Chapter 0323

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – Livewidsmile and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0323: Xu Yingdei Severs Her Emotions

Whether or not Yin Kongchan left, Xu Yingdei did not care about it. Instead, she turned to face Ning Cheng, while her eyes seemed to be flickering with an extremely hot flame, seemingly inquiring about why Ning Cheng had not replied to her words from before.

Ning Cheng was a little taller than Xu Yingdei was, so he could see a faint white seam from Xu Yingdei’s neck as he looked down. At this moment, his mind once again played out the scene of Xu Yingdei’s stripping. Ning Cheng’s hands subconsciously tightened, just like Yin Kongchan spoke back then, he truly was not a saint.

Feeling Ning Cheng’s hands tightening slightly, Xu Yingdei once again moaned while she fluttered into Ning Cheng’s bosom while wrapped her arms around him. It looked like her entire being wanted to squeeze into Ning Cheng’s body.

Ning Cheng’s breathing immediately turned fast, while he also reciprocated Xu Yingdei’s embrace. Xu Yingdei’s soft body, combined with her subtle fragrance, immediately aroused Ning Cheng. He even felt that this fragrance was the aura of love.

Xu Yingdei could also feel Ning Cheng’s arousal that touched her lower belly; of course, she knew what it was. Instead of closing her eyes this time, she opened her eyes wide and looked at Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng could also clearly see the watery beauty in Xu Yingdei’s eyes, and could also make out the look of longing in them. Xu Yingdei’s neck seemed to be tinged with a faint red color, however this faint red color actually complimented her pure white skin, while at the same time would also make people quiver at such a sight.

“Take me now.” A delicate yet fragrant scent seemed to be accompanying Xu Yingdei’s words as it washed over Ning Cheng’s face, as if it came from somewhere deep and distant.

Ning Cheng simply was unable to bear it anymore; people always change. The Xu Yingdei in front of him was no longer the Xu Yingdei from before.

Ning Cheng did not speak; rather he gently picked up Xu Yingdei, while the movement of his hands already indicated the thoughts in his mind.


A white robed woman who looked like she was about to step onto a cloud and fly away, looked at Xu Yingdei and Ning Cheng from a distant place. When she saw Ning Cheng pick up Xu Yingdei and even slipped one hand into Xu Yingdei’s robe, she just gave a slight sigh. No one knew Xu Yingdei better than she did, no one even knew more about the Severing Emotions Dao Sect than she.

“Ning Cheng, I really love you, and also am grateful that you also like me. But now, I have to leave……” Xu Yingdei’s soft yet sad voice rang out.

Ning Cheng was slightly surprised for a moment. Without even waiting for him to speak, a vague yet sharp sword pierced through his Core Lake. The next moment, he felt like his entire body was being torn apart from the inside.

Only at this moment did Ning Cheng realize that he was plotted against by Xu Yingdei, but he obviously did not see Xu Yingdei use any magical weapon, nor did he perceive any form of attack coming from Xu Yingdei.

Ning Cheng’s hands immediately slackened, causing Xu Yingdei to immediately fall to the ground. However, Xu Yingdei stood still and did not fall; rather it was Ning Cheng who fell to the ground.

At this moment, Ning Cheng could clearly feel that his Core Lake pierced by a sword. No, to be exact, it was a sword that simply did not have any material form at all. He could not perceive the shape, nor the color, or even any other information about the sword. However, there was one thing that he could feel; that his Core Lake was truly pierced by a sword.

However, at this moment, Ning Cheng was not angry, nor did he ask even why. In the moment that the sword pierced through him, Ning Cheng suddenly understood the relation between desire and love. Because there was no love, so he did not feel anger. Xu Yingdei had used him to sever her emotions. What she had severed was her own feelings and sentiments; it did not have any connection with how she felt towards him.

He was suspicious of Yin Kongchan’s words before, as according to what Yin Kongchan spoke, as long as she entered dual cultivation him, she would not be able to successfully sever her emotions. But in the early morning, Xu Yingdei obviously wanted to dual cultivate with him, so why was Xu Yingdei numb on emotions currently? He thought about whether Xu Yingdei and Yin Kongchan had banded together and planned all of it just for him. If Yin Kongchan had truly planned it, then her acting skills had already reached to the point that there was simply no one else comparable to her.

“In the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, I grew up while cultivating the Severing Emotions Cultivation Method, all kinds of obsessions, impurities, emotions, desires… under the effects of the Severing Emotions Cultivation Method would be condensed into a Sword of Severing Emotions. The Sword of Severing Emotions is soundless, colourless, tasteless and intangible. At the time of severing one’s emotions, the Sword of Severing Emotions would pierce into the body of the person you love. This Sword of Severing Emotions would slowly sever everything away from you…..”

Xu Yingdei slowly spoke out, her eyes completely calm, however Ning Cheng could sense that she was completely different from what she was before. If it was before, she would still have an emotional touch to her words, but at this time, there was only one aura around her, and that was the pursuit of the Grand Dao.

“I just hope that you did not love me too much, so that at least you will suffer less. If you are can to pass through 3600 days of continuous pain, then you might not become a disabled person……”

However, Ning Cheng still chose not to speak, a moment ago when the Sword of Severing Emotions had just pierced through him to sever her emotions, he felt as if his entire body was about to be torn apart, however his pain only lasted for a few breaths of time. At this point, apart from having no strength at all, there was simply no pain at all.

At this moment, Ning Cheng understood that Xu Yingdei was at least right on one point, that the less he felt love towards her the lesser the pain would be. He did not really love Xu Yingdei, which was the real point; rather he was more apologetic and ended up in a sympathetic resonance with Xu Yingdei. The impulse from before was just because of a normal man’s normal choice. Because of this, his tearing pain was also quickly vanishing.

However, Ning Cheng was also secretly scared in his heart, if he and Xu Yingdei really had ended up as husband and wife, he probably would never be able to forget this woman. Fortunately, Xu Yingdei was somewhat impatient; they did not have the time to do it, before she started severing her emotions. Now, as long as Xu Yingdei did not kill him, he was absolutely sure that he would be able to remove the Sword of Severing Emotions, while simultaneously restoring his Core Lake.

Plainly put, Xu Yingdei simply did not understand love. For a person who did not understand love, severing emotions was only an idle talk. It looks like the Severing Emotions Dao Sect was truly ridiculous to the extreme.

Xu Yingdei looked at Ning Cheng once more and spoke, “Although I have severed my emotions but that does not mean I turned unfeeling, I do have to thank you for saving me. I know that you will be suffering a lot of hardships as you live, so let me help you give yourself a good time……”

Ning Cheng was just about to shout that no time was good, when a cluster of faintly discernible flames immediately wrapped around him, the flames were so frightful that even if he wanted to shout out he was simply unable to shout.

Looking at the clump of vague flames surrounding Ning Cheng, Xu Yingdei simply walked to a distance, then with a wave, sprinkled out innumerable array flags, while at the same time spilled out innumerable spirit stones. A pill entered her mouth and the next moment her entire body erupted with a shocking imposing aura. Even the sky began to dim; only the people from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect knew that Xu Yingdei was already qualified to advance to the Soul Sculpting Realm.

After the people from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect severed their emotions, they would be able to instantly advance, this was also the most consistent method of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect. Moreover the most suitable period for severing emotions, is actually before the Soul Essence Realm, but at the very least, they had to sever their emotions before stepping into the Soul Sculpting Realm.

“Hong hong hong……” The first wave of thunder sounded out in the distance.

At this moment, Xu Yingdei looked completely calm and was without any waves, while she had long since forgotten Ning Cheng. When she finally advanced to the Soul Sculpting Realm, she would no longer have this person called Ning Cheng in her heart ever again.


That terrifying flame trapped Ning Cheng, not to mention that Ning Cheng was not able to stimulate the Star River, but even if he were able to stimulate the Star River, he would simply not be able to extinguish this flame. These flames were not the same as ordinary flames. Moreover, he also did not know what these flames were. But under the influence of this flame, thoughts of urgent need of women immediately erupted from inside him, to the point that it was starting to burn him from the inside out.

Regardless of whether or not Xu Yingdei was evil and vicious, Ning Cheng at this moment was not able to control his impulses rampaging in his mind at all. He could not even control his actions let alone anything else.

“The burning fires of lustful desires?” The white robed woman, who had been watching everything from a distance, landed in front of Ning Cheng, as she spoke out a line while feeling moved emotionally. Then she looked up and shot a look at Xu Yingdei in the distance, who was in the midst of crossing her tribulation, before she sighed and spoke softly, “You not only severed your emotions, but even cut out the fires of lustful desires.”

Finished speaking, she looked down at Ning Cheng still struggling with the fires of lustful desires and shook her head. She stretched out both her hands and unexpectedly held onto Ning Cheng, although Ning Cheng’s body was burning with that faintly discernible fires of lustful desires, but the fires burning his body simply did not have even half of an effect on her. This white robed woman then turned and just took a single step, before she disappeared from there without even a trace in just a twinkling of an eye.

The burning fires of lustful desires was not something that can be eliminated, even if it was this white robed woman who rescued Ning Cheng, even she would not be able to eliminate the fires that bathed Ning Cheng’s body. All she could do was to give Ning Cheng a few pieces of Ice Spiritual Pills, the Ice Spiritual Pills turned into a trace of cold that allowed Ning Cheng to gain a sense of clarity for a short moment. It helped him realize that he was taken away by someone.

Ning Cheng circulated his true essence, trying to forcibly quell the fires of lustful desires burning his body and also eliminate the Sword of Severing Emotions, however, no matter how much he tried; it only resulted in the fires of lustful desire growing stronger and stronger. He vaguely could see a woman sitting in front of him. If he had the strength at this time, he felt that even if this woman hated him afterwards, he would throw himself onto this woman, pinning her under him.

However, Ning Cheng knew that even if he thought about such thoughts, he would never do such a thing. This woman had saved him, so even if he ended up dying under the effects of the fires of desire burning his body, he would never do such a thing. After all, he had his pride and also his bottom line.

The effects from the Ice Spiritual Pill gradually subsided, causing Ning Cheng’s conscious to once again start descending into confusion, while his mouth turned dry. Any kind of cultivation method that he thought of, he immediately operated it at random, no matter if it was useful or useless.

Suddenly, Ning Cheng noticed that the vague flame around his body stalled for a moment, while at the same time an Ice Spiritual Pill fell into his mouth. Ning Cheng’s consciousness once again sobered up, allowing him to immediately understand what had transpired.

Just now when he had operated the Embracing Yang God Tactic, the fires of lustful desires burning his body were contained. Not only was it contained, but also it turned into a powerful shock that drilled into his corporeal body, allowing the strength of his corporeal body to increase.

Ning Cheng suddenly came to understand that the Embracing Yang God Tactic was not a cultivation method for internal cultivation; rather it turned out to a body forging cultivation method. Any suffering and torment that damaged the corporeal body, under the influence of the Embracing Yang God Tactic, could be converted to power and condensed in the corporeal body as its attack strength.

Understanding this point, Ning Cheng slowly calmed down. He kept operating the Embracing Yang God Tactic, allowing him to gradually condense the fires of lustful desires burning his body. Although the terrifying desires of lust were still rampaging and dominating him, but he was still barely able to keep it under control.

The Sword of Severing Emotions that pierced his Core Lake, under the influence of the Embracing Yang God Tactic, was melting away like snow and ice in front of a fire. While his injured Core Lake, under the effects of the Mysterious Yellow Aura, was repaired in just a twinkling of an eye. Not knowing for how long he was in this state, Ning Cheng only felt his cultivation completely recover in just a flash.

Ning Cheng finally opened his eyes, but when he saw the woman sitting in front of him, who in both temperament and appearance, was even more beautiful and even nobler looking than Xu Yingdei, he immediately found himself stunned. This kind of noble temperament, he had only seen in a single person, that is, Elder Sister Shu. However, this white robed woman in front of him was obviously not Elder Sister Shu. She looked like a fairy that came from the highest of the nine heavens, as long as you looked at her once, it would immediately bring about a feeling of tranquillity.

“Do not move needlessly, your situation is very bad……” The woman spoke out in a soft voice.

“Who are you? Why did you save me?” At the time of Xu Yingdei severing her emotions, Ning Cheng had thoroughly matured. Although a strong desire of lust was still rampaging through his body, but he was still able to barely control it.

“My name is Shi Qionghua, and I’m Xu Yingdei’s master.” The white robed woman answered in a soft and gentle voice to Ning Cheng’s questions, completely without the kind of indifference when one spoke to others.

Ning Cheng’s face changed; another one from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect. Initially he had heard of this woman, who had come to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to discuss his marriage with Xu Yingdei. The disciple has already severed her sentiments on this father; did the master also come here to sever her emotions? This father is from Earth, and although might not be as crafty as others here, and also not fond of this kind of thing, but did that mean that you all could treat me as a weak toy or something?

“Ah…..” Ning Cheng suddenly clutched at his chest.

Shi Qionghua was just about to check on Ning Cheng’s situation, and was already in close proximity to Ning Cheng when Ning Cheng suddenly struck out with his hands with lightning fast speed, the speed was so fast that one could not even see its shadow, before it exploded onto Shi Qionghua’s body one after another.

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