Chapter 0333

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0333: The Chaotic Severing Emotions Dao Sect

Although there was a little difference in the levels of Xu Anzhen’s attainments compared to Ning Cheng’s, but when it came to means of deducing and breaking open array formations and restrictions, Ning Cheng was definitely much stronger than Xu Anzhen was.

Ning Cheng wielding his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds entered the gloomy looking palace’s main hall. Carefully bypassing the Rank 6 Trigger Restriction, he directly entered the depths of the main hall.

As for the two Profound Core Guards, they simply did not realize that Ning Cheng had entered the main hall. Compared to that Profound Core Realm female cultivator from before, these two Profound Core Guards’ intuition was a lot worse.

Passing through the empty main hall, he finally entered a dimly lit spiritual grass garden.

Ning Cheng currently was barely considered as a Tier 5 Profound Pill Master, so he knew that other than a few special spiritual grasses, the growth of most spiritual grasses required sunlight. However, seeing the spiritual grass sprouts in this gloomy looking courtyard, in addition to the residence itself being dimly lit to the point of being completely dark, Ning Cheng could only say that Xu Anzhen was in herself a very gloomy and dark person.

The spiritual grass garden had a restriction lock on it, although Ning Cheng would easily break open the Restriction placed here, however, Ning Cheng did not dare to do such a thing. This place was Xu Anzhen’s nest, if he accidentally alerted Xu Anzhen, then it would only become even more difficult for him to look for Shi Qionghua’s life essence.

Even if the Heavenly Cusp Flower was inside this spiritual grass garden or not, it would have to wait till he was able to release Shi Qionghua’s life essence.

Ning Cheng used his spiritual consciousness to carefully search the place and its surroundings a few times, finally finding that there were only a few simple Trigger Restrictions placed here, allowing him to finally calm down. He carefully made his way bypassing the dimly lit spiritual grass garden, before coming outside of a very common looking immortal cave.

The entrance to the immortal cave was closed and surrounded by many restrictions, however the spiritual qi surrounding it was extremely rich. Ning Cheng guessed that this was where Xu Anzhen usually went into seclusion.

In addition to this very ordinary looking immortal cave, there was nothing else around; it looked like he had finally reached the last and the deepest place of the Severing Emotions Peak. This Severing Emotions Peak although might look simple on the outside however it was truly not simple, which made Ning Cheng somewhat worried.

If he could not find Shi Qionghua’s life essence inside Xu Anzhen’s immortal cave, then the time and effort that he spent to reach here would be nothing but smoke in the air.

Xu Anzhen’s immortal cave looked really normal. The Restrictions placed on it were also broken by Ning Cheng in the shortest possible time. However thinking that Xu Anzhen might have also set up some Restriction that might have been above his means, he still chose to spend two full days outside the immortal cave in concealment, only after confirming that there would be no alarm or traps triggered when going through the Restrictions over the entrance of the immortal cave, did he finally enter the immortal cave.

At this time, Ning Cheng finally came face to face with where Xu Anzhen generally seemed to have cultivated, the inside of her immortal cave was even more simple looking than the outside. Ning Cheng never thought that Xu Anzhen’s immortal cave would be so simple, compared to this, the main hall on the outside could only be described as magnificent. After coming in, the inside could only be described as a small cultivation room.

Ning Cheng repeatedly swept out with his spiritual consciousness, finally convinced that there truly was no other entrances concealed around, and that there was truly just a single room in front of him.

There was only a futon in the middle of the room. Other than that, there was not even a single chair. Let alone a boudoir, a couch bed or anything else common to a woman’s room.

However, Ning Cheng did not find it strange, although Shi Qionghua said that Xu Anzhen did not look old, but in his view, Xu Anzhen was Xu Yingdei’s grandmother, as such was definitely an old lady, irrespective of how she looked. As an old woman, she of course would not decorate her room in a majestic or rich manner. Moreover, he had also heard that Xu Anzhen’s corporeal body was also severely injured; as such she would also have no need of a couch bed.

There was simply nothing inside the room. However, Ning Cheng did not give up. If Xu Anzhen wanted to keep Shi Qionghua’s life essence suppressed, then it would definitely be at a location close to where Xu Anzhen cultivated. Xu Anzhen would never keep Shi Qionghua’s life essence far away from her. This was simply not logical at all.

Since Ning Cheng entered this place, he repeatedly examined every inch of the surroundings with his spiritual consciousness, however outside of Xu Anzhen’s immortal cave, there was absolutely no place, where someone’s life essence could be suppressed.

With his meticulous approach, it did not take Ning Cheng a long time, before he found an entrance with a Concealment Array Formation over it, under the futon in the middle of the room.

Carefully removing the futon, Ning Cheng carefully re-arranged the several array flags, causing the entrance to finally open up revealing a pitch black hole in front of him.

An extremely cold aura leaked out from the hole, Ning Cheng wanted to use his spiritual consciousness to see how deep the hole was, but found that his spiritual consciousness was unexpectedly blocked. Along the way down, he encountered a Shielding Restriction, other than that, he also found a Forbidden Space Restriction alongside it. It looks like, if he went down this pitch black hole, his spiritual consciousness would only spread out until the periphery of his body, and could not be extended any further.

A black hole or a mouth to the unknown, with no steps in sight or even an end, cannot even use a flight type magical weapon, at the same time can’t even extend out their spiritual consciousness, as such even Crucible Transformation Cultivators would not be able to enter this place. If someone was not afraid of death, only then would they think of jumping down, however they might just plunge to their deaths directly.

Ning Cheng was not a Crucible Transformation Cultivator; however for such kinds of places he had something that was far stronger than Crucible Transformation Cultivators, which was his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds.

Looking at the black hole in front of him for a moment, Ning Cheng finally became sure that Shi Qionghua’s soul essence must be kept suppressed in here. As such, Ning Cheng did not hesitate anymore before jumping down, while simultaneously stimulating the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds.

A looming cold aura hit Ning Cheng as he quickly descended. He felt as if he descended by almost a thousand feet, before he finally touched the ground.

The Severing Emotions Peaks was hundreds of meters high, from this it could been that he was already at present in the deepest location of the Severing Emotions Peak; moreover it was also a very well hidden place.

He immediately perceived dense amounts of Restrictions around him, if replaced by a person who did not understand array formations, there would only be a single path for them, and that was death. In other words, if Xu Anzhen were not here, even if he understood only the basics of array formations, he would simply not be able to enter this place, even if he managed to somehow enter, he would only be coming to die.

At this point, Ning Cheng already could clearly make out that the place he was at was a huge white ice stone platform. In the middle of this ice stone platform, there was an altar with a radius of approximately ten feet. This altar was surrounded by dark red pillars, the pillars were slightly tilted towards the inside appearing to be hung over the altar, as if it was supressing something.

In the middle of this altar were nine fluorescent copper lamps, while each of these copper lamps had a slowly rotating crystal ball hovering over it. Ice cold auras continuously invaded the copper lamps from the bottom, before passing through it towards the crystal ball.

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness immediately found a familiar aura. He could feel Shi Qionghua’s aura coming from one of the suspended crystal balls.

She really was suppressed here, moreover from the looks of it Shi Qionghua was not the only person being suppressed in here. This old witch Xu Anzhen was really not someone good. Although Ning Cheng was not aware as to how Xu Anzhen used these crystal balls, however he could feel that once she used them, then Shi Qionghua would not be able to pose the slightest of resistance. It was no wonder that Shi Qionghua chose to go to the Heaven’s Way.

In face of this kind of suppression, would she really be able to escape into the Heaven’s Way? Ning Cheng was very sceptical about it.

Ning Cheng swept towards a crystal ball with his spiritual consciousness; he did not immediately take away these crystal balls.

What Ning Cheng did not expect that Ning Cheng would find another familiar aura, he had never expected that he would even find Yin Kongchan’s life essence aura in this place. No wonder Yin Kongchan wanted to look for the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, it looks like her life essence was also being suppressed in the Severing Emotions Peak.

After a dozen breaths, Ning Cheng’s face was truly hard to look at. He truly could not find any way of taking away these crystal balls without Xu Anzhen knowing about it, he found that it was absolutely impossible; at least with his current abilities he would not be able to do such a thing.

Since he would be found out anyway, Ning Cheng simply took out a huge canvas, before writing a few words on it and placed it on one side. Then without even bothering to break open the array formation subtly, he simply brought out his Cosmic True Devil Axe, before he rushed past the nine tilting pillars.

“Boom boom boom…..” Bursts of explosions sounded out, as Ning Cheng grabbed the nine crystal balls and the copper lamps before stowing them away into his ring, before quickly rushing out.

Since he had already succeeded partially, he now moved with his fastest speed to escape from this place. Ning Cheng no longer feared anything else, as soon as he came out of Xu Anzhen’s immortal cave; he once again entered the gloomy looking spiritual grass garden.

This time Ning Cheng did not choose to slowly break open the array, with his Cosmic True Devil Axe out, he simply stuck out once at the restrictions surrounding the spiritual grass garden with his axe.

“Kacha” a sound emerged, as the restriction instantly cracked open, this was not a defensive restriction, as such, it did not pose even the slightest of defensive effect, as such Ning Cheng simply did not bother with it before breaking it open.

Without having enough time to carefully inspect the spiritual grasses inside, he simply moved around as if he was shearing wheat in general, while simultaneously putting away the spiritual grasses that he pulled out into his ring.

Just as Ning Cheng rushed out of the palace with the words ‘Falling in Love is Inconsequential’ on the outside, an extremely powerful and incomparably matchless spacial fluctuation surrounded Ning Cheng before he could even react.

The next moment, Ning Cheng emerged in the sky above the Severing Emotions Dao Sect.


The Grand Peace City’s auction had not yet begun, however each of the Tian Continent’s major academies were gathered here. Since the Severing Emotions Dao Sect arrived early, they were able to occupy the rest stop closest to the Profound Light Auction House.

At this moment, the rest stop had many a lot of Crucible Transformation Elders, along with Xu Anzhen from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect. They were seated in a large room overseeing the proceedings. In front of them was a cultivator in the Essence Building Realm, who was trembling uncontrollably as he stood in front of Xu Anzhen and the rest, as he narrated every word spoken by that second generation ancestor in the West Lu’s Spiritual Tea House.

Xu Anzhen was frowning as she heard those words, however her face suddenly changed, even the black robes on her body rustled without any apparent wind.

“Grandma…..” Xu Yingdei only spoke two words, and hadn’t had any time to speak anything else, when she was immediately interrupted by Xu Anzhen’s words, “Immediately head back to the academy, someone truly did manage to move the tiger from the mountain.”

“Just in case, we will leave a few people behind from our group, while the rest can hurry back…..”

A Crucible Transformation Elder’s words had not yet finished, when it was interrupted by Xu Anzhen, “Leave, all of you immediately go back, remaining here is no longer necessary.”

If it were anything else, even if it meant that she was not able to obtain the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, she, being Xu Anzhen, still had a chance to recover. However, unexpectedly someone secretly managed to enter the Severing Emotions Peak and even break open her Nine Revolving Soul Supressing Grand Array. Not only did they smash apart the nine Soul Subduing Pillars, but had even taken away the nine soul wisps of life essences that she had painstakingly collected over countless years. At the same time also stole away her Heavenly Cusp Flowers.

These things were no doubt much more precious to her than the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence.


“The auction has not even started yet, but the Severing Emotions Dao Sect is already returning?”

“Xu Anzhen along with all the elders of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect are leaving the Grand Peace City……”

Xu Anzhen’s front foot had just left the Grand Peace City, when the next moment the news reached all the major academies gathered there.

The Severing Emotions Dao Sect’s airship was immediately intercepted just outside the Grand Peace City. The first to arrive were the Crucible Transformation Cultivators of the Floating Snow Palace. Followed by the Heavenly Dao Academy, the Burning Sun Weapons Sect, the Yin Yang Dao Sect, the Red Star Sword Faction, the Star Gathering Mansion, the Thousand Buddhist Hall, the Battle Devil Hall and other academies. In just a short moment, all the experts present had arrived. Among the top ten academies, other than the Great Change Island and the newly re-ascended Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, the rest were present here.

“What do you want?” The Severing Emotions Dao Sect’s Headmaster had a very ugly look on her face.

However, the face of Xu Anzhen sitting on the black lotus was ever uglier to look at. She was, at this moment, was well aware that luring the tiger away from the mountain was just a distraction, causing her entire person to become overcast. If she her cultivation was restored, these people in front of her would only be ants, but unfortunately, her cultivation was still very far from being restored.

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