Chapter 0338

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0338: Helping Out One Another

When Ning Cheng was speaking to Shi Qionghua, Li Lingfan also noticed Ning Cheng and Shi Qionghua. He was a cultivator in the Soul Sculpting Realm, so when Ning Cheng’s somewhat hesitating gaze fell on him, how could he not notice it?

Moreover, although Shi Qionghua was wearing the robes of an ordinary woman, and also had a veil on her face, but that kind of peerless temperament made him feel that Shi Qionghua was definitely not an ordinary person.

Seeing that Li Lingfan had noticed them, Ning Cheng sent a sound transmission to Shi Qionghua, “Li Lingfan is still a friend enough to be friends with, besides even if he is a person who likes to bite the hand that feeds him, he simply would not be able to take us on.”

Since Ning Cheng had already put it this way, so Shi Qionghua also did not continue to persuade him.

“This friend looks quite extraordinary, don’t know if you could help find us a place to sit and chat around for a bit?” Ning Cheng took the initiative to approach with his fists cupped, simultaneously sending a sound transmission to Li Lingfan, “Elder Brother Li, this Ning Cheng has not thought that I would be able to meet you here aah.”

Li Lingfan was still having doubts as to why a puny Profound Core Cultivator would dare to take the initiative to accost him. But when he heard Ning Cheng’s sound transmission, he immediately understood and quickly spoke up, “Certainly, I have also just arrived at the North Light Town, and was just about to go look for a person to inquire about the situation here.”

Chai Chudie continuously swept Ning Cheng with her spiritual consciousness; she couldn’t help but feel that Ning Cheng felt somewhat familiar to her. Unfortunately, Ning Cheng was simply much more powerful than she was, even if she was at Soul Essence 2nd Level, she still could not perceive anything. Properly speaking Li Lingfan was the dazzling star of the Heavenly Dao Academy, moreover had the cultivation at second level of Soul Sculpting Realm, so how could he be this polite towards a cultivator in the Profound Core Realm?

Chai Chudie then swept her gaze towards Shi Qionghua standing behind Ning Cheng, causing her to sneer in her heart. She thought that it was definitely because of Shi Qionghua, without a doubt.

Li Lingfan and Ning Cheng behaved like old friends meeting after a long time; moreover, neither of them actually asked each other’s name. Chai Chudie had also just met Li Lingfan, so she simply could not say much in this regard. Moreover, Shi Qionghua was following behind Ning Cheng, but she simply refused to speak anything.

The four people entered the North Light Town. Li Lingfan and Ning Cheng kept talking while walking in front, while Chai Chudie and Shi Qionghua followed behind them. Chai Chudie tried several times to initiate talks with Shi Qionghua; however, Shi Qionghua behaved as if she simply did not have any intention to speak.

After a stick of incense worth of time, the four people entered one of the better Spiritual Tea Buildings in the town.

Li Lingfan then turned to Chai Chudie and spoke, “Junior Apprentice Sister Chudie, I feel like old friends meeting after a long time with this friend, and would have to take a private booth to discuss somethings. You can wait for me at the ground floor’s lobby.”

Chai Chudie was even more dissatisfied with this. Li Lingfan, unexpectedly for a strange Profound Core Cultivator, made her, a woman, to wait outside in the lobby for him. However, no matter how much dissatisfied she felt because of it, she still gave a smile and spoke, “Senior Apprentice Brother Li can go worry free, and I will wait for you here.”

Ning Cheng had not yet spoken to Shi Qionghua, when Shi Qionghua took the initiative to speak, “Husband, I will be waiting for you here.”

Her voice was crisp and pleasing, immediately attracting the attention of the entire hall. The people in the hall were obviously not fools, looking at the temperament exuding from Li Lingfan; all of them understood with a glance that he was a person that cannot be provoked. These people only shot a glance at Shi Qionghua, before they immediately retracted their gazes.


After Li Lingfan and Ning Cheng entered a private booth, Li Lingfan immediately laid down a sound isolating restriction and anxiously spoke out, “Elder Brother Ning, you truly are very bold to dare appear in this place. I heard that Xu Yingdei had already used you to sever her emotions, causing me to be incomparably worried about you. Currently many academies are looking for you; even my Heavenly Dao Academy is looking for you. If Elder Brother Ning values my opinion, then hurry out of this place with your Dao Companion.”

Ning Cheng on hearing Li Lingfan’s words knew that he did not gamble wrong. Li Lingfan was worthy enough to become friends. Even these words of persuasion, he could feel that they were from the heart and not just some random talk.

“Many thanks for Elder Brother Li’s concern; I will anyways be out of this place soon.” Ning Cheng gave a smile and spoke, at the same time took out two jars of spirit wine brewed from Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar.

Li Lingfan sighed, “Unfortunately, I have no way of helping you at this moment. There are already a few people suspecting that the person surnamed Keng who set up that auction is you.”

Ning Cheng did not reply to the following words, but rather said, “I do not want to deceive Elder Brother Li, the reason I came to find you at present is because I really need some help from you.”

Li Lingfan immediately replied, “Elder Brother Ning can speak freely, as long as I am able to help Elder Brother Ning, I, Li Lingfan, will definitely not decline it even in the slightest.”

“Then many thanks Elder Brother Li.” After Ning Cheng thanked him, he spoke up, “I want to bring my Dao Companion to the Sifting Orchid Star. However, I fear that the Heaven Alliance would recognize me, therefore I had to come ask for your help in this matter.”

Li Lingfan was quite surprised in his heart, before he hurriedly replied, “Elder Brother Ning Cheng wants to escape to the Sifting Orchid Star aah, are you really sure that you want to go to the Sifting Orchid Star?”

Ning Cheng spoke out with a helpless tone, “Elder Brother Li, you can easily see that even if we manage to disguise ourselves, I and my Dao Companions can be easily recognized by people. Other than going to the Sifting Orchid Star, I do not have any other means.”

Li Lingfan also sighed, “If the Le Continent and Tian Continent’s Transmission Array had not been opened, then Elder Brother Ning could have gone to the Le Continent with your Dao Companion…..”

“Did the Transmission Array from the Le Continent to Tian Continent really open?” Ning Cheng asked in surprise.

Li Lingfan nodded, “Yes, many cultivators from the Le Continent want to enter the Heaven’s Way. Moreover, many of their academy disciples with quite good qualifications have come to the Tian Continent. Did you look at the female cultivator with me? Her name is Chai Chudie, and she has just come from the Le Continent.”

After saying that, Li Lingfan took out a black jade card and a jade strip before he handed them to Ning Cheng saying, “This jade card is something that my academy issued to me, it is the token to visit the Sifting Orchid Star. In any case, I have no plans of going to the Sifting Orchid Star currently, so I’m giving it to you. That jade strip is the star chart jade strip from Sifting Orchid Star to the Yi Xing Mainland. In the future, if you can reach the Crucible Transformation Realm, you can use this star chart jade strip to make you way back to the Yi Xing Mainland.”

Pausing for a while, Li Lingfan continued with explaining, “This black jade card is only possessed by extremely few disciples among the ten major academies. With this jade card, you would not need to pay the required spirits stones to activate the Transmission Array; moreover, they would also not try to investigate your identity. So even if they are aware that you are in disguise, they would look you up.”

Ning Cheng was just about to receive the jade card, but when he heard about the preciousness of this jade card, he hastily declined it and spoke, “Elder Brother Li, this is something too precious.”

Li Lingfan only gave a slight smile and spoke, “Elder Brother Ning, although it might be precious, but how could it be more precious than my own life? If Elder Brother Ning treats me, Li Lingfan, as his friend, then please accept it.”

Ning Cheng on hearing Li Lingfan’s words, did not remain polite anymore, after he received the jade card and the jade strip, he took the initiative to take out a small and slender string before handing it to Li Lingfan and spoke, “This is Leng Yu’s magical weapon, after I received it, I did not have the time to give it back to him. Elder Brother Li, I hope you can help me send it back to him.”

Li Lingfan received the magical weapon from Ning Cheng’s hand, before he gave a laugh and spoke, “After Junior Apprentice Brother Leng Yu’s Drifting Air Mist String was lost he had come to me several times. This time if you had not taken it out before, I would have had to brazenly ask you about it. On behalf of Junior Apprentice Brother Leng Yu, please let me thank you.”

Ning Cheng also gave a warm smile and spoke, “Since Elder Brother Li considers me as his friend, then why say thanks for such a trivial matter?”

“I do not have many friends, but for me to become friends with Elder Brother Ning, it is me, Li Lingfan, being honoured.” After Li Lingfan gulped down a few mouthfuls of spiritual wine, he gave a loud laugh and spoke, “There are only a few people that are as generous as Elder Brother Ning, if in the future we meet again, please allow me the glory of being your wingman.”

Ning Cheng knew that Li Lingfan already understood that the Grand Peace City’s auction was all planned out by him. However, he did not expose it or even ask about it, after Li Lingfan gulped down half a pot of liquor, he asked, “Elder Brother Li…..”

Li Lingfan took another swig from the jug and spoke, “Ning Cheng, just call me by my name, or just call me Lingfan. Elder Brother Li makes me look like an outsider. To be honest, in the Heavenly Dao Public Square, I should have drunk to my hearts’ content with you.”

“Good, Lingfan may also call me Xiaocheng, this is my other name.” Ning Cheng also did not remain polite with Li Lingfan.

“Good, Xiaocheng, you can freely speak with me. What did you want to ask me a moment ago?” Li Lingfan felt that Ning Cheng’s wine was really good, although they had been talking quite freely, but there were only a few mouthfuls of wine left.

Ning Cheng also did not chose to beat around the bush and directly spoke up, “Although you said that you and Chai Chudie have just met; how are you related?”

Li Lingfan laughed, as he stood up and walked to Ning Cheng’s side, before he patted Ning Cheng’s shoulder and spoke, “Looks like you have some insights into her. Although that Chai Chudie really looks good, however I feel that her schemes run quite deep. Otherwise, I would have definitely introduced her to you.”

Ning Cheng on hearing this immediately felt relieved and gave a smile before speaking, “You misunderstood my meaning, but yes I do know Chai Chudie, this woman is vicious to the extreme. The reason I asked about her, is so that Elder Brother Li can exercise caution before trying to form a connection with this woman. With her by your side, once you stop paying attention, she will stab you from behind. I can bet my life on this that she definitely has some goals for which she is trying to get close to you.”

“So that was the case.” Li Lingfan’s eyes immediately turned sharp, before he gave a sneer and spoke, “Wanting to take advantage of me, Li Lingfan, she is still lacking in that regard. I had already said that this woman always felt somewhat strange to me, luckily you reminded me about it in a sentence.”

Ning Cheng just nodded, but did not continue to speak. Li Lingfan can become the premier disciple of the Heavenly Dao Academy; as such, he definitely would excel in discerning people.

“This time a Form Changing Tree Spirit Ginseng had been spotted near to the North Light Town, causing many people from various academies to come here. If you want to leave, then you must hurry up and leave now, don’t stay in this place for too long.” Li Lingfan finished and actively reminded Ning Cheng with a sentence.

Ning Cheng took out ten jars of spiritual wine brewed from Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar before handing it to Li Lingfan and spoke, “I will not speak the words of thanks, just a goodbye. We will certainly see each other again.”

Li Lingfan was also not polite, as he collected Ning Cheng’s spiritual wine, while simultaneously sweeping his spiritual consciousness into the hall.

“It’s your Dao Companion…..” Just as Li Lingfan spoke, Ning Cheng had already rushed downstairs. He also immediately rushed behind Ning Cheng to enter the hall.

“Let’s go.” As soon as Ning Cheng arrived at the hall, he immediately went forward and grabbed Shi Qionghua’s hand before speaking. As for the two bodies that had been sprawled on the floor in front of Shi Qionghua, he acted as if he did not see them.

A cold humph came accompanying a voice, “Killing people in my North Light Town, and yet want to walk out so causally? If today I, Wo Ying, did not skin the people responsible for this, then my North Light Society can cease to exist.” As the voice arrived, it was followed by the descent of a man with a formidable imposing aura. In his opinion, even if there were only cultivators drinking their tea in the hall, they were simply akin to ants in front of him.

This man with such an imposing aura had a valiant look on his face, and was just about to descend onto the Spiritual Tea Building’s lobby. But not waiting for his feet to touch the ground, Shi Qionghua simply raised her hand and gently touched the air in front of her.

“Bang” A loud explosion erupted, as the man was directly thrown across the hall as if a cannon ball had been shot out of a canon, before he finally fell down.

“These two people wanted to take me away; however, they were killed by that Chudie. Someone must have passed on the news to that man….” Shi Qionghua had already sent an instantaneous sound transmission and updated Ning Cheng on the things that transpired.

Ning Cheng swept a cold yet indifferent glance at Chai Chudie. He was well aware that this was definitely Chai Chudie intentionally stirring up trouble. However, although Shi Qionghua was quite soft hearted, but Ning Cheng was not so tender. He simply lifted his hand and sent out a fireball. The cultivator, who had been sent flying away by Shi Qionghua, had not yet crawled up when he was instantly turned into flying ash by Ning Cheng’s fireball.

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