediately understood a few things, that Yin Kongchan was Sang Yan’s descendent, while Xi Yingdei was Xu Binglan’s descendent. Although Yan Fenghua calculated that even the descendants of the two would never pass on their part of the cultivation method to each other, but he would never have thought that two such people would meet someone like him, while at the same time be also trapped in the Forsaken Land.

Seeing Ning Cheng seemed to be still thinking of something, Yin Kongchan spoke up, “The Forsaken Land in fact can be considered to be a top grade restriction that seals a cultivator’s spiritual consciousness and true essence. However, cultivating the Embracing Yang God Tactic is similar to starting from scratch, and would lead to a trace of true essence and a trace of spiritual consciousness emerging eventually, which can then be used to lift up the restriction on our own true essence and spiritual consciousness. In that case, we would have a significant chance of making it out of this place, but……”

“But what?” Ning Cheng asked very simply.

Yin Kongchan hesitated for a slight while before speaking, “”The Embracing Yang God Tactic is a part of the ‘Bearing Yin To Embrace Yang’, so cultivating it could result in being overpowered by Yang Qi, as such would need repeated reconciliation with Yin Qi, otherwise it would only lead to being burned to ashes because of the Yang Qi.

Ning Cheng sneered in his heart; it was not that he never encountered the phenomenon of Yang Qi burning the body. It was just that this cultivation method might have a sequela to it, because of which he had to be careful about it.

Seeming to have noticed the sneer in Ning Cheng’s eyes, Yin Kongchan took the initiative to say, “If it was the outside, having a strong Yang Qi would not be much of a problem, just undergoing some casual dual cultivation can resolve it. It is just that my own cultivation method cannot get along with dual cultivating with you, so I basically have no way to be able to help you in this regard. So whether you want to cultivate in this or not, is completely up to you.”

“I’ll help you.” Xu Yingdei immediately spoke without hesitation; her tone showed that there was simply no room for negotiation. Although she looked into Ning Cheng’s eyes, but her own eyes were as soft as clean water.

Ning Cheng gave a slight nod, but did not care about it. He had the Mysterious Yellow Origin and the Star River, so even if the situation reached the point of Yang Qi trying to burn his body, he would still be able to control it. At first, his Star River Spark had absorbed the Yang Qi that was about to burn him, bringing it to the point of almost breaking out of its shell. Although doing such a thing might be dangerous for him, but even if it was more dangerous, at least it was better than staying permanently in this kind of place.

Once, when he was at the bottom of the Blood River, he still was able to find a way out of that place. So in this place, as long as his true essence and spiritual consciousness were restored, he was sure that he could deduce the way out. But at least he had to stay in this place until the time he could pick up clues about the Array Formations or Restrictions in this place.

Yin Kongchan on seeing Ning Cheng give a nod, breathed out a sigh of relief, before speaking, “Xu Yingdei and I will pass on the parts that we know, and you can sort out the cultivation by yourself. This kind of cultivation method is directly related to one’s aptitude, if you have a strong aptitude then you would be able form a trace of Power of Myriad Beings in three years or so. However, a person with a weak aptitude and qualifications might need a longer time.”

“So long?” Ning Cheng frowned. He thought it would, at maximum, take a month or two, but he did not expect that it would take him a few years, how could he possibly remain here for a few years?

“If you can get out in a shorter time, then nothing would be better than that. But if you can’t get out, then it would already be good for us to have a backing like you in the future.” Yin Kongchan spoke seeing Ning Cheng’s hesitation.

Ning Cheng finally nodded, “Ok, let’s do it. You can pass the Embracing Yang God Tactic to me, while I’m cultivating it, we will still look for the edges of the desert. In any case, he have to get out of this desert fist.”


Once the three of them reached an agreement, it ended up becoming a tacit understanding between them. Under normal circumstances, the three of them would look for a place to rest during the day; Ning Cheng would then cultivate the Embracing Yang God Tactic, while Xu Yingdei and Yin Kongchan would take shifts in guarding the three of them. Finally, the three of them would once again hit the road at night.

In a flash, a month passed by, but the three of them were still walking in the vast expanse of the desert that stretched out in front of them. Ning Cheng was still cultivating for more than a month, but he was not able to produce even a shred of the Power of Myriad Beings during his cultivation. He was aware that without the support of the Mysterious Yellow Origin Aura, his aptitude and qualifications regarding cultivation was simply one of the worst.

Walking in the desert for more than a month, although Ning Cheng did not feel too much uncomfortable, however for Xu Yingdei and Yin Kongchan, this kind of life was no better than death. Although the two of them were deliberately trying to keep up their appearance, however both of them currently were akin to pruned up street flowers.

These days, Ning Cheng had also lost interest in cultivation, while his Fresh Water Pills were growing fewer. Even if the three of them were completely thrifty with them, the remaining pills would only be able to support them for half a month.

Xu Yingdei and Yin Kongchan also felt Ning Cheng’s concerns, but although the two of them were anxious, they were aware that they simply had no other option.

Just as the sun was about to set down that day, the three people continued as usual, leaving their resting spot, they once again prepared to hit the road.

“Water…..” Xu Yingdei’s startled cry immediately ripped apart the silence of the night in the stark loneliness of the desert.

Ning Cheng and Yin Kongchan also looked into the direction pointed by Xu Yingdei, seeing a huge lake appear in front of the three. There were even a few flickering shadows of trees around the lake, along with a slight ripple flowing across the surface of the lake due to the winds.

“Is that an oasis…..” Yin Kongchan spoke in a trembling voice. Since they were able to encounter an oasis, so how could the three of them not be happy about it?

The three of them stopped, but did not rush towards it. Because the three of them were seeing such a thing in this kind of place, they were also aware that it might just be a mirage. Maybe once they rushed towards it, they might just find it to be empty air.

“Let’s just observe it for now.” Ning Cheng on seeing Xu Yingdei and Yin Kongchan both looking at him, immediately spoke up.

After observing it for half a day, the vision in front of them did not disappear, showing that it might not be a mirage at all, rather was a real oasis.

The three of them immediately speed up towards it, and in just the time it took for half an incense stick to burn, arrived at the place from where the ripples of the lake were originating.

When the three of them saw a huge lake in front of their eyes, they became so elated with happiness that they even forgot to breathe.

The lake was lined with Poplar trees, coupled with some unknown weeds. There were even a few fishes splashing about in the centre of the lake, indicating that it was indeed a real lake and not an illusion.

Seeing this, Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei, both turned sluggish for moment, before they were finally unable to resist their excitement and rushed into the lake.

Ning Cheng also gave out a soft sigh, as he also felt excited in his heart. They had been walking in the desert for more than a month, even if he possessed the Hunger Suppressing Pills and the Fresh Water Pills, their days were still filled with too many sufferings. Now that they were able to encounter a real lake, it was not impossible for him to feel excited.

However, Ning Cheng soon felt that something was wrong. After Xu Yingdei rushed into the lake, there were only a few watery splashes before she completely disappeared without a trace, while Yin Kongchan was rushing back towards the shore like a frightened little bird.

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