Chapter 0349

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0349: To Avoid Being Chased Down

Seeing Ning Cheng sizing him up, Chao He still gave a carefree smile and spoke, “Brother Ning must have thought that Miaolei is together with me to sever her emotions, right? But the truth is, Miaolei and I, to avoid being hunted down by the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, ended up escaping to the Sifting Orchid Star. This matter is already known to many people, so there is no need to conceal it.”

“Hunted down? Isn’t Senior Apprentice Sister Ban a person from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect? Why would they want to chase her down?” Ning Cheng asked a genuine doubt.

Seeing Ning Cheng showing a bit of unusual interest towards the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, Chao He, wanting to use this chance to strike up a friendship with Ning Cheng, explained in a deliberately lengthy manner, “Miaolei and I are sincerely in love. After we became husband and wife, Miaolei not only did not sever her emotions but had even raised a daughter, our daughter. Severing Emotions Dao Sect absolutely does not allow its disciples to lose their chastity, and more so does not permit their disciples from falling sincerely in love. But because Miaolei and I had a daughter, they turned completely determined and bent upon killing Miaolei and me.”

“So to avoid being hunted down by the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, you chose to escape to the Sifting Orchid Star?” Ning Cheng immediately understood, moreover one of the reasons he had decided to come to the Sifting Orchid Star was also to avoid being chased all over.

Chao He’s face turned gloomy, “That’s right, we tried to escape, but we still ended up with our daughter dying at the hands of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect. The feud between this couple and the Severing Emotions Dao Sect is irreconcilable. This is one inhumane academy; even the first ancestor who set up this academy was a crazy woman.”

Ning Cheng also spoke with a strong approval in his voice, “That’s right, this academy is truly not something good, just a place filled with old spinsters, all of them filled with only perverted thoughts.”

He couldn’t help but look at Ning Cheng in doubt; from his words, he could see that Ning Cheng did not have any kind of reasonably good impression about the Severing Emotions Dao Sect. However, he still continued explaining, “Brother Ning seems to be mistaken on one point. There are not many genuine old spinsters in the Severing Emotions Dao Sect.”

This time it was Ning Cheng’s turn to be puzzled, “I heard that once a woman from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect enters dual cultivation with another man, they would then be unable to sever their emotions. One has to know that this is a form of real affection. If that’s really the case, then wouldn’t they be the most virtuous of husbands and wives?”

“Elder Brother Ning, you simply do not know about the perverseness of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect. Although they all look like otherworldly fairies that have simply no interest in the opposite sex, the truth is that matters between men and women are carried out in a very discreet manner. In fact, that is actually not the case, after the women from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect successfully severs their emotions, and even successfully advanced in their cultivations, those bitches would then start searching high and low looking for opportunities for copulation.” With a sneer, Chao He spoke out.

“They would never copulate with the person who they used for severing their emotions, but rather would find unrelated men to have sex with. Moreover, after copulating, the men would be brutally killed off by that same disciple of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect. Because of which this matter is only known to an extremely few people. Because of this, all the people who betray the Severing Emotions Dao Sect would be viciously hunted down by the Severing Emotions Dao Sect. Miaolei and I, if not for a chance coincidence, would absolutely not have been able to escape from their pursuit and reach the Sifting Orchid Star.”

After Ning Cheng heard Chao He’s words, he gave out a sigh and spoke, “Why do people still let such a perverted academy to exist?”

“That’s right, it really is perverted. Brother Ning’s description is completely spot on. To them, being pure and chaste is not important at all, rather after severing their emotions they would turn into whores revelling in being mounted just to get some seed. Before it was the Severing Emotions Dao Sect’s Founding Headmaster Xu Binglan, and now there is that Xu Anzhen, who among them did not have innumerable gigolos……”

“Senior Apprentice Brother. Don’t say any more of such matters, I am still regarded a disciple who came from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect…..” Seeing Chao He’s face and words turning even coarser, Ban Miaolei immediately pulled on Chao He.

At this moment, Chao He was overflowing with anger, but being pulled on by Ban Miaolei, he immediately turned gentle, before he gave a sigh and spoke, “Miaolei, you are no longer a disciple of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, nor do you cultivate the Severing Emotions Cultivation Method. Those bastards from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect have killed our daughter; I will definitely go back there to get our revenge eventually.”

Not knowing whether it was for considering the face of his Dao Companion, or if he was feeling that there was no significance in discussing these things any further. After Chao He spoke those words, he did not continue to talk about it. Instead, he actively changed the topic and spoke, “Once we get through this place, we would then arrive at Yu Zheng’s residence. Yu Zheng possesses a Rank 4 Imperial Body, which would be a great help to our operation. By the way, Brother Ning seems to be walking not slower than we are in this area of Spacial Turbulences. Presumably, you also possess at least a Rank 3 Spiritual Body, right?”

Ning Cheng did not conceal it, and just gave the nod, but did not explain that he actually possessed a Rank 4 Imperial Body.

“Then that is the best, I and Miaolei both possess Rank 3 Spiritual Bodies, adding Yu Zheng with a Rank 4 Imperial Body, this operation should have a much higher chance of success.” With a delighted tone, Chao He spoke out. He knew that he had not judged wrong. Ning Cheng only had the cultivation of Soul Essence 8th Level, yet was able to withstand the Spacial Turbulences here to undergo Body-Forging, as such, he definitely would have achieved a Rank 3 Spiritual Body.

“Brother Chao, can you talk about the situation in the Fiery Wind Cliff? So that I can at least be ready for it.” Ning Cheng casually asked. He really was not afraid of Chao He and Ban Miaolei cheating him, but if he added on an unknown Yu Zheng, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but turn a bit more cautious in his heart.

“Brother Ning doesn’t need to worry about it. The entrance to the Fiery Wind Cliff is through the Fiery Wind Lava Mist. The more people we have, the more convenient it would be for us. This place was something that I had stumbled onto by accident, otherwise, even if you were standing right next to the Fiery Wind Cliff, you still would not be able to find the entrance.” Replied Chao He, in a somewhat negligent manner.

Ning Cheng carefully sized this Chao He up, but no longer asked about the matter relating to the Fiery Wind Cliff. However, even if this Chao He was one slippery customer in the Sifting Orchid Star, there were still some matters that he must ask, “Brother Chao, I heard that Sifting Orchid Star possessed a lot of top-level treasures. I even heard people say that there were Heavenly Cusp Flowers and Frost Sprouts available here, it that true?”

“This place definitely has Frost Sprouts. Moreover, the Sifting Orchid Star also contains more than one or two strains of Frost Sprout. As for the Heavenly Cusp Flower, I heard people say that it does exist here. But with regards to such things, even if we are aware of their locations, we simply cannot obtain them.” With a chuckle, Chao He spoke out.

“So Brother Chao has really heard of such treasures aah?” Ning Cheng suppressed the excitement in his heart and asked again.

Ban Miaolei who had spoken very little from the start, gave a meaningful glance at Ning Cheng before she took the initiative to talk, “I heard that the Heavenly Cusp Flower can be found among the most terrifying locations on the Sifting Orchid Star, the Poison Mist Thistles. However, nobody can say if this information is true or false. Even if a Crucible Transformation Cultivator wandered into those Poison Mist Thistles, it would only result in their deaths. As to the location of the Frost Sprout, I do not know about it. However, if something like the Frost Sprout appears, then it would definitely appear in the extreme northern regions of the Sifting Orchid Star.”

Ning Cheng on hearing about the Poison Mist Thistles immediately wanted to ask where these Poison Mist Thistles were located, but he actually did not know as to how to go about speaking about it.

Ban Miaolei seemed to have read what was on Ning Cheng’s mind, as she took out a jade strip, gave it to Ning Cheng by her own, and spoke, “Brother Ning, this contains a few maps of the Sifting Orchid Star. I had purchased this from others; see if it can be of some help to you.”

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness immediately swept into the jade strip, allowing him to quickly find the location of the Poison Mist Thistles. However, although this map was not a schematic one, for Ning Cheng, this jade strip can be counted as a reasonably precious treasure. Not only did this include many places and locations, but also it even had a few areas that contained possible Spiritual Objects.

“Many thanks, Senior Apprentice Sister Ban; this jade strip is quite handy for me.” Ning Cheng put away the jade strip, as he offered his heartfelt thanks.

“Haha, Elder Brother Ning, you don’t have to be so polite. In the Sifting Orchid Star, once in a while, there would be a few information exchanges taking place. To be able to live in the Sifting Orchid Star, most of the cultivators would often exchange their experiences and things with each other. The next exchange would be a year from now at the Coiling Reef Summit, if Brother Ning is interested, you can go there and have a look.” With a chuckle, Chao He beckoned with his hand.

“Many thanks to the both of you; I will certainly go visit the Coiling Reef Summit if I have the time.” Ning Cheng felt happy in his heart, being cultivating till this point, of course, he knew at heart that the effects of a person choosing to go into closed-door cultivation by themselves, and the effect of discussing things with others frequently would be completely different.

“Brother Chao, Senior Apprentice Sister Ban, how come you did not come to visit me if you had the free time?” A fresh and refreshing voice interrupted Ning Cheng’s words.

Immediately, Ning Cheng saw a male cultivator with a greyish robe descending near to them. This male cultivator looked similar to the others in age and had the cultivation of Soul Sculpting 6th Level. He had long hair that he kept tied behind him, giving him an appearance of extreme calm and ease. Compared to the ordinary looks of Chao He, this grey robed cultivator was much better looking.

“This is?” The grey-robed cultivator on seeing Ning Cheng couldn’t help but ask in doubt. He and Chao He can be considered as old friends, but Yu Zhen had never seen Ning Cheng.

“Allow me to make the introductions. Ning Cheng, this is Yu Zheng that I had just mentioned. Yu Zheng and I have a brotherly relation. Yu Zheng, this is Ning Cheng, a good friend that we just made.” With a slime, Chao He spoke up.

Yu Zheng quickly spoke up politely, “Let’s go to my place and have a chat, I also happen to have a friend waiting there. If Brother Chao doesn’t mind waiting for a while, we can then leave immediately.”


After Yu Zhen met Chao He, a few more people arrived, after taking the initiative to greet Ning Cheng, the few people then left. Then the three of them followed Yu Zhen through a monitoring array formation, before arriving at Yu Zhen’s immortal cave.

Yu Zhen’s immortal cave was built strangely and was located inside a huge rock. Moreover, the surrounding space was not very stable; Ning Cheng suspected that a sudden volcanic eruption could happen at any time here. However, thinking that Yu Zhen was a Body-Forging Cultivator with a Rank 4 Imperial Body, so even if the volcanoes here erupted suddenly, it was estimated that it would be unable to bring any harm to Yu Zhen.

Just as Yu Zhen spoke, a guest was waiting in his residence. It was a Soul Sculpting 7th Level Cultivator. However, there was not much of a difference between his and Yu Zhen’s cultivation. He had a long face with short whiskers for moustache and slender eyes. But was covered from top to bottom in a strong yet violent aura, causing Ning Cheng to think of Qi Le and Yan De.

From this it could be seen that this cultivator had not been on the Sifting Orchid Star for a short time, moreover was also a newly promoted Body-Forging cultivator. Otherwise, he would not have possessed such a powerful aura.

“So it was originally fellow cultivator Gongye Yingxiu.” The Chao He couple obviously knew this slender eyed and tall Soul Sculpting Cultivator.

Yu Zhen knew that the Chao He couple already knew Gongye Yingxiu, so he only introduced Ning Cheng and Gongye Yingxiu to each other.

Gongye Yingxiu on seeing that Ning Cheng only had the cultivation of Soul Essence 8th Level just gave a light glance at Ning Cheng and did not show any other gesture. It was evident that he did not put Ning Cheng in his eyes.

Ning Cheng was brought along by Chao He, yet Gongye Yingxiu was giving the cold treatment to Ning Cheng. It caused Yu Zheng to feel embarrassed about it, so he quickly spoke up, “Brother Chao, if you had not come, I would have immediately departed to the Moon Creek Pond together with Brother Gongye. Now that Brother Chao is here let’s all go together.”

Gongye Yingxiu frowned but did not speak. Ning Cheng could make it out clearly that this person did not want to collaborate with him.

“This time I came here with a good thing. We can go to the Moon Creek Pond sometime later. The truth is, I was able to discover the location of the True Polar Bamboo Sprout and wanted to find you to team up and go to that place…..” With a chuckle, Chao He spoke up.

“WHAT? True Polar Bamboo Sprout?” Gongye Yingxiu and Yu Zheng almost simultaneously spoke out in shock. They were genuinely shocked by Chao He’s words.

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