Chapter 0324

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – Livewidsmile and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0324: Shi Qionghua

Shi Qionghua had never thought that, Ning Cheng who did not have even half a shred of strength in her eyes would suddenly burst out with such power. Even though her cultivation was much higher than Ning Cheng, being at such a short distance, combined with not having even a shred of precaution in her heart, she was immediately blown back a short distance.

How could a man struck by the Sword of Severing Emotions to sever the emotions still have the power to resist? Moreover, there was still the burning fires of lustful desires consuming him? Under such a situation, it was even more impossible to resist, so how was Ning Cheng able to do such a thing?

Not waiting for any ideas to form in her mind, Ning Cheng’s two hands danced around like flowers, as they constantly exploded onto Shi Qionghua’s body with pinpoint precision. It was as if he simply did not care about Shi Qionghua being a woman.

Although Shi Qionghua was angry with Ning Cheng suddenly launching a sneak attack on her, however she truly did not put Ning Cheng in her eyes. The difference between her and Ning Cheng’s cultivation was simply too huge. Even if he wanted to kill her, she could simply resolve this thing in just a breath of time.

However, Shi Qionghua soon felt that something was wrong; Ning Cheng was not simply randomly striking at her rather the technique Ning Cheng was using was somewhat akin to an array flag, which caused her Zifu and Dantian to be sealed, giving her a feeling of imprisonment. Not only could she not use her spiritual consciousness even her true essence was completely sealed off.

“The Forsaken Land…..” Shi Qionghua cried out in fear. She had once read about the Forsaken Land’s forbidden seal of spiritual consciousness and true essence, so she instantly deduced that the technique that Ning Cheng was using was the Forsaken Land’s Forbidden Sealing Technique that sealed the spiritual consciousness and true essence. How was Ning Cheng associated with that ancient Forsaken Land? Moreover, how was he able to use the Forsaken Land’s Spiritual Consciousness Forbidden Sealing Method?

Although she was aware of a few more things regarding the Forsaken Land’s Forbidden Sealing Technique, but she was certain that she would not be able to operate it even if she wished to.

In the moment that Shi Qionghua was in shock, Ning Cheng had completely sealed off Shi Qionghua. The next moment, Ning Cheng lifted his hand and immediately tore off Shi Qionghua’s white robes.

A kind of faint yet virgin aroma flooded out which almost made Ning Cheng go into a daze. The moment Ning Cheng laid eyes on Shi Qionghua’s exquisitely carved body; he could not help but think if he was completely drunk at this moment, or if his senses had gone completely haywire.

He had accidentally peeked at Yin Kongchan’s and Xu Yingdei’s body before, so if someone told him that there was a woman with an even more perfect body than these two women, Ning Cheng would have never believed it. But now, at this present moment, he believed it wholeheartedly.

Shi Qionghua’s body was the most beautiful masterpiece from the creator; it was so perfect that it simply could not be described in mere words. Ning Cheng had already sobered up at this moment, but when he saw the two faint pink circles, the lustful desires that he was keeping at bay inside him body immediately burst forth without abandon once again.

Ning Cheng did not hesitate to rip off his own clothes before he pressed forward. It was without any prelude, without any unnecessary movement.

At least at this moment, he felt no psychological burden towards Shi Qionghua. How can any woman from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect save him? What else was there for them other than looking for him to sever their emotions? Since they were looking for him to sever their emotions, then they had to first pay the price for such a thing. He was Ning Cheng, not a person who could be easily bullied by others.

Shi Qionghua was completely stunned senseless by the brutality shown by Ning Cheng. She had always been a fairy like existence in this world, when did she ever encounter such a situation? At the moment, she even forgot to resist. Ning Cheng had sealed her up, unexpectedly was it for doing this kind of a thing?

When Ning Cheng had torn away the clothes over her body, her face instantly paled, while at the same time she could clearly feel Ning Cheng’s lustful desires. She tried to push aside Ning Cheng, but her cultivation was completely sealed up. Ning Cheng already possessed a strong body, combined with his masculine aura and male scent; it immediately caused her body to involuntarily bring out a shy response. Even she was completely surprised by this; she had never thought that one day she would react like this.

Shi Qionghua knew that if she did not immediately unseal her cultivation, then she would definitely lose her innocence. Ning Cheng’s body was scorching hot, coupled with the kind of lustful desire in his eyes; she knew it clearer than anyone else was as to what was going to happen.

“Ka ka ka…..” Shi Qionghua’s cultivation was originally a lot stronger than Ning Cheng’s, thus even when Ning Cheng used that technique, his understandings of the Forsaken Land’s Forbidden Sealing Method was still at the elementary level, in front of Shi Qionghua, it was still somewhat insufficient. She immediately started attacking the Forbidden Seals that were put on her body by Ning Cheng, although they were incredibly powerful, but were starting to quickly break apart like fireworks.

However, an intense stabbing pain erupted inside her body, causing Shi Qionghua to go into shock for a moment; she even forgot to continue unseal the seals on her body. At this moment, she clearly felt that Ning Cheng had finally taken her most valuable possession. Even if she unsealed the rest of the seals, would it even matter now?

Two lines of tears fell from her eyes, more than 30 years of being pure; unexpectedly it was so easily taken away by Ning Cheng.

She couldn’t understand why Ning Cheng did such a thing. She had investigated and studied Ning Cheng a lot, moreover, she was also proficient in divination, and had worked out many things.

From all that, she knew that Ning Cheng was a kind and highly principled person, so why would a person like him treat her in such a manner? At the very least, she was Ning Cheng’s saviour. Was it because of Xu Yingdei? But if it were really because of Xu Yingdei, then she would become one of the most wronged victims. Except for Xu Yingdei and her Grandmother Zu, no one in the Severing Emotions Dao Sect knew where she was.

The pain disappeared quickly, but wave after wave of involuntary bodily reactions surged forth. Even with Shi Qionghua’s cultivation, it was simply impossible for her to control the reactions of her body.

Shi Qionghua bit her lip but did not move, nor did she make any sound, letting Ning Cheng ride roughshod over her. She could clearly feel the burning fires of lustful desires in Ning Cheng’s body were gradually dissipating in the wake of her body’s movements.

The Burning Yang Qi poison from cultivating in the Small Spiritual Domain, the Mysterious Yellow Aura, the Star Flame Seed, the Everlasting Blue Thunder City……..

Except for the Mysterious Yellow Bead that had automatically concealed itself in the depths, all of Ning Cheng’s secrets were seen by Shi Qionghua. It was a full and complete exposure.

It made Shi Qionghua even forget the feeling of shame that accompanied the bodily pleasures, she did not expect that there would be so many secrets on Ning Cheng.

“Xu…..” Ning Cheng let out a long sigh of relief, at this moment he could feel the remnants of the burning Yang Qi toxins in his body completely dissipating. He felt as if his entire person was completely changed, as if he was washed over by a celestial rain, it was to such an extent that he was bursting with life, radiating health and vigour. He felt that as long as he just wished, the next moment he could advance to the Great Circle of the Profound Core Realm.

Ning Cheng also felt somewhat guilty as he climbed up from Shi Qionghua’s body, although he did not have any guilt before, but after he had truly done the deed, he simply was not able to pass this off from his mind. He was very clear that the reason he had ended up forcing himself on Shi Qionghua was something that was a bit farfetched. Whether Shi Qionghua wanted to use him for severing her emotions or not, at the very least she had not yet begun.

Even if she had begun, could Shi Qionghua really sever her emotions now, and would he still be in control of himself later. Moreover, on the account of them being master and apprentice, how would they be linked together? At that moment, he had been consumed by the burning fires of lustful desires that were burning his body from the inside out, so his psyche simply found a seemingly appropriate excuse to force himself on Shi Qionghua at that time. Now that the burning Yang Qi toxins and the burning fires of lustful desires had finally dissipated, he felt guilty as he got up from Shi Qionghua.

Fortunately, he had ended up sealing Shi Qionghua’s cultivation, otherwise, with this woman’s cultivation, as long as it was just a moment, he would have already turned into flying ash.

“I’m sorry; your disciple used me to sever her emotions, which made me very miserable. So before you also used me to sever your emotions, I had to do you first.” Ning Cheng looked at Shi Qionghua, while feeling somewhat scared in his heart, as he spoke out some obstinate argumentative words. Even he felt shame as his face turned red from both guilt and embarrassment on hearing his own words. This reason was not just shameless, but it simply went beyond shamelessness.

Shi Qionghua did not speak, just sat up and took out a robe from her ring and began to wear it slowly.

Ning Cheng was shocked to see Shi Qionghua’s actions, and it was only after a long while did he spoke up in a trembling manner, “You can already move?”

He couldn’t help but immediately think back to the moment that he and Shi Qionghua were doing it. Shi Qionghua did not seem to be in a state of being sealed. Thinking of that, Ning Cheng immediately broke out in cold sweat as it slowly ran down his face as the facts confirmed that Shi Qionghua certainly had the cultivation of Crucible Transformation Realm, if such a person wanted to kill him……

Ning Cheng simply did not dare to think about it. He secretly pulled out that piece of talisman that he got from the bottom of the Blood River Mountains.

Shi Qionghua had just finished putting on her robes, when she glanced at Ning Cheng secretly grabbing the talisman in his hand and spoke out calmly, “When you entered me, I already was able to move. This matter can be considered equivalent to paying back Yingdei’s debt, from now on, you will not come to the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, nor would you come looking for Xu Yingdei. Later, I suggest that you do not do such a thing casually with other women…..”

“I thought that you wanted to use me to sever your emotions, so, so……” Ning Cheng was completely ridden with guilt as he tried to justify himself, however even he himself felt ashamed of such an explanation. Moreover, at this moment, he did not feel even a shred of killing intent coming from Shi Qionghua.

Shi Qionghua glanced at Ning Cheng and seemed as if she wanted to say something, however she finally chose to not say anything at all.

She was Xu Yingdei’s titular master, however she was not someone from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, and had never even touched the cultivation methods of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, and as such, there was simply no need for her to sever her emotions. Even Xu Yingdei’s cultivation method was not something that she had taught to her; rather it was passed onto her by Xu Yingdei’s grandmother. Although she had gone to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to act as a matchmaker for Xu Yingdei, but it was not because of her own initiative, rather it was on the orders of someone.

She bundled up the bed sheets stained bright red before she put it away and walked out of the place calmly.

Looking at the white figure walking away, Ning Cheng’s heart was suddenly filled with a strong sense of loss. He immediately ran outside, however Shi Qionghua’s figure had already disappeared, even sweeping out with his spiritual consciousness he was not able to find her. Looking at the endless wilderness around him, Ning Cheng immediately felt a one of a kind sorry and a deep melancholy.

He already understood that he had done something terribly wrong, this kind of realisation of his mistake was not because he forced himself on Shi Qionghua, but rather came when Shi Qionghua walked out without even turning back to even say a word.

Ning Cheng returned to his place of residence and found that the place Shi Qionghua had chosen was a temporarily dug out immortal cave. Even now, Ning Cheng completely did not understand why Shi Qionghua chose to save him. Even when he forced himself on her, why did she not chose to kill him?

Shi Qionghua said that it was to repay the debts of Xu Yingdei, but what made him think was the last sentence, about him not casually getting into the act with other women.

Since the two of them wanted nothing to do with him, why would she leave behind such a reminder?

Ning Cheng sighed, if he had met Shi Qionghua before all this, then he would not have thought about her much. But now that Shi Qionghua became his woman, he found himself unable to forget her. If Shi Qionghua came back to use him to sever her emotions, then he certainly could not escape, rather he would even willingly allow himself to be pierced by her sword.

He and Xu Yingdei had spent such a long time together allowing her impression to seep into him to the point that he subconsciously started developing emotions towards her, however the time he spent together with Shi Qionghua was not even one thousandth of that time. Moreover, of this time, most of it was still when he was in a completely senseless and comatic state.

After sitting alone in the cave for a long time, Ning Cheng collected everything from the immortal cave, including the clothes that he had torn away from Shi Qionghua, before he turned away and walked out from the place where he experienced his first time.

He was going to look for a place to advance to the Soul Essence Realm, and then go to the Severing Emotions Dao Sect.

Not to mention that the Heavenly Cusp Flower might be in the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, even if it was for Shi Qionghua, he wanted to go there to ask about it. As for Xu Yingdei, Ning Cheng had long since erased her from his memory. Xu Yingdei used him to sever her emotions, so she must have already advanced to the Soul Sculpting Realm; as such, he no longer owed her even half a thing.

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