Chapter 0357

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Chapter 0357: The Sifting Orchid Star’s Grand Meet

The Battle Disc was flying in a rickety manner, at several times Ning Cheng even thought that the Battle Disc would fall into the thistle forest below. Fortunately, although the Battle Disc was staggering, it did not fall down. Though the Battle Disc did not fall down, there was a significant degradation in its speed, and it was only after a good long while that the Battle Disc was barely able to stabilize itself.

Ning Cheng also felt slightly relieved; he knew that it must have been the work of the Sifting Orchid’s intelligence. Only at this moment, did he finally get the chance to take out and look at the Spiritual Grasses that he had collected. Ning Cheng had grabbed whatever he could with both his hands as such his harvest only contained two Heavenly Cusp Flowers, a Petalless Flower as well as two strands of Seven-Coloured Grass.

Although the Seven-Coloured Grass was a Rank 7 Spiritual Grass, its value was just average to Ning Cheng. As for the functions of the Petalless Flower, Ning Cheng only had an inkling of feeling that it could help in countering the poisonous fog in this place. If there was any other role to it then Ning Cheng was not clear about it, as such he could only choose to preserve it inside a jade box.

Ning Cheng was cautious with the methods he used for preserving these Spiritual Grasses. A few moments ago, that Monstrous Beast in the Poison Mist Lake had almost killed him. It was fortunate that he had the Rank 5 Battle Disc, which had allowed him to escape.

This Rank 5 Battle Disc not only helped Ning Cheng in acquiring these Spiritual Grasses but at the same time had also saved Ning Cheng’s life, causing the status of the Rank 5 Battle Disc to rise up significantly in Ning Cheng’s heart. However, what made Ning Cheng a bit distressed was that the Rank 5 Battle Disc ended up with a massive dent because of the attack from that unknown Monstrous Beast. He did not know if the Sifting Orchid’s intelligence would be able to repair it or not.

A few days later, Ning Cheng once again returned to his residence but chose not to continue with his Body-Forging. The Coiling Reef Mountain’s Great Meet mentioned by Chao Hei was only a few months away from now, as such, he intended to cultivate for these few months before visiting that place.

If he were not worried that Shi Qionghua would come back, Ning Cheng would have already left the Sifting Orchid Star. He wasn’t able to break the Transmission Jade Talisman that he had obtained from the bottom of the Blood River previously, but he should be able to do it now, right? He was afraid that once Shi Qionghua came back, she would not have any place to live. Moreover, once the Sifting Orchid Star really blew up, then all would be lost anyway.

The few months had passed by quickly, while Ning Cheng’s cultivation had also broken through to the Soul Sculpting 2nd Level from the peak of the Soul Sculpting Realm’s First Level.

At this time, the communications pearl that he received from Chao Hei lit up. Chao Hei conveyed Ning Cheng the message that the Sifting Orchid Star’s Cultivator Meet was about to start in a few days at the Coiling Reef Mountains.


Ning Cheng once again sat in the Battle Disc and directly chose to fly towards the Coiling Reef Mountains, especially since using a standard Magical Weapon to fly around in the Sifting Orchid Star was something dangerous. It was mainly because the space around the Sifting Orchid Star was volatile, as such; it was possible to fall into a Spacial Turbulence at any time and anywhere. It was also possible that one could even meet advance level flight type Monstrous Beast if one were genuinely unlucky.

However, the Battle Disc had the capability of detecting and avoiding all of these things in advance, this was the advantage brought about by its intelligence. In this respect, the Battle Disc was much more practical compared to even a True Artefact grade flight type Magical Weapon. The only thing that Ning Cheng felt a bit regrettable was that the defensive capabilities of the Battle Disc were slightly worse.

Although that advanced level Monstrous Beast had not directly attacked it, it still caused a massive dent in it. If an advance level Monstrous Beast had actually attacked it head on, then without any suspense, it would end up with the complete destruction of the Battle Disc.

Although not fast, on the Sifting Orchid Star the speed of the Rank 5 Battle Disc, compared to Ning Cheng traversing the ground by himself, was a lot faster. Simultaneously, it was less laborious with a lot more safely.

“Discovered a hurricane, please state whether to change direction or not to evade the hurricane…..” Ning Cheng had already traveled unharmed inside the Battle Disc for over two days, but on the third day, the intelligent voice of Sifting Orchid suddenly sounded out.

Ning Cheng was a bit startled, before he quickly spoke up, “Immediately move to avoid the hurricane……”

Although it was intelligent, however, there were still limits to its intelligence, unable to replace an actual human brain. Otherwise, it would not have asked such a stupid question.

As far as the hurricanes of the Sifting Orchid Star were concerned, Ning Cheng had heard Shi Qionghua say that they were actually the terrifying naturally occurring storms in the Sifting Orchid Star. As to how scary they were, Ning Cheng had never directly encountered it.

However, today Ning Cheng had actually personally seen what these ‘hurricanes’ actually were. It appeared as a dark blot within his Spiritual Consciousness; it was almost like a massive vortex of tearing Spacial Distortions. This whirlpool actually made Ning Cheng think back to that inverted vortex that had swallowed them up when he was out looking for the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence. This thing actually had a very close resemblance to it.

Although the Battle Disc had changed its direction in time, the hurricane was still moving closer to it.

Ning Cheng was able to catch a glimpse of two silhouettes of cultivators near to it, from looking at their frantic speed of the two cultivators as they strived to avoid the hurricane; he was able to make out that they were definitely Crucible Transformation Cultivators. However, at this moment, these two Crucible Transformation Cultivators were like two stray dogs, as they were in a complete frenzy to escape.

Although the two Crucible Transformation Cultivators’ speed was fast, it was a pity that the hurricane was even faster. In just a few breathes, these two Crucible Transformation Cultivators were finally swallowed up. Ning Cheng could vaguely see the two shadows of the Crucible Transformation Cultivators inside it, who then turned into mincemeat in just a moment. These two Crucible Transformation Cultivators were not even capable of showing even a shred of resistance.

This hurricane was truly too powerful, to the point that even Crucible Transformation Cultivators were unable to resist it. He did not need to think about what would happen if it caught up to him.

“Master, the Battle Disc is unable to change the direction to evade the range of the hurricane. The hurricane will reach us in ten breaths before it whirls away with the Battle Disc.” Sifting Orchid’s intelligent voice resounded.

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness had just swept past a mountain peak several hundred meters high that the hurricane had swept away when he heard the intelligent voice of Sifting Orchid. It caused his heart to feel even more anxiety.

This hurricane’s range seemed to be endless, to the point that there was no place to escape, nor was there any direction from which they could avoid the hurricane.

Ning Cheng knew that he couldn’t rely on the Rank 5 Battle Disc; he could only rely on himself. During these ten breaths, Ning Cheng did not consider anything else; he just threw the Battle Disc into the miniature world before he directly entered the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

This was the first time that Ning Cheng used the Mysterious Yellow Bead for escape. He had just entered the Mysterious Yellow Bead when the terrifying hurricane swept over. However, even though the storm was frightening, it was still not enough to disturb the aura disseminating from the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

With Ning Cheng finally able to enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he was finally able to relax for a while. He believed that even if the Sifting Orchid Star exploded right now, it would still not be enough to cause any harm to his Mysterious Yellow Bead.

The Mysterious Yellow Bead was a Good Fortune Treasure, if it was so easy to destroy it, then renaming it, as Good Fortune Fart, would be more appropriate.

A strand of Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness carefully swept out from the Mysterious Yellow Bead, but not waiting for his Spiritual Consciousness to investigate the situation, the terrifying hurricane immediately shredded apart that strand of Spiritual Consciousness. Ning Cheng immediately felt a sharp pain within his Sea of Consciousness, causing him to withdraw his Spiritual Consciousness quickly.

After an incense stick worth of time, Ning Cheng once again extended out a strand of his Spiritual Consciousness. Upon discovering the Mysterious Yellow Bead buried underground, he immediately realized that the hurricane had finally passed. Ning Cheng quickly recalled the Mysterious Yellow Bead, before he finally came above ground.

Standing above ground once again, Ning Cheng felt an intense shock as he surveyed the surroundings. Wherever he looked, everything looked like it was gnawed by rabid dogs, the ground was completely flipped over, with crisscrossing gullies, was there even a single smooth and flat place remaining?

He was sure that if this kind of hurricane passed by where he lived, even if he reinforced it repeatedly, it would still vanish without even a single trace remaining. Living in the Sifting Orchid Star, one really ended up living on the edge of a blade aah.

Ning Cheng immediately took out the Battle Disc and rode off. Although the Battle Disc could not escape the hurricane, however, the Battle Disc had at least warned him ahead of time. If not for the Battle Disc’s reminder, if Ning Cheng had waited for his perception to notice the hurricane, then perhaps the cyclone would have already swept him away.


Two days later, Ning Cheng finally arrived at the Coiling Reef Mountains, while he had already put away the Battle Disc.

There were at least ten thousand people gathered at the Coiling Reef Mountains, causing a massive shock to Ning Cheng. He had initially thought that there were very few people who chose to cultivate in the Sifting Orchid Star, even if it was a cultivator meet at the Coiling Reef Mountains, just a gathering of hundreds or even a few thousands would be an unusual turnout. He had never thought that there would actually be over ten thousand people turning up at this place. Moreover, there was still a steady stream of cultivators coming in from all directions.

As Ning Cheng looked around, he found that his cultivation was quite low. However, he also found a few Soul Essence Cultivators. Compared to the cultivators in the Soul Sculpting and Sea Opening Realm, the number of Soul Essence Cultivators was the least. Even the Crucible Transformation Cultivators’ numbers were higher than the number of Soul Essence Cultivators.

Some people had also set up temporary stalls everywhere, without any kind of planning or anyone to oversee the transactions. Moreover, some of the wealthy cultivators still managed to build their own merchant halls.

There was a cultivator group in the east, along with a team in the west, exchanging goods with each other.

As Ning Cheng looked at all these things, he also started looking for an open space to set up his own stall. He did not have any Magical Weapons to set up a full-fledged merchant hall; as such, he could only set up a temporary booth. However, compared to the other stalls, the things that he put on display over his temporary stall were under the protection of Defensive Array Formations.

The reason why Ning Cheng chose to display his goods in such a manner was due to a single purpose, that is, to obtain as many ‘Rank 7’ and ‘Rank 8’ Spiritual Grasses in exchange for Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar. Other than the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, Ning Cheng did not have many things on a similar level. Moreover, even if he did have such objects, he was reluctant to bring them up for exchange.

Ning Cheng had just set up his stall, had only put a few bottles of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, and had not even put up a sign when two cultivators arrived in front of his stall.

“Are you Ning Cheng?” The man speaking did not have any eyebrows. However, this person without any eyebrows had a very prominent forehead. It was a kind of appearance that if once seen could never be forgotten.

Seeing Gongye Yingxiu behind this person, how could Ning Cheng not know as to what was going on?

“That’s right, I’m Ning Cheng.” This eyebrow-less man was a Soul Sculpting 7th Level Cultivator, while Gongye Yingxiu was also similarly a 7th Level of the Soul Sculpting Realm. However, even with this kind of cultivation, Ning Cheng was not afraid of them.

Previously, if it wasn’t because of Shi Qionghua’s matter, Ning Cheng choose not to haggle over the issue regarding Gongye Yingxiu. However, if at this moment Gongye Yingxiu decided to play any kind of tricks, he would also not show even a bit of mercy.

“I heard that you were able to obtain many strains of True Polar Bamboo Sprouts, bring them all out, I will give you a high…..” This eyebrow-less man had not finished his words when his gaze fell onto the few bottles of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar placed in front of him over Ning Cheng’s stall, causing him to cry out in surprise, “Is that the Spiritual Enhancement True nectar?”

Although the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar only had a single effect, it was one of the rarer Spiritual Objects and was incomparably precious. Moreover, this kind of thing was useful for everyone, but at the same time, each cultivator did not need to use too much of it.

“Congratulations, you got it right; this is a stash of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar.” Ning Cheng spoke out in a calm tone. Finished saying that, he then waved his hand, causing a golden signboard, that was also a Display Array Formation, to come out to aid him in a demonstration.

“This stall is selling a large quantity of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, if you want to purchase the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar, then please use Rank 7 and above Spiritual Grasses for the exchange. Spiritual Grasses below Rank 7 will not be accepted.”

Ning Cheng was currently barely able to refine Rank 7 Pills, so if he wanted to advance to a Tier 8 Pill Master, then ordinary Spiritual Grasses would not be of much use for him.

This eyebrow-less cultivator was just not able to stop Ning Cheng’s advertisement, but he still lifted his hand to reach out for Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar.

“Bang” However the eyebrow-less cultivator’s hand was immediately rebounded by Ning Cheng’s restriction. It was only at this moment that he discovered that an Array Formation protected Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar.

“Hurry up, let me have a look at your Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar.” The eyebrow-less cultivator anxiously spoke up, while at the same time even brought out his Magical Weapon to attack Ning Cheng’s restriction.

It was not only this eyebrow-less man, even Gongye Yingxiu, who was a few feet behind the eyebrow-less cultivator, who had eagerly stepped forward. It was apparent that he was also anxious about the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar.

Ning Cheng simply ignored the actions of that eyebrow-less cultivator and even Gongye Yingxiu. Instead, he chose to shout out in a loud voice, “I have a lot of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar here, but the quantity of Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar that I am selling here is still limited. So if you want to purchase it then better come forward quickly, don’t be slow about it…”

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