Chapter 0364

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0364: The Terrible Crisis

“No it’s ok; it looks like you are quite busy.” Ning Cheng spoke with an indifferent tone.

Zeng Jiyun also apparently heard the change in Ning Cheng’s tone, but she still enthusiastically took out a business card and handed it to Ning Cheng and spoke, “This is my phone number, remember to call me. Right, what’s your cell phone number?”

“I have not yet bought a cell phone.” Ning Cheng calmly put away the business card and replied.

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll send you one. I’ll be leaving first; you can just call me at night.” Zeng Jiyun gave a sweet looking smile before replying.

After Zeng Jiyun and the man left, Xu Liyi spoke in a very eager manner, “Elder Brother Xiaocheng, I booked an hourly charging room in that guesthouse in the front, you can take a bath and change clothes there, and we can then go for a meal. Would it be ok for you?”

Ning Cheng looked at Xu Liyi and smiled, “Thank you, you really are quite thoughtful, it’s really better than what I had in mind.”

Ning Cheng somewhat knew why Xu Liyi was this kind to him, it was slightly related to how he had fallen out of the sky. However, in contrast, Xu Liyi’s attitude, compared to Li Yuling and Zeng Jiyun’s schemes, was much more sincere.

He looked at the business card in his hands that was giving off a Phnom Penh fragrance. Printed above it was ‘Exceptionally Strong Materials LLC, Deputy Sales Director Zeng Jiyun’. To be able to climb to this position within three years, Zheng Jiyun seems to possess some skills.

Ning Cheng then casually threw away the business card into a garbage can on the side; he would not be making this phone call. Moreover, he also did not expect this Zeng Jiyun to help him.

“Liyi, my boyfriend came, shall we go back now?” Li Yuling looked at the text message on her phone before arriving at Xu Liyi’s side and whispered to her in a low voice.

Xu Liyi gave a smile and spoke, “You can hurry back if you want. I know the way back.”

Li Yuling couldn’t help but cover her mouth as she shot an unbelievable look at Xu Liyi, after a moment she then shot a look at Ning Cheng before whispering to her once again, “Xu Liyi, are you mistaken? Are you really going to the hotel alone with this person? Moreover, an hourly room? If anyone comes to know about it, how would you clear that up? Or are you relying on me to explain all this?”

“It doesn’t matter, you can rest assured. I am definitely not mistaken, Xiaocheng is definitely not the kind of person that you think he is.” Xu Liyi still insisted.

Li Yuling sighed and spoke, “Well, forget it. I’ll be heading back. Call me immediately if anything happens.”

“Got it.” Xu Liyi patted Li Yuling’s hand and replied.


Cloudy Ocean Sky Hotel was one of the most luxurious five-star hotels in the Ocean City. However, at this moment, the Cloudy Ocean Sky Hotel was hosting the Ocean City’s World Trade Exposition.

“What? Liyi and a man went to a hotel and took an hourly room?” In one of the hotel’s VIP lounges, a middle-aged man angrily smashed his phone down and stood up, while not being able to control the trembling in his hand. He had never thought that there would be such a thing; Liyi had always shown extreme self-disciple. How was it possible for her to take other male students to an hourly room? If he had not come to the Ocean City to attend the business meetings, he would not come to know about this matter.


As Xu Liyi and Ning Cheng walked out of the hotel, she spoke up with a delighted tone, “Elder Brother Xiaocheng, with the current you sorted, even our school’s most handsome boy would feel inferior before you.”

Ning Cheng gave a chuckle and was just about to reply to Xu Liyi’s words when he heard Lu Liyi’s phone ring.

Xu Liyi picked up the phone, but before she could even speak, her complexion turned pale. She quickly hung up the phone.

Ning Cheng had quite an excellent hearing; he was immediately able to hear the roar of someone over the phone. By the looks of it, it seems to have some relation to Xu Liyi booking an hourly room. However, he chose not to interject.

“I’m sorry, Elder Brother Xiaocheng. I will not be able to accompany you to a meal. I have to leave because of an urgent matter.” Xu Liyi spoke helplessly.

Ning Cheng showed a faint smile and spoke, “It does not matter, but I have to still thank you for your hospitality. If you need my help……”

Ning Cheng just wanted to say ‘If you need my help then you can come looking for me.’ Then he remembered that he had no fixed residence of his own, as such even if Xu Liyi wanted to find him, she would not be able to.

Xu Liyi did not care. Instead, she took out her purse, then took out all the money inside her bag before handing it all to Ning Cheng and spoke, “Elder Brother Xiaocheng, I have some money with me, you can use it for yourself.”

Ning Cheng just wanted to return to Jiangzhou; however, he currently did not have even a single cent on him. From what it looked, Xu Liyi seemed to have quite a good family background; if it were like that, then he would not reject it. Taking the money, he spoke, “Thank you, I will definitely pay the money back to you in the future. Right, how do I look for you?”

Seeing Ning Cheng receive her money, Xu Liyi’s pale face recovered a lot, and spoke out in a somewhat happy voice, “I live in the Ocean City Foreign Language College’s Girls Dormitory No. 7, Room No. 302. I will be going now…… ”

After giving out her address, Xu Liyi hurried into the street and merged into the crowd before she quickly disappeared.

Ning Cheng looked at the disappearing back of Xu Liyi, feeling a lot of soothing in his heart. He put the money lent to him by Xu Liyi into his pocket and was ready to walk to the station. As long as there was even a trace of Spiritual Qi, Ning Cheng would definitely be able to restore his cultivation. As for now, the first place that he had to go was Jiangzhou, while the second location to visit would be his home.

However, at this moment, a bloody aura rushed towards Ning Cheng from the side. Ning Cheng had lived in the Yi Xing Mainland for many years; he was too familiar with this kind of aura. As such, he was instantaneously able to avoid it by moving to one side. Initially, after returning to Earth, Ning Cheng did not feel worried about the issues relating to his own safety. Even when Elder Brother Cang Wei said that he would not be able to recover his cultivation for a while, he did not take it to heart. After all, compared to the Yi Xing Mainland, the Earth was definitely a lot safer.

As Ning Cheng moved to avoid it, that bloody aura brushed past him. Ning Cheng was able to see that it was a robust looking man in a car, taller than he was, almost 1.9 meters in height.

This man was giving off a bloody aura, but at the same time, he was also had an atmosphere of slaughter around him. It showed that this person definitely was someone who had killed his way out of a mountain of corpses.

Ning Cheng was quite shocked at seeing this, if he had met such a person in the Yi Xing Mainland, then he would not be surprised about it, but meeting such a person in this place, he just was not able to explain it. Moreover, there was also Essence Qi fluctuations coming from his body, showing that he unquestionably possessed an extraordinary strength, but no cultivation.

“I’m sorry aah; I was hurrying home and lost control of my car a moment ago. I almost ended up hitting you.” When this man finally managed to stop and turned to look at Ning Cheng, he quickly replied in a polite yet apologetic voice without even half a shred of rudeness within.

“Never mind, all that matters’ is that it did not hit me.” Ning Cheng gave a smile and replied.

He saw that although this man had a bloody aura to him, this man’s glabella was blackish, with a trace of grey moving from there to the centre of his forehead. Apparently, his internal injury was too grave, to the point that it has already turned near fatal. It can easily be made out that this man did not have a long life ahead of him; at most, he might only live for a month more.

After hearing Ning Cheng’s words, this man once again recalled the scene from just a moment before. In his hasty rush to his destination, he had unexpectedly not hit Ning Cheng; from this, it was evident that Ning Cheng was probably not an ordinary person.

“My name is Yin Yihui. You really have some good skills. That kind of an evasive speed is definitely not something an average person would be able to achieve. If you don’t mind, we can get to know each other.” The fierce-looking man smiled and stretched out his hand.

Ning Cheng also reached out and shook Yin Yihui’s hand and spoke, “I’m called Ning Xiaocheng.”

“I see that we are both heading in the same direction, why don’t we find a place to get a drink?” Yin Yihui on seeing that Ning Cheng did not even show half a bit of hesitation, simultaneously also not showing even a shred of fear towards him, suddenly felt a bit better in his heart. What was more important was that he was sure that Ning Cheng’s skills were not inferior to his own.

Ning Cheng smiled before talking, “Brother Yin, it might not be suitable for you to drink. If I’m not mistaken, then Brother Yin’s internal injuries should be quite severe, if not treated properly and promptly, you might not live past even a month from now.”

“Haha, I really did not read it wrong. Brother Ning is also the same as me. Let’s go. Just make sure that we don’t get drunk then.” Yin Yihui acted as if he did not pay any attention to his own life, as he drew Ning Cheng into a small tavern nearby.


After a few pints of beer, Ning Cheng finally understood why Yin Yihui was here. Initially, he wanted to go visit his home before his life ended.

“Brother Yin, I was shocked when I saw you, how is it that you suffered such heavy internal injuries?” Ning Cheng finally found the opportunity to ask. In fact, what he actually wanted to ask was that why did he have this kind of dense slaughter aura on him at his age?

Yin Yihui shot a puzzled look at Ning Cheng before replying, “I thought you knew what was going on. I just came back from the border.”

“Border? Are we in a war currently?” Ning Cheng asked in astonishment. How could this be possible, he had only left for two or three years, so how could a war start? Moreover, the world currently had a tacit understanding that there should be no war at all.

“If it were just a war, then it would have been much better since it would always come to an end. Moreover, we would also not be afraid of anyone, unfortunately……” Yin Yihui sighed, before speaking once again after a moment, “But it can also be said that we are in a war…..”

He seemed to have realised that Ning Cheng was not aware of this matter, causing him to ask, “Brother Ning, do you really don’t know what is going on?”

Ning Cheng had already understood that something big must have happened when he was gone as he replied, “Brother Yin, I have been following the master in a remote village to study medicine, and have only just returned. I really have no idea as to what is going on.”

“No wonder…..” Yin Yihui did not suspect Ning Cheng’s words. After he spoke those two words, he immediately drained the pint in front of him.

After a long while, he slowly spoke up, “Three years ago, a huge meteorite fell near to the Russian Border. It was not a great matter at that time, but things only got worse after that. The meteorite brought along a giant insect nest. The scientists who had gone to study this insect nest were directly swallowed. Afterwards, countless bugs came out. In just a two-month period, they spread all around the world, quickly becoming a nightmare for everyone…”

As if he was envisioning himself fighting these insects for many days, Yin Yihui’s face still carried a face full of fear, as he continued, “These damned bugs are completely insane, and attacked any cities that had humans. In just a short time, countless people ended up dying, while many cities were destroyed…”

Ning Cheng asked in a shocked voice, “What happened to the army?”

“If there were no army, then you and I would not be drinking in this place, it would have already been occupied by those insects. These insects are quite large; at least a few feet high. At first, there were only beetle-type insects, but later on, all kinds of other insects began appearing. Currently, this entire world is practically occupied by those insects. However, the various countries are still able to construct a variety of defensive set-ups at their borders, keeping those bugs outside. But now, those damned insects are not only growing in numbers but are also growing bigger and stronger……” Yin Yihui spoke while revealing a sense of desperation.

Ning Cheng was silent; no wonder this Yin Yihui did not care much about his own life. This kind of event was tantamount to the world’s end. Ning Cheng now felt even more worried for Ning Ruolan, especially since this bustling outer surface was hiding such a terrible crisis.

“Fortunately, these insects still can’t fly; as such we are still able to possess an absolute superiority against them for now. But for the future, who can say it with clarity?” Yin Yihui sighed, as he poured himself another pint of beer before downing it all at once.

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