Chapter 0314

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0314: The Rusty Long Spear

Ma Ang looked at Ning Cheng with his mouth wide open, and only spoke after a long time, “Do you mean to say that you want to go down alone to gather the Aquatic Essence Tendons?”

“Yes, I’ll go down alone. However, I have never visited the Ya Lun City before, but currently I am ready to settle in the Ya Lun City. However, because we are strangers to this land, so we will be in need of some help from Elder Brother Ma.” Ning Cheng gave a smile and spoke.

Ning Cheng, at this moment, had a lot more ideas than before; he had never been to this Ya Lun City previously, as such who knew as to what kind of city was this Ya Lun City? However, from Ma Ang and the other people’s attitude, it seems that this Ya Lun City was at least an orderly place. But even if it was an orderly place, it was always good to make one or two acquaintances beforehand.

Ma Ang declared, “It’s all right for me to help you guys out, although there might be some troubles during the residential procedures within the Ya Lun City, but I can at least still help Elder Brother Ning with the identity of a commoner. However, Elder Brother Ning, can you tell me as to how much Aquatic Essence Tendons can you harvest? As for the dangers regarding going down to gather Aquatic Essence Tendons, I won’t be saying anything on it. I am sure that you have already experienced it.”

Ma Ang apparently guessed that the Aquatic Essence Tendon by the side of the lake was something discarded by Ning Cheng, so he was sure that Ning Cheng had definitely dived into the lake at least once. Since Ning Cheng had already dived once into the lake, and still dared to make such a claim, that means Ning Cheng can definitely dive a few more times.

Ning Cheng gave a dark sigh in his heart, it seems that they would have to go through a few procedures to just get into the Ya Lun City; moreover there was also the issue of identities; however such things can be asked later.

Ning Cheng simply pointed to the beast carriage and spoke, “As to the quantity of Aquatic Essence Tendons, it would be enough to fill up one of the two beast carriages.”

At this point, not to mention Ma Ang, even the others were stupidly staring at Ning Cheng while thinking, how was such a thing even possible. The Aquatic Essence Tendons were indigenous to the White Robed Ghost Lake, once one accidentally got entangled by the Aquatic Essence Tendons, then there was simply no way to save them.

It was only after a good while did Ma Ang swallowed down his saliva and asked, “Elder Brother Ning. If you can indeed fill a carriage with Aquatic Essence Tendons, then I would definitely go all out in not only helping the three of you complete the civilian residence procedures for the Ya Lun City but also provide you with a small courtyard all for yourself.”

“Well, that’s settled then.” Ning Cheng finished saying, then turned to Xu Yingdei and Yin Kongchan with a smile on his face and spoke, “I’m going to gather the Aquatic Essence Tendons, and you can wait for me on the outside.”

“Can’t we go with you?” Xu Yingdei spoke in a timid voice.

Yin Kongchan shot a meaningful glance at Xu Yingdei; it seemed as if Xu Yingdei’s character had changed overnight.

“Don’t worry, otherwise you would not feel good even if you went to the Ya Lun City.” Ning Cheng spoke while he walked towards the lake.

Ma Ang quickly took out a leather bag and handed it to Ning Cheng before speaking, “After you go down into the lake, you can tie this pouch to your back; the pouch has a pipe that you can grasp with your mouth, when you feel like breathing just suck on the pipe. It would help you in staying under the lake for a longer time.”

“This is truly a good thing.” Ning Cheng smiles, he couldn’t help but think that it was a simplified oxygen cylinder.

Seeing Ning Cheng go down the lake, Xu Yingdei and Yin Kongchan started becoming nervous as they strained all their senses towards the lake. At the same time, they also paid careful attention to the people who had suddenly came here to harvest the Aquatic Essence Tendons.

Fortunately, these people were different from the two men that they had met before. Not only were they polite, but they were also very enthusiastic. Soon the two of them become a bit more familiar with the two other women from their group, even borrowing a set of clothes from them.


As Ning Cheng entered the lake, once again, the shadows came out, but once these shadows met Ning Cheng’s tri edged thorn, they immediately took the initiative to retreat.

In just a short time, Ning Cheng once again arrived at the bottom of the lake. Once he reached the bottom of the lake, he could vaguely see some of the scenery, although it was vague, but he could still see that the bottom of the lake was full of large swaths of those long aquatic grasses.

With the help of Ning Cheng’s tri edged thorn, he was able to cut apart the aquatic grasses just as if he was harvesting wheat. In just a short time, he had already collected a big bunch.

At the lake, Ma Ang and the others who were nervously waiting for Ning Cheng. They did not have to wait for long when they saw Ning Cheng coming out of the lake carrying a large bundle of Aquatic Essence Tendons.

“So much?” Ma Ang and the other people simply were not able to believe it even when they saw the large bundle of Aquatic Essence Tendons in Ning Cheng’s hands. They had come to this place time after time, but at most, they could only harvest just a third of what they saw in front of them, moreover it would only be the upper portions of the Aquatic Essence Tendons, let alone even seeing the parts closer to the roots or even the roots themselves. Yet Ning Cheng not only was able to bring up so much, he even brought up the roots.

Some of them had initially not believed in Ning Cheng’s words, but at this moment, they were also looking at Ning Cheng in shock. Their eyes were also full of admiration towards him. It proved the point that capable people, in any kind of place, would be able to earn everyone’s respect.

After Ning Cheng changed the oxygen bag, he once again continued to dive into the lake.

In just the short span of half a day, Ning Cheng had already harvested ten huge bundles of Aquatic Essence Tendons. Feeling that it was almost enough to fill up an entire carriage, Ning Cheng decided to just harvest one last bundle before stopping.

At the bottom of the lake, the Aquatic Essence Tendons grew in a vast area, however at this moment the area had already shrunk by almost half because of Ning Cheng’s harvesting, mainly because Ning Cheng’s tri edged thorn was simply too sharp.

However, at this time Ning Cheng’s tri edged thorn was suddenly blocked, indicating that his tri edged thorn encountered a particularly hard object, to the point that the backlash was strong enough to even shake his hands.

Ning Cheng reached out his hand to feel what it was; but all he felt were just a lot of bones. From this, it can be seen that innumerable people had lost their lives in this lake over a long time.

Although Ning Cheng had currently no cultivation to speak of, but he had already seen so many things that he was simply not impacted in the least on the sight and touch of all these bones.

Brushing them away, Ning Cheng soon caught sight of the dark object that hindered his tri edged thorn, it was something similar to an iron rod, and was also cold to the touch. It made Ning Cheng think that it was not a simple object. He tugged at this iron rod, but although the iron rod shook, he was not able to pull it up.

The rest of the Aquatic Essence Tendons were all far away to be of any impact to Ning Cheng, so Ning Cheng simply sheathed his tri edged thorn back to his calf once again. Then used both of his hands to tug on the iron rod, this time he was finally able to pull out the iron rod.

A kind of heavy feeling was starting to congeal in his heart, which was also mixed with some joy. Ning Cheng’s hand touched the base of this iron rod he found it to be somewhat flat, but when he touched the other end, he speculated that this iron rod might just be a long spear. Did a powerful person perish here, resulting in their magical weapon to be left behind in this place?

But magical weapons were something that one stored inside their rings, so how were they able to take it out?

Ning Cheng thinking of this, when he suddenly thought of a remote possibility, once the restriction on the ring was broken or the ring was damaged, wasn’t there a possibility that the things in it would come out?

However, once the ring was damaged, no matter how good the things inside were, they would all turn to dust. The force created by the collapse of the space inside was not something that ordinary objects were able to block.

If the ring was damaged but this thing from inside the ring was not damaged by the spacial collapse, then it meant that it was truly of excellent quality. In other words it was definitely good stuff.

Ning Cheng’s heart suddenly leapt up, if he could obtain that ring that was not able to destroy the long spear even after the collapse of its internal space, wouldn’t it be a great fortune for him?

Suppressing the inner excitement and joy, Ning Cheng started feeling out the surroundings with his hands, only when he was convinced that there was nothing else in the surrounding area from where he obtained that rusty long spear, did he quickly rush out of the lake with the long spear in hand. As for harvesting the Aquatic Essence Tendons, he had already lost his interest in them.

Every time Ning Cheng came up, he would bring up a huge bundle of Aquatic Essence Tendons, but this time Ning Cheng unexpectedly just brought up a rust stained iron rod, which made a strange scene to the people at the lake.

“Elder Brother Ning, what’s this?” Ma Ang did not ask why Ning Cheng did not bring any Aquatic Essence Tendons, but rather curiously looked at the rusty long spear in Ning Cheng’s hand.

Ning Cheng just gave a sigh and spoke, “Alas, I think I ended up cleaning out the Aquatic Essence Tendons, I looked for a long time, but only found a few scattered roots, I think it’s better to forget it now. I found this iron spear at the bottom of the lake. It should have been dropped by a person fishing for the Aquatic Essence Tendons before. I just lack a similar kind of weapon, so it should be easy to use for me.”

“It looks like our harvest for the Aquatic Essence Tendons is more than enough. With so much Aquatic Essence Tendons, even if we do not come back for many years, it would still be enough. Elder Brother Ning, you really are quite skilful.” Ma Ang did not mind Ning Cheng’s iron spear, but rather was more excited to see that huge amount of Aquatic Essence Tendons.

Ning Cheng also seemed to not have any intentions of explaining about it any way and just spoke, “The fact is, I can be considered as half a martial artist. I used to train in a martial art before, called ‘Splitting Tendons Grinding Bone Hand’. This kind of martial art has been quite useful for me, unexpectedly it was very handy in pulling out Aquatic Essence Tendons, and even I did not think that it would be this easy.”

Listening to Ning Cheng’s words, not only Ma Ang, but even the rest of the people suddenly seemed to have gained enlightenment. No wonder Ning Cheng’s speed of harvesting Aquatic Essence Tendons was so fast, and was even able to pull them out by their roots. It turns out that he originally belonged to a martial family, and had even practiced a martial art by the name of Splitting Tendons Grinding Bone Hand.

Only Xu Yingdei and Yin Kongchan were aware that Ning Cheng was only talking nonsense, the reason Ning Cheng was able to harvest this much Aquatic Essence Tendons was entirely because he had a dagger. But currently, even their attention was drawn to the rust stained long spear in Ning Cheng’s hand, the spear was almost two meters long, but whether it was the spear body or the spear head, all of it was covered in rust spots, giving it a look of an ordinary iron rod.

However, Xu Yingdei and Yin Kongchan were not people without vision, looking at the long spear in Ning Cheng’s hand, they could easily guess that it was definitely not a normal long spear, and the rusty stains on the rusty long spear were also not actual rust.


Since Ning Cheng was able to harvest so much Aquatic Essence Tendons, it could be said that everyone ended up gaining a huge profit, while at the price of not risking anything. Because of this, everyone ended up respecting Ning Cheng even more.

As for Ma Ang, who was the leader among them, in order to create a favourable impression on Ning Cheng, evenly distributed the ten bundles of the Aquatic Essence Tendons among the two beast carriages. Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei, as well as the other two women took up a beast carriage, while Ning Cheng and the other four men rode in the other beast carriage. There were also two more people, specifically the carriage drivers.

After a few days of travel, Ning Cheng already made acquaintances with the few people, and understood a bit more regarding the Ya Lun City.

The Ya Lun City unexpectedly turned out to be a legalized and ordered city, but the governing laws were quite severe, even Ning Cheng who listened to all of it was speechless.

For some petty thievery, they would cut of their hands, for outright robbing, it would lead to being beheaded, as for cheating it was castration…

Not only that, in Ya Lun City, everything had to be purchased through money, even procuring drinking water would cost money. However, Ning Cheng was accustomed to spending money to buy drinking water, especially since he used to live on Earth; where it costed money to use water.

From Ma Ang’s words, Ning Cheng also came to know that the most powerful person in the Ya Lun City was the City Master. At the same time, one must never offend the people from the City Master’s Mansion. As for living inside the Ya Lun City, it was differentiated by grades and hierarchy. If it was a nobleman who committed an offence, then they could use gold coins and other valuable stuff as compensation. However, if it were a civilian who committed a crime, then they simply would not have any means to compensate. In order to temporarily live in the Ya Lun City, Ning Cheng specifically consulted Ma Ang about all kinds of legal details.

It could be guessed that it was because of the Ya Lun City’s strict laws; the people that Ning Cheng met were quite friendly. As everyone trudged along the way, the talks amongst each other became a bit livelier.

On the tenth day, the beast carriage finally left the desert, while at the same time its speed also increased. On the thirteenth day, the majestic looking brown coloured walls of Ya Lun City appeared in Ning Cheng’s line of sight.

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