Chapter 0332

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0332: The Severing Emotions Peak

Ning Cheng concealed himself and hid for a full day, after calculating and deducing things for a full day, he found that it was fundamentally impossible for him to break open the Rank 9 Grand Array, at best; he could only deduce something marginal of this Rank 9 Mountain Protecting Grand Array.

Unfortunately, even if that was the case, he can only rely on his own abilities to enter the Mountain Protecting Grand Array, however, it would need at least half of months’ time, and moreover he also had to make sure that his array formation deduction process was not discovered by others.

Ning Cheng hesitated for a bit, even though he had reached an agreement with the auction house that they could only auction the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence at the start, but that was only the ideal situation. Now every major power and old freak along with the low key experts, whether they hated him or not, would definitely come to the Grand Peace City. As such, who knew if any problems would crop up with the auction? Wasn’t there also the possibility that the auction beginning in advance?

Moreover, he also knew that once he entered the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, he might have to spend a lot of time inside. He was going inside to steal something; as such, he would inadvertently have to crack a lot of array formations and restrictions along the way, which would definitely need a lot of effort and time. As such, for him to use half of the seemingly available time to try to deduce the Mountain Protecting Grand Array, it was absolutely not possible.

A Soul Essence Female Cultivator landed outside the Mountain Protecting Grand Array of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect. This Soul Essence Female Cultivator took out a jade card, which quickly opened an entrance on the array formation. After the female cultivator entered, the entrance quickly closed again.

Ning Cheng on seeing this, immediately called out Grey Toottoot, then inscribing his own concealment restriction on the miniature world ring, he hung it around Grey Toottoot’s neck and spoke, “You will have to wander around at the location of the entrance, seeing a beautiful woman you just have to act like a spoiled brat, at least just as long as we are able to infiltrate the array formation.”

Saying that, Ning Cheng simply did not wait for Grey Toottoot to call back at him in protest, before he directly went into his miniature world.

Grey Toottoot under desperation could only stand in front of the entrance of Mountain Protecting Grand Array, trying to act cute. However, Grey Toottoot did not have to wait for long, when another pretty looking female cultivator descended riding a flying sword in front of the Mountain Protecting Grand Array.

This pretty woman was a late stage Profound Core Cultivator. When she saw Grey Toottoot shaking his head and wagging his tail in a cute manner, she suddenly frowned. Ning Cheng was watching over the entire situation unfurling outside with the help of his spiritual consciousness. Looking at the female cultivator frown, he immediately realized that the plan to infiltrate using Grey Toottoot acting cute had failed, he quickly sent a sound transmission to Grey Toottoot to escape immediately.

Grey Toottoot already did not want to stay in that place anyway, just as he received Ning Cheng’s sound transmission to escape; it immediately spread its legs and dashed away. Grey Toottoot had just left that spot, when a fireball descended on the place where Grey Toottoot was just standing. From this, it could be seen that as long as Grey Toottoot was even half a beat slow, he would have turned into flying ash by that fireball.

Fortunately, this female cultivator did not think much about Grey Toottoot. After Grey Toottoot escaped, she took out a jade card and directly entered the array formation.

Ning Cheng came out of his miniature world, and once again wore the ring onto his hand. While simultaneously cursing internally, women from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect could never be treated as women. According to his experience, if an ordinary girl met Grey Toottoot with its cute act on full display, they would certainly pick him up and take him back to their place. But the female disciples from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect on seeing Grey Toottoot, let alone drawing close to him, but had even actually thrown a fireball at it. It was no wonder that the women here cultivated such a disgusting cultivation method.

After Ning Cheng put away Grey Toottoot into his miniature world, he did not try to continue deriving the array formation. He knew that it would take up a considerable amount of time to derive the array formation; as such, he would not resort to it unless it was the last resort. Since the plan with Grey Toottoot did not work, he had to do this on his own.

Hiding himself near to the entrance of the array formation, Ning Cheng completely converged his aura. After waiting for half a day, he saw a cultivator at the Soul Sculpting Realm, a cultivator at the Soul Essence Realm and a cultivator at the late stages of the Profound Core Realm, as they passed through the huge array. However, Ning Cheng was very patient, and did not make even the slightest of movement.

It was not until the day was about to pass, when an early stage Profound Core Female Cultivator finally arrived at the front of Mountain Protecting Grand Array. Just at the moment when this early stage Profound Core Female Cultivator took out her jade card to open the array entrance, Ning Cheng instantaneously activated his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds.

His Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds just flickered once, allowing Ning Cheng to brush past the side of the Profound Core Female Cultivator.

Not only Ning Cheng had achieved a nearly teleport-like speed but also he had even pushed his Concealment Cultivation Method to the extreme limits, so that even after his nearly teleport-like movement ended, he immediately entered stealth mode turning invisible once again. However, this female cultivator still seemed to have sensed something, causing her to repeatedly scan everything around her with her spiritual consciousness; however, she was not able to find any problems.

As Ning Cheng finally went past the Mountain Protecting Grand Array and entered the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, he once again felt the rich spiritual qi that wasn’t any worse than what he felt back at the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Causing him to lament about the richness of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, however he did not dare to casually move around. That Profound Core Female Cultivator was still carefully looking around behind him, from this it could be seen that even though he had achieved a teleport-like speed and passed by quickly, something was still perceived by the other side.

After a half-an-incense worth of time passed by, this female cultivator lowered her head with a displeased expression, before she brought out a flying sword and quickly departed.

Ning Cheng gave out a sigh, he did not immediately move to go into the depths of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, rather he once again returned to foot of the Mountain Protecting Grand Array, before finding a place to arrange a few explosion arrays.

Using explosion arrays to break open the grand array was the last resort measure. As such, Ning Cheng arranged only a few Explosion Arrays, as a form of contingency.

With everything in place, Ning Cheng finally began moving towards the depths of the academy known as the Severing Emotions Dao Sect. With his concealment method, combined with most of the academy experts outside, unless they were specifically looking for him, wanting to find him would be very difficult.


Since Xu Anzhen was the strongest expert of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, then this person would definitely be living on the Severing Emotions Peak. As such, Ning Cheng simply did not go anywhere else, directly finding his way to the Severing Emotions Peak.

The Severing Emotions Peak of the Severing Emotions Dao sect was extremely prominent, and was the centre of the entire Severing Emotions Dao Sect. Moreover, it was also the highest peak. The spiritual qi surrounding it was also very rich, and was far beyond that of any other mountain peak.

Now that most of the experts of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect were out, and the Mountain Protecting Grand Array activated, the disciples walking around the academy were very few. As such, Ning Cheng was easily able to reach the periphery of the Severing Emotions Peak.

Severing Emotions Peak was thousands of meters high and hundreds of meters around, shooting straight into the clouds, however the peak was obscured by a huge array.

Ning Cheng already knew that it was impossible to enter the Severing Emotions Peak in the same manner as he snuck in through the Mountain Protecting Grand Array. Not to mention that no one would even come out from the Severing Emotions Peak, even if someone came out, he would not be able to easily mix in.

However, what made Ning Cheng relieved was that that protective array outside the Severing Emotions Peak was only a Rank 7 Array Formation. Ning Cheng himself was a Tier 7 Array Formation Grand Master, although he might not be able to break open a Rank 9 Array Formation, but in the face of a Rank 7 Array Formation, even if this array formation had some form of method to send signals to Xu Anzhen, if he wanted to secretly infiltrate it, he would definitely be able to accomplish it without triggering anything.

Although comparing Xu Anzhen’s cultivation to Ning Cheng, it would be akin to comparing a titan to a baby. However, in regards to the attainments in Array Formation, she might not have a higher standing than Ning Cheng might. Ning Cheng, in order to study array formations, chose to stay at the bottom of the Blood River Mountains for a few years. Although he only stayed there and arduously studied for a few years, but his attainments were truly something that no ordinary cultivator would be able to replicate.

Even if Xu Anzhen’s attainments in the field of array formations was slightly higher compared to Ning Cheng, however when it comes to deciphering array formations, she would definitely not be better than Ning Cheng would. Moreover, it was highly possible that Xu Anzhen’s attainments in the field of array formations might simply not be higher than Ning Cheng’s attainments at all.

After just half a day’s time, Ning Cheng finally was able to sneak into the Severing Emotions Peak without sending out any alerts to Xu Anzhen.

After entering the Severing Emotions Peak, he immediately swept out with his spiritual consciousness. This time, what he feared the most was that Xu Anzhen might have taken away the piece of Shi Qionghua’s soul with her. If Xu Anzhen did not keep Shi Qionghua’s life essence suppressed at the Severing Emotions Peak, then he simply would not be able to do anything about it. With his cultivation at present, wanting to grab things from Xu Anzhen’s body, it would be at least ten thousand times difficult if not a million times.

However, Ning Cheng guessed that the probability of such a thing happening was quite low, especially since life essences can only be kept suppressed in extremely cold places, but at the same time it would also require a variety of array formations to keep it conserved. If you did not have a truly top tier magical weapon, then wanting to bring away a trace of life essence whenever, wherever you want would simply be impossible.

Not to mention that the life essence cannot be carried around personally, even if it could be carried around, it would require a treasure on the same level of at least the Soul Raising Wood or the Underworld Soul Flower. Moreover, these treasures could not be used to suppress it; at best, they could only be used as a kind of seal. Sealing and suppression had an essential difference; a sealed life essence might still dissipate, resulting in loss of consciousness. However, suppression actually meant being allowed to move freely yet not being able to move freely, as every move could be controlled under suppression.

Whether it was to seal the life essence, or to even suppress it, it would require at the very least a Rank 8 Array Formation or equivalent Restrictions. In Ning Cheng’s view, Xu Anzhen’s attainments in array formations were not that high.

A dozen restrictions appeared in the range of Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness, however he did not see any experts, rather he saw more than ten medicine children coming and going past their Restrictions.

With Ning Cheng’s cultivation, his spiritual consciousness was not able to pass through the Restrictions to directly look at what was behind them. However, Ning Cheng could guess that there must be a medicine garden behind each of the restrictions; the Heavenly Cusp Flower was most likely in one of these medicinal gardens.

Ning Cheng carefully broke open one of the Restrictions, only to find that there were only Level 6 and over spiritual grasses present behind it. He quietly drew back through the restrictions over the medicinal garden; however, he did not touch the spiritual grasses. Although these things were just waiting for him to be picked up and taken away, however at this moment he must first find the place where Shi Qionghua’s life essence was being suppressed.

Ning Cheng broke open one restriction after another, only to find one medicinal garden after another containing only advanced level spiritual grasses that appeared in front of Ning Cheng’s eyes. However, even in the face of so many advanced level spiritual grasses, Ning Cheng’s still was disappointed and frustrated; he simply was not able to find the Heavenly Cusp Flower.

However, despite the disappointment, Ning Cheng still carefully kept his body concealed as he passed through the restrictions. He had only entered the Severing Emotions Peak, so there were many places that he had not seen.

Ning Cheng very much wanted to catch a cultivator at the Essence Building Realm to ask around; however, he was forced to reign in his own impulse. Xu Anzhen was absolutely not a careless person, since she had put those medicine children here, so once someone moved those medicine children, then maybe the next moment she would already come to know about it.

Inside the Severing Emotions Peak, even if all the faces here were lower levelled cultivators, Ning Cheng was still extremely cautious as he moved about. Although it was only half an incense stick worth of journey, but it still took him almost an entire day before he finally arrived at the entrance of a huge yet gloomy palace. If he wanted to pass through here, Ning Cheng knew that he couldn’t be even half a bit careless, so if he ended up spending more time here it would not be surprising, however he absolutely could not let other people find out about him.

Outside of this gloomy looking palace were four characters, ‘Falling in Love is Inconsequential’, there were also two Profound Core Cultivators standing outside this gloomy palace’s entrance, as if they were standing here at guard.

The doors of this gloomy looking palace were wide open, and with Ning Cheng’s ability, it could be said that he could very easily enter the palace. However, Ning Cheng would not easily walk through those doors. He concealed himself outside the door, while he repeatedly used his spiritual consciousness to continuously probe the palace.

Just like sailing ship for ten thousand years, he only had one chance, since he finally came to a seeming end this time, it would not help him to panic.

As another half a day passed by, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat in secret. He knew that his caution was not wrong, although the entrance of the palace seemed normal; however, there was an intricately concealed Rank 6 Trigger Restriction over it. Anyone who entered the palace would immediately activate this restriction. Once this restriction was activated, there would not be any visible changes to the palace; however, the person who laid out the restriction would immediately come to know that someone had entered this place.

As to who arranged this Rank 6 Trigger Restriction, Ning Cheng simply did not have to guess, but instinctively knew that it was without a doubt set up by Xu Anzhen.

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