Chapter 0365

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Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Livewidsmile
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Chapter 0365: Ning Cheng’s Idea

Ning Cheng did not speak, he was anxious about Ning Ruolan, but at the same time, he also suspected that the arrival of these insects was somehow related to him. Three years ago, the Mysterious Yellow Bead had fallen onto his body from locations unknown, while the meteorite also arrived three years ago. This was too coincidental.

In case this meteorite was brought along by the Mysterious Yellow Bead, then it indeed had something to do with him. Ning Cheng gave out a sigh in secret, although this was not something under his control, he had already decided that whether or not it had any relations to him, he would kill all these insects before he left this world.

Since these insects were being blocked outside of the borders by ordinary people, then presumably these insects were not necessarily powerful beings.

Yin Yihui on seeing Ning Cheng silent suddenly took out a piece of smooth stone the size of a Dragon Eye Fruit before he handed it to Ning Cheng and spoke, “This is a Yellow Spot Insect’s Insect Nucleus. The only reason I am able to possess my current cultivation is that I relied entirely on another Yellow Spot Insect’s Insect Nucleus for my cultivation. Although this nucleus is my biggest harvest until now, I was not willing to use it. I obtained this when I killed a two feet tall Yellow Spot Insect. Brother Ning, if you want to have greater development in your martial arts, then listen to this brother of yours and go look at the situation at the border. Although it is a time of crisis, for the combatants of the army, it is also a huge opportunity.”

Demon Nucleus? Ning Cheng was immediately startled in his heart. His gaze immediately fell onto the stone that Yin Yihui had given to him. As he looked at it, he quickly confirmed that it was not an Insect Nucleus rather an actual Demon Nucleus.

Ning Cheng was aware of Demon Nuclei, these were items that were manifested either in wild animals who were soon levelling up to become a monstrous beast or a fierce beast. Only then would a Demon Nucleus form. The Demon Nucleus in Yin Yihui’s hand had already reached Rank 1, indicating that it came from a Class 1 Monstrous Beast. Among the advanced level monstrous beasts, on reaching the level of Class 5, the Demon Nucleus would start to shrink, agglomerating into a Demon Core.

Whether it was the Demon Nucleus or the Demon Core, these things were always in need of lower levelled True Cultivators and martial artists. In the Cang Qin Province, Demon Nuclei and Qi Gathering Stones were the primary sources of cultivating Essence Qi.

Ning Cheng grabbed this Demon Nucleus in his hand, causing a slightly denser Essence Qi to flow into him compared to the surroundings. Ning Cheng could immediately feel that as long as he absorbed the Essence Qi from this Demon Nucleus, he should barely be able to bring out the Spirit Stones from his ring. Once he could bring out the Spirit Stones, then he would be able to recover his cultivation in a short period.

“Brother Ning, do not underestimate this Insect Nucleus. This one Insect Nucleus could be sold for several million; at the same time, selling an even better Insect Nucleus for several tens of millions would be the norm. The combatants at the border, although they carry their brains in their hands. However, not even one of them is poor. It is not just the Insect Nucleus, even the insect carapace, their sharp mouths; all of them are high priced things. At this time, many Material Companies are buying these materials in bulk…..” Yin Yihui pointed to the Demon Nucleus with his pint of beer and explained it to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng placed the Demon Nucleus onto the table and asked, “Brother Yin, since these insects came from the outer space, then they must be incomparably tough to deal with, would ordinary weapons be of any use on them?”

Yin Yihui shook his head, “Of course not. Our weapons were all purchased through a special channel. The weapons that were procured through these channels were built using a variety of materials from the bodies of these insects. As such, they are incomparably sharp and hard. This time the reason I chose to come back home is that I knew that my life is almost coming to an end, as such my weapons have also been recirculated back to my comrades.”

Ning Cheng nodded, this was quite reasonable. There were no Magical Artefacts on Earth, and ordinary weapons would just not have the capability to kill these insects.

“Brother Yin, since there are so many insects out there, then why is the army not utilising the incendiary bombs or the larger scale anti-personnel shells?” Ning Cheng asked in doubt. Although he had just returned from a True Cultivator community, he had never experienced large-scale insect warfare. Although Ning Cheng had experienced the Beastly Tides of the monstrous beasts, however, both sides battled each other through the powers of law. Moreover, he participated a few times in such battles.

Yin Yihui sighed, “Brother Ning, you seem to have never been to the battlefield, so you do not know the severity of the situation. How can we completely exterminate those insects? They are simply endless, today you might be able to kill millions, but tomorrow you would find even more of those damned insects. The reproductive abilities of those insects are simply insane. As long as their queen exists, these insects would never be eradicated. The military is also doing everything in their power to locate the queen, but those insects give off some kind of interference such that even with the help of the most precise radars, we are simply unable to locate it.”

“Afterwards, with all those experiences, all of us learned our lessons. That is to keep defending the borders, and not take the initiative to provoke them. These insects are also not able to attack a large scale, and can only take up small-scale attacks, because of which we are still able to resist them. Moreover, even if these insects do not attack us, they would mutually attack each other; it’s the law of the jungle for them in the truest sense. From what was observed, they would continue to do so until only the strongest one is left.”

Ning Cheng gave a frown, he had just returned from a True Cultivator Community and indeed was aware of the formidable natures of the monstrous beasts; as such, he also knew that these Demon Insects had the potential to be equally terrifying.

Moreover, the most terrifying type of Demon Insects was the type that devoured their kind causing them to initiate their own self-evolutions. As the stronger insect continued eating weaker ones, it would gradually become stronger and stronger. Although the military was able to resist them at the border with their practices, after a few years, once these insects evolve, even if they had an even stronger defensive perimeter, it would all be in vain.

“The various countries are using almost everything they have at their borders to defend against the insects. At the same time, they have also pooled in their resources to build a laser wall. These laser walls are very costly but are very effective in preventing the entry of those insects. After the various countries deployed the laser walls at their borders, it had led to fewer battles and a lot more stability. But to not let the soldiers fall behind, the army allows the soldiers to enter the areas infested with those insects to fight against them.” As Yin Yihui explained, his eyes betrayed a concerned look. He was aware that this was not a long-term solution.

However, at this moment, Ning Cheng was actually not paying much attention to Yin Yihui’s words, as he was feeling a little excited in his heart. The key to this insect tide was the Queen, once he caught that Insect Queen and returned to the True Cultivator Community in the future, he might have a chance to command a mighty insect army.

Thinking of all his past fights with others, he could not help but picture himself as merely waving his hands, causing an endless amount of insects to swarm out. This kind of picture caused Ning Cheng’s eyes to light up even more. Thinking back to the last time he sold the Spiritual Enhancement True Nectar in the Coiling Reef Summit, who would dare to talk back to him if he possessed an endless army of Class 9 Insects? Even if it were Crucible Transformation Cultivators, they would also have to give him some face.

Then he thought about the nearly infinite quantities of materials and resources required to cultivate these insects, causing Ning Cheng to give out a dejected sigh.

In any event, that Insect Queen would have to make a choice for herself. If he could take away the Insect Queen, then in the future just like how Elder Brother Cang Wei said, when it would be time for him to step into the universe, if he possessed an Insect Army at his disposal, it would honestly be quite a remarkable sight.

He just did not know what kind of insect species were these, or if they were even of the best type.

“Brother Yin, I want to discuss something with you…..” Ning Cheng temporarily shelved this train of thought in his mind and spoke.

Yin Yihui also put down his chopsticks and spoke, “Brother Ning, please speak freely, although you and I have met each other for the first time, I feel like old friends meeting after a long time. In the future, I will definitely come visit Brother Ning’s place.”

After getting to know that Ning Cheng was a martial artist just like him, Yin Yihui immediately tried to be on good terms with Ning Cheng. Being a martial artist currently was a symbol of wealth, as such was also a manifestation of security. He did not have a future of his own, but he did have a wife and a son. If he were able to befriend even one martial artist, he would be able to gain a person to take care of them.

“Brother Yin, this piece of Insect Nucleus had some use for me, I don’t know if Brother Yin would be able to give up on this one treasure?” Ning Cheng directly spoke up.

If Yin Yihui agreed to give it to him, then he would be able to restore some of his cultivation tonight. If Yin Yihui did not want to give it to him, then he would have to waste some more time to regain his strength.

Yin Yihui smiled and spoke, “Brother Ning can use it as you fit. The reason I took it out was that I wanted to give it to Brother Ning. I don’t have much time in this world anyways……”

Ning Cheng interrupted Yin Yihui’s words with a smile and spoke, “Brother Yin, what you are saying is not right. Brother Yin should say that you would indeed not have much time to live if you hadn’t met me. Now that Brother Yin met me, this kind of slight internal injury is simply insufficient to be worried about.”

Yin Yihui was shocked into silence for a full three seconds, before he suddenly stood up and spoke, “Brother Ning, are you saying that you can save me?”

If one had the chance to live, then nobody would be willing to die, even if it was a person similar to Yin Yihui who was not afraid to die. Yin Yihui was not someone fearful of death, he had seen too many of his comrades at his side die off one after another, as such he had seen too much of death already, causing him to have already turned numb to all of it. Now that he returned to the lively metropolis, it caused his numb heart to change slightly. However, thinking about his upcoming meeting with his son and wife, he could only borrow some alcohol to conceal his slipping desire for life.

Now that Ning Cheng said that he could save him, his dead heart was immediately jolted awake.

Ning Cheng spoke with surety, “Of course I can save you, moreover there is more than one way to go about it. The first approach is to wait for the night to pass, and then tomorrow I would be able to get you a pill that would be able to heal you on the spot. The second way would be to teach you a specific breathing method, as long as you are able to persevere through it for three days, you would be able to recover by yourself. Moreover, if you chose the second method, then it would also help you in strengthening your True Qi, allowing you set foot on a higher platform.”

Ning Cheng’s first method, of course, meant that he would have to absorb the Demon Nucleus, allowing him to restore a bit of his Spiritual Consciousness, with which he would be able to take out the Spirit Stones and Pills. For Yin Yihui’s internal injuries, even the most basic healing pill would be more than enough. The second method was to impart to him a martial artist’s cultivation method from the Yi Xing Mainland. Ning Cheng had his own cultivation method that he was cultivating in; as such, these things were useless to him, which also meant that he could impart them to Yin Yihui.

“I will take the second option.” Yin Yihui spoke without any hesitation. In this age of survival, strength was always in need, let alone the chance to grow even stronger. Moreover, who knew when he might be injured again? Pills anyway were single-use items in the end.

“Ok, then let’s find a place to stay first, then I will teach you how to cultivate True Qi.” Ning Cheng immediately stood up. He was even more desperate to restore his cultivation than Yin Yihui.

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