Chapter 0363

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
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Chapter 0363: Just a remembrance

Ning Cheng smiled before walking up to Tian Muwan and spoke, “Long time no see.”

“Yes… long time no see…..” Tian Muwan was still not able to calm down her tone, after a while, she finally spoke out in an out of breath manner, “Let’s go, and sit inside the booth.”

Before Ning Cheng could answer, the door of the booth in front opened, and a man and a woman walked out.

“Chief Tian…..” The two people who had just come out of the booth gave out a greeting with a face full of smiles.

Tian Muwan finally calmed herself down, she then spoke with an apologetic smile, “Chief Kang, Elder Sister Lu, I just met an old acquaintance of mine, can you loan me the booth….”

The man apparently was a veteran in business; he did not wait for Tian Muwan to finish her words that seemed obviously tricky for her, before he took the initiative to speak up with a smile, “Of course there would not be any problems, Chief Tian. You can use it freely. Little Lu and I already have a few things that are going to keep us busy anyway. We can schedule another appointment at a later date to discuss it.”

“Thank you very much.” Tian Muwan thanked them in a sentence.

From the beginning to the end, this pair of man and woman did not even lose the slightest bit of composure in the face of Ning Cheng’s destitute appearance. Moreover, just before leaving, they also nodded towards Ning Cheng with a smile.


Tian Muwan brought Ning Cheng into the booth, the two of them sat there for a long time in silence. She honestly did not know what to talk about or even where to start.

Finally, Ning Cheng broke the silence. He smiled and spoke, “Muwan….”

“Call me by my first name, or call me Chief Tian.” Tian Muwan sighed; she finally made up her mind. She had hurt Ning Cheng deeply once. However, Ning Cheng brought pain to her more than once, it would be better to just turn the pages of the past and get over with it.

Ning Cheng also calmly nodded, “I just wanted to ask you one question. Did my sister Ruolan contact you? Do you know where she is right now?”

Hearing Ning Cheng asking about Ning Ruolan, Tian Muwan’s hand clenched once again. She could never forget that crazy look from Ning Ruolan. At that moment, she had even felt that Ning Ruolan would not hesitate to eat her up.

“You surnamed Tian. Is my brother not up to par for you? If you did not like him, then you should have said so. Using your status to trample over others dignity, are you feeling a sense of accomplishment……”

“You think you are beautiful? In my eyes, you are just a cheap woman. It is not that my brother was not worthy of you, it was you who was not worthy of my brother……”

“I wish I could bite you to death, return my brother to me……”

“Wuwu… Give me back my big brother…”


This was Tian Muwan’s first time to be insulted in public and even criticised as being a cheap woman. However, in Ning Ruolan’s eyes, Ning Cheng was dead because of her. Nevertheless, at this time, he was actually still living and sitting right in front of her. Although he looked like a beggar and his hair was also somewhat grey, but he definitely was not dead.

He was not dead, not only did he not explain it, but he also let his sister Ning Ruolan throw verbal abuses at her. Initially, she had believed Zeng Jiyun’s words causing her to misunderstand him. However, over these few years that he was out of sight, Ning Ruolan had hounded and continuously insulted her. Because of the accusations of her forcing her boyfriend’s death, she even had to drop out of school.

After clenching her fists, Tian Muwan suddenly found herself unable to calm down, she was already a True Cultivator, so why was it that she was unable to calm down? She had never blamed Ning Ruolan for her persecution. If it were her own brother who had died, then she would definitely be like her or even crazier. However, to her disappointment, Ning Cheng was still alive, yet had never come forward to explain.

Ning Cheng was silently watching Tian Muwan, he was aware that Tian Muwan’s mood currently was very volatile, it wouldn’t even be a surprise if she actually erupted in hostilities. Some things in life were utterly meaningless without an explanation.

Tian Muwan looked at Ning Cheng’s eyes as she forcibly calmed her mood. At present, Ning Cheng still had that gentle look in his eyes; it immediately reminded him about the time from a few years ago where she was still madly in love with the man in front of her, the time she had enjoyed immensely. However, at this moment, when she saw that same look in Ning Xiaocheng’s eyes, it only brought her more pain.

Even if she were not a True Cultivator, she and Ning Cheng would still not be able to be together.

Some matters, only after personally experiencing it, only then was she able to understand it somewhat clearly. Love, for someone like her, was just a luxury. Moreover, now that she became a True Cultivator, there just was no way that she would be able to enjoy such an extravagant luxury.

Not to mention about her strong determination, even if her family allowed her to be together with Ning Xiaocheng, how long would it even last? After building her foundation, she would have a lifespan of nearly 200 years, and after forming a golden core, she would then have a lifespan of almost 500 years. She and Ning Cheng would never be people from the same world. In the end, everything that she experienced during her college days was only a beautiful fairy tale from the past.

Tian Muwan’s eyes moved from Ning Cheng’s face to Ning Cheng’s messy hair. Causing her to feel another stab of pain in her heart, as in front of her eyes once again emerged the scene of the debris-filled flood, in which Ning Xiaocheng had desperately carried her and escaped to safety. Without Ning Xiaocheng, she would have died a long time ago.

In front of her eyes, scenes once again appeared one after another all of which contained the same bright smile on the same dirty face of Ning Xiaocheng. Also, there was also the scene from that fly-infested restaurant where Ning Xiaocheng carefully wiped the seat repeatedly.

She felt as if the tears that she had been suppressing for all these years were about to erupt as if they were just longing for Ning Cheng to appear in front of them once again.

However, this feeling gradually disappeared. No, those feelings had no choice but to dissolve.

This was just another moment of remembrance…

Tian Muwan stood up. Ning Cheng could observe everything, from the pain in her eyes in the beginning to the suffering that she was internally going through during this meet, to the present calm; it was as if she had walked through her entire life during this short period.

Tian Muwan took out a card from her handbag and put it on the table, then trying her best to speak with a moderate tone she finally spoke up, “You can use it however you like, and the pin is the birthday. I’ll be leaving now.”

Finished saying, Tian Muwan slowly walked towards the door of the booth and opened it. She did not say whose birthday was it, nor did she mention about how much money was in the card.

When she arrived at the door, she suddenly turned her head once again, looking at the motionless Ning Cheng, she spoke, “The World Trade Exposition is in session in the Ocean City, and Zeng Jiyun also came. Perhaps you can also go meet her.”

Until Tian Muwan finally left, Ning Cheng still did not choose to stand up. Tian Muwan did not explain the matter from the past; moreover, Ning Cheng also did not want to cross-examine why Tian Muwan decided to do what she did in the past.

Perhaps, none of these was necessary.

After a long time, Ning Cheng finally picked up the credit card. The card was very exquisite and sophisticated-looking. It was a diamond card. At this moment, seeing this card, the last remaining shadow of Tian Muwan also disappeared from Ning Cheng’s heart.

It was not because Tian Muwan gave him a card, but rather because of Tian Muwan’s attitude towards him.

Moreover, from the beginning to the end, Tian Muwan did not answer his question, where was his sister Ning Ruolan? Even if Tian Muwan did know Ruolan’s whereabouts, at least she could have told him that. Moreover, Ning Cheng firmly believed that after he went missing, his sister would definitely come look for Tian Muwan first.

However, Tian Muwan behaved as if she was completely unaware of such a thing. Even when he took the initiative to ask, she still did not give an answer.

The diamond card made a sharp ‘crack’ noise in Ning Cheng’s hand, as Ning Cheng directly split the diamond card into two halves, then from two to four, and kept repeating until he could no longer continue.

Ning Cheng then threw the pieces of the credit card onto the table and slowly stood up. As to how Tian Muwan became a True Cultivator, he was not in a mood to ask about it. As for the card, Ning Cheng also was not in the mood to use it. Not to mention on Earth, even if he were unarmed in the Yi Xing Mainland, Ning Cheng would not have a shortage of money.

Ning Cheng came out of the coffee shop, but the first person that he saw was not Xu Liyi who had invited him to lunch. Instead, it was the second acquaintance of him after he returned, Zeng Jiyun. Ning Cheng immediately recalled Tian Muwan’s parting words, but really was not able to understand why she would mention Zeng Jiyun. Moreover, he also could not guess as to why it was such a coincidence that he just happened to meet Zeng Jiyun immediately.

“Ning Xiaocheng, is that really you?” Zeng Jiyun was shocked when she saw Ning Cheng coming out from the coffee shop. She even doubted if she actually saw Ning Xiaocheng with her own eyes, or if it was someone who looked like him.

It was no wonder that since that incident, Tian Muwan, who had always ignored her, would send her a text message saying that Ning Cheng was here.

However, she was still not able to believe what she saw. In her opinion, Ning Cheng was someone with bright prospects. She was extremely confident that her eyesight was undoubtedly correct. It was also because of her self-confidence that she had set up a trap and plotted against her own best friend, someone whom she had known since she was young.

She understood both Ning Cheng and Tian Muwan. Even if Ning Cheng came to know afterwards that it was Tian Muwan who misunderstood, as long as she and Ning Cheng had cooked some rice between them, she could then say that she really loved Ning Cheng. With Ning Cheng’s character, he would not throw her away.

What she had not expected was that three years later, she would meet Ning Cheng in such a condition, moreover through Tian Muwan. However, the Ning Cheng that she met once again was no longer the Ning Cheng that she wanted. There were loss and melancholy flashing through Ning Cheng’s eyes, she was not able to see the Ning Cheng from the past who used to possess plenty of vigour, nor was she able to see anything that she wanted to see.

“Zeng Jiyun, I did not expect to see you in Ocean City.” Ning Cheng gave a smile and spoke, while his eyes seemed to have once more restored to the past brilliance.

Zeng Jiyun immediately felt moved in her heart. Just as she was about to speak, she immediately heard a crisp female voice from the side, “Elder Brother Xiaocheng, if you don’t mind, I brought you a set of clothes, why don’t you give it a try and see if it is a good fit?”

Ning Cheng was planning to buy some clothes for himself, but now that Xu Liyi helped him, he quickly thanked her, “Xu Liyi, thank you very much. As long as there are new clothes to put on, it would not matter whether it is a good fit or not.”

“Ning Xiaocheng, are these your friends?” Zeng Jiyun puzzlingly looked at Li Yuling and Xu Liyi. From what she observed, these two girls were only students.

“We only just met Elder Brother Xiaocheng. He was engaged in some renovation work when he accidentally slipped and fell. Fortunately, he did not get injured, are you Elder Brother Xiaocheng’s friend.” Lu Yuling’s mind was quite flexible, Zeng Jiyun had a famous brand logo on her, and as such, she was probably not an ordinary person.

The Ocean City was hosting the World Trade Exposition; as such, no one participating in it was simple. If the woman who seemed to know Ning Cheng was someone who came to the Ocean City for the World Trade Exposition, then she might just be able to make a connection with a business owner. As for how this woman knew Ning Cheng, she did not care much about it.

Zeng Jiyun herself was person immersed in schemes, so when it came to Li Yuling’s little thoughts, how could she not know about it? She faintly smiled, but only watched Ning Cheng without giving an answer.

Ning Cheng gave a self-deprecating smile and spoke, “I was indeed putting up some renovations. Why don’t we all go grab some lunch together?”

Zeng Jiyun had not yet replied, when he heard a voice calling out, “Jiyun.”

Immediately a man with a similarly famous brand name logo quickly shot over like a cannon and spoke, “Jiyun, I was just looking for you. FH’s boss will be joining us for lunch. We were just waiting for you.”

Zeng Jiyun gave a somewhat embarrassing look at this man, after conversing with him for a while, she then turned to Ning Cheng and spoke, “Xiaocheng, why don’t you come over with me?”

Ning Cheng secretly gave out a sigh of his heart, if Zeng Jiyun whole-heartedly wanted to invite him to a meal, then he would have not thought of refusing it. Initially, when he saw Zeng Jiyun, he felt somewhat happy, but now all of it suddenly disappeared without even a trace.

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