Chapter 0355

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0355: Poison Mist Thistles

With a burst of ‘Katcha’ sound, the Thunder Waterfall once again came crashing down. However, with Ning Cheng’s strength suddenly soaring, the Blue Thunder City’s shadow became even more explicit, although this Thunder Waterfall fell onto the Thunder City; it immediately caused it to scatter in all directions in the form of Thunder Shadows.

When the Thunder Waterfall vanished, Ning Cheng’s shadow of the Blue Thunder City also exploded into nihility. Ning Cheng had never thought that although the Thunder City’s shadow disappeared together with the Thunder Waterfall, however not even the slightest of the Thunder Lights splashed onto him.

Ning Cheng was also somewhat helpless in this regards, the first wave of the Thunder Tribulation had almost killed him, but at this moment it did not even look like he was trying to cross a tribulation, and instead, it looked like he was just lounging around.

With another roar, the next wave of Thunder Tribulation descended once again. This time Ning Cheng chose not to bring out the Thunder City’s shadow, instead decided to use this Thunder Tribulation for his Body-Forging. Moreover, it would also provide tremendous benefits towards improving his cultivation. If he blocked everything with the help of the Everlasting Blue Thunder City, then it would not be worthwhile.

Among the countless cultivators who have crossed their tribulations, there would only be handful cultivators among them who would yearn for more such lightning arcs like Ning Cheng.

However, what made Ning Cheng feel regret was that the subsequent descending Thunder Tribulations were not even as powerful as the first wave. They no longer had the form of the Thunder Waterfall, merely just a few dozen lightning arcs. Although those dozen lightning arcs struck Ning Cheng’s body, they were not even able to produce even the slightest of effects; at best, they were only able to quench his corporeal body a bit more.

After these dozen lightning arcs dissipated, the lightning arcs descending were getting smaller and smaller, to the point that when the last lightning arc fell onto Ning Cheng, it was already as thin as a chopstick.

For others, trying to cross tribulations would become more and more difficult the further they progressed, but for Ning Cheng, he found that it was becoming more comfortable and more straightforward for him to cross tribulations the stronger he grew. As long as he was able to upgrade his strength, the Thunder Tribulations would weaken by a significant amount.

As the Thunder Tribulation for the Soul Sculpting Realm finally dispersed, the snow-capped mountain peak that Ning Cheng was standing also turned to rubble. Even the snow over the snow-capped mountain peaks surrounding him had melted entirely off, resulting in a significant amount of avalanches.

At this moment, Spiritual Clouds did not take shape to begin healing him, nor did any other benefits emerge. Instead, Ning Cheng only experienced a small bout of one of a kind Thunder Rainfall.

Feeling helpless in this regard, he returned to his residence. He had just advanced, causing his aura to overflow; moreover, he had also not wholly absorbed the remnant Spiritual Power of the True Polar Bamboo Sprouts that he had ingested. Even if he had to go search for the Heavenly Cusp Flower, he could only do so after his consolidating his cultivation.


‘The Poison Mist Thistles’

As long as there were cultivators in the Sifting Orchid Star, then no matter where they were residing or from whatever background they were from, all of them could unanimously say that it was one of the forbidden areas of the Sifting Orchid Star.

Although there were countless dangerous places everywhere in the Sifting Orchid Star but labeled as a forbidden area within the Sifting Orchid Star, there was just no need to even think about it, as it would be the most dangerous land within the already hazardous lands.

If there were even a hint of the Poison Mist Thistles around, then people would not come a hundred miles near it. Although they were fully aware that the Poison Mist Thistles contained some genuinely unique treasures, they void still chose to avoid it. It was because coming near it would mean certain death. As long as someone was not afraid to endure hardships in the Sifting Orchid Star, they would be able to find good things everywhere; as such, there was no need to think about entering the Poison Mist Thistles only to end up dying.

However, at this moment, Ning Cheng was actually standing at the outer periphery of the Poison Mist Thistles. There was a worried frown on his face as he looked at the mist-shrouded thistle forest stretching out in front of him.

It had only been six months since he had advanced to the Soul Sculpting Realm, during these six months, Ning Cheng had not only wholly consolidated his Soul Sculpting Cultivation but had also directly reached the peak of the 1st Level of the Soul Sculpting Realm. It was also because he had strengthened his cultivation that Ning Cheng decided to enter the Poison Mist Thistles to search for the Heavenly Cusp Flower. Once he found the Heavenly Cusp Flower, he would then be able to leave the Sifting Orchid Star at any moment.

Now that he arrived at the outer periphery of the Poison Mist Thistles, he finally realized as to why it was a forbidden zone. In this location, the Poison Mist Thistles spread out in all directions for thousands of miles, and even though he was standing on the outer periphery, he still experienced intermittent bouts of dizziness. If he tried to reach the edge of the Poison Mist Thistles, let alone being able to go in, he would die by overdosing on the toxins.

Ning Cheng had barely touched the realm of an expert Pill Master, at the same time, he also possessed a heap of Detoxification and Poison Evasion Pills on him, but the effects of these Detoxification and Poison Evasion Pills on the poison mist in this location were almost negligible. The only thing that he could understand was the point that it was highly toxic here.

Although he had cultivated all the way to the Soul Sculpting 1st Level, even then Ning Cheng would be no different from a dead person if he so much as walked near to it, especially if he could not figure out what kind of poison mist was inside these Poison Mist Thistles.

However, Ning Cheng had no choice but to obtain the Heavenly Cusp Flower, since Shi Qionghua could obtain it initially, then why couldn’t he be able to get it?

The first day, Ning Cheng found a set of medium grade armor type Spiritual Artefact, which he wore and wholly sealed off his body. Although Ning Cheng was wearing this armor, the moment it was exposed to the poison mist at the thistles edge, the shieling immediately started corroding issuing repeated creaking sounds. Seeing this, Ning Cheng immediately chose to withdraw with his fastest speed. If he was even a moment late, Ning Cheng estimated that even his Rank 5 Imperial Body would not be able to provide him with any help.

The next day, Ning Cheng brought out the Everlasting Blue Thunder City’s shadow. However, under the terrifying pressure induced by the poison mist, it caused Ning Cheng to unable to persist for long even with his powerful True Essence and Spiritual Consciousness before he once again rapidly withdrew.

The third day, Ning Cheng used a flight type Magical Weapon covered with many Defensive Array Formations, but still failed in the end.

On the fourth day, Ning Cheng tried moving through the ground but still failed.


Like this, Ning Cheng ended up staying near the Poison Mist Thistles for nearly half a month. If it hadn’t been for him possessing a considerable amount of Detoxification Pills, then the toxin would have reached deep into him.

“Young man, even if you tried continuously for 100 years, it would be of no use.” An old voice suddenly interrupted Ning Cheng’s ponderings.

Ning Cheng suddenly stood up, while looking around in all directions. This voice seemed to have come from somewhere close to him, yet he was unexpectedly not able to feel any presence. If the other side were plotting against him, then wouldn’t they have almost succeeded with it? Thinking of this, Ning Cheng immediately broke out in cold sweat.

“Who is it?” Ning Cheng immediately called out, while at the same time brought out the black iron rod.

“Oh, your Magical Weapon is excellent.” Once again, this old voice emerged, this time Ning Cheng was able to see clearly from where it originated.

A skinny man sat just a dozen feet away from him. To be honest, saying that the man was thin would be an understatement, as he was as good as a dried-up bag of bones. Compared to the skeleton at the bottom of the Blood River, at least this person still had a layer of skin, but it instilled a sense of panic in anyone who looked at him.

“You do not need to be afraid. I have been preparing myself to go inside and search for Spiritual Grasses, but compared to you I have been staying here for more than 20 Years. My name is Jue Han, maybe we can cooperate…..” This skinny man’s tone was very calm.

‘More than twenty years’? Ning Cheng stared at this skinny man in shock. He had been staying in this place for past half a month and had almost tortured himself to death, and yet this person has actually been here for over twenty years? A rich toxic mist was exuding from this bag of bones called Jue Han, causing Ning Cheng to feel even more shock. If it were he, then with this much poisonous mist inside of him, he would have already died many times over. However, this Jue Han has endured this for more than 20 years, and yet still hasn’t walked away from this place?

Jue Han on seeing that Ning Cheng did not reply, once again spoke up, “I have been inside that place once before. Moreover, I have spent more than twenty years in this place. If you do not want to take my help, then you would never be able to enter the Poison Mist Thistles.”

“Did you really go in once before?” This time Ning Cheng was utterly shocked. Was there really a person who had really went inside before? If that were indeed the case, then why would he still choose to stay here currently?

“Hehe….” Jue Han gave a self-ridiculing laugh, “In the past, it was actually for a woman that I had gone in to get some Heavenly Cusp Flowers. At that time, I had given those Heavenly Cusp Flowers to that woman. However, that woman, as repayment after obtaining it, almost killed me. If I had not rushed back to this place, something that that woman would never dare to, I would have already died.”

“Are you talking about Xu Anzhen?” Ning Cheng blurted out.

“Oh, how does a tiny Soul Sculpting Cultivator like you know Xu Anzhen? After I was plotted against by this woman, only then did I come to know that she was actually called Xu Anzhen, don’t tell me you are also secretly in love with this woman?”

When Jue Han heard Ning Cheng speak about Xu Anzhen, his empty eyes immediately brightened up.

Ning Cheng shook his head, “Truthfully, I don’t know anything about her. Why don’t you talk about how this woman deceived you?”

Jue Han gave a smile and spoke, “It’s not as if you’re not in control of your crotch. However, this woman was truly delicious and flavourful. Although I only took her to bed once, I had never seen anyone craving for it or rather hooked on it this much; it truly provided me with enough food for thought…..”

Speaking until here, Jue Han unexpectedly licked his tongue, as if he was still reluctant to part with the memory of Xu Anzhen.

“Don’t you hate her?” Ning Cheng asked in doubt. Properly speaking, Xu Anzhen had almost killed this Jue Han; as such, it was only logical that he should hate this woman to the bone.

Jue Han spoke in a whisper-like voice, “That woman was the one who made me this way, so how could I not hate her? However, I don’t hate her enough to kill her, I just want to catch her and then…”

Seeing the demeanor of this bag of bones, Ning Cheng did not need to think about it, as he knew that he was thinking of something obscene.

“What did you say about cooperating with each other?” Ning Cheng was no longer interested in continuing to talk about Xu Anzhen’s matter.

“The poison mist in this place will corrode anything that gives of Spiritual Power Fluctuations, whether it is a Magical Weapon or the body. However, there is one thing that is useful that would not be corroded; in other words, it is something without any Spiritual Qi Fluctuations. If you can find any flight type treasures that have no Spiritual Qi Fluctuations, then you would definitely be able to enter inside…”

Jue Han’s words caused a ripple in Ning Cheng’s heart, if that was indeed the case, then he did possess something of similar nature, that was the Rank 5 Battle Disc in his Miniature World Ring. The Rank 5 Battle Disc does not have any kind of Spiritual Qi Fluctuations, especially since it is the product of some technologically advanced civilization.

Jue Han deliberately paused at this moment, as he looked at Ning Cheng before continuing, “I know exactly where this kind of thing could be obtained in the Sifting Orchid Star. In the Sifter Orchid Star, someone possesses a Rank 5 Battle Disc; however, the person that possesses the Battle Disc is in a similar state as me. As long as you can lead me to that place, I would be able to obtain the Battle Disc, and then we can go in together.”

Sure enough, it was really the Battle Disc, Ning Cheng thought as he calmly spoke, “Won’t this Battle Disc need Spirit Stones to work?”

He was well aware that the Battle Disc did not use the Spirit Stones just to operate it, but it can also utilize them for the Spirit Stone Cannons. As such, how could this not produce any Spiritual Qi fluctuations? If an aircraft replaced it, an airplane powered only by oil, only then would it to have no Spiritual Qi Fluctuations.

“Hehe, you don’t understand. I also wouldn’t matter as to what I say to you since this type of concept is something completely different and would take a long time to explain it to you. You just have to do what I say; Spirit Stones can drive the Battle Disc, which is because the Battle Disc would use Spirit Stones as a source of energy. Let alone Spirit Stones, many other sources of energies can drive the Battle Disc; Spirit Stones are merely a single type. What I meant by Spiritual Qi Fluctuations, is that it refers to the fluctuations resulting from the power of laws, however simple combustion of energy would not result in any kind of Spiritual Qi Fluctuations because it is devoid of any laws. Even if there were any fluctuations, it would be completely contained inside; as such it would not be corroded by the poison mist in this place.”

Jue Han spoke with a very calm expression on his face as he looked at Ning Cheng. He believed that as long as Ning Cheng had the desire to go in, then he would definitely agree to his request.

However, Ning Cheng was a lot calmer than this Jue Han. Xin Zimo had already turned into an almost dead Life Essence, meaning he had already fallen into a comatose condition. Moreover, the Rank 5 Battle Disc was already in his possession, as such why would he choose to cooperate with this Jue Han? Additionally, this person had spoken in a light tone all this while, causing Ning Cheng to feel that this person was somewhat strange.

“What do you want to obtain in the Poison Mist Thistles? Is it the Heavenly Cusp Flowers?” Ning Cheng casually asked.

“No, I just want a Petalless Flower, as for the other things inside, I do not need them.” When Jue Han spoke, he had also guessed it correctly that Ning Cheng had come here to obtain the Heavenly Cusp Flowers.

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