Chapter 0315

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Chapter 0315: Even A Glance Can Cause Trouble

Ya Lun City was more like the ancient cities that Ning Cheng had seen on television, although the walls had become mottled and dark brown over the years, but even then, it could be seen that the majestic looking walls in front of them were once made out of huge bluestones.

The gates were quite huge, with a total of three of them. The middle entrance was about three feet wide, while the doors on both of its side were about two feet in width.

Just as they were about to enter the city, Ma Ang pulled aside the beast carriages with the Ning Cheng trio, and suggested them to change into a set of ordinary clothes. Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei also got down from their beast carriages and stood beside Ning Cheng.

Ma Ang pointed to the largest gate in the middle and spoke, “This is the gate that the City Master uses and the city’s troops also move through this gate. However, ordinary people must never use this gate; rather they can only use the side gates.”

Ning Cheng thought that compared to the laws that the Mainland cultivated; this place was really a bit too tedious. In a place that cultivated true virtue, generally a city gate can be used by anybody.

Just as Ning Cheng was about to ask something, sounds of hooves pounding on the ground arrived, which was then followed by a luxurious convoy moving towards the middle door.

Ma Ang hurriedly pulled aside Ning Cheng, “Elder Brother Ning, hurry up and stand aside. This is the City master’s most doted upon Princess Man who loves to go out, do not bump into her…..”

Ning Cheng quickly took a few steps back, while at the same time took a glance at them. He was surprised to find that there was a blue green crystal point on the forehead of this Princess Man. He had just glanced at this bright spot, when he immediately felt himself go dizzy.

Ning Cheng hurriedly pulled back his eyes, before lowering his head and stood on one side.

The rapidly moving beast’s hooves suddenly slowed down, before coming to a stop in front of Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng felt his heart tighten up; at this moment, he felt that he should not have glanced at this Princess Man. But at the same time, he also thought in his mind that he had only taken a look, so nothing should happen, right?

“You’ve got a lot of nerves, daring to look up at me.” Princess Man spoke out in cold voice at Ning Cheng.

Ma Ang on hearing those words, immediately felt his heart sink. He realized that he had forgotten to tell Ning Cheng an important point, that is, never to even look at the people from the City Master’s Mansion at any time.

Before Ning Cheng could even explain himself, he heard the princess speak up with an indifferent voice, “Drag the man out, beat him to death and dig both of his eyes out.”

Ning Cheng was completely furious in his heart, it was just a glance, but it turns out this woman was simply too vicious. Not to mention killing him, what was the deal with even digging his eyes out?

“Princess don’t! We have just arrived at Ya Lun City, so none of us has a good understanding about the laws of this place. I ask the princess to forgive him just this one time, this little woman is willing to pray for the princess’ wellbeing day and night……” Xu Yingdei immediately took the initiative to plead.

Ma Ang on seeing this scene gave out a sigh, pleading while not kneeling in this situation was akin to rushing full speed towards death.

Of course, he did not know that Xu Yingdei was a premier disciple, so how could she kneel before a Princess Man as a premier disciple? It can be even said that it was comparing a child to a fully grown adult in terms of status, just calling the other party as a princess was in itself showing a huge amount of face.

“Huh, you dare to plead in front of me?” This Princess Man on seeing Xu Yingdei unexpectedly dare to come forward to plead felt surprised for a moment before she spoke, “You, lift your head up.”

Xu Yingdei looked up and nervously glanced at this Princess Man. With that kind of delicate and charming look, coupled with her already strikingly beautiful appearance, it would cause an immediate resonance in the heart of any person who looked at her.

Princess Man was also no exception to this, although beautiful women in the Ya Lun City were akin to clouds, moreover she was also quite a beautiful woman, however she had to admit that she had never seen anyone more beautiful than Xu Yingdei.

“Are you willing to follow me?” Only after a good long while did this Princess Man inquired, not even blaming Xu Yingdei for not kneeling.

Xu Yingdei hurriedly spoke up once again, “This little girl is already married to a husband and is already a pair of husband and wife, vowing to go through life and death together, as such I would not be able to serve and wait on the princess. So this little one will have to ask for the princess forgiveness.”

Contrary to all the expectations, Princess Man nodded and spoke, “Good, it is a pity that you have such a virtuous woman to plead for you, so just for her sake I will spare your small life, and only reward you with three knives and six holes.”

“Ding dong…” A narrow dagger was thrown out by one of the surrounding guards, before it fell not far from Ning Cheng.

Although Ning Cheng was thoroughly angry in his heart but he knew that, he simply did not have any choice. If he could recover his cultivation, then all he would need was to just send out a fireball to take care of all of them. This Princess Man was simply too self-righteous to take human life seriously.

But the fact was that he knew it in his heart that this might also be the best outcome for him in this situation. Ning Cheng was just about to pick up the dagger, when Xu Yingdei stepped up first to grab the dagger, before she raised her hands and in just a moment punctured it through her shoulder in one move. Blood instantly erupted, dying half her body in red.

Ning Cheng was simply too shocked, he had no idea that Xu Yingdei would do such a thing. He quickly stepped forward and held Xu Yingdei in his hand, while at the same time snatched the dagger from her and spoke, “I already told you last time to not do such a thing.”

Just as the voice fell, Ning Cheng stabbed the dagger in his hands twice through both his left and right shoulder. Combined with Xu Yingdei, it completed the three knives and six holes punishment.

“Humph, it seems that there is still a little brotherhood around.” Princess Man gave a cold humph then with a roar, drove the beast convoy into the distance before disappearing without a trace.

Xu Yingdei on seeing Ning Cheng’s shoulder dyed with blood, unexpectedly forgot her own bleeding shoulder, as she panicked and stepped forward to help Ning Cheng wrap the wound.

“I’m fine, just be careful with your own wounds.” Ning Cheng endured the pain and just spoke a single sentence, but then he suddenly felt his Zifu loosening up, the next moment just like a prisoner coming out of a long imprisonment, the Mysterious Yellow Origin once again began to flow.

Was his injury a blessing in disguise? Ning Cheng was pleasantly surprised in his heart, at this moment it did not matter to him if he was taken inside the city or was left outside the gate, as he immediately sat down and started guiding the Mysterious Yellow Origin Aura, in order to break open his sealed Core Lake. Once he broke open his Core Lake, then he would be able to circulate this true essence though his meridians. At that moment, not to mention a princess, even if he were to face the entire army of the Ya Lun City, he would be able to exterminate all of them with just a simple wave of his hand.

Xu Yingdei simply ignored her own injury, while Yin Kongchan and another person came forward to help Ning Cheng tend to his wounds. With Yin Kongchan’s help, they were finally able to seal up the wounds.

Ning Cheng attacked the seal on his Core Lake for a long time, however the Mysterious Yellow Aura was not able to directly break the shackles on his Core Lake or his imprisoned Zifu as he had imagined. However, Ning Cheng did not feel dejected about it in his heart; at least he now had something to work on. Now that he finally was able to once again sense the Mysterious Yellow Origin Aura, so there would definitely come a day when he would be able to recover his cultivation.

He had cultivated the Embracing Yang God Tactic for nearly two months; however, he was unable to show anything for it. But he had not thought that he stabbing himself twice would have such an immediate effect. It looks like the Mysterious Yellow Aura would only break out when the situation turned critical for him.

Seeing Ning Cheng finally stand up, Ma Ang quickly came over and spoke, “Elder Brother Ning, this time it was truly my fault to have not mentioned about this, I should have warned you to not look up. However, your luck really is good, if you were replaced by any other ordinary person, they would have already died with their eyes dug out. Princess Man is seldom this magnanimous, it can be said that you truly have a good wife.”

Finished speaking, Ma Ang also gave Xu Yingdei a look full of respect. In his view, both Xu Yingdei and Yin Kongchan were Ning Cheng’s women; however, Xu Yingdei cared about her husband a lot more than Yin Kongchan.

“It’s not your fault Elder Brother Ma; it was me who did not know about the rules. I will have to recuperate for a while, so I will have to ask Elder Brother Ma to help us procure a few civilian identities, and also a place to reside.” Ning Cheng quickly replied.

Since he was now able to sense the Mysterious Yellow Origin move, so for Ning Cheng it was the most important priority currently. He had to find a quiet place to restore his cultivation. Only after he could restore his cultivation, would he have the right to speak in this place and also leave this damned place.

At this time, Ma Ang thumped his chest and spoke, “Elder Brother Ning, you can rest assured that I will personally deliver your residence and identity permits or I will die trying. I will definitely help you in procure them in the shortest possible time. So for a few day I’ll have to trouble you to live in an inn till I get back.”

Accepting the Ma Ang’s oath, Ning Cheng calmed his heart down, before he arrived in front of Xu Yingdei and spoke, “Thank you very much for this time. Do you need any help with your injuries?”

Xu Yingdei simply gave a soft smile and spoke, “I’m fine. You are hurt even heavier than me, so you need to pay more attention to your body.”

After saying that, Xu Yingdei even came forward and used her injured arm to carefully support Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng, for the first time, did not avoid Xu Yingdei’s touch, as he could feel that at this moment Xu Yingdei’s concern and care was not even half a bit false.

Yin Kongchan on seeing Xu Yingdei coming forward to help Ning Cheng bowed her head. No one knew what she was thinking.


No matter how much Ma Ang earned from the Aquatic Essence Tendons it was secondary, but Ma Ang at least delivered on his promise. On the sixth day that the Ning Cheng trio spent in the inn, he finally was able to procure a good residential status for them, while at the same time also found a small courtyard in a remote place in the Ya Lun City.

With his own residence, Ning Cheng immediately went into closed door seclusion, readying himself to strike with the Mysterious Yellow Origin. First, he had to break open his sealed Zifu then unlock the seal on his true essence.

He also had a few Fresh Water Pills and Hunger Suppressing Pills remaining with him, so other than coming out to wash himself, he spent most of the time pounding his sealed Zifu. Ning Cheng even stopped cultivating the Embracing Yang God Tactic, mainly because cultivating the Embracing Yang God Tactic not only did not work for him, but at the same time, he often felt the need of a woman after trying to cultivate it. Although Ning Cheng hasn’t suspected the cultivation method, but now that his Mysterious Yellow Origin was loosening up, he would not go and continue wasting his time on cultivating the Embracing Yang God Tactic.


A month’s time passed by in a fleeting instant, Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdei seemed to be aware that Ning Cheng was cultivating the cultivation method, so they rarely came to disturb him. On this day, Ning Cheng’s Zifu unexpectedly began loosening up. When Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness finally was able to stretch out a metre, Ning Cheng almost let out an ecstatic shout.

As long as his spiritual consciousness was able to stretch out a few more meters, he would then be able to take out the contents of his ring. With his spiritual consciousness loosened up, unlocking the seal on his true essence would only require half the effort.

A few days later, Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness was finally able to stretch out to three meters, the situation this time was really good, when Yin Kongchan suddenly rushed in with anxiety written all over her face.

“What’s the matter?” Ning Cheng on seeing Yin Kongchan’s anxious expression knew that there was something wrong.

Yin Kongchan anxiously spoke out, “Xu Yingdei was wounded in the market, and is also being detained. They said that they would be taking Xu Yingdei to the Legal Tribunal Office. If she goes to the Legal Tribunal Office, then Xu Yingdei would certainly not be able to come out.”

Ning Cheng suddenly stood up and spoke, “What the hell is going on? Quickly lead the way.”

Although Ning Cheng had been in seclusion and was attacking his sealed Zifu and Core Lake, but he was very clear on what kind of a place was this Ya Lun City. The laws in this place was to the point of being appalling, even if Xu Yingdei and Yin Kongchan were women with ordinary beauty, there would still be a few people who would try to covet them. However, the streets were very orderly and Xu Yingdei was also not a troublemaker, so how could she be taken to the Legal Tribunal Office?

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