Chapter 0356

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0356: Battle Disc Sifting Orchid

What was this Petalless Flower? Ning Cheng was just about to ask when a stream of light flew right into his glabella.

Shit! Ning Cheng instantly sobered up as he realized that this person wanted to take possession of his body. A couple of months ago, he had come to know that Xin Zimo wished to take ownership of Uncle Yu’s body, now unexpectedly; someone wanted to do the same to him.

“I already understood with a glance that you did not want to cooperate with me, anyway, sooner or later I was going to take possession of you, might as well start now. Open up your Zifu, if you have any wishes, then I, Jue Han, will help you complete…..”

Jue Han’s cold voice sounded out in Ning Cheng’s mind; he had waited in this place for more than twenty years, waiting until he could obtain the best body. This kid was both young and energetic, so possessing him couldn’t be any better.

He even considered it as a compensation for all his grievances. He had to suffer untold hardships over these many years, finally reaping some compensation today.

Life Essence of a late stage Crucible Transformation Cultivator, Ning Cheng instantly came to understand. This Jue Han was not like the dying Xin Zimo and Uncle Yu, but a real late stage Crucible Transformation Cultivator. Even though the dominating toxic mist was continuously working to destroy his body but his Life Essence was still incomparably powerful.

“Let’s be honest with each other, let me swallow you, just give up and let me take your body, I’ll take good care of it, better than you…..” Jue Han’s Life Essence had almost instantly broken into Ning Cheng’s Zifu. The terrifying tearing pain that erupted in the instant that it tore into him caused Ning Cheng to want to smash his head into the solid ground.

“What is this thing?” Jue Han’s Life Essence spoke as he looked at the Blue Thunder City suspended in Ning Cheng’s Zifu; however, he quickly recognized the other two things in there.

“Is that the Mysterious Yellow Origin? Is it really the Mysterious Yellow Bead from the legends? That … that Flame Spark…. Heavens, who the hell is this person, how come there are so many heaven-defying things in here?” Jue Han cried out in terror. He could feel that even the Thunder City suspended beneath the Mysterious Yellow Bead was not a simple thing.

The instant that Ning Cheng felt Jue Han shudder in fear, he immediately mobilized the Everlasting Blue Thunder City and the Star River Seed to attack the Life Essence of Jue Han.

“No, I concede……“ Jue Han cried out in horror.

His Life Essence was currently that of a late stage Crucible Transformation Cultivator; if he wanted to take possession of any Soul Sculpting 1st Level Cultivator, it would have been a piece of cake. Even if it were any cultivator in the late stages of Soul Sculpting Realm with a formidable Sea of Consciousness, it would still be not enough to hinder his possession. However, how could he think that this Soul Sculpting Cultivator’s Sea of Consciousness would have so many precious treasures that could easily demolish any Life Essence?

Moreover, he was only an unarmed Life Essence, so he can’t even put up a fight against these treasures. Going against them in such a situation would be akin to not knowing the word ‘Death.’ Annihilation was something already etched in stone, as such; Jue Han did not dare to retaliate. Instead, he put everything he had to withdraw.

Since you tried to possess me without my permission, then why withdraw. Ning Cheng was also unable to tolerate this kind of invasion. Countless lightning arcs erupted from the Blue Thunder City, the next moment these lightning arcs transformed into a lightning cage that trapped Jue Han’s Life Essence before a scorching flames rolled over from the Star River.

“Aah…..” A scream echoed throughout Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness. At this moment, Jue Han’s Life Essence could not even put up a shred of resistance, before the Thunder City and the Star River Seed jointly finished it off. Ning Cheng also did not need to send out his own Life Essence.

My god, luckily I have the Star River Seed and the Thunder City. Otherwise, that shameless fellow might have already succeeded in taking over me.

The one that caused the most joy to Ning Cheng was the attack from the Thunder City. The Thunder City was the first to attack, although it could not come outside, within the Sea of Consciousness, the Thunder City possessed enough power to annihilate the Life Essence of Jue Han. This meant that he would definitely be able to bring out the Thunder City and tune it to attack in the future. If one day, he could mobilize the Thunder City to attack, then his strength would undoubtedly soar by a considerable margin.

Ning Cheng went forward and unceremoniously collected Jue Han’s ring. He was even too lazy to take care of Jue Han’s corpse as he directly left the area.


Arriving at a spacious place, Ning Cheng, for the first time, brought out the completely black colored Rank 5 Battle Disc. Initially, Ning Cheng did not care much about this Black Battle Disc, but now that he heard that he could use this Black Battle Disc to fly into those troublesome Poison Mist Thistles, it had indeed given him a huge surprise.

Unfortunately, Jue Han had died too soon, as such he was unable to inquire about the specific circumstances inside the Poison Mist Thistles.

Ning Cheng had just walked up to the Black Battle Disc, but before he could even reach out and touch the metal of the Black Battle Disc, he saw a door automatically opening up over the surface of the Battle Disc.

“This Battle Disc requests master to give it a name.” After the front door of the Battle Disc opened, an incomparably clear and crisp sound emerged.

Ning Cheng was secretly shocked. He knew that this was because he had already imprinted his Spiritual Sense into that rune patterned jade card, which was equivalent to taking the ownership of the Battle Disc. However, Ning Cheng had never thought that this Battle Disc would possess its own intelligence. This was far superior to the many fighter jets that he had read and seen about on Earth.

“Let it be called Sifting Orchid.” Ning Cheng casually spoke. He had obtained this Battle Disc in the Sifting Orchid Star, so might as well name this Battle Disc as Sifting Orchid.

“Many thanks, Master. Sifting Orchid welcomes Master to enter.” The Black Battle Disc issued an intelligent sounding voice once again, causing Ning Cheng to become even more delighted with this Battle Disc. He had no idea that a technological product that he had never seen would give him such a huge surprise.

Ning Cheng entered into the Battle Disc and discovered that the Battle Disc’s interior had a very exquisite yet straightforward design. Moreover one could even see the outside scenery as clear as day. This Battle Disc did not have any kind of a control room. As such, the internal space within the Battle Disc was more appropriately a recreational area. It was actually a comfortable looking seating area with a few beds, a desk…

“Requesting Master to provide instructions…..”

“Requesting Master to choose a source of energy…..”


Ning Cheng was more than just pleasantly surprised at all of this; just this Rank 5 Battle Disc was already this intelligent, so how extraordinary would it be if was replaced by a Rank 6 or Rank 7 one?

Ning Cheng took out the jade strip given to him by Ban Miaolei that contained the rough layouts of the land and wondered whether the Battle Disc would be able to read it.

“Sifting Orchid, can you read jade strips?” Ning Cheng asked while he waved the jade strip in his hand.

“Requesting Master to place the jade strip in the reading slot…..” As the Battle Disc’s intelligent voice sounded out, it allowed Ning Cheng to find the reading slot, but at the same time also showed him the Spirit Stone slot.

The Battle Disc was able to read the jade strip, and could even retrieve Spirit Stones from Spacial Rings without any restrictions. As Ning Cheng realized this, he knew that this thing was entirely the product of combining a technological civilization with a true cultivator civilization.

Evidently, his previous thought that a technological civilization and a true cultivator civilization cannot coexist was utterly wrong. It also proved that the world outside was much more splendid and complicated than what he had initially thought off. In case one did not intend to fight directly, they could also direct the Spirit Stone Cannon aboard the Battle Disc to bombard your enemies, causing the unmotivated army to be unable to resist it.

Compared to manually controlled Spirit Stone Cannons, weren’t these intelligent Spirit Stone Cannons a thousand times better? This Rank 5 Battle Disc was not trash, but a real treasure aah; it was even more potent than a low-grade True Artefact.

Ning Cheng was still in the midst of his thoughts, when the Sifting Orchid once again issued a directive, “Requesting Master to provide a target location….”

“Go to the Poison Mist Thistles.” Ning Cheng took out a ring filled with Spirit Stones, a Ring without any restrictions. He placed it into the energy slot and spoke with a high-spirited voice. He had initially planned to see if he could control the Mysterious Yellow Bead to help him enter the Poison Mist Thistles, but he had not thought that the Battle Disc would be so intelligent.

When the Battle Disc started flying, Ning Cheng could not even feel its movements. By the time Ning Cheng swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness, the Battle Disc had already shot towards the location of the Poison Mist Thistles. At this moment, Ning Cheng who was comfortably sitting on a chair had a giant crystal screen in front of him. The crystal screen displayed many things including the outside view, the flying saucer’s speed, direction, altitude, and other environment-related parameters.

“Wow!” Ning Cheng muttered to himself. The Sifting Orchid could even go faster, as long as he chose to give the command.

However, Ning Cheng did not choose to give that order, the present speed was definitely the most balanced velocity that the Battle Disc can synthesize.

The crystal screen even showed the severity of any tornadoes that approached the flight path of the flying saucer. However, not waiting for Ning Cheng to study these things clearly, the flying saucer had already arrived at the edge of the Poison Mist Thistles.

“Sifting Orchid discovered an unidentified misty fog. However, this misty fog has no effect on the Battle Disc.” The Battle Disc gave out a report in its intelligent voice while storming into the poison mist.

It really is not affected, Ning Cheng thought, causing him to feel overjoyed before he immediately spoke up, “Go to the center of the poison mist. Seek out the location that has this kind of Spiritual Grass.”

Then Ning Cheng then placed a jade strip into the reading slot containing the description of the Heavenly Cusp Flower.

The Rank 5 Battle Disc’s body quickly lit up with a bright light; this luminescence was just like daylight shown onto the thistles below. As Ning Cheng looked at the dense and innumerable thistles below him, he couldn’t help but feel a creepy sensation. Luckily, he did not have to enter these thistles by himself. Who would know what dangers lurked within these thistles?

Merely after two hours, the Battle Disc stopped and sent out a response that they had arrived. Ning Cheng then looked outside of the Battle Disc and found it suspended over a lake, while at the same time, observed countless Spiritual Grasses growing around it.

Ning Cheng could even make out that there were about seven strains of Heavenly Cusp Flowers. Besides these Heavenly Cusp Flowers, there was also a very strange looking Spiritual Grass. It was a plant with only a single Spirit Fruit, but without any leaves, nor did it possess any flower petals.

This was definitely the Petalless Flower; Ning Cheng identified it as he rapidly scanned the surroundings with his Spiritual Consciousness. There were seven strains of the Heavenly Cusp Flower and five strains of this Petalless Flower, as for the rest of the Spiritual Grasses growing there, Ning Cheng knew all of them.

The surroundings of this lake did not contain even a hint of the poison, nor was he able to perceive any kind of dangerous Monstrous Beasts.

“It really is untouched.” Ning Cheng restrained his happy feelings in the innermost parts of his heart, as he descended from the Battle Disc. This place remained untouched through countless years; as such, he found it weird that no one knew the worth of these Spiritual Grasses inside.

“There is a strong presence in the lake that is going to awaken soon. Must leave immediately…..” The Sifting Orchid suspended over the lake suddenly gave out an anxious-sounding warning.

Regarding the Rank 5 Battle Disc, Ning Cheng had already started to believe in it. As such, when he heard the Battle Disc sounding out a warning, Ning Cheng quickly dug out a Heavenly Cusp Flower and grabbed two of the surrounding Spiritual Grasses before jumping onto the Battle Disc.

“Bang….” The Battle Disc’s door had just closed when a massive water column erupted from the lake. Even though Ning Cheng was within the Battle Disc, he still felt his chest stiffen.

The Rank 5 Battle Disc was just like a straw in the wind as it tumbled along the fierce winds.

“The Battle Disc took damage, initiating self-repair procedures.” Sifting Orchid’s voice once again sounded out.

Ning Cheng, at this moment, saw a colossal, terrifying Monstrous Beast burst out from the lake, while it simultaneously sending out a palm to capture the Battle Disc. He immediately realized that this existence was definitely equivalent to a Crucible Transformation Cultivator. If he ended up struck by that palm, then he would have no means to escape.

“First rush out, and then initiate the self-repair procedures.” Ning Cheng was utterly shocked and quickly gave out the instructions. Although the Battle Disc was powerful, in the end, it was still a product of technological civilization, as such, it was unable to provide any kind of resistance in the face of this type of formidable Monstrous Beast.

Fortunately, this Battle Disc had enough intelligence, while it automatically went into self-repair mode; it was able to rush into the Poison Mist Thistles. The Monstrous Beast from the lake, in the end, was a step slower than it was; as such, although the Monstrous Beast was mighty, it still did not dare to enter the Poison Mist Thistles.

Ning Cheng sucked in a mouthful of cold air, while he really felt a bit pitiful in his heart. If he could have taken away all the Spiritual Grasses from the lake, then it would have been just a matter of time for him to become a Tier 8 Pill Grandmaster.

(Author’s Note: Here is today’s update; the Sixth Volume is about to end, after the Sixth Volume, Ning Cheng will be going back to Earth. I am also looking forward to the Earth Arc, planned a long time ago, and will not let you down. With today’s update here, have a good night my friends!)

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