Chapter 0348

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Traslated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited  By – CurlyAdi and Livwisdmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0348: Another encounter with Severing Emotions Disciple

Ning Cheng came out from the interiors of the area riddled with Spacial Turbulences, before cleaning himself up and changing into a fresh set of clothes. Possessing the cultivation of Soul Essence 8th Level along with a Rank 4 Imperial Body, even if he met a cultivator on par with Yan De, Ning Cheng would not need to use the Treasure Fall Copper Coin, and still would be able to kill them with ease.

It had only been a year since he had arrived at the Sifting Orchid Star, yet his strength had progressed by leaps and bounds. He had even risen to the level of a Pill Grand Master in regards to Alchemy, causing Ning Cheng to feel a slight bit of satisfaction in his heart. His only regret was that in the past one year, Shi Qionghua had not yet returned.

Ning Cheng did not plan on going back to that cave below the cliff just yet, he had already reached the Soul Essence 8th Level. As such, he must make preparations for advancing to the Soul Sculpting Realm. To proceed to the Soul Sculpting Realm, in addition to needing a massive amount of cultivation resources, he also must have a breakthrough in his spiritual source in order to possess the cultivation of Soul Sculpting Realm.

In the Yi Xing Mainland, the majority of the cultivators, to break through to the Soul Sculpting Realm, would use the ‘Void Cleaving Pill’. The Void Cleaving Pill, although was a Rank 7 Pill, but was something challenging to refine. Moreover, it also needed several top quality Spiritual Grasses like the Fate Birthing Flower, the Silver Buddha Fruit and other precious Rank 7 Spiritual Grasses.

Not to say that Ning Cheng was currently unable to refine the Void Cleaving Pill, even if Ning Cheng could produce the Void Cleaving Pill, he did not have the necessary Spiritual Grasses. Do not look at the piles of Rank 5 and above Spiritual Grasses that he obtained from Yan De and Qi Le’s rings, the fact was, there were not many precious Spiritual Grasses among them. Besides the single Frost Sprout, there were not many of them.

Ning Cheng was also aware that secluding himself in the cave would not help him in his growth. As such, he planned to temporarily stay away from that place and seek more opportunities for advancing. Although there were all kinds of dangers in the Sifting Orchid Star, at the same time, it was also riddled with all sorts of opportunities.

“Oh, there is still someone here?” A startled voice arrived. A moment later, Ning Cheng saw two Taoist shadows descend not far from him.

The Spacial Turbulences in this place was still quite chaotic, as such he was not immediately able to perceive the arrival of these people.

However, the two of them who had just arrived had their cultivations in the Soul Sculpting Realm. One of them was a female cultivator with Soul Sculpting 5th Level Cultivation, possessing a very flirtatious appearance on top of owning a stunning figure. The other person was a male cultivator with his cultivation at Soul Sculpting 9th Level, having a medium grade stature with average looks. His looks can even be described as being somewhat coarse.

Ning Cheng’s first thought was that these two people also came here to undergo Body-Forging. After all, although this place was riddled with Spacial Turbulences, the Spiritual Qi in this area could not be described as being dense. Therefore, he immediately wanted to leave. If the female cultivator here had indeed come here for undergoing Body-Forging, then him staying here would not be appropriate. Besides, he was anyway going to leave this place.

“Is this friend also here for undergoing Body-Forging?” The male cultivator took the initiative to ask Ning Cheng. His cultivation was much higher than Ning Cheng, as such this kind of question along with his tone showed that he was quite friendly and casual.

Ning Cheng nodded and spoke, “Yes, I had indeed come here to undergo Body-Forging, but the Spacial Turbulences in this place is still too wild for me to handle, so I was about to change locations with a moderate environment to make it a bit easier for me.”

“My friend, please wait……” Seeing Ning Cheng about to leave, this male cultivator hastily stopped Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng asked out in a light tone, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

As if feeling that Ning Cheng was on guard against them, the male cultivator gave a smile and spoke, “Friend, you do not need to be worried about us, my wife and I have been cultivating in the Sifting Orchid Star for many years. We are not the sort to recklessly gang up on some random person.”

Ning Cheng laughed in his heart, even if these words were nonsense, he was not afraid of these two people.

“Let me introduce us first, I am called Chao He, and this is my Dao Companion, Ban Miaolei.”

The male cultivator on hearing that Ning Cheng was a Body-Forging Cultivator, turned his tone to a more polite one, “The truth is, if this friend had already achieved a Rank 3 Spiritual Body, then we would like to invite this friend to come to a place with us. It is the Sifting Orchid Star’s Fiery Wind Cliff…..”

“Sorry, I do not have much interest in it.” Ning Cheng refused without hesitation.

These two people were already cultivators in the Soul Sculpting Realm, so why should he form a team with these Soul Sculpting Cultivators? If they were able to obtain some good things, they would just turn on him in a heartbeat. Having trudged through the Yi Xing Mainland for many years, Ning Cheng had already started to hold a firm belief that no good stuff would drop from the sky for no reason.

“Don’t reject it so fast, doesn’t this friend need to prepare to advance to the Soul Sculpting Realm? You need to know this beforehand that there is simply no Void Cleaving Pill in the Sifting Orchid Star. But the place that we invited you will not only help you in advancing to the Soul Sculpting Realm, but it would also help you in taking your Body-Forging a step further. It is only because it is a place where only a few people can go because of which we chose to invite this friend.” Chao He on seeing that Ning Cheng still refused, spoke out in a leisurely manner.

Ning Cheng on hearing this immediately felt moved in his heart. If it were any other reason, he would have not cared a whit about it, but in the face of cultivation resources that could help him advance to the Soul Sculpting Realm, he had no alternative but to care. Whether the other party spoke the truth or if it was utterly false, at least it would not hurt him to take a look at it first.

Seeing Ning Cheng halt his footsteps, Chao He did not find it strange. If a cultivator, who would soon reach the Great Circle of the Soul Essence Realm, did not care about things that could help them qualify to the Soul Sculpting Realm, then there could only be two possibilities. One was that this cultivator already possessed pills or treasures that could help him advance to the Soul Sculpting Realm, or that the cultivator was very timid, and did not dare to undertake such a risk.

How can any cultivator, who chose to come to the Sifting Orchid Star, be timid?

Chao He leisurely spoke, “The Fiery Wind Cliff has a one-of-a-kind Spiritual Object called the True Polar Bamboo Sprout……”

Seeing Chao He look at him, Ning Cheng just shook his head and spoke, “I have never heard of such a thing.”

Smiling, Chao He spoke up, “The reason you have never heard of this is that these things do not exist in the Yi Xing Mainland. Don’t tell me that you have only spent a short time on the Sifting Orchid Star? I don’t know if you have any companions with you, but if you do have companions, we can then band up together to go there. In any case, the more people, the better it would be.”

At the same time, Ban Miaolei, who had not spoken till now, suddenly spoke up, “Although the True Polar Bamboo Sprout is a Rank 7 Spiritual Object, it is actually the king of all the Rank 7 Spiritual Objects. This Spiritual Object can not only replace the function of the Void Cleaving Pill, in other words, help a cultivator breakthrough the bottleneck of the Soul Essence Realm, it also possesses the effect of quenching the corporeal body, allowing a more effective breakthrough to the next rank in Body-Forging.”

Ning Cheng asked with a voice full of doubt, “Since it is a top grade Rank 7 Spiritual Object, why hasn’t anyone in the Yi Xing Mainland heard about it?”

“Although the True Polar Bamboo Sprout can help a Soul Essence Cultivator to break through bottlenecks, and is also a Spiritual Object that is most suitable for advancing to the Soul Sculpting Realm. However, it cannot be consumed by ordinary Soul Essence Cultivators, rather it could only be consumed with the assistance of many miracle panaceas. Especially since the True Polar Bamboo Sprout’s backlash is potent to the point that its destructive powers are almost entirely fatal. If you directly consume the True Polar Bamboo Sprout to use as an impacting force in the Soul Essence Realm, then it would be highly likely that it would result in your meridians being torn, followed by your body simultaneously combusting before you finally die. But the most important reason is that this kind of Spiritual Object is rare.” Answered Chao He

“Such being the case, then whether I obtain this Spiritual Object or not, it would not affect me much.” Ning Cheng answered in a light tone.

“That’s not the case, which is because the True Polar Bamboo Sprout can be safely used with the Thoughtless Ice Flower. And I happened to know where the Thoughtless Ice Flower is located.” Replied Chao He.

The reason why Ning Cheng felt somewhat tempted on hearing about the True Polar Bamboo Sprout was not that the True Polar Bamboo Sprout could help him advance to the Soul Sculpting Realm, but because this was a Spiritual Object that could actually help him in Body-Forging. But when Chao He spoke about the Thoughtless Ice Flower, Ning Cheng decided to finally go along with them.

Ning Cheng had heard about the Thoughtless Ice Flower, it was a rare Spiritual Grass with an ice attribute. It can be refined into the Thoughtless Pill, which could be used to curb and contain Heart Devils. It can even help cultivators in suppressing cultivators who had already undergone devil transformation and prevent them from escaping.

Ning Cheng was well aware that because he possessed the Mysterious Yellow Origin of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, as such he would not need to be worried about his Soul Essence being invaded by Heart Devils. But then again, would he still remain immune to the invasions of Heart Devils once his cultivation increased? It was always good to be prepared for it beforehand. According to Chao He’s statement, the Thoughtless Ice Flower could also help in neutralising the explosive nature of the True Polar Bamboo Sprout, but those words were only a touch on the surface for him.

“Well then, I guess I can agree with it. I’m called Ning Cheng. Are the three of us the only ones going?” Since Ning Cheng had already agreed, then he would also not hesitate for even half a moment.

Feeling very pleased, Chao He spoke up, “There is another friend we are waiting for, and we were actually looking for him initially. With the four of us together, we can also have an additional level of insurance. If Brother Ning has anything to take care of or need time to prepare, then we can definitely wait for you.”

“I have nothing to prepare, so we can depart immediately.” Ning Cheng replied.

Seeing Ning Cheng, a Soul Essence Cultivator, not only agreeing to form a team with a few Soul Sculpting Cultivators to search for treasures yet able to put up such a calm performance, without a shred of worry or even surprise; Ban Miaolei couldn’t help but once again size up Ning Cheng in doubt. But even after carefully observing him, she could not discover any abnormalities.

“Brother Ning, did you just arrive at the Sifting Orchid Star?” Ban Miaolei asked by her own initiative.

“That’s right, I heard that this place was quite suitable for Body-Forging. Moreover, I had also just recently obtained a Body-Forging Cultivation Method, and so I chose to immediately come here.” Ning Cheng gave a simple answer.

Ban Miaolei seemed to have also agreed to it and spoke, “That’s right, the Sifting Orchid Star is really the best place to undergo Body-Forging. After we came here, we also quickly started to undergo Body-Forging. Pardon me for asking this at this moment, but we haven’t asked from which academy is Brother Ning Cheng from?” Ban Miaolei asked intentionally, making it look like it was unintentional.

“I’m just a rogue cultivator who was fortunate enough to save up a little wealth, which I then traded away to obtain the opportunity to arrive at the Sifting Orchid Star. Seeing that Senior Apprentice Sister Ban is asking about this, it looks like Senior Apprentice Sister Ban is also someone from a major academy.” Ning Cheng also casually replied.

Giving a chuckle from the side, Chao He spoke, “Brother Ning, you have not spoken incorrectly. My Miaolei is from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, one of the top ten major academies of the Tian Continent.”

“Severing Emotions Dao Sect?” This time Ning Cheng was genuinely surprised as he stared at Ban Miaolei and repeated the words.

Ning Cheng was too familiar with the Severing Emotions Dao Sect. Before he had come to this place, he had caused the Severing Emotions Dao Sect to suffer massive losses. To the point that it could be said that Ning Cheng had utterly overturned the entire Severing Emotions Dao Sect on its heels. His words from a moment ago were just a shot in the dark, but he had never thought that this Ban Miaolei was from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect.

Don’t the people from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect want nothing other than to sever their emotions? This Chao He is together with this Ban Miaolei, is it all for Ban Miaolei to sever her feelings? Thinking of this, Ning Cheng subconsciously sized up this Chao He.

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