Chapter 0339

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0339: Intercepted

When Chai Chudie looked at Ning Cheng’s eyes, she ended up feeling extreme dread in her heart. She obviously had the cultivation of Soul Essence 2nd Level, yet a Profound Core Cultivator was able to make her feel such fear, this was something completely unreasonable. Unless the Profound Core Cultivator was intentionally concealing his cultivation. In any case, she did not dare to continue to size up Ning Cheng.

The person that Ning Cheng’s fireball had turned to ash was an expert of the North Light Society. Not to mention Chai Chudie not daring to look at Ning Cheng, even if it were the other people in the Spiritual Tea Building, they all lowered their heads. None of them dared to even look at this matchlessly fierce fellow. In this place, there were only cultivators with low level of cultivation, who among them would dare to offend the local bully, the North Light Society?

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness swept out of the North Light Town. Sensing a few shadows descending, some that even he was familiar with, he immediately realized that he had to walk away from here.

Li Lingfan was also similarly clear that Ning Cheng must have to leave this place as early as possible, just as he reached Ning Cheng, he spoke, “Leave the matters here to me, you first go get busy yourself.”

“Ok.” Ning Cheng also was not impolite with Li Lingfan, leading Shi Qionghua; he immediately rushed out to leave this small town. Then bringing out a flight type magical weapon, he immediately disappeared far away.

Li Lingfan was an important personage from the Heavenly Dao Academy, not to mention the North Light Society, even if there were hundreds of North Light Societies, they would not be able to move even a hair of his.

The two people trying to take away Shi Qionghua were something Chai Chudie had arranged for, and at the same time were also killed by Chai Chudie. She had wanted to see how Shi Qionghua and Ning Cheng would deal with this kind of thing, and if Li Lingfan, for the sake of Ning Cheng, would offend the North Light Society. But she had never thought that Ning Cheng would be so decisive in his killing, moreover even Li Lingfan did not hesitate to offer his help to take care of this matter. As a result, she was not able to obtain any useful news.


“That Li Lingfan really does know how to repay the grace.” Shi Qionghua replied after hearing Ning Cheng’s words.

Ning Cheng also was having some mixed feelings, “The truth is I did not help him out much. Initially when I saved him, I simply did not care about who he was. In other words, no matter who it was at that time, I ended up saving many. I’ve also seen many of them biting the hand that fed them. But Li Lingfan truly is a friend who is worth making.”

Ning Cheng had truly not thought about such a thing. He had met Li Lingfan here out of pure accident, although he had taken the initiative to approach Li Lingfan at that time, but it was only for a temporary play. Because Shi Qionghua had already mentioned that the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Heaven Alliance shared a not so ordinary relationship, he had ended up formulating a plan on the spot. He had never thought that Li Lingfan would not only help him but also help him in such a big way.

In comparison, he had only heard Yin Kongchan, Xu Yingdei and the others repeatedly proclaiming about the repayment of their life-saving grace. But in the end, they always were scheming against him.

“Do you know Chai Chudie?” Although Shi Qionghua was a bit unhappy about inadvertently stirring up of trouble, however she was actually aware that Chai Chudie killing those two people was in order to provoke the North Light Society to go against her and Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng gave a nod and spoke, “That’s right. It was when I obtained the treasure, the Thunder City. It was this woman who had initially led me to it. If it hadn’t been for her, I wouldn’t have known where this Thunder City was located. However, this woman is quite cruel and merciless and not anyone good. She also has a three-inch crescent moon tattoo on her lower abdomen flashing with thunder lights. However, I do not know whether or not she has any relation to the Thunder City that I obtained.”

Shi Qionghua’s complexion changed, “Have you done it with her?”

“Done what?” Ning Cheng could not respond instantaneously, he never had any inklings that Shi Qionghua would think of such a thing.

“What we…..” Shi Qionghua also did not know how she should explain this.

This time, Ning Cheng completely understood, he grabbed Shi Qionghua’s hand and spoke, “Qionghua. I have to let you know that I only made skin contact with two women until now. One is you, and the other is Luofei. Moreover, I have only bonded like a real couple with you. Don’t get me wrong; Luofei and I have known each other through adversity. And just like you, I will not leave her.”

Ning Cheng’s words were somewhat tactful, but he clearly stated that Luofei and Shi Qionghua shared the same status in his heart. If Shi Qionghua had any thoughts about Luofei because of the things between them, he would have been quite upset, even uncomfortable.

Shi Qionghua immediately understood Ning Cheng’s meaning. It was rather Ning Cheng who misunderstood her. She had initially thought that Ning Cheng and Chai Chudie had ended up having more than just some skin contact. The reason her face changed was not because of jealousy, but rather because she was concerned about the secrets within Ning Cheng’s body. Chai Chudie was definitely not a good person, once she realized Ning Cheng’s secret, wouldn’t she not scheme against him?

“It’s not this reason, because when we were together, I was able to sense that you had a Thunder City and a Flame Spark inside of you, plus there was also that Origin Aura. If these things were leaked, then even the cultivators of the Tian Continent would not let you off……”

Shi Qionghua’s words had not finished, when Ning Cheng had already completely understood the situation. Originally, Shi Qionghua had asked him to not do such a thing casually with other woman; it was actually because of such a matter. Even if Shi Qionghua had not spoken about it, he would never do such a thing anyway.

“I know …..” Ning Cheng could feel the concern of Shi Qionghua. He directly pulled over Shi Qionghua, and held her in his arms.

Shi Qionghua was just about to speak to Ning Cheng from the side, when her face immediately changed once again, as she instantly spoke, “Ning Cheng, we have been surrounded, moreover even the space has been sealed off…”

After hearing Shi Qionghua’s words, Ning Cheng also felt the situation. He first put away the flight type magical weapon then simultaneously holding onto Shi Qionghua, he stimulated the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds. If not Shi Qionghua’s timely reminder, then perhaps he would have flown right into the middle of the enemy’s restriction.

However, he immediately felt the space around him turn incredibly viscous, to the point that he was unable to escape. Obviously, he had not completely entered the central region of the restriction arranged by the opposite party, but he was still greatly affected by it.

A dozen extremely powerful fluctuations rose up while rapidly closing in from all directions. Not to say about Ning Cheng being a Soul Essence Cultivator, even if he was a Soul Sculpting Cultivator; he would not be able to get away at present. Although Shi Qionghua’s cultivation was similarly formidable, however the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds were on Ning Cheng. At the same time, he could feel that a number of powerful spiritual consciousness had already locked onto Shi Qionghua.

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness also swept out as it simultaneously sensed several powerhouses, with none of their cultivation being below the Crucible Transformation Realm.

Shi Qionghua was also obviously able to gauge the situation, but she instead calmed herself down and spoke in a gentle voice, “If we really can’t walk away from here, then we might as well die together……”

However, Ning Cheng was simply unwilling to surrender without a fight. He, without any hesitation, brought out his True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel, then stimulated it with the Power of Hope from Imperial Jade Seal. The Buddha Fire Wheel was just like a meteor, as it instantaneously tore through the Forbidden Space Restriction and vanished into the horizon.

Shi Qionghua was completely shocked as she looked at the rapid rise of the Buddha Fire Wheel. Even with her formidable spiritual consciousness, she was not able to observe anything on the outside. This kind of speed was simply terrifying. Moreover, what level of strength would be required to break through this kind of extremely formidable Forbidden Space Restriction?

“What magical weapon is this, for it to be so unexpectedly powerful?” Shi Qionghua was not able to bear the shock and immediately asked.

Ning Cheng on feeling that the Buddha Fire Wheel had truly rushed out of the Forbidden Space Restriction, felt his heart loosen up a bit. As long as he could use the Buddha Fire Wheel to rush out, then even if there were many Crucible Transformation Cultivators, they would not be able to overtake them.

“This is a Buddhist treasure. Originally, I thought that this was a low grade true artefact, but this magical weapon might just not be as simple as a low grade true artefact. Moreover, this magical weapon is powered by the Power of Hope. Qionghua, have you ever heard of the Power of Hope?” The Power of Hope inside the Imperial Jade Seal was growing lower and lower, he was afraid that once he used up the Power of Hope inside, he would not be able to use it again.

“Power of Hope?” Shi Qionghua had a somewhat vacant look as she shook her head, but she felt that she had definitely heard about it somewhere. She then asked, “So the reason you were able to obtain the Nine-Coloured Mirage Tree, is because you dug it up with the Power of Hope? I heard that the Nine-Coloured Mirage Tree cannot be dug up by just using the power of true essence.”

“Yes.” Ning Cheng did not conceal anything from Shi Qionghua; however, he was feeling very uncomfortable about being almost ambushed at this moment. He knew that someone has definitely plotted against him, if not for he and Shi Qionghua being together, if he had taken a step forward, even if he managed to take out the True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel, he most likely would not have been able to escape that place.

“It looks like we are being plotted against, if I did not have the Power of Hope to stimulate the True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel, then we would have died this time.” Ning Cheng clenched his fists as he mumbled out those words. At this moment, he was truly unsatisfied with his strength. To him at present, if he ended up against someone in the Crucible Transformation Realm, then he simply would not even need to run away, rather he should just commit suicide.

Shi Qionghua understood Ning Cheng’s thoughts; she grabbed Ning Cheng’s hand and spoke, “Is it because of Li Lingfan?”

Ning Cheng was silent for a while, but then shook his head and spoke, “It’s definitely not him, and we had only met Li Lingfan by accident. Moreover, we had only come to the North Light Town not long ago, at the same time the arrangement of the interception was not simple at all. To the point that we had almost entered into the core vicinity of the Forbidden Space Restriction arranged near to the North Light Town. From this it can be seen that someone knew that we had entered the North Light Town beforehand, moreover this Forbidden Space Restriction also specifically counters my Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, and even the Transfer Talismans that we had previously used to escape.”

“So these people, who are plotting against us, had already recognised us before we entered the North Light Town. They could have surrounded us directly, but this group seems to be afraid that I would use my Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds. So to counteract against it, they arranged a Forbidden Space Restriction ahead of time. Unfortunately, I still have the True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel. I have already identified several of them, so I’ll definitely be giving them a visit one by one in the future.”

As he reached until the end of his words, Ning Cheng directly erupted with an undisguised killing intent, “If we go to the Transmission Array controlled by the Heaven Alliance now, it would only be diving head first into danger. Perhaps by the time we arrive, there would already be someone blocking our path.”

Shi Qionghua couldn’t help but ask her doubts, “Did you not just say that Li Lingfan had not schemed against us? We want to go to the Sifting Orchid Star; shouldn’t he be the only one who knows about it?”

Ning Cheng answered, “Li Lingfan is already in the North Light Town, even if he does not want to speak about it, but he would not be able to stymie so many Crucible Transformation Cultivators ganging up on him. If we are able to reach the location of the Transmission Array in the shortest time, then we should still have enough time, however I’m afraid that even if we rush out now, this group of bastards would already know about it in advance.”

If not for the insufficient Power of Hope for the True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel, Ning Cheng would have already controlled the Buddha Fire Wheel to go to the Sifting Orchid Star.

Shi Qionghua was silent for a moment before she replied, “At our present speed, if we arrived at the location of the Transmission Array, they might not have enough time to react. But it would all depend on how long Li Lingfan would hold out. As long as he is able to persist for at least an hour, there should not be much of a problem.”

Ning Cheng also knew that what Shi Qionghua spoke was right; he quickly controlled the True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel to move quickly towards the location of the Transmission Array. With his current cultivation several times stronger than what it was previously, his control over the True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel was a lot more flexible.

The people who were aware that he possessed the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds were not many. The Severing Emotions Dao Sect, where Xu Yingdei was located, had already closed off their mountains, so it was highly likely that it was Yin Kongchan who had disclosed his information. It was also possible that an expert might have detected it during his performance at the competition in the Heavenly Dao Public Square.


“Truly a powerful flight type magical weapon, otherwise how could it unexpectedly break through the Forbidden Space Restriction?” A Crucible Transformation Cultivator started at the rapidly diminishing and distant True Brahma Buddha Fire Wheel, as he spoke out in shock.

“This person talked with Li Lingfan in the North Light Town, we should immediately inquire about him from Li Lingfan. I do not believe that he would be able to escape from the Tian Continent.” The person talking had an expression full of almost corporeal killing intent. If Ning Cheng were here, he would be able to recognize this person at the first glance. It was none other than the sickly looking person from the Red Star Sword Faction, Tang Gongxi.

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